A Day at the Beach

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The sun was hot for a mid-September day so I took off my shirt as I hiked down the long path to the beach. The Pacific Northwest is not known for hot weather this late in the summer so I was happy to have the opportunity to take advantage of this rare treat. I’d finished my work for the day so I was looking forward to some time alone on the beach just soaking up this final shot of summer.

As I reached the end of the trail where the path opens up to the beach I could see that I was alone. There were no other footprints in the sand. This was working out perfectly.

I walked a mile or so down the beach and threw my towel down on a sandy spot between some large boulders. This was my favorite place, far enough down the beach that few people ever came here and shielded from view for privacy in case some lost soul actually made it this far…

I spread my towel, kicked off my sandals and dropped my shorts.

“Ahhhhhh. Naked in the sunshine. Ain’t life grand!” I thought to myself.

Laying on my stomach I closed my eyes and took in the sensations of sunbeams tickling my bare bottom. God I love this feeling. My back, bottom and the backs of my legs were all soaking in the warmth as I closed my eyes and drifted off to my dreamland in paradise. I felt all of my worldly cares melting away as I rested. My mind went blank as I fell into a deep slumber.

“Bryan. You need lotion or you’ll get terribly sunburnt.”

It was a familiar voice. Soft, calming and carrying a mild Russian accent.

I should have been startled and panicked. I should have instinctively covered up…

But I didn’t. I didn’t even move or respond.

I recognized the voice. It belonged to my friend Irina, a waitress from my favorite casino.

“She should be at work.” I thought to myself.

Irina and I were gaziantep escort friends but nothing more. I was completely infatuated with her, but to her I was just a nice customer who tipped generously. I had spent a year trying to escape the “friend zone” with her, but to no avail. I had been forced to accept our friendship as it was and appreciate the fact that she gave me extra attention.

Having her surprise me like this was a complete shock but I was so relaxed that I barely even responded. I think on some level I assumed that I was asleep and that this was just a remarkably vivid dream, or it could have been the marijuana chocolates that I’d eaten on the way down the trail…for whatever reason I continued to lay still. I could hear Irina as she spread her towel. I listened as she fumbled around a bit with her things.

I slowly turned my head to look at her.

It was definitely Irina.

There she was, kneeling on her towel and putting lotion in her hand. She was naked. I’d never seen her out of her casino uniform. God she is beautiful. Her dark hair and eyes, her flawless olive skin, her slim feminine bone structure supporting firm round breasts. Her nipples stood out like pencil erasers framed by smallish areolas. Her stomach was flat. Her pubic hair was neatly trimmed, her thighs were hard and lean with a sizable gap between them that allowed a nice view of her pretty pouty little pussy lips. She was perfect. As my eyes focused she smiled at me and closed the cap on the lotion bottle.

She moved herself over to my towel and straddled my legs. I felt her smooth inner thighs resting against the backs of my legs. She began to apply the lotion to my back and neck. Her hands were warm and soft as they caressed my skin. She was gentle yet firm. Her breasts brushed up my back as escort bayan she massaged the lotion onto my neck and shoulders.

I began to drift off again as Irina continued.

After a time I felt Irina slide her self down towards my feet and her hands began working the lotion onto the small of my back and eventually she began to kneed my buttocks. I let out a deep sigh in appreciation of her gracious efforts. Her strong hands worked my cheeks and I felt my cock begin to expand in response to her loving caress.

I could almost feel her eyes as they stared at my nude butt and exposed ballsack. I could only imagine what was going through her mind as she watched my sphincter winking up at her as she opened and closed my cheeks with the palms of her hands. Soon she was massaging the lotion into my butt crack and spreading my cheeks wider with her thumbs. It felt so good.

I was now sporting a full-on raging hard-on, basically fucking the sand beneath us.

Irina popped open the cap on the lotion and I felt it dripping generously down my crack and into my now partially open butt hole.

She snapped the cap back closed and went back to massaging my ass. She began to caress my anus more and more with her thumbs. I felt her move her pussy over a bit until it was riding the back of my calf muscle. She was very wet now and I could feel her coating my calf

as she began to rub herself on my leg. She gently inserted a finger into my ass. God it felt wonderful! She was still massaging all around my bottom as she wiggled her finger inside of me. She was just one knuckle in as she worked my sphincter open. She moved her finger tip around and around expanding the opening of my sphincter.

I felt a second finger push gently in past my loosening muscle. Now her two fingers were encircling my innermost place. My arousal could not have been more complete! I felt my precum begin to leak onto my towel. I raised my ass to her.

Irina soon pushed both fingers deep into my ass. I was so aroused that my butt accepted her invasion with pleasure! She found my prostate and began to push and squeeze. I could feel my fluids pushing through my rock-solid cock. She continued to massage and pleasure me. She moved her fingers around and around in circles inside of my anus, stimulating my prostate with each revolution.

The sun was still warming my skin. Irina was working herself into a frenzy on my calf as she drove me out of my mind with her hand and fingers. I began to moan uncontrollably.

I felt her tremble as she grasped my balls with her free hand and fucked my ass in earnest with her fingers. She probed deeply. She fucked her fingers in and out and in and out in a perfect rhythm as my cock pressed firmly into my towel making a trench in the sand below me. I began to push back hard to meet her every thrust. I could feel her fingers touching every part of my insides. I was loving the sensations of being finger fucked by this beautiful woman! Soon I felt a great orgasmic buildup. My breathing became labored. I held my breath as I released an epic prostate orgasm causing me to groan loudly in complete ecstasy. Irina joined in with a scream of her own as she climaxed on my leg.

She continued to finger fuck my ass and hump my leg until we both fell limp. She laid herself on my back as I drifted off to sleep.

When I awoke I was alone. The tide had come in and the water was now lapping at my feet making my towel wet.

There was no sign of Irina.

As I pulled on my shorts and sandals and gathered my things I wondered if I’d just imagined the whole event. “Was it just a vivid wet dream?” I asked myself…

As I walked up the beach my tender ass let me know that it was not just a dream.

“I wish my ass always felt like this.” I thought to myself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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