A Dream Fulfilled

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You arrive at my hotel room to meet me for the first time. We have been Internet lovers for a long time, neither of us expecting to become so involved with the other. Nevertheless, after a long and frustrating wait that has seen us separated by an entire ocean, I have at last been able to cross the Atlantic to see you. As I open the door time seems to stand still as we gaze onto each other’s eyes. That dreadful moment when we both fear that the other doesn’t want to be there. Irrational because we both know it is right for us. I take you in my arms and kiss you. The tension is gone and we melt into each other’s embrace, both fighting back the tears of joy that we are finally together. I close the door behind you and taking your jacket I offer you a seat and a drink to help steady you. As you sit down I kneel in front of you and placing my hands on your thighs, I kiss you with a tenderness that comes from deep within my soul.

‘I love you Cat, I’ve lived so long for this moment.’

You still seem a little shaken so I stand in front of you and slowly start to undress. A show you have seen many times before on the Internet but now we are within touching distance of each other and the air is charged with our mutual desire. I slowly unbutton my shirt and remove it to show you my hairy chest, already heaving with my barely controlled lust. I stand closer, inviting you to unbutton my trousers. You can see my bulge standing prominently beneath the dark material and your hands lightly touch it on your way to the fastening. The zip travels slowly down and the button is undone but before you can reach inside for your prize I step away and ease the garment to the floor, removing them along with my socks. My briefs are black and skin tight, the firm bulge now very noticeable underneath the material. I hook my thumbs in the waistband as I turn my back to you and gradually ease them down to reveal the tight curve of my arse. I deliberately bend over a long way to remove them so you can see my shaved balls, already tight and waiting to release their gift to you. You go to move from your seat but I forbid it and you stay seated, eager to see the rest. Slowly I turn to face you and I can see that your eyes are glued to my cock as it stands proudly in front of me.

At last I am able to show you the extent of my passion in the flesh. I step closer to you, 7 inches of hard cock yearning for your touch. You tentatively reach out your hand and touch the hard shaft, running your hand down its length and cupping my balls. I breathe in sharply, taken aback by the exquisite nature of your touch. You slowly wrap your hand around my cock and gently work it back and forth so that the foreskin moves back, totally revealing the swollen head of my hardness. Red and angry it throbs with desire for you. It is so hard under your expert touch that every ridge and vein stands out for you as you explore and imagine what it would feel like deep inside you.

Sliding off the edge of the bed to your knees you lightly lick the end of my shaft and I close my eyes as I fight to maintain some degree of control. Your tongue moves all over the head of my cock and then down the length of my shaft before taking my balls into your mouth and sucking on them. My fingers work through your silky hair; encouraging you to continue with this heavenly gift you are giving me. Moving back up my length you kiss the swollen head before opening your mouth and taking it inside. I can’t help but let out a moan as I hook my hands into your hair and push my shaft further into your lovely mouth. You need to adjust briefly and I withdraw a little before pushing forward again until your lips touch my balls and I can feel my cock at the back of your throat.

‘Christ Cat, that is fantastic, you are so good at sucking my cock’

With that I slowly start to thrust into your mouth and you suck me so hard, your tongue constantly running over my sensitive glands. I look down and see the incredibly sexy sight of my hard cock disappearing into your mouth, eyes closed, concentrating on what you are giving me. It’s so wonderful fucking your mouth with slow but firm strokes and I am soon building to release. My cock swells that bit more and I go to withdraw but your hands have a firm hold of my arse, forcing a finger between my cheeks and pull the length of my manhood back into your throat. I carry on thrusting forward and as your finger makes halkalı escort contact with my sensitive hole I can’t hold back any longer. With a final thrust I begin to unload my seed into your mouth and you greedily swallow it all like it’s your last meal. I’m screaming out with my release as I pour more and more of my essence into your mouth and down your throat, my hands tugging at your hair as I brutally fuck your mouth. Gradually my orgasm subsides and you lick my cock clean before standing and kissing me, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths.

‘Thank you Cat, that was amazing. I’ve never had a blowjob that good before, you’re incredible.’

That wonderful smile lights up your face, ‘I love you Andy, I’ve wanted to do that for too long.’

‘It’s time for me to give you something back my darling.’

I slowly begin to unbutton your blouse as we look into each other’s eyes and bask in our mutual love. I push it from your shoulders and it falls to the floor.

‘You’re beautiful Cat, I’ve always known so.’

I can see the moisture in your eyes as they fill with love and you slowly begin to undress for me. As each garment is removed another piece of heaven comes into view. You’re wearing the delicate lace underwear I asked for and I am touched by your thoughtfulness. The thong reveals the curves of your hips and arse as well as your full and smooth thighs. The bra is low cut and displays the ample cleavage of your full and pendulous breasts. You reach behind you to unclasp your bra and as it falls to the floor you lift up your heavy breasts, offering them to me. It’s more than I can resist and I bow my head to the altar of your beauty and kiss one hard nipple and then the other as my arms snake around your waist to draw you toward me. I can hear you let out a gentle sigh as my tongue touches the tip of one breast and I slowly begin to take it into my mouth, nibbling on the end. More and more of your tender flesh is sucked into my mouth as I suckle like a newborn child. Each nipple is lightly bitten and you cry out with the mixture of pain and pleasure I am giving you. One hand massages your other breast while the other wanders gently down your back towards your arse and soft thighs.

Standing up I kiss your neck and lightly push you back towards the bed. I ease you down onto the mattress like a delicate flower and you raise your hips as I remove the last vestiges of your clothing. I kneel beside the bed and slowly begin to kiss my way up your legs. As I pass your knees you move your legs slightly further apart to ease my access. Slowly I kiss and lick my way along the inside of your thighs, gradually getting closer and closer to your gorgeous pussy, my hands helping to ease the way as they caress your thighs. I am gently forcing your legs open but in reality you offer no resistance. I can feel your hands on the back of my head, trying to guide me towards your centre but I’m not ready to grant you any kind of release just yet. My mouth kisses and licks around the top of your thighs, almost touching your pussy but never quite making contact.

Soft whimpers escape from your lips as I gently blow onto your pussy and your body shudders in pre-orgasmic delight. My tongue reaches out and just touches the outer lips of your pussy and you immediately move your legs back and push up to try to increase the contact. In a slow and deliberate move I lick around your hard bud before licking down into the fleshy folds of your pussy, my tongue probing deeply. It swirls around, collecting the sweet nectar that is inside and working it down towards your arse. My hands pull your cheeks apart and you feel the tip of my tongue force itself into your backdoor and then slowly working its way through your pussy back to your hard clit. My mouth closes over your sensitive clit and I suck hard and lightly pinch your bud with my teeth.

‘God, eat me Andy, please, make me cum, I’m so close.’

My tongue is lashing your cunt and I push a finger deep inside your hole, searching for your G-spot. With a satisfied scream I feel the walls of your pussy clamp down on my finger and my face is covered with your cream. Eagerly I lap it up, not wanting to waste a drop of your honeyed juices. You’re pulling my head firmly into your crotch but I’m not going anywhere while I can feast on you. Slowly you come down from your peak; breathing hard and I work my şişli escort way up your body. Kissing and licking mark my progress up your body and as you feel my cock trail up your legs you moan with satisfaction as you realise my manhood is already beginning to swell. At last I arrive at your mouth and kiss you again, sharing your juices.

‘I hope you enjoyed that.’

‘Mmmmmmm, just what I needed and even better than I dreamed it would be.’

You reach down between us and take hold of my hardening shaft.

‘And it looks like there’s more pleasure to come you stud.’

‘Cat, I could fuck you all day long and not tire of it.’

You squeeze my thick shaft in your hand as you slowly stroke it’s length, bringing it to the lips of your pussy but I’m not quite ready to sink my cock into the paradise of your juicy hole. I bend my head to suck on your erect nipples as I work the head of my hard cock between the folds of your dripping cunt, rubbing it up and down, teasing you as you feel your pussy lips gently parted by the tip of my weapon.

‘Don’t tease me Andy, please, fuck me with your beautiful cock.’

‘Are you begging me for my hard cock?’

‘Yesssssssss, oh God, yes’

‘Tell me what you want baby, what you need.’

‘I need to feel you gorgeous, big, hard cock inside me. I need to feel you fucking me like your whore. Please Andy, fuck me.’

Moving slightly forward you feel me open you up as I push steadily deep inside you. Your legs wrap around me and I can feel your exquisite pussy muscles pulling me in and squeezing my cock. You’re so wet and tight and warm as your cunt moulds itself around my rock hard manhood. We both groan with satisfaction as my balls come to rest against your arse and we stop for a moment to savour the sensations we are experiencing. Slowly I withdraw until only the head of my cock remains inside your beautiful body and then I thrust powerfully back into your depths, balls deep. You cry out with the sudden feeling of fullness and shudder as I relentlessly begin to pound your body, thrusting deep inside you again and again. Your thighs are so soft on my sides and I run my hands along their delicate flesh, up to the full globes of your arse and squeeze them as I nail you to the bed with even more vigour. You’re screaming in delight as my cock pistons into you but you need more to find your release. I hook your legs over my shoulders to change the angle of penetration and thrust in even deeper than before, my cock touching the back of your channel. This tips you over the edge and you cry out in intense pleasure as I feel your cum cascading over my cock and spraying out onto my balls. I maul your breasts, squeezing them in time to your contractions around my cock.

‘Fuck yes, Fuck yes, Fuck yesssssssss’

‘That’s it, bitch, cum on my cock and beg me for more.’

‘Oh yes, fuck me some more, I want you to take me completely and give me all of your lovely cum.’

I quickly take my cock from your soaked pussy and turn you over onto all fours at the edge of the bed. Pulling the cheeks of your arse apart I lick along your crack and you scream in delight at this new sensation. My saliva is lubricating your hole nicely and soon I am able to work the tip of my tongue into your tight rosebud while I work your supersensitive clit with my fingers. Without warning I suddenly ram my throbbing cock back into your dripping hole, causing you to erupt into another earth shattering orgasm caused by the sudden invasion. My cock is in really deep from this angle and rubbing your G-spot. Your pussy is stretched tight around my throbbing rod and you are riding the crest of an orgasmic wave as you already build towards another release. I take a firm hold of your hips to allow me to fuck you with the maximum possible force. Again and again I thrust into you and you reach back to fondle my balls, your nails scraping along the sensitive skin of my sack. My fingers are working their way between the cheeks of your arse as I fuck you and I lightly caress your sensitive hole while I pour some lube over your arse. As I work it into your tight hole with my fingers I am able to ease the tip of my thumb in to the first knuckle.

‘Oh God that’s good Andy! Nobody has ever done that to me before. I love it.’

‘Then reach back and pull those cheeks apart so that I get a better sarıyer escort view of that virgin hole baby.’

You push back hard against me as my cock ravages your well-lubricated pussy and I push my thumb deeper into your tight arse, working it around to loosen you up. You almost collapse as another earth shattering orgasm sweeps over you and the pleasure completely takes over your body, radiating out from your core. I can feel your pussy muscles clenching down so hard on my cock that it’s all I can do to stop from shooting my load.

‘Yes baby, you cum so well on my cock, now I need to take that virgin hole you’ve been saving for me.’

‘Ohhh please be gentle, I’ve never had anything but a toy in there before.’

‘Well if you’re my little cumslut you’d better ask nice if you want my cock in your arse or do you want to just stick with your toys?’

‘No Andy, I need your hard cock filling my arse. It’s yours, take it.’

I take my aching cock from your pussy as it clenches down hard on my meat, reluctant to let it go. Bringing my cock up to your arse I rub the head between your cheeks as I pour more lube over both and work it in with my cock. Your breathing is increasingly laboured and I can feel you pushing back a little as this new sensation starts to overwhelm you. Finally I bring it to rest against your puckered opening. It looks so beautiful and tight, I can scarcely believe my cock will fit in there but I push slightly forward and after some initial resistance you begin to open up to me like a flower welcoming the morning sun. You gasp for air as the head finally pops inside, past the outer ring and you drop your head to the mattress with a sigh of mixed pain and pleasure. I stop, allowing you to adjust to this new experience. Your arse is stretched wide and after a short break I begin to feed you the shaft in slow, steady thrusts as my hands knead the gloriously full flesh of your arse. You can feel every centimetre as it works it’s way deeper and deeper into your arse until finally you feel my balls come to rest against your pussy. Slowly I ease out and then with slightly more force I push back into your depths, both of us grunting in the satisfaction of the penetration. Gradually I pick up speed as you get used to the feeling of fullness that I’m giving you and I begin to fuck your arse hard.

‘You feel so big and so hard back there, you’re really stretching me open for you.’

‘Tell me how much you like having my cock in your arse, slut!’

‘ It’s fantastic! I love having you fuck my arse. Ohh, your cock’s so big and hard, my arse is so tight. Mmmm, feels so good wrapped around your big dick.’

I reach forward and take hold of your hair with one hand and pull you back onto my pulsating shaft, fucking you like a wild stallion. I’m really pounding your arse now, my cock thrusting in and out of you with powerful strokes as I build to my own release. Your arse is so wonderfully tight as it squeezes my cock and I can feel my potent sperm boiling up inside my balls, ready to shoot.

‘Oh God Andy, I’m your cumslut, fuck me like the whore I am for your wonderful cock.’

‘I’m going to cum baby, you’re making me cum!’

‘Cum in my arse Andy, fill my hole with all of your lovely hot jism.’

With a final deep thrust I start to unload deep in your bowels. I can hardly breathe, so intense is the experience as I shoot rope after thick rope inside you, bathing your insides with my essence. I push as far into you as I can get and I can feel your gorgeous arse squeezing every last drop of cum from my cock as you climax one last time and shower my balls with your juices.

Slowly we come down from our sexual ecstasy and collapse onto the bed. I spoon up to you, my softening cock still inside you, never wanting to leave.

‘That was amazing Cat! It was everything I’ve dreamed of all this time and a lot more besides.’

‘We can’t wait as long to do this again Andy. I simply couldn’t wait that long again knowing how good it is with you.’

‘Well, I’m here for a fortnight. It’s only the first day and I’m sure you could get me hard again before you have to leave tonight if you put your mind to it.’

You ease off the bed, my cock slipping from your arse as you stand to face me, smiling that radiant smile that captivated me so early on in our complex relationship.

‘Let’s shower, I think it’s going to be a long, tiring but very satisfying fortnight.’


Author’s note

This story is sadly fiction, though it is based on a very special woman I met through this site. I will always hope that one day it may come true. You know who you are and I love you.

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