A Family That Plays Together Pt. 15

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Chapter 15.

This is not a subtle story; it features SEX and not a lot else!!

The following story deals with incest, straight sex, gay sex, group sex, anal sex, bondage, medical scenes, hopefully romance and probably a lot more so if it’s not your thing please move on, if it is your thing then ENJOY!!

Authors note: – Some parts of this story do not feature the family fucking together….just so you know.

An Uncle comes to stay; will he join in with the family fucking?


I was a bit shocked that after getting fucked by my nephew Henry that it turned out my brother was fucking his daughter and son. I never knew, I suppose that I really couldn’t be disgusted by it, after all I was getting fucked by my son, keeping it in the family, and I was getting fucked by gardeners, black men at The Club and any other men that had a cock that worked. Yes, I was a slut.

What was going to happen when my brother came to stay, we could hardly pretend that neither of us knew what was going on in the family as, obviously, Henry and probably Jessica, my niece, had already told him.

Andrew, my brother, was about ten years older than me. As soon as he was eighteen he’d joined the Army and so was hardly ever at home as I was growing up. He’d appear at home for a few weeks at a time, spoil his sister, and then disappear off again. He got married when he was about twenty-two, I can remember his wedding just, and quickly had two children, Henry and Jessica. His wife walked out a few years later and the family rallied around to buy him out of the Army and he ended up doing a series of dead end jobs to earn just enough money to look after his children. As soon as I was old enough and before my twins were born I gave him a hand looking after my niece and nephew.

Andrew was a good looking fit man, the Army kept him fit, and always had a string of girlfriends. All his dead end jobs were physical jobs so he maintained his great fit body.

As soon as Aarons business took off we were loaning, well giving, him money to pay his bills.

Over the years I went to see the family regularly, I don’t think that Aaron had seen him for years and Jill and Jake hadn’t met him or their cousins since they were young children at a family wedding.

Henry and Jessica had done well, they were the brains of the family, good degrees, starting their own computer business, buying a big house with a separate annex that Mark moved into. He worked for them now and seemed to be happy with his life.

I didn’t realise that he was also fucking both of them.

My brother always knew how to look after himself, always kept fit and even when money was tight looked smart. He was popular with the ladies before he got married and always had a string of girlfriends.

The last time that I’d seen him a few months ago he was looking good, the house that they all lived in had a gym, pool and sauna so he’d kept up his keep fit routine. He met me at the front door in just a pair of grey gym shorts and little else. He looked hot and sweaty, I couldn’t help but notice that he clippered his chest hair, and it looked good, big firm pecs and hard nipples. I had to look and could see the outline of his cock showing through his damp gym shorts, it looked big…for Gods sake Anne, you’re looking at your brother’s cock!!

I was in bed with my husband Aaron, I was laying between his legs licking his balls and just edging his cock, just giving it a gentle wank, pulling his foreskin backwards and forward slowly over the head of his cock. We’d been at it for hours; he’d fucked me hard as soon as we’d gone to bed. I’d orgasmed hard and then pushed him out of my fanny so he hadn’t spunked and he was desperate for release. He was groaning.

“You know that I’ve invited my brother to come and stay for a few days, you haven’t seen him for years,” I told Aaron.

Aaron moaned and said, “at this rate we’ll have your whole family living with us.”

“You know he’s fucking his daughter and son,” I said and there was another groan from Aaron.

“Well I’m fucking my daughter and son and you’re getting fucked by your son so what’s the problem” Aaron asked.

“Well what if my brother wants to fuck me, would you have a problem with it?” I asked.

Aaron groaned as I licked the drops of precum out of his pisslit, “well you’ve been fucked by yards of cock so what’s the harm of another few inches up there” he said and yelped as I squeezed his full balls, “at least you’ve got a brother, I don’t have a sister to fuck only two brothers and don’t even think about it.”

“What if my brother wants to fuck you, he’s fucking his son so…” I said.

“No way, I’m not that close to your brother, he can fuck Jake instead, he seems to like cunt or cock. Now can I cum please?” Aaron groaned.

I smiled, plunged my mouth over his leaking cockhead and with my finger found his arsehole pucker and pushed my finger deep into my husband’s hole eryaman arabaya gelen escortlar and found his prostate. Aaron grunted and fired his built up load into my mouth, a mouthful of hot, salty, creamy cum. I swallowed the lot, moved up the bed and kissed him; his tongue pushed into my mouth and tasted his own spunk.

“So my OK for my brother to come and stay then?” I asked.

Aaron moaned and kissed me again; I took that as a yes.

A few days later my brother, Andrew, came to stay. Aaron was away for a few days on business, Jake always seemed to be out, he was using this house as a hotel for food, laundry and bed, apparently he was spending most of his time with one of his work and gym mates, a lad called Jamie. Jill did spend a bit more time at home but most of that was spent in her bedroom with Pete her well hung boyfriend and judging by the moans and screams coming from the room at night she’d become an expert at taking a large cock in her holes.

Mt brother arrived and he gave me a big hug and said “looking good as always Sis.”

“Hark whose talking big brother,” I said.

We had both been blessed with good genes so even though he was nearly fifty he’d kept his looks and years of gym work meant he’d kept his body as well.

“I haven’t been to this house since you bought it, you’ve certainly done well for yourself, although I suppose we both have, show me around” my brother said.

I gave him the tour and said “it might just be you, me and your son and daughter for dinner tonight but Aaron’s home the day after tomorrow so we’ll have a big family dinner then” I told him.

“Oh I’m sure we can all amuse ourselves until then” Andrew said and smiled at me, ” can I have a shower before dinner, I stink of sweat.”

I showed him to the guest rooms and told him that Jessica and Henry were in the rooms either side of him.

I was cooking dinner when my niece and nephew came in.

“Is Dad here? I saw his car on the drive” asked Jessica.

“He’s having a shower in the guest suite, dinner will be in about an hour” I replied.

“Oh that’s plenty of time,” said Henry and they both disappeared off upstairs.

I realised that I hadn’t put out anymore clean towels so picked up a pile of them from the utility room and went upstairs. The door to Andrews’s room was open and I could hear voices, I didn’t like to just walk in just in case Andrew was naked, even though I wanted to see him naked, so stood on the landing outside.

On the wall of the guest room was a large full-length mirror and from where I was standing on the landing I could see the reflection of the room, I could see my brother and my niece and nephew. They were all naked.

“You’ll love it here Dad, the whole family are at it, I’ve already been fucked by my Uncle and my cousin in my fanny and arse and my Aunt regularly has some gardeners around to help sort out her holes” said Jessica.

“Well who would have thought, my little younger sister needs plenty of cock” my brother laughed.

“And I’ve fucked my Aunt and my female cousin Jill, she really took it well up her arse, he boyfriend is nearly as hung as I am so she’s used to big cocks, and Jake my cousin likes a bit of cock as well, its great here” said Henry.

“So while you should have been working I’ve been stuck at home with just this thing to play with you’ve all been fucking each other’ laughed Andrew and he grabbed hold of his cock and waved it at them, I got a perfect view.

He had a huge piece of meat hanging between his legs, hanging over a big set of hairless balls, his cock looked thick and had a big foreskin covering the head of his cock with the skin hanging from the end of his cock. He’s trimmed his pubic hair so it made his cock look even bigger and he wasn’t even hard yet. So now I know where his son gets his big cock from and I imagined being on the receiving end of my brothers and nephews big dicks.

“Come on Jessica, you know what to do, don’t keep Daddy waiting” Andrew demanded.

“Yes Daddy,” said Jessica and she fell to her knees in front of her Father and held his cock and started to wank him and I watched as his cock started to get hard and rise up. It seemed to get bigger and bigger and I felt myself start to get wet between my legs.

His foreskin was still covering his cock head and I saw Jessica pull it back to expose her Fathers cock glan. Now I know why his foreskin was so big and loose, the head of his cock was huge, it bulged out, purple in colour with big pisslit lips. The shaft of his cock was thick but seemed thin compared to the width of his cockhead. I imagined the thick head pushing through my slit and stretching my fanny open, it would be like getting ploughed, I was getting wetter.

“Jessica, open your mouth and get down on your Fathers cock, I shouldn’t have to keep telling you should I?” Andrew said.

She stood up and bent over, opened her mouth wide and took the whole head into her stretched open mouth.

“Good girl, use your tongue, lash it all sincan escort bayan over, you know what to do, get your tongue in my piss hole, you know what Daddy likes” he demanded.

I could hear Jessica slurping on her Daddy’s cock, her cheeks were bulging and every so often she would gag as her Father pushed his cock into her mouth deeper, holding her head down so she couldn’t pull back.

Henry was standing there watching, wanking his cock, which was hard and proud.

“Don’t just stand there son, get her wet, open her fanny up” Andrew told his son.

“Yes Sir” Henry said and dropped to his knees, used his fingers to open up his sister’s twat lips and started to lick, suck and probe what was contained within. Jessica twitched and moaned through her cock filled mouth.

It was a beautiful sight, Jessica trapped between her Father and brother, sucking cock and getting her fanny cleaned out. I saw her hand drop between her legs and find her clit.

I had my hand between my legs rubbing my wet fanny through my soaking wet knickers. Andrew pushed his daughter further down his cock and held her there as her moaning increased, he then pulled his cock out and she let a load of spit and saliva pour out of her mouth. Henry said, “she’s nice and wet and open Dad, ready for you.”

“Good boy, turn her around so I can get my cock deep into my daughter” Andrew told him.

Jessica was spun around, she was still bending over to show her Father her cunt, she held onto her brothers thick thighs for support.

I heard the slap of cock on wet fanny lips and then Jessica groaned as her Father started to push his cock into her.

“It’s too big Daddy, it’s stretching me, it’s splitting me open, take it out Daddy” Jessica moaned.

“Shut up girl, you know you love it up you, once the heads in you’ll be open and then I can really fuck you” her Father said.

My brother started to push harder, pushing that big cockhead into his daughter, Jessica’s moans got louder and louder and Andrew said “shut her up son, get your cock in her mouth.”

Her moans stopped as her brother got his big cock into his sisters mouth, that shut her up and I could see she was sucking hard as if to stop the pain, she was waggling her arse to try and get comfortable on her Fathers cock. She pulled off of Henrys cock and yelped as her Father pushed his cock into her, overcoming her cunts resistance to his cock.

“That’s it girl, I’m though, Daddy’s in so I’m going to start fucking you, deep hard strokes just how you like it” her Father told her.

Jessica replied, “thank you Daddy, fuck your daughter hard.”

And my brother did, almost pulling all the way out before ploughing his way back into his daughter’s cunt, splitting it open, Henry pushed his sisters head back down onto his cock. Jessica was getting fucked by her Father and was sucking her brother’s cock. The force of the thrusts from her Fathers cock was lifting her feet off the ground.

I had my finger in my soaking wet fanny; it was so horny watching my brother fucking his daughter with her mouth full of her brother’s cock.

I jumped as I felt a hand touch my arse, I knew who it was, I knew the smell of his aftershave, it was my son, Jake.

He didn’t say, just watched the sex show that was going on in front of us, well in the mirror anyway, his hand moved around to my wet fanny and I pulled my soaking wet knickers to one side so he could get three of his fingers deep into my twat.

I needed cock; I pulled Jakes fingers out of my wet fanny and pulled my knickers down around my knees. I bent over and held onto the banisters with one hand making sure I could still see my brother fucking away. I heard Jake drop his work trousers and underwear and he kicked my legs apart so I was spread open and my fanny was on show and accessible. I knew he wasn’t going to be gentle and I was right, with a perfect aim, well I was open and wet, he pushed his hard cock straight into my cunt and I let out a low moan. My son started to fuck his Mother as I watched my brother fuck his daughter.

Jake timed his strokes with his Uncles strokes, in and out of our cunts in perfect unison.

I heard my brother shout out “going to cum, time to give you some Daddy spunk” and with another two thrust he shot his load deep into her daughters fanny. I could see his arse cheek muscles flex with each pulse and Jessica snorted as she felt the shots of her Fathers cum squirt into her well reamed cunt.

Before Jessica had the chance to recover he pulled his still hard and dripping cock out of her and span her around so her mouth was inline with his cock, he said “Henry get your cock into your sister, I’ve stretched her open and she’s well lubricated with her Dads spunk, you wont even be able to touch the sides” he laughed “clean your Daddy’s cock up, kiss it and say thank you to your Daddy for fucking you.”

Jake started to fuck me harder, he was getting excited about what he was watching and hearing.

Henry was soon inside his sister’s cunt and gölbaşı sınırsız escort she was doing her best to keep her mouth on her Fathers cock.

I could feel my sons cock pulsing; I knew he was close to spunking.

“Can I cum please Dad, I need to cum” Henry muttered.

“Fill your sister, spunk up her cunt,” his Father instructed.

“Yes, yes, yes,” said Henry as he spunked up into his sister.

Jake held still, moaned into my ear and I felt him shoot his hot spunk into his Mothers fanny, pulse after pulse of my sons cum into me. He pulled out of my fanny and whispered, “thanks Mum” and shuffled away with his trousers and pants around his ankles.

I looked in the mirror to see Henry pulling his spunk covered cock out of his sister and his Father said, “good boy, next time we’re both going to fuck your sisters arse.”

I realised how dominant my brother was with his children, opposite to how Aaron and I were with our children.

“I think that we better close the door now, we don’t want anybody to see what we were doing do we?” said my brother, he walked towards the door and in the mirror I could see him smiling, and pushed the bedroom door closed.

He knew that I’d been watching.

My fanny was full of my sons cum and I hadn’t cum yet, I pulled my wet knickers up over my spunk filled cunt and went to my bedroom to find one of my favourite vibrating dildos to finish myself off….and I still had dinner to cook.

I wanted more sex.


I had a few days away with work but was desperate to get home and find out what was happening with my family and my brother in laws family, would they all be fucking each other, would I be missing out?

I wanted Jake to come along with me on business but he wasn’t that keen, all he seemed to be doing was going to the gym and going dogging with one of his work mates. He was still selling his “Grade A” baby batter to The Club so I’d warned him not to waste his spunk when he could be making money out of it.

I’d picked up a big high paying roofing contract with a firm that I’d been after for ages so I was a happy man, it would easily pay for all the computer upgrades plus a few days at The Club, maybe I should take all the family?

I’d decided to book an escort for the evening at the hotel, hadn’t used an escort for a long time so it would be a nice change, a change of hole and something to bang away at. I was greedy for sex but wasn’t sure what I wanted, a single female or male, a couple of women or a couple of men or maybe a male / female couple, all was available through the agency.

The following evening there was a knock on my hotel suite door, exactly on time. I’d been to the hotel gym so was nicely pumped up, well you’ve got to make the effort, and was dressed very casually in just tracksuit bottoms, white socks and trainers and a tight white T shirt, if you’ve got it then flaunt it I say.

I knew what to expect as I’d seen the pictures on the escort website, I opened the door and they were both standing there, an older women and a younger man, I’d gone for the male / female couple.

“Mr. Moss, I’m Sarah and this is Leo,” the women said.

“Come in, come in and please call me Aaron” I replied.

We sat down for a drink, there’s always a decent bottle of wine in my suite courtesy on the hotel management as we put a lot of business their way. We made small talk; I prefer that rather then just get my cock out and fuck. Sarah was in her early fifties, long blonde hair tied up in a bun, firm decent sized tits, I could see her hard nipples pushing against her tight white blouse, she was wearing a short black skirt and black stocking with black stilletoes. She’s certainly looked after herself; she was the same height as me and wasn’t carrying any excess weight.

Leo was about the same age as my son, same height, and decent build as he obviously worked out, dark hair cut in a trendy cut and designer stubble. He was wearing a tight top and a pair of tight trousers that, in my opinion were too short but that’s today’s fashion, how do they get those tight trousers on? with highly polished shoes with, of course, no socks. Every so often he’d rearrange his cock bulge, he was obviously getting excited at the thought of what was going to happen.

They had a close resemblance to each other. I’d asked the escort agency if they had any Mother and son couples but they were reluctant to say if they did but did say they had a couple that were “very close to each other” so I booked them and now seeing them in the flesh I could see that they were Mother and son, just what I wanted.

Sarah stood up and started to undress, she undid her blouse and exposed her tits held up by a small quarter-cup lift up bra, her big hard red nipples popped over the top of the bra. She undid her skirt and let it drop to the floor, underneath she was just wearing a set of black suspenders holding up her black stocking, no knickers so her fanny was on show, big open fanny lips hanging there showing off her clit, a big hard clit, I could see her fuckhole easily.

I sat there feeling my cock get hard in my trackie bottoms. Sarah sat on the desk and opened her legs wide and started to finger her hole. Leo looked at her and then at me, I said, “you want to taste your Mum’s fanny?” Leo looked at me as if to say “how do you know that my Mum?”

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