A Loving Step

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Double Penetration

When Dana was nine years old her mom married Tom. He was a wonderful man and treated her mother very well, unlike Dana’s abusive real father. Never had Dana heard him raise his voice to her mother, much less hit her. Dana’s real father was a monster. She could still remember the times when he would come home drunk and beat her mom, which was about every other day. It finally came to an end one night when Dana was six. They were at the supper table and he grabbed Dana by the arm, because she had accidentally knocked over her glass of milk, and dislocated her shoulder. That’s when Dana’s mom picked up the rolling pin from the kitchen counter and hit her dad over the head with it, knocking him out cold.

She rushed Dana to the emergency room and called the police right from the hospital to have her father arrested for child abuse. The police had found her dad still passed out on the kitchen floor and hauled him off. Her dad swore that when he got out he would get Dana’s mom. He probably would have made good on that promise too, but the day he was released he decided to stop at one of his old haunts for a drink or ten. Then he went and ran a stop sign and got side-swiped by a county dump trunk and was dead, and that was the end of Dana’s worries. Dana was glad. She hated her father. She hated the way he hit her mother and how he hurt her shoulder. She secretly prayed that her father were dead so he couldn’t hurt her or her mother any more, and it happened. Two years later, her mom met Tom and they married six months after that. Dana loved Tom and called him dad, and she loved Dave, Tom’s son, and called him her brother.

Dave was the same age as Dana and they were in the same grade at school. When Tom and Dave moved in with Dana and her mom, Dana took Dave around and introduced him to all her friends. Dana had some good friends, but she was confused by the way they treated Dave. Most of them would smile and say hello when she introduced her new brother but some of them were down right rude, refusing to even say hi. And after Dave came to her school, Dana noticed that some of the kids even stopped speaking to her too.

“It’s because of Dave,” Amy, her best friend, had told her when Dana asked her why. “Because he’s, well, you know, black.”

Yeah, so what if he was black? Dana never could understand what skin color had to do with how a person was. Apparently, though, some of the other kids had a different idea about it. Dana didn’t care. If the other kids didn’t like Dave because he was black then they were stupid. Besides, he wasn’t that black. To Dana, he looked like he had a really good tan all the time, that’s all. But this was the south, and some people brought their children up to dislike black people just because they were black. What Dana didn’t understand was, how could these same people go to church on Sunday and read their bibles and suppose to love their brothers, then treat black folk so cruel? A few years later, she would learn the word “hypocrite”.

But Dana loved Dave and they grew up very close, since Dana and just a couple of her friends were the only ones who didn’t care that Dave was black. Dave was the perfect brother, she couldn’t ask for one better. And she also thought Dave was cute. Years later, when the hormones kicked in, as did the interest in boys, Dana would ask Amy and the other girls if they thought Dave was cute too. Most of them gave her weird looks, like she was nuts, but Dana didn’t care. Dave had grown into quite a young man. He was tall and very muscular. Dave had asked for some weights one year for Christmas, because he got beat up by three boys after school, and he worked out with them every day. Now, no one tried to pick a fight with Dave. He showed them why, too, one day after school when he and Dana were in the tenth grade. Four boys were giving Dana a hard time about Dave. They called her terrible names and said disgusting things to her and wouldn’t leave her alone. Then, it was Dave to the rescue. Normally a very passive boy, Dave took on all four of those boys and beat the hell out of three of them; the fourth one ran away. Those boys were seniors too, and Dave was only a sophomore. After that, a lot of the kids disliked Dave even more, but one or two started talking to him a little bit. To Dana, though, Dave was her prince; her knight in shining armor that had come to her rescue.

When they were in the tenth grade, Dave tried out for varsity football and basketball. Most of the kids didn’t like Dave, but they sure did like him well enough when he was running for touchdowns and slam dunking the ball, and they loved the state titles he helped the school win. There were five of them in all, three in football and two in basketball, and everyone knew they were mostly because of Dave. Dana got to witness every one of her brother’s high school sports achievements too, as she had made varsity cheerleader as a sophomore.

Dana was regarded as the prettiest girl in school, by far. She had grown into quite the beauty. Standing 5’7″, she had pendik escort long blond hair and a fabulous body, athletic but not muscular. Her legs were long, her butt was smooth and tight, and her breasts were round and firm but not overly large. Amy once told her that all the other girls were envious of her. Dana thought her looks were a blessing and a curse at the same time. Most of the girls were jealous of the way she looked; on the other hand, it was probably her looks that gave her what popularity she did have. She tried to use that popularity to get Dave in some of the inner circles at school, but to no avail, so she gave up. As an athlete, Dave was a hero, but off the field their peers mostly shunned him. As a result, Dana didn’t date much. She was asked by many, but she would only go out with a boy who was nice to Dave, more importantly, one who had always been nice to him, not just recently. She was no dummy, and neither was Dave. He saw what Dana was doing and tried his best to get her to accept more dates and go out more. Dana wouldn’t budge though, and if the truth were to be known, Dave was secretly glad she stayed home so much with him. When Dana had been voted homecoming queen, she asked Dave to be her escort to the homecoming dance. It took some doing on her part, but Dave finally accepted as he rarely refused her anything. They had a good time but didn’t stay long. Dana could sense that Dave was a little uncomfortable, so shortly after all the ceremonial stuff was over they left and spent the rest of the night watching movies and eating popcorn on the couch.

Growing up, the two of them became very close. Sometimes, it seemed, they were each other’s only friends. They shared practically everything with each other, spending hours upon hours on the couch talking while watching television. It wasn’t until recently, however, that Dana started looking at Dave as a man instead of a brother. She really couldn’t explain it, it just sort of hit her one day. She had always been used to seeing Dave run around in nothing but a pair of gym shorts in the summer, and had thought nothing of wearing T-shirts with no bra and short shorts around the house. But last summer, it seemed like, she began paying more attention to Dave’s body. All this last year, she would catch herself daydreaming about Dave. She would think about the way his arms looked, his broad chest and shoulders, his six-pack stomach, his muscular legs. And as she lay in bed at night, she would often think of his awesome butt and the huge bulge in front. If she wasn’t careful and let her imagination go too far, she could feel herself getting wet between her legs. Several times, she had caught Dave taking lingering looks at her also and thought the bulge in the front of his pants looked bigger. Could he be having similar thoughts about her, she wondered? The thought of that excited Dana, but she couldn’t bring herself to ask him about it. She didn’t want to embarrass him. All Dana knew was that when she lay awake in bed at night rubbing her wet pussy to orgasm, her thoughts were on her brother.

More fuel had been given to Dana’s fire one Saturday about a two months ago. She had just stepped out of the shower and was admiring her body in the full-length mirror. She liked her body and took care of it well. She liked the way her breasts looked; they were about the size of grapefruits and they didn’t sag a bit. She liked the way her nipples sat, pointing outward and protruding about a half inch. She liked the way her tummy was nice and flat and the way her hips gently curved. She liked the way her pussy was neatly trimmed and shaven. She liked her tight, firm butt and her long legs. There wasn’t an ounce of cellulite anywhere. Then, the bathroom door opened and in walked Dave. They both froze. Dana’s eyes locked on those of her brother’s as he just stood there in his boxers with mouth agape. But her eyes were soon drawn to his crotch, where his penis was now poking straight out, threatening to tear the fabric of his shorts. She looked back up for a second and saw that Dave’s eyes were drinking in her totally naked body, forging an impression in his memory that he would never forget. It seemed they stood that way for minutes, though in reality it was only a few seconds, before Dave mumbled something and they were both brought out of their trance. Dana scrambled for a towel as Dave turned around and quickly left. Holding the towel in front of her, Dana began to feel her legs getting weak. She had to sit down on the commode lid to catch her breath, which was now getting ragged. She wasn’t upset, in fact, she was excited about what had just happened. Her pussy was damp and beginning to tingle. She wanted to rub it, but then she thought about Dave and how embarrassed he must be. She decided to let him know that she wasn’t mad, that she knew it was an accident, so she put on her robe and went down the hall. Her brother’s bedroom door was closed when she reached it, and just as she was about to knock she heard sounds coming kartal escort from within the room. It sounded as if they were moaning sounds. Instead of knocking, Dana reached for the doorknob and quietly turned it. She gently pushed the door open a couple of inches and peeked in. What she saw was Dave, lying stark naked on his bed. His eyes were closed and he was furiously stroking a cock that looked to Dana to be about nine inches or more in length. She stood there mesmerized as her brother fisted his fat monster. She could feel her own juices running down her thighs as one hand was instinctively drawn there. As Dana stood, rubbing her pussy, she saw her brother’s hips begin to buck as he let out a low moan, then torrents of thick, white cum was shooting out of his cock. It landed on the pillow beside him, on his neck, and all over his chest and stomach. Dana thought there looked to be about a pint of the milky fluid splattered all over the place. Somehow, she managed to silently close Dave’s bedroom door again. She practically fell against the wall, and on weak legs, made it back to the bathroom with one hand still between her legs. She locked the door, threw off her robe, and sat on the commode lid. Her pussy was absolutely soaked, and she came within seconds of sitting down. She was so turned on. Her mind replayed the scene she had just witnessed as she continued to rub her aching pussy. She had never seen a penis that large in her life. Of course, she didn’t have much to compare to. Although she didn’t date much, there was one boy she had dated more than a few times. His name was Billy and they had gone out about five or six times earlier this year. On their fourth date, Dana had let Billy talk her into giving him a hand job while they parked, and on their last two dates she had conceded to sucking his dick, even letting him cum in her mouth, while he pulled aside her panties and fingered her pussy. But Billy’s cock was only about five or six inches, no where near what Dave had. The image of her brother’s enormous dick danced through her mind as Dana sat rubbing herself. She imagined what that big thing felt like, how it would feel in her mouth, but mostly how it would feel inside her steaming pussy. Dana came a second time, then sat back catching her breath before getting back in the shower to wash herself off.

Later that day, Dana had reassured Dave that she was not angry or upset about what happened. She knew it was an accident and told her brother not to worry about it. Dave seemed relieved and apologized profusely, but after a couple of days, the incident seemed to be forgotten. At least, it was not talked about anymore. Dana would not forget it, especially the aftermath. She had been using the image of her brother masturbating for a month now to fuel her own erotic dreams. She couldn’t remember a time in her life when she masturbated as often as she had been doing since that day. And she had a sneaking suspicion that her brother was also using his mental image of her naked body to do the same, which only excited her more. But as often as she did herself, Dana was not completely satisfied. She had become fixated on her brother’s enormous cock. Oh, her self-induced orgasms were pleasurable and she always achieved one, but she was never totally satisfied and knew she wouldn’t be until she had that big cock.

At first, Dana had felt a little uncomfortable about wearing her scanty clothing around the house after the bathroom incident, then she rationalized that she had always dressed like that so it was nothing new. But now, she dressed even more provocatively. Her breasts were so firm that she never had the need to wear a bra anyway, but now she made the most of that circumstance. She took to wearing loose belly shirts that hung just a couple inches below her breasts, and her shorts got shorter and tighter. She knew Dave was sneaking peeks at her around the house and she enjoyed it. She would put on a little show sometimes for her brother whenever they were alone. For example, if they were in the living room watching television at night, Dana would sometimes stretch out on the couch. She would raise both arms above her head and pretend to stretch, causing her belly shirt to raise so it just barely covered the bottom of her breasts, sometimes even exposing just a hint of them. Other times, she would lie on the couch and raise one leg straight up in the air, again to “stretch”, and run her hands up her smooth, long leg. And yet, other times still, she would unbutton and partly unzip her ultra short, cut off jeans in order to “relax more comfortably”. She made sure that everything looked perfectly innocent, but got off on the looks her brother was giving her and especially, the bulge in Dave’s gym shorts that enormous cock of his made.

Then there was the time out at the lake about two weeks ago. It was a hot May day, and Dana had dressed in a thin, white tank top and white gym shorts with her tennis shoes. She and her brother were coming back from the maltepe escort store when he suggested they go and check out the lake. So they drove to a well-known swimming spot with a little pier and dock for the kids to swim from. While they were on the dock, Dana got a wicked idea.

“I wonder if the water has warmed up enough to swim yet?” she asked her brother.

“I kinda doubt it,” he replied, “it’s still too early in the year for swimming. At least, I wouldn’t go in yet.” Dana gave her brother a smile and squatted down near the edge of the dock to put her hand in the water. “Better be careful or you’ll…” was all Dana heard before she “fell” in. Dave helped his sister back up on the dock, then Dana noticed him just staring at her. Her tank top clung to her breasts and was nearly transparent, as were her gym shorts. The cold water had made Dana’s nipples instantly erect, and they stood out almost begging to be nibbled on.

That was two weeks ago, and now Dana sat with her brother in their living room again. She was on the couch and was wearing the same robe she had on when she watched her brother stroking his big dick. The television was on and they were watching some silly comedy. During a commercial, Dana rolled over and turned to her brother.

“You know, the prom is only about a week and a half away.”

“So it is,” Dave said.

“Well, are you gonna go?” she asked him.

Dave laughed out loud and said, “No way.”

“Why not? Come on, don’t you wanna go to your own prom?” she asked him.

“Oh yeah, sure, and sit in the corner all night with the dorks who come stag because they couldn’t get a date? Uh, no thank you,” he laughed.

“Dave, you only have one senior prom in your lifetime. You can’t miss it. You’ll look back twenty years from now and kick yourself for not going,” Dana told him. “Besides, you wouldn’t have to go stag.”

“Oh? Who’s gonna go with me?” he asked.

“I will, of coarse,” Dana said, smiling at him.

“You? Why would you wanna go to your senior prom with your brother? Haven’t about all the guys asked you?” Dave questioned.

“Well, some have,” she told him, “but I haven’t accepted anyone’s invitation.”

“Why not?”

“Because I wanna go with you,” Dana said teasingly. “Did you know I’m up for prom queen? Maybe I’ll win?”

“You’ll win, you’re the hottest girl in school and everyone knows it,” Dave said and smiled.

“See then, that’s all the more reason for you to go,” she said. “You don’t want to miss your sister getting crowned prom queen, do you? And what would it look like if the prom queen showed up at her own prom without an escort? Oh please, Davey, say you’ll be my date.” Anytime Dana wanted something from her brother, she always called him Davey and used her special little whiney voice that she knew he couldn’t refuse. Dave slumped in his chair and put his hands over his face.

“Don’t do this to me,” he said. He peeked through his fingers at his beautiful sister sitting there with a pleading look on her angelic face. “Ok, you win. I know I’m gonna regret this, but I’ll be your date to the prom.”

Dana squealed with delight and ran over to her brother. She bent down and kissed him on the cheek and said, “Thank you, brother, I love you. I promise you won’t regret it.” Then she looked him in the eyes for a few seconds and plopped back down on the couch. If things worked out right, prom night would be a night neither of them would forget.

Dave waited at the bottom of the stairs for Dana to come down. He looked quite dashing in his gray tuxedo, complete with top hat, gloves, walking stick and tails. To think, two weeks ago he wasn’t even going to the prom, and now he looked more like a groom than a prom date. Dave had to admit that ever since Dana had talked him into going, he started getting into the idea. She was right, this was his once-in-a-lifetime senior prom, so why not go all out? He told himself he would never admit it to his sister, but he was glad she had convinced him to go. Mom had snapped seven or eight pictures while Dad shot the video and both had made such a fuss about how handsome Dave looked that all he wanted to do now was get going. Of course, though, Dana was taking her sweet time about it. Finally, he heard his sister’s sweet voice calling from upstairs.

“Ready or not, here I come!”

Dana appeared at the top of the stairs. After doing one last check in her bedroom mirror, even she had to admit she looked pretty damn good, and judging by everyone’s reaction when they saw her, so did the rest of her family. Dana was dressed in a sleeveless, white gown that was split up the middle to mid thigh and hugged her body tightly in all the right places. She thought for a moment she was going to have to grease herself to get the thing on, but the effort was well worth it. Two thin spaghetti straps went over her soft shoulders and she wore a single silver chain around her neck with a turquoise heart attached to it. She also wore a turquoise bracelet and matching dangling earrings, white thigh-highs with lacey tops, white high-heel pumps and a lacey white thong. Her normally straight blond hair had been rolled, giving it a gentle curl, and was now pulled back from the sides and held in place with a silver barrette. She was a picture of simple elegance.

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