A Mother with Benefits Ch. 02

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I mention a song in the story that has multiple videos on YouTube. It’s a fun song and I think you will find it enjoyable even if you don’t read my story. Please search for Strokin’ by Clearence Carter and pick the first one on the list (the one with the most hits).

I used footnotes or pop ups once again. Feel free to skip them. The story will still be understandable if you do.

This is a work of fiction and all characters are eighteen or older.


Theodore was able to find a great job in his hometown after completing college. He liked the people he worked with and he was first-rate at what he did. The good news regarding his mom was that he no longer had to make the long drive home or earn good grades to be with her. The bad news was he wasn’t sure how long it would last. Theodore always assumed that what his mom euphemistically called their “Friday night fun” would end soon after graduation. He was pleasantly surprised when his mother explained that it didn’t have to. His father was apparently very impressed with how well he took to his new job and would allow things to continue for the time being.

June had been with her husband long enough to know that Ward wasn’t just pleased with their son; he was also pleased with himself. After they had discussed allowing Theodore to continue the affair, June said, “Go ahead and say it, I know you want to.”

“Say what?” Ward asked with an innocent look on his face.

“That it was your idea and now Theodore has a good job.”

Ward laughed and said, “That’s true, but you did all the “work.”

“You cared enough about our son’s future to allow me to.”

“We both cared about his future,” Ward replied.

June took him by the hand and said, “Why don’t we go upstairs and do a little “work” ourselves.”


Theodore joined his parents for dinner on Friday’s. To work up an appetite, he would swim in their lap pool. It was housed in a glass enclosure that resembled a greenhouse. There was also exercise equipment and a small shower in the corner which they used to rinse off the chlorine after a swim.

His mom had recently purchased a blue bikini exclusively for sunbathing. She figured that if she were lying down, the lack of support would do “the twins” no harm. June would lounge by the pool and work on her tan while she watched her son swim. The swim was invigorating for Theodore and so was looking at his mom, especially now that she was going to remain on the menu.

The meal was always outstanding and they enjoyed catching up on what had transpired during the previous week. After dinner, Ward would excuse himself to go bowling and Theodore would help his mom clear the table. He still enjoyed watching her bend over as she loaded the dishwasher. Aware of this, June would discreetly unbutton a couple of buttons on her blouse after Ward departed. Theodore would hand her one item at a time and she would inwardly smile. When everything seemed to be in order, June would scan the kitchen one last time. If satisfied, she would remove her apron and take Theodore by the hand. Without saying a word, she would lead him upstairs.

Most of the time her goal was his old bedroom, but sometimes she had other ideas. Instead of entering the room, she would kiss him on the cheek and release his hand outside the door. That was her signal for him to wait inside. Theodore would watch her hips swing as she proceeded down the hall to her room where she would change into something new or special.

Theodore’s room hadn’t changed since high school. His dad joked that it was a shrine maintained by his mother. It was filled with numerous Boy Scout patches and swimming trophies. There was also a blue ribbon from his grandparents. They won it for having the best front yard in town and had presented it to Theodore because of all the help he had given them.

After their “Friday night fun,” they would shower together. Sometimes the shower would lead to even more fun. After the shower, Theodore appreciated yet another example of his mother’s thoughtfulness. June also maintained his old underwear and sock drawers. He would put his underwear and socks in the hamper and they would be in the proper drawers the following week.

Theodore always left his parent’s house before his dad got back from bowling. When he walked down their sidewalk, he was well fed, serviced and clean. When he took his car in for routine maintenance, they would adjust what needed adjusting, check the fluid levels and run it through the car wash. If his car had feelings, it would feel like he did on Friday nights when he waved goodbye to his mother.


Theodore and his mom did their best to respect Ward’s wishes when he was in the house. There was no flirting. Looking around the dinner table or around the pool, an outside observer would never suspect anything was going on.

Theodore and his dad maintained a very close relationship. Sometimes istanbul escort he would return to his parent’s house bright and early the next day to go camping or fishing with his dad.

On one particular Saturday he noticed a pattern. His parents were always more affectionate towards each other at breakfast than they were at dinner the night before. Theodore suspected that the two of them got busy when his dad got home from bowling, but there was no way he was going to ask his mom for conformation.

There were some subjects Theodore and his mom never spoke about. One of them was his parent’s sex life. Of course Theodore knew they had sex, but the specifics were never mentioned. Another subject never discussed was how much his mom told his dad about their sex life. Did Ward know that they had done it in almost every room that week he was away or what positions they used? Some things were best left unknown.


Theodore never put much effort into finding women his own age. Never the less, he always seemed to have a young woman on his arm. His father thought there was more to it than just the fact that he was a handsome young man with a good job. Ward’s personal experience in his younger days taught him that women seem to know when you’re desperate. If he didn’t have a girlfriend, he had a devil of a time finding one. However, if he had a girlfriend, it was much easier to find another. If he had two girlfriends, a third would show up without him even trying. Ward couldn’t juggle three women for long and he would ultimately end up with one. Then he would breakup with the one girl and return to where he started. Ward’s theory was that he tried too hard when he didn’t have a girlfriend and acted confidant when he did. Theodore had a date every Friday, so he was always confident.

It went on this way for a couple of years until Theodore gradually stopped dating several girls and started exclusively dating one named “Mary Ellen.” After his parents heard her name a number of times, they asked if he was finally getting serious. After some thought, he said that he really liked her. She was both fun and comfortable to be with and they had a lot in common.

June wanted to invite her to dinner to which Theodore responded, “Mom, it changes everything when you ask a girl home to meet your parents. I’m happy now. Why can’t we just leave things the way they are?”

“I’m just excited because this is the first girl you’ve shown any special interest in,” June responded.

If he did invite her, Theodore knew what would happen. His mom took great pride in her home and in her cooking. She would pull out all the stops, using their good china and silverware. Everything would be so proper.

Over the following weeks she nagged Theodore more and more to invite his girlfriend to dinner. This escalated until it came to a head one Friday after his dad had left for bowling. Things began in the kitchen as usual. They were kissing and he was exploring her body with his hands. This time June seemed preoccupied. Between kisses she talked about Mary Ellen.

Theodore slid his hands down her back to her butt, pulled her hips to him and ground his erection against her. Normally, this was the point where she would check the kitchen and lead him upstairs. When she didn’t, he tried to guide her towards the stairs but she would have none of it.

We need to get busy, Theodore thought. It was Friday and bowling wouldn’t last forever. He was frustrated as hell and beginning to get mad when the light came on. June didn’t say so, but they weren’t going to have any “Friday night fun” until the issue of Mary Ellen was resolved.

To verify his hunch, Theodore asked, “Mom, you’re not going to give up until Mary Ellen comes to dinner, are you?”

In response, June quit talking and looked guilty.

His suspicion confirmed, Theodore slipped his hands from her butt and took her hands into his.

His dad was a wise man. Ward told him long ago that if he found himself in a situation where he couldn’t avoid being screwed; he should just make the best of it and salvage whatever he could.

Following his dad’s advice, he looked into her eyes and said. “I love you and want you to be happy. If it means that much to you, I’ll invite her.”

The smile on June’s face was so exuberant that he could feel his irritation with her drain from his body.

“I just want you to promise me one thing,” Theodore requested.

“Anything,” June replied.

“Make it an informal, low-keyed dinner. I don’t want you to work yourself up into a tizzy like you normally do.”

June grinned and said, “You got it honey, just an informal family dinner.”

Well aware of his need, she squeezed his hand and pulled him towards his room. Once there, her first impulse was to give Theodore a blow job. He was a thoughtful son and had just made her avcılar escort very happy. But she needed to talk and couldn’t do that with the head of his cock pushing her cheek out. She made a mental note that she owed him one as she turned her back to him.

Knowing his cue, he quickly unzipped her dress then spun her back around for a kiss. Theodore slipped his hand through the newly formed opening, down the smooth warmth of her back and under her panties to grab a bare cheek. For some reason, Theodore always liked to grab a handful of ass when he kissed his mom. Perhaps it was his way of saying she was his for the moment or maybe she just had a nice ass. He then slid his hand up past the small of her back and expertly unfastened her bra.

Parting, they looked into each other’s blue eyes and shared a mischievous grin as they stripped like lifeguards before entering the water. Once they were both necked as the day they were born, June playfully pushed Theodore back onto his bed where he landed with an exaggerated bounce. Standing at the edge of the bed, June looked down at her son and tousled his hair before lifting a thigh and straddling him. Once situated comfortably astride her son, she grabbed is hard cock and milked him. Next, she used his cock like a paintbrush, spreading his precum slowly over her pussy lips. Then she began rocking her hips as she guided him. With each thrust, the walls of her pussy were stretched and he was a little deeper. When he was all the way in, her pussy reminded him of a velvet glove, a glove that was on a warm and loving hand that had quite a grip.

He was so worked up that he wasn’t sure how long he could last. That is until his mom started talking about Mary Ellen again. Theodore tried to get away with pretending to listen like he did when he was on the computer, but his mother seemed to want a conversation. Unfortunately, a conversation required his participation and worse of all, looking interested. She asked what Marry Ellen’s favorite dishes were and wanted to know what he thought they should have for dinner.

Theodore no longer had to concern himself with cuming too soon. In fact, he was somewhat detached as he watched his mom expertly rotate her hips around his cock. It was like watching porn on his computer but it was in 3D. He noticed the sucking sound their fluids made as the she moved and marveled at her ability to multitask. June was carrying on a serious conversation and planning a menu while she pumped away. He watched her marvelous breasts hypnotically sway to and fro before reaching up to capture one of her pink nipples. He rolled it between his thumb and index finger in an effort to distract her and smiled when she didn’t react at all. She just kept talking and literally didn’t miss a beat.

June obviously wasn’t getting any sexual satisfaction from this and was merely servicing him. Theodore preferred it when his mother enjoyed herself for a host of reasons, some of them selfish. When she was excited, it was more exciting for him. Sometimes though, he was in the mood to be serviced, especially when he felt he deserved it. Under such circumstances he would think of her as a well-paid prostitute.



As he watched his mother fucking him like a pro, Theodore thought back to when she first started servicing him with something other than hand jobs. He remembered what it was like being a horny teenager who was still living at home and how those circumstances almost ruined everything. Ward had just given his blessing for his wife and son to have actual sex every Friday, but Theodore couldn’t leave well enough alone. His adolescent libido was in overdrive. If only he could avoid seeing his mom during the week, then he might stand a chance of controlling himself. The problem was that he was still living with her.

Theodore’s favorite pastime had been watching porn, but no longer. Those porn stars couldn’t hold a candle to his mom. Looking at her curves jiggle as she puttered around the house drove him to distraction. Not having sex with her was like standing by and watching an inexhaustible natural resource go to waste. His problem would disappear if he could just convince her to put out a little more often. By midweek he was climbing the walls.


“Couldn’t hold a candle” – Apprentices used to hold candles so that a master artist or craftsman could see what they were doing. The person who held the candle was at a lower level in their career than the master. What is implicit in the saying is that the person being referred to is not even worthy to hold the light for the master.


Theodore was a charming young man. June enjoyed their playful sexual banter in the kitchen, but now there was a change. Early in the week his flirting was lighthearted and relaxed, but by the middle of the week there was urgency to it. She tried şirinevler escort to tone things down by dressing even more conservatively, but met with little success. When he rubbed up against her and told her she was driving him crazy, June emitted an exasperated laugh and asked, “What do I have to do, wear a burka?”

Even that wouldn’t have solved the problem completely. Theodore was all too aware of what delights awaited beneath any covering, no matter how austere.

The constant begging and nagging got old quickly. Her only relief was when Ward was around. Theodore knew he was being obnoxious, but couldn’t help himself.

June always resisted his requests for extra sex by saying that they couldn’t take the chance of being caught. Theodore then argued that he didn’t need much, just a “quickie” would do. He pointed out that a quickie didn’t take long, which greatly decreased the chance of dad catching them.

His mom relented one day when she got a phone call from Ward and knew that he was far from home at the moment. Immediately after ending the call, June grabbed her son by the hand and disgustedly led him up to his room. On the way up the stairs, she reminded him, “Just a quickie young man, nothing more.” Theodore could tell by the way she was moving that she was upset.

“Are you mad mom?” Theodore asked.

“No, but I resent being put in this position.”

“That sounds a lot like being mad,” Theodore observed.

June almost smiled, but Theodore’s charm wasn’t going to work on her this time. He had been constantly after her and she had no time to get things done around the house. Well, he was going to find out what it was like to have a cold fish in bed.

June’s plan was to be as unpleasant as possible and just lay there. She hoped that Theodore would learn that pressuring her for extra sex wasn’t worth all the effort he put into it.

“Go to the linen closet and bring back a towel,” June ordered.

When he returned, his mom was on his bed fully clothed.

He handed her the towel and started unbuttoning his shirt.

“There’s no time for that, just pull your pants down.”

Theodore wasn’t about to argue. As he unfastened his belt, June lifted her hips and pulled her panties down from beneath her skirt. After tossing them on the floor, she used the same maneuver to place the towel between her bottom and the bed.

Noting his questioning look, she said, “I don’t want to have to wash your bedspread.”

Theodore unzipped his pants and held them up with one hand, unsure of what to do until his mom said, “Hurry up, we don’t have all day.”

Still holding his pants, Theodore crawled up the foot of his bed as best he could until June’s legs were blocking any further progress. Seeing his dilemma she parted them further, allowing him continue. After sliding his pants to his knees, he sat on his ankles for a moment before lifting her skirt. He moved it slowly up her thighs, ultimately revealing her delightful pussy. In contrast to the expression on his mom’s face, her pussy beckoned to him, all friendly and inviting.

He jumped when she suddenly asked, “What’s the holdup?”

Prompted into action, he lowered himself onto her and found her thighs to be soft and smooth as always. Theodore comforted himself with the knowledge that no matter how cold she was acting, her pussy would be warm.

He checked with his middle finger and she had plenty of lube. Without thinking, he started rubbing her clit but stopped when she gave him an angry look. With his mom glaring at him, he did his best to guide his cock into her. He was thrusting but poor Theodore still wasn’t completely in after multiple pokes. Normally, his mom would rotate her pelvis to change the angle and push back a little. This time she just laid there with her face turned to the side.

One thing you could say for the old girl, Theodore thought, there was still plenty of tread left on those tires of hers. He couldn’t believe that she had been able to squeeze him through there.

He ran his hand down one of her thighs then lifted it towards her head. After a moment’s resistance, she yielded. When she slowly raised her other thigh to match the first, it seemed to help. In a few more pokes he was all the way in.

His mother’s harsh demeanor had calmed Theodore to the point where he was no longer in a rush to start moving. It was pleasant just having his erection stand tall and proud in such a warm and hospitable location. After a bit, he began pumping slow and easy. He felt so at home in his mother’s saddle that he wanted to ride her all day. Ever so gradually, Theodore increased his pace and extended his stroke. He was moving effortlessly and appreciating how good his entire body felt. Sometimes this would happen while he was swimming; he was “in the zone.”


“In the zone” is an expression used to describe a state of consciousness where the body and mind work together in perfect harmony. Being in the zone implies increased focus and attention which allow for higher levels of seemingly effortless performance.


Theodore had lost track of time when a song popped into his head. (If you haven’t already, please search for and listen to: Clearence Carter Strokin’)

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