Adoring My Jason

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I woke up that morning with one of those ever so slow grins. Opening my eyes I reached out to touch Jason, my lover. Oh what a day and night we had, had. I had met him at the airport the prior day, and then we had travelled through to this beautiful hotel nestled in the countryside. From the moment we had stepped in the room clothes had not touched our bodies; such had been our need for one another. A whole day and most of the night had been spent, with us making love and the ever so wonderful fucking. No wonder he was worn out, the long flight from America and then being ravished by his sex mad English girlfriend for well over twelve hours.

I lay on my side watching his face nestled peacefully against the pillow. My heart was burning with love for him and adoration. What a beautiful man he was, his lashes lay spidery against his cheeks, his strong face looked so gentle and serene with the glow of sleep. My eyes travelled to Jason’s arm laid upon the covers, the muscles so well defined, his hands large and powerful, and his wide shoulders with skin so glorious to the touch. His neck so sexy, looked hard and sculptured as if from marble.

My heart was beating fast as I continued to gaze at him in his sleep. Chuckling naughtily to myself, I eased the covers away from him slightly. First my eyes wandered over his sleek, smooth chest, his pecs so well defined and then down to his abdominal muscles noticeable yet not the horrible bumpy mess that some men had. I sighed happily as my eyes caressed his skin with my gaze. Lifting the sheet away even more, a wry smile curved my lips as I looked at his manhood lying softly against his thigh. To see it in a non-erect state touched my heart in a strange way as I thought back over the night’s activity, then it had been a thick, long hard shaft that Jason had used to thrill me beyond my wildest dreams.

My hands instinctively trailed across to his firm, muscular thighs, and my fingers twirling amongst the hairs of his legs. Feeling his cock against the back of my hand, I checked that his eyes were still shut with sleep. I slid down the bed a little with my pillow; still lying on my side I moved my hands slowly to his cock, the warmth of the soft foreskin acıbadem escort so lovely to the touch. Moving his cock, I began to look at it in close detail, my eyes savouring each and every part of it. My heart fluttered as his cock began to awake under my feathery caresses. I watched intently as his wondrous cock came a live, small pulses moved it of it’s own accord, small jerky dance like movements as my fingers continued to explore him. A few minutes of my soft touches had his rod so thick and hard.

My eyes followed the whole length, noting a beautiful curve to it that the back of my hand could not help but follow. I held him with one hand as I rubbed the shiny head of his member with my thumb, dipping in and out as it reached his cum hole. I ran the thumb under the darkening glans, a ridge of hard flesh separating the crown of his cock from the amazing length. He has by no means a beast of a shaft; his eight ample inches are so beautiful in proportion to his well-formed frame, the width more than a happy size for my pussy. Enough to stretch but not too wide so that it would tear me. It was a strain to make my thumb and forefinger meet around its girth, but oh how I enjoyed having that amazing member filling my hot, wet cunt.

I whimpered as his cock began to move once more as my finger ran along each and every vein. I stiffened in shock as he moved, darting my eyes to his face I was relieved to see that he was still asleep. I just wanted this time to explore my lover’s tools, I had to stifle a mischievous giggle as my hand cupped his shaved, heavy balls, and they also began to tighten and move at my touch. My hand rotated at the wrist as I moved the hard orbs within the fleshy sac on the palm of my hand. Leaning over the bed I ran my tongue over the delicate flesh, slow licks tracing around both balls, lifting them each, my saliva was making them shine with the soft glow of the morning sun shining through the curtains.

The ever so familiar tightness began in my pussy as I savoured the manly taste of his man hood in my mouth. Oh God how I adored him at that moment, as his sleeping body lay before me for me to view and worship anadolu yakası escort with my touch. Pulling my pillow closer to his body I snuggled my forehead against his flat stomach, as I ran my tongue over and around the taut skin at the tip of his cock, dipping it into the slit of the cum chute, curling the tip so that it scooped at a drop of pre-cum forming there.

With one hand I began to rub the succulent piece of man meat all over my face, the touch of it upon my face like a gentle kiss. As I was running the tip of his tool over and round my lips, I felt Jason’s hands tight in my hair, I gasped and blushed in shock as if caught in the act of a guilty deed.

My head was tilted back as he smiled down at me, his smile wide, his ice blue eyes sparkled at me as he spoke to me, “Good morning green eyes, oh and what a good morning it is. Like what you see lover?”

I flushed speechlessly as he bent down to kiss me, his hungry mouth pressing hard against mine. Guttural moans escaped him as I curled my hands around his neck and pulled him tightly to me. His strong neck pulled away from me and dragged me farther up the bed towards him. As he placed a hand on either side of my face, his look tender as his eyes met mine, yet his voice betrayed his arousal.

“Now my naughty lover that was such a delight to wake to, a hungry soft mouth upon me, you are so bad,” He chuckled as he pulled me closer still, his eyes darkening with lust as our noses touched. “Fuck me, fuck me Kate, NOW!” I moaned in desire at his masterful words, I trembled with the feelings shooting from my cunt to my stomach as my need for him grew in intensity.

With what seemed like a liquid fluidity of movement he had pulled me up and placed me over his body, his hard, and turgid cock pointing to my eager cuntal opening. I rested my weight upon my knees as I began to tease the hot rod with my pussy, already so hot and wet for him.

My hips started to rock and sway as he thrust himself gently to me, his need great as he grabbed my hips and pulled me down onto his waiting cock.

“Oh yes, that’s it babe, fuck me, fuck…oh god you’re so tight angel…” his voice ataşehir escort trailed away as I began to move in my craving for him. I pushed myself hard down on him, grinding myself lower and lower until his whole cock filled my cunt as far as it could go, his balls nestled between the cheeks of my arse as my pelvic floor began a steady thrusting on the throbbing meat.

Our eyes never left each other’s as I set in motion the very desire of my soul. I lifted my knees up towards me so that I was pierced entirely on him, the pressure of my whole body forcing his fuck pole so deep in me that I groaned with a mixture of pleasure and pain. I rested my hands slightly behind me on the bed and planted my feet firmly on the mattress and began to rock myself on him, my clenched cunt pulling and grabbing at his sweet, sweet shaft.

What a sight it must have been for Jason as my opened legs moved back and fro upon his cock, my clit poking from my dark pink folds as I swayed with a quickening tempo determined by the growing pleasure building up in my body. I shrieked in delight as his large hands moved forward and began to tease and poke at my exposed and erect clit. His hands began moving up to grab at my tits, his thumbs and fingers pinching and tugging at my hard nipples.

Moving my body in a frenzy as his hands worked a magic spell on me, I began to fuck him with all my might, my whole hips moving up and down on his length driven by the need of my cunt to be rammed by Jason’s amazing fuck tool.

My tight pussy wanked his cock with such intensity that we soon came to the point of no return. I flipped forward onto him, my tits bouncing and slapping his face in time with me as I bounced up and down so hard on his cock. My mouth moved over Jason’s and we kissed, our exertions making us force air into each other, our breath and tongues mingling together.

As my body began to shudder with the oncoming orgasm I opened my eyes to look into his. The blueness seemed to deepen as his cock exploded into my cunt. Gush after gush of hot seed filled my cunt to overflowing, his thrusts forcing it to splash and co-mingle with my spilling love juice and form in a pool and run all over his balls and thighs.

Flopping, spent onto Jason’s heaving body, I clung to him as the last waves of orgasm made my body shudder with sobs of joy, satisfaction and completion. My panting breathing caused my voice to falter as I whispered “I Love You”.

Curling tightly, a deep contented sleep overtook me, as I contemplated my total love for Jason.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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