Adventure in Trust Ch. 01

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You have come to pick me up, promising me an adventure. This is our first outing together for an extended period, and we are both nervous about it, but we managed to arrange extra time off together. You haven’t told me where we are going, only what to pack. Jeans, hiking boots, a bathing suit …. usual gear for me, except for the bathing suit. I wonder as I pack my things where you are whisking me off to – – – – especially since I know you are generally full of surprises.

You arrive, and I notice that your car is packed to the hilt with camping gear. “Where are we going??” I ask as I toss my bag in to join the other stuff.

“Never you mind …” you smile at me.

Ah ….. mystery. I get it. I climb into the seat next to you, my excitement and anticipation growing. You lean over to me and give me a quick kiss. It feels good just to be in your presence. You know that during the week I am so focused on being everything but a woman, you pay extra attention to the details that make me feel special.

As we drive and talk about things in our lives, good and bad, you absent-mindedly reach over and put your hand on my thigh, stroking my leg with your thumb. I look down at your hand and remember the last place it had been. I suddenly feel myself flush, the warmth rising up my neck. You notice, and ask, “Are you too warm, hon??”

“No….” I blush hotly, but inside I’m thinking , “Don’t you dare move your hand!!!”

I look over at you, still engaged in conversation, but my brain is now taking you in. You’ve worn a dress shirt, casually rolled up at the sleeves. You must’ve come straight from teaching. I love that look ….. so formally casual. I fight the urge to reach over and jerk the front of the shirt open, sending the buttons flying. I love looking at you, gazing at your face as you talk to me. I suddenly realize that in my reverie, I have run my hand down your arm to the hand lying on my thigh. You clasp my hand in yours, our fingers intertwining. Ummmm ….. that feels so good. Just holding hands with you feels so good to me.

I haven’t really paid much attention to where we are going until you turn the car off of the main highway onto a two-lane road. “Okay,” I finally say to you, “where are you taking me??”

“You said that you wanted me to teach you about being outdoors,” you reply. “I am starting this off easy by taking you camping by the lake.”

I smile broadly …. you, me, a tent, the stars …… did I just die and go to heaven?? I suddenly find myself wishing my son was with us. He loves camping.

Your voice breaks into my thoughts: “I thought we’d see if this new place I found is any good, then we can bring Jake with us next time.” We are becoming almost too good of friends …. you are beginning to read my mind.

We pull off this road onto a dirt road …. going slowly until we come göztepe escort to a thicket of trees. You pull under the trees and stop, exiting the car. I get out as well, and hear the gentle lapping of water. Making my way toward the sound, the thicket of trees opens to reveal a small, gorgeous clearing. We are in a park, I can see other campers nearby, but still this spot feels so secluded. We set up camp … you are having to be so patient since I know very little about this. This day is warm, begging me to put on my suit and go lay beside the lake for a bit of sun. I sneak into the tent while you are doing something else ….. or at least, I THINK you are doing something else!

As I pull my clothing from me, I hear the tent-flap unzip. I feel you enter the tent and you slide up behind me, helping me with the last of my clothing. “That’s more like it!” you whisper, running your hands up and down my naked body. “I was wondering when I was going to get to see you!”

Suddenly, I am in no mood to make love. I want to fuck. Pure, simple, animalistic. I have been hot for you the entire trip, and now, with your mouth on my earlobe, I can take it no longer. I turn, and run my hand inside the waistband of your pants, undoing the button. I unzip them and with one motion, pull them to your ankles along with your underwear. You are already hard, but I take your cock in my mouth and begin to suck you gently, feeling you thrust against my mouth. I look up at you from my kneeling position, lick the underside of your cock, and whisper, “I want you to fuck me.”

The surprise on your face says it all. I have never asked that in this manner. I have not shown this side of me before. For an instant, I don’t know whether you will take me, or take off! I sigh in relief as you kneel down and push me back, grabbing my legs to hold around you. I feel your cock fill me instantly. No foreplay is necessary for me this time – – – – I am already sopping wet. “UGGHNNNGG!” I groan as you thrust inside me.

I’ve never been filled so completely …. either physically or emotionally. You know just the rhythm I need right now: hard and fast. You pound into me with fury, talking hotly into my ear: “You like that??” “Does that feel good??” “oooohhhhhh, you are SO WET!” until I cannot stand it any longer.

“FUCK ME!” I cry in a strangled whisper … afraid others can hear. I cum on your cock, locking my legs around your waist and pulling you in deeply. You feel my spasms and cum as well, adding to my wetness.

Later, I decide to go ahead with my swim. I ease my way to the lake ….. and get into the water, swimming for only a moment or two before getting out and lying down on a large blanket. I watch the leaves on the trees and listen to all the sounds around me, but suddenly, the light is blocked. I look up and realize that şerifali escort you are standing over me, looking at me and smiling.

“What is it??” I ask teasingly, smiling back at you but feeling very self-conscious.

“Nothing … just admiring the view” you say as you lean down over me and give me a gentle kiss. “You hungry??”

“I am famished!” I reply and you rise, taking my hand in yours.

“Come this way, then” you say, as you pull me back toward the camp. When I arrive, I see that you have managed to prepare dinner for us – – – – complete with a bottle of wine. You sit me down in a chair next to the campfire, and then sit down next to me. As we eat, we talk and discover more about one another. I find myself baring my soul to you … almost in ways that frighten me. I wonder what you must think many a time, but I am trusting you more and more.

After dinner, we walk back to the lake. The stars and moon are reflected in the water, and we sit on the blanket together. I begin to shiver, even with the warmer days, the nights still have a chill to them. You put your strong arm around me, but somehow know that won’t be enough. Reaching behind us, you pull the other blanket you have brought with us up around both of us.

You encourage me to sit close, suggesting that between your legs would probably keep me the warmest. I agree, and move to sit there. Your arms automatically go around me in a warm embrace, and we just sit, quietly, and watch the stars. I lean my head back against your chest, and feel your heart beat. I suddenly want you again, but I keep that to myself for a bit, knowing by what I feel against my back that you want me just as badly.

I feel your head lower, and you put your face in my hair. I feel your mouth on my ears and neck, and I turn, allowing you to cradle me and your mouth to find mine. Our kiss, while passionate, doesn’t have the urgency of earlier, and I know that this time we will be making love. Your hand goes up under my shirt to cup my breast, your thumb teasing my nipple.

“Ooooohhhhhhhh……” I moan. You know that I love that. We are covered by the blanket, so you push my shirt up and over my head, and push the straps to my bathing suit down over my arms. My breasts spring free, and you lower your mouth to capture a nipple and suck.

“I want you….” I say softly.

“I know.” you reply, “and we are getting to that ….” You are not to be rushed this time.

You slip out from under the blanket, lowering me to lie down. You want me to be exposed, but know that I am not at that trust level yet. Just getting me to make love with you out in the open is a huge step forward. So, keeping that in mind, you make sure that I am not exposed, and reach up under the blanket to completely remove my suit.

I can hear the water ümraniye escort ripple, I can feel your hands, and I am seeing the stars …… and not just the ones in the sky. I feel your hands move slowly up my thighs to my pussy, and part the lips tenderly. You have slipped under the blanket yourself, and now your mouth is busily sucking at my clit …. eliciting moans and cries of pleasure from me. You are going to make this moment last. You slip fingers into my pussy, finger fucking me to an orgasm. I arch, and you feel me ripple inside, suddenly flooding your hand with juices.

“God you taste good!” you say as you suck the juices from me and from your fingers.

I feel you begin to remove your clothing, and I look down. You are out from under the blanket: you are so bold … and I see your frame coming into view. I never tire of looking at you.

“I want to see you,” you whisper, knowing that I have been looking at you in the moonlight.

“No!” I cry, but you are insistent.

“Let’s go back to camp if that will make you feel better. I want to see you. All of you!”

“No” I shoot back to you, ” I want to make love with you here, where I can see the stars!”

“Okay, but take away the blanket!” Reluctantly, I allow you to do so, because your hands begin to fan the flames of desire once again.

“You are so beautiful” you say as you lower your mouth to me for another kiss. I suddenly feel vulnerable, but you do not allow me to squirm away from your grasp. Instead, you hold me close, murmuring your pleasure into my ear, until I begin to relax into our lovemaking.

The night is so beautiful. Even more so as you carefully take me, thrusting your cock inside me and holding there as I cum. You always do that: bring me to the brink before entering me. It always feels so good to be possessed like that.

“ohgodohgodohgodohgod” I say over and over again as wave after wave of pleasure wash over me.

“Feel good?” you ask as you move in gentle circles, grinding my clit against your pubic bone.

“OOOOHHHHHHH, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS….” I cannot remember ever feeling this fulfilled. You pull out of me, and take me into your mouth again, drinking my cum and letting it wet your face. You come up to me, allowing me to kiss and lick and suck at your mouth until I can taste myself between us.

You roll me over, placing my back to you, and lift my leg, slipping your cock back into my pussy from behind. You reach around and play with my clit with one hand, and my nipple with the other, fucking me slowly. “Baby, I’m going to cum in you …” you say pushing deeply into me. I feel your cock expand and then throb endlessly, you groan loudly into my ear. I lay in your arms, revelling in the fact that you have pushed me to a whole new level of trust and acceptance.

In a moment, I feel you stir and pull the blanket up over us.

“You okay??” you ask, knowing the steps I took today were real.

“Yes,” I say to you, looking into your eyes. You lean down to kiss me, and I realize that I have never felt safer than I do at this moment. I can hardly wait to see what you have in store for me tomorrow!

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