Age of Innocence

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Here’s where it started.

Note: Everyone in this story is over the age of 21. All people are of legal age.

It was the end of summer and a few days before college started back. I went to this this bar I frequented. I enjoyed people watching. How they act react, and behave in a social situation. Not to sound like a typical cliché, but that i saw the hottest girl I’d ever seen. I noticed her from across the crowded bar, very clichés. She was with a table full of her girls friends. They were having a girl’s night out celebrating someone’s birthday. This girl dressed very classy, and overly. Just well put together. She looked 25 years old, the same age as me. Her body was well proportioned. She reminded me of an exaggerated hourglass. To give a mental picture.

5’7 Alabaster skin, with a hint of a tan. Dirty blonde shoulder length hair. Almond shaped with piercing blue eyes. A cute button nose. Thick pouty lips that she wore some lipstick with lip gloss. Her over flowing breasts, that was closer to her chin that her feet. Wearing a loose fitting blouse or a baggy top. Her arms weren’t too big, but a bit muscular. Her belly stuck out underneath her chest, just enough to be noticed. Her hips where wide and full, which made her butt stick out even more. You could definitely see that she had done some kind of sport either when she was younger and/or in her four year of high-school. Her thighs softly clap together as she walked. Noticing they were a mixture of dense muscle and fat. Sweeping thighs as she just stood in place. Resembles a giant drumstick, and her calves? Definitely thick, and strong with the slightest hint of definition. She definitely looked like she played girl’s softball, or did some kind of track event or gymnastics. That’s the kind of body she has, just on the thicker side. Now, I am 5’10. A stocky build, wanting to get in to professional bodybuilding. Short hair and brown eyes.

Fast forward to the first day of going back to college. I walk in to class scoping out my usual spot in the very back row. As I’m waiting for people to show up. Suddenly I notice that girl from the bar, walking in. Couldn’t believe my eyes. As if it was a sign, or fate. I could not get my mind off of her. That body and how she wore her clothes. Wanting to go introduce myself, but to timid and shy. Not wanting to get or be rejected. Thinking, it’s better to have a fantasy, than to make it a reality and have everything destroyed. So, as the semester dragged on. The class had become increasingly difficult. We had an intense class (subject) of Advanced Anatomy and Physiology. Monday’s, Wednesday’s, and Friday’s. From 9am to 11am.

I know she didn’t even know I existed, let alone having a snowballs chance of ever meeting her or even talking to her. Mainly because I was painfully shy about a public setting. So, I sat in the back row, just day dreaming of the conversations, or sneaking away for a few stolen moment in whatever corner of the school we could find.

As the semester dragged on? The class became increasingly difficult to concentrate in. Even the homework that was given became a monumental task. It’s not that the learning the homework was hard? It was that I had become like a trained puppet. I associated the class with that girl. Consistently pendik escort thinking about her when I was in class and not much else. I wasn’t failing the class. I was getting by, but I couldn’t get her outta my mind.

Well in to the semester and on a Friday during class. The professor said, we’re ending class early, because he had to go out of town and wanted to get a head start. I walked over to the campus cafeteria to get my lunch like I did every Friday. Being in my own lil world. I didn’t see that girl from class a couple of people in front of me. Thinking to myself, she eats here too? I’ve never seen her here before. Not that I was looking, just catching me off guard. Anyway, I push her out of my mind and continue to mind the task at hand. After I pay for my lunch, and start to look for a secluded place to be alone.

I turn to my right, and I almost run in to that girl from class. I froze like a deer in the headlights on a country road in the middle of nowhere. I stammered in my speech of trying to apologize for almost running into her. She gave me a crooked smile saying, in a sweet innocent voice of an angel. No, it’s my fault for standing there. She continues and says, aren’t you in my AP201 class Monday’s, Wednesday’s, and Friday’s? With my mouth now slightly open at this point and my eyes lock onto hers. All I could do was to slowly nod in agreement. She then asked, are you eating lunch with anyone? All I could do was slowly shake my head no. Do you mind if i join you then, she asked? All I could think to say was, ok. Is there a special place you like to sit, she continued? Beginning to snap out of it and realizing I’m not fantasizing. I replied, no there no specific place. She said, ok good. Why don’t we sit over there. This is where i always sit, she exclaimed.

As we sat at a table for four people. She blurts out. How rude am I? I’m sorry for not introducing myself. My name Jennifer, its great to finally meet you. I said, Really? With a heavy shudder and stammer. Why do you say that?

I could tell from the moment I saw her back at the bar. She was from a good background and was classy. And what I’ve learned from here being in class together.

She’s confident, with a no nonsense attitude, motivated and driven. But now that I actually have a conversation with her? She’s also down to earth and polite! Where did this girl come from? I cannot believe this woman who I’ve been drooling over all this time is actually sitting across from me and we’re having a real life conversation. Who knew this would ever happen within my lifetime. Ok, ok, shh, shh. Concentrate, on what she’s saying.

I am sorry, I exclaimed. Can you please repeat that? Jennifer said, I see you always taking notes in class. If you have time, could you come over to my apartment to help me on the homework? She continues, if you’re interested. I could get a pizza and some beer. Is that ok? Or would you like something else to eat? I could make something, what would you like to eat I almost blurted out, I would give anything to eat you out. But instead, I opted to say out loud. Sure, pizza would be great! It was as if I heard my voice saying those words, but someone else was speaking.

As we were finishing suadiye escort up out perspective lunches. I didn’t say much of anything. Jennifer carried most of the conversation. She scribbles a couple of things down on a piece of paper that she tore out of her notebook. Jennifer folds the paper and says, I’ll see you tonight around 7? As she slides it across the table. Saying, here’s my cell number and dorm room. If anything comes up, just call me and let me know. Before I had a chance to react or say anything, she walks away. I was fixated on her body now more than ever. Memorizing every single detail from the way her ponytail swayed from side to side with each step, to the way her thick meaty ass gently clapped together as she walked! To the way her calves contracted every time she took a step! I was enamored, and now I know her name. I was officially in lust. With a down to earth personality and a fantastic body like that? She’s definitely one in a million.

I was taught from a young age, if you’re on time, you’re late. I knock on Jennifer’s door at about a quarter till 7. My heart’s racing and beating out of my chest as if I just ran a marathon. I hear the door unlock. Thinking to myself Jennifer couldn’t get anymore beautiful or stunning than there in the cafeteria. As Jennifer opens the door. She definitely proved me wrong by a long shot. She out did herself.

Jennifer’s wearing a pale pink robe that goes passed the top of her thick muscular thighs. It ties around the waist that accentuates her magnificent chest. Which her pink lace bra is showing just enough to reveal that she’s wearing one.

Mentally, I wanted to drop to my knees and tell her that she’s such a beautiful Goddess. But, of course I kept my mouth shut. I feared of looking like some creepy weirdo. As I walk in and shut the door behind me. I catch a glimpse of the bottom of her robe and see a hint of the crease of her bottom and the back of where her legs meet. She suggested we sit on the couch and talk until the pizza arrived. As I looked around, her dorm was bigger than mine and a lot more modern. The standard kitchen light was on, but the rest of her dorm room was lit but a variety of different sized candles. That gave the dorm a certain intimate and unique style an feel. As we sat down. It was more like a love seat size than a couch, but who am I to argue. As we sat on the couch, she pivots and bends her leg and hooks her foot and ankle behind her other knee. More like a half indian style. With the other leg towards the floor.

I could almost certainly see her lady parts, if her legs weren’t so muscular and thick. But then again, I’m glad I couldn’t. I wanted that to be a mystery. Or at least until she presents herself to me. We chit chatted, giggled, and laughed. What was it about, or the subjects? No idea what’s so ever. I’m getting a lot more comfortable and relaxed. As we’re talking, I subconsciously catching myself reaching over to touch her arm and noticing she’s not pulling back or away from me. About that time, there was a knock at the door. It was the pizza. We continued our laughing and light hearted conversation. Not sure if it was my imagination or being hopeful. But I think we are actually sitting closer tuzla escort together.

Not sure if it was the ambiance of the candles, or the conversation? I was feeling pretty intoxicated with excitement. Like this could potentially go somewhere. Didn’t want to get ahead of myself, so I calmed myself down.

There was a bit of a lull in the conversation and Jennifer spoke up and said, the real reason why she wanted to see me tonight was, with a dramatic pause. Which I could tell she was a bit nervous and shy to tell me. I’d never seen this side of her, vulnerable and unsure. I had no idea what’s going to be said. In my mind, what’s she going to say? That she likes me? Did she call me over to help her with the homework? I had no clue, These thoughts were running through my mind. I could see the hesitation in her eyes and on her face as she was trying to find the right words to say.

Just as Jennifer was opening her mouth to finally say what was so difficult to share. Her cell phone rings that breaks the tension in the room. Jennifer picks it up and looks to see who it is. It’s her mom calling. Jennifer politely excused herself and said, Im going to take this in the other room, I’ll only be a minute or so. Please, stay right there, I’ll be right back. As I’m sitting there, I decided to check my phone, for what? I had no idea, but when she did come back? I wanted to look like i was doing something and not trying to listen in on her conversation.

Suddenly, Jennifer said in a loud voice. No, no, no! I obviously didn’t know what was going on. Jennifer comes out from the other room and says, I’m sorry, you’re going to have to leave. I just found out my Dad a had a massive heart attack and passed away. I’ll call you later.

In shock as well, and being the gentleman that I am? I said, of course. And I let myself out and shut the door behind me. Jennifer was the only person I could think about that entire weekend. Hoping she was alright. I gave her space, and the last thing she needs is somebody she just met nosing around and bothering and pestering her with a lot of questions. I’ll see her after class and I will check in with her then.

Monday morning arrived and I hadn’t heard from Jennifer all weekend. My concern grew, as the class started. Just thinking that she’ll be a little late. I kept glancing at the door, even to the point that the professor said something and wanted me to stay after class. Thinking to myself, crap! Now what does he want with me. When class was over, I waited until everybody was gone. Acting innocent I said, you wanted to see me? He asked, is everything alright? You seem more distracted more than normal. Is there anything I can do to help?

I replied, Jennifer got a phone call Friday night about her Dad passing away. I was going to ask how she was doing when she came to class. The professor said as if i jarred his memory. Oh yeah, I got an email from Jennifer this morning, saying she’s dropping out because of family issues and she wasn’t going to be returning. His voice was cold and very matter of fact. I felt she deserved more warmth than that.

I walked away without saying a word. I immediately called Jennifer to see how she was doing, and the automated voice system said, the number you are trying to reach is disconnected or is no longer in service. My heart sank even lower. Mainly because, I never really told her how I felt about her and she didn’t get a chance to tell me why she invited me over that night. The more I thought about it? Why didn’t I give her my cell number.

My age of innocence left with Jennifer.

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