Ahhhhhhhhh! An Anal Invasion!

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Sharon always found what she wanted. And what she wanted now was the sexiest dude imaginable, a horny bi stud who was drop-dead gorgeous, incredibly well-hung, had lots stamina, and whose massive cock was matched with a pair of balls loaded with tons of semen. She wanted this stud not only for herself, but for her boyfriend Jimmy. One thing they both loved as much as anyone could love anything was cock! And when it came to cock, they were fussy. They liked their cocks extra-large, extra-hard, and beautifully shaped. And they expected the studs possessed of such cocks to know how to use their steely, oversized tools. They’d had some luck in the past, finding hot looking, hung, virile studs and enjoying some raw, blistering threesomes with them.

Maybe Sharon was becoming jaded. Now she didn’t just want a good-looking, hung stud, who happened to be a great fuck. No. She wanted superman; she wanted supercock. She wanted a stud who was not just good looking, but an utter knockout, a cover boy. She craved a stud who was not simply hung, but who had a cock that was a real world-class show-stopper, a first prize winner at the best-of-cock show. She sought a stud who wasn’t merely good in the sack, but who was an extraordinary sexual athlete, an Olympian of fucking. Yes, she wanted this stud for herself. But, even more, she wanted him for Jimmy. She didn’t know quite why, but since that first time she and Jimmy invited a very well-endowed stud to their bed and she watched Jimmy and their guest suck and fuck each other, she became a demented addict of male-male sex. And why should anyone be surprised, she said to herself. After all, guys go freaky over sexy babes wolfing down each other’s tender, creamy pussies, and all that other lustful Sapphic play. So why shouldn’t she feel that man-on-man, cock-on-cock was one of nature’s great spectacles?

And now after much searching, online, in clubs, asking around, Sharon had found her superman. His name was Carlos, a 24 year old Cuban Adonis from Miami Beach. She found him, she secured his services, and now here he was in Sharon’s condo, living up to all the expectations.

Jimmy watched excitedly as Sharon and Carlos went at it. Sharon a gorgeous hottie with the perfect body, raw, blazing lust written all over her, and sleekly muscled, deeply tanned Carlos, the Latino stud with that monstrously thick, impossibly long twelve inch cock. And here the two of them were, fucking, Sharon with her sexy moves, Carlos with his stunning cock and raw fuck power. Both of them in extreme heat now as they screwed, glistening with sweat, writhing like a pair of overheated animals, Sharon on her back, her legs scissored around Carlos’s waist, clinging to him, bucking up to meet his deep thrusts; or riding him athletically, her tits bouncing, grinding down hard, eager to get as much cock inside her as she could, glazed with a fine film of sweat from the effort. Their fucking was so wild, looked so intensely carnal, so intensely arousing to Jimmy, so alluring, so beautiful to witness as he watched every deft, passionate move, listened to those sounds of erotic joy and sensual bliss and blazing animal carnal passion — the moans and groans, the sighs, finally the howls of pleasure. Watching, watching intently, as he slowly stroked his own impressive, steel hard, ultra-excitable cock!

Finally Carlos pulled out of Sharon after she had cum yet again (how many was that? three? four? five, maybe?), but warned Carlos to hold back, not to cum yet. Sharon just collapsed and caught her breath, panting, still glossy with the sweat of the most wonderful sort of exertion, pure, wild, athletic fucking. Carlos stood, that spectacular tool sticking up at a forty-five degree angle from the flat, hard abdomen. Sharon and Jimmy couldn’t keep their eyes off the stud. What an amazing specimen of raw male allure and fuck power! That sleek, muscled, tan-toned body, the six pack, the smooth, perfect thighs and buttocks, that big, tight beautiful package of his sperm-packed balls. And, of course, the main attraction — that cock, that dick, that penis, that magnificent prick, that astoundingly huge erection — twelve spectacularly thick inches of sublimely sculpted male perfection, hard as steel, thick as a beer can, hot to the touch, a beacon, an icon of utter virility! A cock to crave, a cock to worship! Superman with supercock!

Now Sharon canlı bahis winked at Jimmy, a sweet but sassy and lewd smile lighting up her pretty face. And Jimmy knew just what that wink and smile were telling him as he ‘assumed the position,’ getting up on elbows and knees, sticking out that ass of his for Sharon just the way she liked to see it stuck out, his body sleek and sinewy, his bare, perfect bottom lewdly exposed like a (male) slut in heat, reaching under himself to manhandle his impossibly aroused and alive steely cock

“Mmmmmmmh,” Sharon purred, approaching Jimmy, pressing her hands to his exposed ass cheeks, spreading them apart. Jimmy knew that his puckered asshole was now vividly exposed, on view to Sharon and to Carlos, who watched keenly, stroking himself, his eyes and Sharon’s both focused on that hole of Jimmy’s like two pairs of lasers. And then Jimmy felt it, felt Sharon’s soft lips pressing against the rubbery, puckered sphincter, kissing his anus, kissing it again and again and again. So sexily, so lovingly, so teasingly. And he knew that kiss was just the beginning. Then Jimmy felt something else, felt Sharon’s tongue, wet, warm and slippery, as she began to lick his hole. He closed his eyes and purred like a cat, greedy for the contact, pushing back against her tongue, craving the expert rimming. He knew just how much Sharon loved to lick his ass, and was aware of what would be coming next. He’d felt it many times himself, and had watched as Sharon did the same to studs and sluts and their bottoms, curling her tongue and digging in, snaking it into their sphincters as she was now snaking it into Jimmy’s. Sharon, always so hungry for the taste of ass. Then she pulled away and turned to Carlos, licking her lips.

“Jimmy has such a hot ass, Carlos, he loves to have it kissed and licked. And, man, is he ever going to love to have it fucked! Fucked by your amazing twelve inch cock. You took my pussy to paradise, now it’s time to take Steve’s ass to heaven! Come over here.”

Sharon grabbed hold of the stunning shaft, the shaft that had plowed her cunt and powered her pleasure so sensationally for the past half hour.

Jimmy groaned and shivered as Sharon, taking hold of the Cuban’s thick log, pressed his cockhead against Jimmy’s glistening, well-licked ass. God fucking damn! To Jimmy it felt as though she were pressing a warm billiard ball against his asshole. Sharon smiled as Jimmy swayed his ass like a whore greedy for a big cock invasion; she knew exactly what to do next.

“Get up there and let Jimmy suck your dick while I get his slut ass ready for you,” Sharon hissed as the Latin knelt in front of Jimmy’s face, waving the thick wand at him. Jimmy had already sucked that cock plenty, sucked it before Carlos had fucked Sharon with it, sucked it so hungrily that his lips already ached from having so eagerly engulfed so much thickness. But he was happy now to again wrap his lips around the hard penis, creamy now from Sharon’s cunt, tasting and smelling of her. Sharon couldn’t help smiling to herself. God, she loved to watch Jimmy suck cock. She knew how much he liked to go down on a stud. And also knew that he’d never been lucky enough to manage to stuff quite this much hard male meat in his hungry, cocksucking mouth. Of course few men or women had, except those lucky enough to have found Carlos as their playmate and his cock as their ticket to penis paradise.

As Jimmy sucked happily, Sharon picked up a fresh tube of lubricating jelly and slapped a big dab of it into Jimmy’s crack, spreading it around and greasing him up. Greasing him up for a serious ass fuck.

“Okay, ready,” she said, wagging a finger at Carlos, who pulled away from Jimmy’s hungry lips and joined Sharon behind Jimmy’s ass. Now Sharon took the Cuban’s shaft in her hand again and slowly eased that mammoth cock of his right up Jimmy’s ass. She worked it in slowly and steadily, inch… by… thick… inch! Sharon’s eyes were glued to the spectacular sight, Jimmy’s asshole forced open, stretching obscenely as the thick pole began to enter and fill him. Jimmy gasped, stunned by the awesome sensations, almost seeing stars as the huge cock entered his ass and Carlos started to fuck him in earnest, with Sharon urging, cheering him on. Cheering him on as she held Jimmy wide open for the stud’s obscenely huge prick, watching Jimmy’s asshole dilate to what bahis siteleri seemed to be the limits as it clenched, wrapped itself around the spectacular girth of the Latin’s almost unbelievably oversized cock.

“Fuck his ass, Carlos, fuck it, you stud!!!!” she hissed. Carlos did just that, fucking him hard as Jimmy pushed backed greedily against the Latin’s rough thrusts, wanting every thick inch, wanting the entire foot-long length of cock, right down to the balls. Carlos held on to his hips and just drove it in. He was really slamming it inside Jimmy, fast and furious, ramming the shaft into his ass, burying it deep! Reaming out his rectum, invading his cock-craving male ass! Goddamn, Sharon said to herself, watching. Two rugged studs fucking! What could top that?

And god-fucking-damn! Jimmy said to himself as he felt the tip of the Latin’s cock so deep in his guts, in the hot, humid depths of his mancunt. Sharon just pulled back to gaze, entranced by the stunning spectacle, strumming her clit, watching two sexy, sleek, naked men rutting, sodomizing! Their bodies glistened with sweat as they fucked really hard, like two seasoned sex jocks whose main sport was ass fucking. Sharon watched, listened to Carlos pound, hammer it inside Jimmy. Watched that mammoth prick disappear up Jimmy’s ass as Carlos forced every inch inside, his big, full balls mashing against Jimmy’s, his hard muscled thighs slapping loudly against Jimmy’s hard ass as he hammered home his battering ram, unspooled the spectacular rectal invasion. Jimmy turned to look back at Sharon, his eyes sparkling with volcanic lust, licking his lips like a cock-crazed animal as he just kept taking it and taking it, taking it up the ass!

“Up your ass, baby, up your ass! Big, big dick up your ass!” Sharon hissed lewdly, her eyes glazed with an almost insane lust now, a scorching carnal joy.

God, yes! Jimmy loved it! Loved that Sharon was there watching, watching him get fucked. Fucked up the ass by this muscled, hugely hung Latin stud. Soon they could hear the telltale groaning from Carlos as he hammered it in hard, digging his big hands into Jimmy’s hips, sweat pouring off him, his eyes closed, his mouth open, his hard body taut now, poised for pleasure and release. And now Jimmy could feel it, feel the massive cock start to throb and quiver inside him as Carlos went right over the edge. And then… then, for Jimmy, the amazing sensation of Carlos cumming, blasting his load, shooting jet after jet off hot cum deep inside Jimmy’s ass! Fucking him, unloading inside him. Jimmy could feel every squirt, every spurt, every ejaculation! Sharon looked on in amazement, knowing that every twitch of Carlos’s jerking body signaled another spurt, another ejaculation into Jimmy’s ass. Would Carlos ever stop? He just kept shooting and shooting. What a fucking amazing cum, Sharon said to herself as she watched Carlos fill Jimmy with his sperm, his creamy semen! To Sharon it was like her boyfriend was being given a sperm enema and Carlos’s mammoth twelve inch cock was the nozzle! Then, finally, ever so slowly, Carlos began to pull out, pull out every thick inch from Jimmy’s cock-and-cum loaded ass.

Jimmy could feel the cool air on his hot, raw asshole now, and knew that hole was gaping wide open from the awesome ass fuck he’d just received. Carlos’s load inside him was so bountiful that it started to drip out of his open hole, Sharon and Carlos gazing at that well-fucked sphincter, leaking, drooling, dripping sperm! Sharon knew that Jimmy loved showing off like this, showing off that lusty just-fucked ass, spilling semen now.

Now it was Sharon’s turn. With a knowing, lewd smile on her face, her eyes bright, she sauntered over behind Jimmy as he knelt there, still on all fours, his gaping asshole in full view, still leaking cum. Sharon lifted a hand and waved it in the air, Jimmy looking over his shoulder at her, knowing what was about to come, Carlos still in the dark.

“Watch this, Carlos,” she said to the Latin stud as she teasingly ran her fingertips up and down the crack between Jimmy’s cheeks, lingering at the steamy open hole. Then, with one bold move, she slid in three of her fingers, waiting a moment before she added a fourth.

Jimmy gasped out loud as he felt those fingers bunch up and enter his ass. First four, and then the thumb.

“Keep watching, Carlos,” Sharon bahis şirketleri cackled, looking over at the stud, “you just fucked this ass with your huge tool, now watch me fist it!”

A smile curled up on Carlos’s face, that smile meeting Sharon’s own, the two of them co-conspirators in this spectacular anal invasion of Jimmy’s bottom. Jimmy was panting, crazed with pure, raw ass lust by this point. First his ass had been rimmed and greased by Sharon, then fucked wide open by the Cuban’s insanely thick cock. Now, using Carlos’s own sperm as some extra lube, the sperm filling Jimmy’s ass and leaking out of it, Sharon corkscrewed her five fingers into Jimmy until, suddenly her full hand popped into his ass, Jimmy letting out a husky groan.

Damn, did Sharon ever love the sight in front of her eyes now: Jimmy’s asshole wrapped tightly around her wrist, clenching it. It was hot and clammy inside there, Sharon’s hand sitting in a pool of Jimmy’s slippery cum. For a long time she had wanted to fist Jimmy’s ass and had tried, managing five fingers, but not the full hand, not up to the wrist. But with Jimmy just having been reamed open by this stunningly thick cock, now was a perfect opportunity to do it. Sharon’s slim wrist was probably narrower than Carlos’s fat cock, but the fist she had just forced up that ass of Jimmy’s was probably wider. Anyway, Jimmy sure wasn’t complaining. Not at all. He was just gasping and groaning and flailing his head like the lust-crazed ass whore he had now become. Like a wild, possessed man, he pushed back against Sharon’s probing hand as he had pushed back against Carlos’s cock, wanting more, more, more… wanting it deeper, deeper, deeper! All Jimmy knew was that he craved to have that horny bottom of his stuffed and pounded and hammered! Fucked and fisted! He couldn’t get enough!

“Hey Carlos? Why don’t you get up by Jimmy’s face, turn around, and feed him that sexy ass of yours,” Sharon said, piledriving that fist of hers up Jimmy’s ass. Carlos had just unloaded heavily, fucking Jimmy, but Sharon knew he was one virile specimen. So maybe some of Jimmy’s expert tongue work would help rouse that cock of Carlos’s for a second round.

Carlos moved into position. The focus had been on his huge cock. Now Jimmy would get a chance to have a taste of his sexy Latin ass. Jimmy stared at that tan, smooth, muscled ass as Carlos reached back to hold himself wide open for Jimmy. And now, as Sharon kept driving her fist deeper and deeper into Jimmy’s slimy, semen-filled rectum, she looked straight ahead to watch Jimmy snake his tongue into the Cuban’s crack, into his anal groove, and start to rim his hot, sexy, male ass! Sharon cherished the moment. Her hand all the way up Jimmy’s slutty bottom, using the Latin stud’s semen as lotion with which to massage Jimmy’s walls, she happily watched Jimmy eat up the stud’s asshole, his tongue working away furiously. And now Sharon wanted something else, she wanted Jimmy’s cock. So she reached around with her free hand and took hold of it, not surprised at how fucking hard it was. Jimmy gasped as he felt her deft fingers on his aching flesh. No one stroked his cock with the same sensual finesse that came second nature to Sharon. Jimmy was in heaven -– a fist up his ass, an ass in his face, dancing fingers stroking his cock in a perfect motion, with just the right pressure, just the right rhythm.

Jimmy kept himself on the edge. He couldn’t get enough, first enough of the Cuban’s cock and his deep, hard ass fucking, and now enough of Sharon’s fisting and stroking. But pretty soon Sharon’s sensual, sexy hand motion was just too much for Jimmy, and took him right over the edge, his cock throbbing and pulsating insanely, spurting ribbons and ropes of cum everywhere, even spurting and spraying it over Carlos’s own ass as he kept licking him, now lapping up his own cum off the sexy Latino’s ass, Sharon watching the lewd display with amazement, Jimmy’s cock still throbbing wildly in her hand, still unloading. Also throbbing was his asshole, quivering around Sharon’s forearm, her fist deep inside Jimmy’s ass, well past her wrist, halfway to her elbow. Could it be any hotter than this, she asked herself minutes later, finally pulling her slippery, sperm-coated hand out of Jimmy’s ass, Jimmy and Sharon and Carlos now collapsing into a pile, their bodies fusing, sweaty, sticky with cum, The Cuban’s cock starting to thicken again. Could it possibly be hotter? FUCK NO!!!!!!

… should the trio go another round? Send feedback and ideas if you think so. Especially want to hear from the “Sharons” of the world….

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