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I got there a little later than I planned; traffic was bad, and I had slept in. A was ready for me, and not particularly upset. She gave me a large glass of water, and offered me the chance to use the toilet. I declined; I was sure I would be fine.

She lead me to the bedroom; on her bed was a leather blindfold, an adult diaper, and what looked like a dog’s choker leash in smaller scale. Handcuffs, too, but they were not standard – the connection between the cuffs was of some kind of cable, and about eighteen inches long. There was a box on the floor; it had holes on its side and its hinged top, and the top was padded.

She motioned me to sit on the bed, and put the blindfold on me. From this point I had no real idea what to expect. She kissed the nape of my neck, and pulled of my shirt. I felt a clasp fasten about my right hand, and the she pulled it gently behind me. Then the other clasp fastened about my left hand. Once I lay down, I wouldn’t be able to move my hands. They were comfortable, all things considered.

I felt her undo my belt. She told me to stand up, and I did. She stripped me naked, socks and all, and I felt what I knew was the choker fastened about my balls. It felt like a rather intricate operation, but she took care of it quickly. Next, I lifted my leg and the diaper went on.

The she said, “We’re going into the living room,” and after a few seconds, took my hand. “Lie down,” she told me. I felt terry cloth beneath my hands. “Lift your head a little.” I felt her slide something behind my head; pillowed, contoured, a neutral, plasticky smell. I then felt an excruciating tightening in my nether-regions. She said, softly as ever, “You know what to do. If I don’t think you are pulling your weight, I’ll give you a little reminder like that. If you slack off too much, I have a riding crop within reach, and you are going to have some bruises to explain to your wife. When I close the box, you won’t be able to hear so well. ankara eryaman escort Depending on how I feel, you may not always be able to breathe so well, either – but the air will always come back. As you probably guessed, you are wearing a diaper. You aren’t getting up until I I am done with you.”

Then I felt a gentle compression around the sides of my face; I must be inside the two-holed box. She then tied my feet to something, which gave me a minute or so to get used to the feeling, and the lowered her now-naked body onto the padded top. I had never seen her nude, and I wouldn’t today, either. I relished the feeling of vulnerability of being naked while she was dressed, and of being blindfolded when she was unclothed. She smelt fantastic. She had finished a light work-out shortly before I arrived, and hadn’t showered. A healthy, musky, sexy scent wafted through my nostrils, and I was instantly (and uselessly) hard. I gave myself over to what came naturally.

The box was certainly a great innovation. The position was completely natural – there was no strain on my neck or chin, and I lapped, licked, and sucked to my heart’s content. Heavenly! I started spelling out words with my tongue. I have memorized a fair bit of poetry, and I got the feeling this would come in very useful today. I started with Marvelle. Perhaps a little inappropriate – there was absolutely nothing coy about either of us today, but the words came easily.

Tracing the letters with the tongue takes much longer than reading aloud, of course, but my efforts were rewarded as her nectar flowed more freely. I could feel her muscles tense a little, but I knew she could take all I had to give and hunger for more.

I moved on to one of Shakespeare’s sonnets, then another. The sole aim of my life was now to give her pleasure. Perhaps, with the blindfold on, my hearing impaired by the well-insulated box, and my body immobilize, I was going into escort sınırsız çankaya some sort of trance. After that thought, I felt myself shiver slightly. It wasn’t a sexual thing, although I have been known to reach orgasm myself while giving oral. Her place was starting to feel a little cold.

She must have noticed even my slight discomfort; I felt her pull away from me, and the next thing I knew, there was a large, dampish towel placed over my face. I tried to breath, but the towel didn’t let much fresh air through. I felt the vibrations as she stepped away; she returned seconds later, and I felt more terry cloth draped over my torso and chest. I was starting to become lightheaded, and my mind was filled with panic. Then I came to my senses; she knew exactly what she was doing. I had a vision of her standing over me, watching, and slowly counting the seconds to herself. I suddenly giggled; I had realized that she would continue this torture for exactly one minute and nine seconds. It was, she had said, my lucky number. I felt the vibrations again as she walked away. To the kitchen? Maybe she was getting thirsty. I knew I was.

The next thing I knew, sweet, fresh air flooded back over me. Better still, she had put a straw in my mouth. After I caught my breath, I sipped through the straw. Best to be careful in these situations. It was cold water; its slightly brackish taste told me it was bottled spring water. She let me drink my fill, and lowered herself back over my still-yearning mouth.

I was reaching back for poetry – Catullus, this time. The rhythm took me: “Multas per gentes et multa per aequora vectus Avdenio has miseras…” Between the ancient poetry (which I no longer really understood), and the sheer sensuousness of what I was doing, I lost track of the time. I lost track of the day. I think I might even have forgotten what year it was. Eventually, I was pulled out of this pleasant limbo – the water çankaya eve gelen escort bayan she had given me had completed its trajectory through my body. I momentarily wondered what to do, but the hazy memory of her words as we started percolated into my forebrain. I tried to relax and give into my need, but it was also important to do it without letting up – if she pulled the collar tight now, it would really hurt!

Soon, I felt warmth flowing around my crotch. I had succeeded. Did she know? Could she see it? Smell it? Would she mind? Even though she had anticipated the possibility, I feared I had committed some breach of etiquette. Would she tighten her grip? Use the riding crop? Or might she have something more evil in mind? I became even more excited at the prospect of the unknown I might face.

It turned out to be a quid pro quo of sorts; she let it dribble out slowly at first to give me warning, so I wouldn’t gag, sputter, or drown, but once she had made clear what she was doing, she let loose. I swallowed it all; it wasn’t strong – as an athlete, she knows to keep herself very well hydrated, and had prepared for exactly this situation by avoiding meat, garlic, and asparagus for the last few days. I had never even thought of doing anything like this before, but trussed and helpless as I was, it was a huge turn on.

I licked her clean, and we were done. She got up, and I could breathe clearly again. I missed her scent already. A few seconds later, she removed the box from my head, and whispered “I think we set a new world record.” I smiled, and she took off the blindfold. She had thrown on some pajamas and a housecoat. She handed me a plastic bag and said “Why don’t you slip out of those wet things and into the shower?”

I threw the diaper into the bag, took a quick, hot shower, brushed my teeth and got dressed. As I stepped out of the guest washroom, I saw that she was positively glowing. I felt fantastic too. We kissed goodbye. It was a gentle kiss, more loving than passionate. Only natural, as we had spent all our passion over the last four hours.

“We’ll see you tonight?” I asked.


Neither of us could wait until our next trip into the record books, but at least we would see each in the meantime.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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