Ama’s Paranormal Quickies

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Ama’s Paranormal Quickies

Ama just rented a new house. She was absolutely thrilled to have this place to herself.

One of her best friends ran from the house and cried for hours to Ama that she was raped by something. A ghostly apparition, as she described it.

She wanted to be there for her friend, but honestly. She was turned on the whole time. Even found herself biting her lip once.

Especially when she said she did research on the house. A serial killer died in the house from a heart attack. He was fifty two.

She was obsessed with ghosts. Anything paranormal. She was deeply involved with the spiritual connections of her Native heritage. She was a twenty four years old college student, studying to be a nurse.

Ama to her shame, had a rape fetish.

It happened to her once and when the guy guy realized she was into it he got really awkward and stopped. She couldn’t tell which one was more shocked. Him stopping or his confused expression. He just walked away.

She had high hopes for this place. To satisfy three niches of hers.

To be forced, to see a ghost, and a fix of fear.

It had been a few weeks so she knew this spirit may not have enough energy to really do anything.

She lit black candles placing them throughout the house. Many in her bedroom. Turned on all of her electronics, and sang chants. More of the witch energy raising methods she had learned about.

She ran on her treadmill where she could’ve swore she felt a presence, but couldn’t be sure. Plus the work of unpacking everything over three days.

Ama stayed at her old apartment until the very last thing was unpacked. She wanted to feed it to be powerful.

To be able to do anything it wanted to her.

After a thirty minute run on the treadmill she took a shower and watched T.V.

She really didn’t feel or sense anything so far. However she had faith it would show up.

She was right, because it indeed had been watching her everyday she came by.

It watched her in her leggings running on the treadmill. Her round ample butt with a slight jiggle. Her shapely muscled legs, her large bust bouncing under her cleavage friendly sports bra.

Watching her sweat trailing down her jiggly D cup. Almost reaching for her pouty full lips. Holding back, only to wait until she was vulnerable.

The spirit of the debauched serial killing rapist also wanted to increase its energy more. It’s hunger for her body.

It watched her in the shower. Seeing her rub her wet soapy body. The way she lifted one of her large round breasts. The gaps of her spread fingers full of her soft flesh. Slipping her hand from under her breast while cupping it.

It watched when she dawned her night gown. A pink lace chemise and a pink lace g string.

Yet. It waited.


Her window open.

The night was hot, but a cool soft breeze brought a small bit of relief.

Enough batıkent escort to prickle the skin of the voluptuous woman.

The foot of the bed an indent appeared on her pink silk sheets. The sheets at her torso. Sleeping on her back, one hand hand by her face. The other stretched out.

The vile ghost was excited as the sheet slowly began to be pulled down from her body.

Watching as inch by inch was revealed of her slightly dark but smooth skin under the split chemise.

Ama kept her eyes closed. But she woke up. She could feel the sheet sliding down her body. And felt something cold. Like a finger slowly dragging down her navel. Her whole body went cold with goosebumps, taking a slight gasp. Feeling her privates getting warm.

It eyes her flesh greedily as it’s finger slid over her soft lace g string. Feeling the folds of her lips. Warm.

It’s finger kept dragging while pulling down her sheets. Dragging down her thick toned thighs. The skin still soft as the indent of her skin traveled down.

Ama made a small gasp as the sheet was ripped from the bed.

She could sense it. The air by her knees cold. The cold air slowly rising.

A handprint began to imprint in her legs.

It grabbed her thighs feeling them. It growled in excitement. Barely audible to Ama but she could hear it. Making her slightly bite her lip, her heart beginning to race.

She felt a bit of pressure on her thighs. Like it was trying to spread them.

She grinned slightly aiding it by slowly opening her legs for it.

Suddenly she felt weight pressing against her pelvis. She ushered a slight moan feeling something rubbing against her slit. Her breaths started to speed up, breathing on her hand that she began to grasp the pillow with. Her pussy was on fire already.

“Mmm” she lightly moaned feeling a hand grasp her breast.

She exhaled softly feeling her nipple being squeezed. Her breath visible in the cold air of the ghost.

Cold soft bits of pressure at her neck, kissing her. She bent her neck exposing it further to the spirit. Taking a slightly larger gasp feeling her g string being pulled to the side. She was in trepidation waiting for it to enter her.

She made a sharper moan feeling a cold pressure slowly spreading her tight lips. She breathed in slowly feeling inch by inch of an invisible force pushing inside of her.

She arched her back with a teased moan lulling, one hand running through her hair and the other grasping her pillow.

She took another breath this time opening her eyes, lifting her torso up using her arms. Reacting to it still going, inch by inch. It felt like a near foot long dick was inside her by the time it stopped.

She breathed heavily, feeling it inside of her. Not moving anymore. She was going mad needing to know what was going to happen to her next.

Suddenly she gasped hard as her beşevler escort body was shoved down on the bed. Her hands pinned to the bed above her head.

She was staring at nothing but she felt like she was staring directly at it. And it her.

In image flashed in her mind.

A deathly pale man with a black hole in his chest. Black hole for one eye, and a dull growing red one for the other. Staring with malice, no pity, sympathy, or heart.

It was only there for an instant and when it was gone she could see a black mist over her face.

She stared at it, biting her lip again looking at it seductively feeling two hands groping her breasts. She closed her eyes releasing her pouty lips slightly extending them breathing harder as it began to pump inside her.

The spaghetti strap of her right shoulder began to stretch and quickly snapped.

The top of her chemise slowly was pulled back revealing her large breast.

Hand prints appeared against the soft flesh lifting it and squeezing it.

She began to gyrate her hips, going directly through the apparitions body of black mist.

It began to pump faster inside of her. Her moans began to climb as she pulled and tugged on the spectral restraints around her wrists.

Completely turned on by her spectral dominator. She could feel her protruding nipples being sucked on and kissed.

It lifted her thighs when a sudden three scratches raked down her left one.

She moaned loudly at the pain, feeling a cold hand sliding and groping her thighs. Crying “Yes, fuck me! Hurt me! Fuck my pussy you fuckin’ undead rapist!”

A loud smack was heard, her head twitched left.

It made her so wet and and set her privates on fire. Feeling the sensations rising in her body.

She felt hot but the air was still so cold, hot steamy breaths puffing out with every pump.

She felt something slide between her breasts. She gave it a submissive look lifting her chest a little.

She knew what it felt like. But she was already being fucked hard so she didn’t know what it was.

Not know it can shape it’s energy for whatever it wanted.

Like the energy pinning her hands, groping her legs and ass, and pressing her large tits around its ghostly member.

She could felt the pressure around her large breast as they wrapped a black mist seeming to come in and out of vision.

She could feel it thrusting between her tits.

Her nipples being pinched harshly.

Her body shuttered as it felt a current of intense sensations ripple through her body. Gasping in a loud moan. Gasping to catch her breath another wave overcame her feeling a cold fluid fill her womb. And again all over her breasts and face.

She felt the liquid on her full lips. Her tongue sliding out slightly rimming her top lip. It tasted musty with a slight sweetness.

She breathed deeply feeling it make its ankara escort last pumps from between her breasts and inside of her. She felt the member leave her chest and vagina. It kept her breaths pressed together. For a moment nothing happened. Until she gasped feeling her cleavage get sprayed by the same fluid.

Suddenly her entire body was lifted and flipped on the bed.

She gave out an uncertain breath not sure of what was happening. When her whole body felt was suddenly manipulated just as fast. Knees firmly pressed into the bed. Her round hips in the air, and her head pressed into her pillow. Her arms still pinned forward.

Facing right with strands of her hair over her face. She could feel a hand shoving her head into the pillow as a loud smack sounded, her ass bouncing once.

She took a sharp breath as another smack was heard. Sounds of pleasure uttered from her lips as it rhythmically spanked her. One after the other her left round butt cheek bounced. Her right cheek being squeezed. The imprints of its hands grabbing a fist full over her ass groping the taut butt.

She could feel it sliding it’s member over her asshole. Up and down.

She took a breath holding it in anticipation. Suddenly biting her lip with a sharp slight moan feeling its member slowly widen her tight little hole.

It stayed there for a moment…

Then shoved itself inside of her ample butthole.

She gave out a harsh moan pushing her hips back. It made no noise but she could feel the pressure at her ass and thighs press and release as it pounded her asshole with no mercy.

“Mm, mm, mm, MmMmMmMmmmmm!” She groaned clenching her teeth on her pillow.

Feeling it hit her from the back uncontrollably as another round of spankings began.

The grip on her hair pulled up jerking her body up. She could feel a cold presence nearly hugging her. She could feel her but cheeks press around its member.

She loved feeling her thick ass pressing against the cold the ghostly cock ramming her up the ass.

She moaned with every thrust as the spectral hands groped her melon breasts.

Two long scratches appearing on the top of her left breast followed by a full grope grabbing and squeezing her soft tits.

She clenched her ass on the ghosts cock. Feeling her tight ring tightening as the sensations rose.

Her mouth was shuttering agape struggling to exhale. Her breath released as she gave a high pitched moan, her eyes softly narrowed and rolling back as her body felt like she just fell off a cliff in ecstasy feeling the ghosts cold spectral fluid fill her tight asshole.

It released her as she collapsed face first into her pillow. Her ass in the air she was too exhausted to lay all the way down.

She breathed heavily catching her breath when she felt a cold splatter of liquid on her butt cheeks and lower back.

She laid there in that position completely satisfied as the cold liquid slowly sliding down the curve of the arch in her back.

Her eyes staring at the clock saying three fifteen.

Culminating her thoughts she came to one conclusion.

“I fucking love this house.

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