Anal Sex with Black Women

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My name is Jeremy Johnson and I am what they call a hunter. I’m a big and tall black man and I happen to have lots of money. I inherited it from my wealthy Haitian American businessman stepfather Antoine Johnson after he died. If you were a twenty-year-old, tall and good-looking, healthy black male who suddenly inherited one hundred and five million dollars, what would you do? Maybe you’d start your own business. Or you could do what I do. Hunt and have fun. Hunting is my favorite thing to do in the world. You never know what you’re going to get when you go hunting.

Basically, I drive around in a van with my faithful buddy and driver, Mike. Mike is a slim white guy with red hair and green eyes. He’s alright. We’ve been tight ever since we were kids and we’ve been on many successful hunts together. I use him as a driver because cops hate black male drivers and I don’t like it when they interfere with the hunts. Our first potential quarry came in the form of Michelle Saint Just. Michelle Saint Just was a Haitian woman with what I call the total package. She was around five-foot-eight, thick, with an okay face, a chunky but sexy body and a big ass. Oh, yeah. This gal definitely had potential.

We were driving around Dorchester when we saw her. A young woman standing in a street corner. I know the type. She’s a street girl. Out to make a buck. Nothing wrong with that. We approached her and offered her some green to come with us. She was hesitant at first but once she saw the hundred dollar bill I was flashing, she was all smiles. I shook my head and tapped her bursa escort booty as she went in. She didn’t protest. Yep. I was right. She knew what was up. We drove around and I talked to her for some time. She asked me what I was into and I told her that I was into basically anything. She smiled at that.

We soon found a spot near Ashmont Station and went there. It was dark but I assured her I was just a guy looking for a thrill and not some psycho. She took my word for it. I leaned against the wall and unzipped my pants, freeing my ten-inch black cock. Michelle’s eyes went wide when she saw it. I ordered her to suck it and she did. She took my cock in her mouth and sucked it. I thrust it into her mouth as vigorously as I could. She sucked my cock and licked my balls. I got really hard real quick. She sucked my dick for the next ten minutes before I came. She drank my seed. Damn, what a ho!

Once I was done, I was ready for the main event. Michelle had a big ass and I was interested in fucking it. She understood and got down on all fours, spreading her pussy lips. I laughed. She turned around and looked at me, eyebrows raised. I told her that I wanted to fuck her in the ass. I wasn’t interested in any pussy play. Pussy is not a challenge at all. Any dude who picks up a freaky chick can get her to give up the pussy. Making a woman give up the ass is more of a challenge. That’s why I love fucking women in the ass. Especially arrogant Haitian bitches like Michelle. Oh, yeah.

There’s nothing I love more than fucking a woman in the ass. I told Michelle bursa escort bayan what I had in mind. She hesitated and told me that she had never been fucked in the ass before. I smiled. No problem. I had come prepared. I grabbed the bottle of lubricant and applied it between her butt cheeks. I applied a big glob of it on her tiny asshole and then put on a condom. I lubed up the condom and then pressed my cock against her back door. Slowly, I entered her. Michelle screamed when she felt my huge dick slide into her ass. I grabbed her ample hips and thrust into her. She was bucking wildly against me. I laughed and shoved my dick deeper into her poop chute. Oh, it was so warm and tight. I plunged my dick deep inside her. I wanted to make her sexy ass pay for being so plump and tempting. I drilled into her like I was looking for oil. She screamed loud enough to wake the dead.

I pumped it into her, giving it to her hard and deep. Michelle had been screaming nonstop since I first penetrated her ass. Now, she seemed to be calming down. She slid a finger into her pussy then licked it. I drilled harder into her. I loved fucking women in the ass for so many reasons. When you’re shoving your dick up a woman’s pussy, she can fake it. She can make it sound so believable too. Man, they’re good at faking it. The pussy is the gateway to their web of lies. It all starts there. That’s where their troubles and their madness and power comes from. But the ass is another story. Fuck a bitch up the ass and you can consider her tamed. At least for a short while. Put her on her back and escort bursa look into her eyes as you are shoving your cock into her asshole. She might hate you. She might love you. She may be in awe of you. But she will respect you. A big cock in the ass demands respect. That’s why a lot of bitches and queers love getting fucked in the ass. They secretly love getting dominated. No matter how independent they claim to be.

I continued pounding into Michelle’s ass and took my time. Her virgin ass was so warm and tight. I love stretching her anal walls with my huge cock. Her screams were music to my ears. I smacked that ass of hers and let her know how turned on I was. Oh, yeah. I was going to fuck her up the ass until she loved it. Yes, bitch, this brother’s dick was taming your ass. Just like it tames all of her kind. I’m the boss here. I plowed into her until her tight ass made me give it up. I came, and pulled out shortly after.

Michelle left the dark alley where we did our thing. She didn’t look at me as she put her clothes on. She just put them on, grabbed the money and ran. I smiled. Just another day on the job. Oh, I did do something with my stepfather’s money. I am the owner and CEO of Johnson Enterprises. I have a lot of white men and women working for me. There are a few Hispanic people and black women among the staff of my various offices as well. I am wealthier and more powerful than any of them and I make sure that they know it. Yes, I am a black male and I am in charge. I’m the boss and they all work for me. Hunting bitches and fucking them in the ass is just a hobby.

Mike drives me back to the Back Bay where I own a mansion. Tomorrow, I’ve got a meeting with some people in my downtown Boston office. I’ve got to fire somebody. Oh, well. Just another day in the life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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