Beach Party Daze Ch. 04

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I jumped the fence easily, making a mental note that I should talk to Jim about fitting a gate. Imagine if one of us broke a leg or something in our haste. I avoided the fresh dog poo near the garage door and walked in through the open back door.

Their house was identical to ours, so, although I had never been inside, I knew my way around with quiet certainty. I walked into the lounge room. It was empty. I called out.

“Up here Bob. In the spare room.”

I climbed the stairs; the carpet needed a vacuum; that was the trouble with having a dog and a cat, there’s always some sort of fur on the carpet. When I reached the open door, I noticed that the floor was polished. Their spare room also differed from ours through an absence of wardrobes. This gave more room and they had used this to put in an extra bed. Against one wall there was a single bed, the covers matched the ones on the double bed under the window. There were three lounge chairs. I sat in the middle one, between Jim and Becky.

I looked out the window and took in the view of our backyard. Jim put down his coffee.


“Please. Anything .” I looked at a bottle of Bourbon. Jim followed my gaze. He stood up and poured some into a glass. He added some coke and handed it to me.

“Bob.” Becky spoke as Jim sat down again.”Jane just rang us. Are you pissed off?”

I looked at some mounted photographs on the windowless wall.

“I was, but I’m over it. I had some opportunities that I didn’t follow up. Jane chose differently to me, that’s all.”

I drank the liquor. Jim motioned and I handed him the glass for a refill.

The photos were nudes of Becky. Some were coy but the two larger ones were highly erotic. In the best one, she was on the double bed, her back arched and her hair dangling over the edge. She had the fingers of one hand buried deep inside her glossy womanhood. ankara dansöz escortlar Her other hand was molding her breast into a reddened cone of flesh with a large, erect nipple under her thumb nail. I felt my loins move.

I took the glass back. It was fuller, this time, with less coke.

“Are you sure?” Becky continued, “Do you need to talk about it?”

I allayed Becky’s concerns. As I spoke my eyes roamed between her face and the picture.

“Good. Jane was worried. She doesn’t want to lose you.” Becky smiled. “So how do you feel?”


Jim poured drinks for all three of us. He sat down on the single bed.

“Jim likes to watch, and then join in later. I’ve wanted you since I met you. Do you want me?”

“That’s why I jumped the fence.”

“I want you ” Becky reached for the buttons on her top “to fuck me.”

My t-shirt landed on top of her discarded top. I stayed seated as she rose, reaching around to free her breasts from their bra. Her breasts were magnificent, each slightly more than a handful. They were pale, in contrast to her tanned arms and neck. The nipples were large, purple and erect. Their surroundings were slightly pinker. She took a step toward me and leaned forward. She scooped her fleshy boobs into her hands and offered them too me. I leaned forward to lightly flick my tongue over those taught nips. I saw goose bumps form on the edge of the pink circles. Becky stepped backwards, as she lifted her boobs. She drew them up by the nipples and bowed her head. She flicked her own tongue across her nipples then stretched them so she could bite them.

She walked over to Jim and he sucked on her tits for a few moments. She rubbed his saliva into her boobs as she lay down on the large bed.

I was on the edge of chair. My shorts were still on; I wanted to keep my penis under control for a while.

Becky ankara saatlik veren escortlar reclined fully and lifted her butt. In the blink of an eye she was naked. Jim was sipping on his bourbon but I could see the bulge growing in his pants.

Becky looked at me then looked at Jim. He nodded. She turned on the bed and spread her legs, offering me a full view of her fleshy folds. She pointed her knees toward the walls and I could see the darkness of her inner heat. Jim quietly stood to hand her a large black dildo. He sat down again as she fellated the dildo. It was much bigger than my erection. Becky moved the plastic cock in and out of her mouth several times. When it was covered in her saliva she opened herself further and placed the plastic tip between her pussy lips.

“This is you, Bob” she purred as the faux penis slid easily into her. She grabbed the end with both hands and worked it in and out, in and out, twisting it as she fucked herself. Her mound grew red and swollen, juice was spreading from her pussy down to her anus.

Becky’s cunt was hairless. Her knees were far apart and all I could see on the bed was her tight red cunt with a black dildo going way into her. She was moaning and her breathing was get short and sharp. She pulled the dildo out and tossed it aside. Her fingers manipulated her now empty hole. She pointed a finger into her cunt as she moaned my name.

“Put that cock into me. Fuck me, Bob, fuck me, please.”

She moved to the edge of the bed, her legs touching the floor. I stood and removed my shorts. My penis stood at attention. I strode to the edge of the bed and lifted her ankles till they were above my head. I spread her feet far apart. I looked down at her. There was a blob of pre-cum and the end of my dick. Her wetness was wide open under my dick. Some more pre-cum seeped out of the eye of my penis. ankara azeri escortlar It dripped onto her gash. I moved till the tip of my cock was just touching her inner lips.

I glanced at Jim. He had his cock in his hand, slowly working it to hardness.

“Fuck me. Fuck me.” Becky was almost whimpering for it.

I leaned slowly forward and my hardness was in her. Gradually I pushed all the way into her. It was so smooth, there was no resistance. I was in her up the hilt. My balls dangled against her butt. I pushed her feet back and watched my cock slide out of her. I pulled it all the way out then slammed it back into her. She jumped and I pulled it back out. I did this several times, each thrust harder than the last. She was loving it, thrashing her arms in rhythm to my wild fucking.

Jim had moved. I didn’t know until I rammed it into her, almost lifting her off the bed with the force of my penetration. As I pulled out I saw his under my manhood. I paused to watch his fingers enter her anus. It was well lubed with pussy fluid and he soon had three fingers in her. I resumed fucking her. That pussy was so warm and wet. Jim had his spare hand on her tit, mashing it. I was so worked up, I knew I was going to cum very soon. All Becky could do was lie there and take it. I forced her legs well apart and rammed into her. I shot a load right up inside her then humped several more squirts into her. I dropped her legs and stepped away. I was spent.

Jim kept his fingers in her arse as he placed his mouth over her flooded hole. He buried his face until she squealed out a huge orgasm. She lay there, breathing heavily, covered in sweat. Jim got up and walked back to the small bed. I collapsed into the arm chair.

Jim picked up the dildo. He held it out to me. “This was a present from Jane.”

“That was nice of her” I sneered. What else had she forgotten to tell me?

“It was part of a set. It came with a slightly smaller strap on.”

I was about to ask if my wife had worn it but Jim read my thoughts.

“Yes, Bob. Jane fucked her with it. Then they traded places.”

“Well, that was only fair….” Jane had always been a good player.

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