Becoming Jessica and David’s Bull Ch. 03

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AUTHOR’S NOTE AND CONTENT ADVISORY — This story can possibly stand alone, but I recommend reading Chapters 1 and 2 first, which you can find under my author profile. The events in this chapter occur a few months after the end of Chapter 2.

Please be aware that this story has a cuckolding theme, plus some humiliation and male-to-male bisexual contact. If those don’t do anything for you, save yourself some time, skip this one, and find a story more to your liking. Everyone else — enjoy!



I sat by myself at the bar of the restaurant on the hotel’s 28th floor, nursing a gin and tonic. I felt strong and confident, wearing jeans and a tight t-shirt that accentuated my fit body. Through the windows, I could see the city lights blinking far below. The night felt alive with possibility. Feeling the first, tingling hints of an erection, I squirmed slightly in my seat.

Across the room, Jessica and David huddled close together at their table, lingering over the last bit of their meal. David, nerdy as always, wore a herringbone tweed sport coat. With his closely cropped salt and pepper beard and his pale complexion, he looked to all the world like the university literature professor that he was.

Jessica, however, positively glowed and radiated sexiness. The candlelight gave her short, blonde hair a soft amber tone like honey, and the diamond pendant earrings I’d given her reflected the candlelight gloriously. She wore a simple, short black dress that hugged and accentuated her curves. Cut low, it exposed the the tops of her pert little breasts, which were held up high on her chest and enhanced by the black push-up bra I’d asked her to wear. The dress ended well above her knees, and as she sat with her legs crossed, everyone in the restaurant was afforded a spectacular view of her shapely, feminine legs. A sexy pair of black heels completed the ensemble perfectly. I knew that half the people in the room must have been thinking about fucking her. I knew I was.

I saw Jessica reach into her handbag and take out her phone. In a few moments, my phone buzzed as I received a text from her.

“I can’t wait to feel your thick cock cumming in me.”

I couldn’t help but smile.

“Sexting me in front of your husband? You’re such a bad girl…,” I replied.

“He knows the drill,” she answered a few seconds later. “And he did like watching you drill me that time at our house…”

I looked over at their table. David seemed to be looking down at the table shyly, while Jessica grinned and watched for my reaction. I turned back to my phone and sent her another text.

“Good, because my big dick is going to be filling your sweet little cunt all night long.”

As she read my message, her mouth formed a pretty little “O” of surprise, and her eyes seemed to gleam with excitement. She showed my text to her husband. David’s eyes grew wide, and he inhaled deeply. It looked like he was becoming even more pale than before. I saw Jessica typing furiously on her phone as she grinned mischievously.

“If I were wearing panties, they’d be soaked right now! LOL,” was her reply.

It took all of my self control to keep from immediately walking across the room, grabbing Jessica and whisking her back to our room for the night’s planned fun. But first, I had one more little surprise planned for my married friends.

As I’d arranged in advance when I prepaid for dinner, a waiter appeared from the kitchen carrying a cake with several lighted candles on it. He maneuvered through the other tables, crowded with guests, and with a flourish set it down in front of David and Jessica.

“Thank you for choosing to celebrate your anniversary with us,” the waiter announced, loud enough to be heard over the murmured conversations in the room. He began to sing “Happy Anniversary,” and the guests at the other tables gradually joined in. David blushed and stared at his plate. Jessica giggled wickedly, and stole glances over at me. The song ended, and the other guests politely applauded.

Now was the time.

I rose from my chair.

My heart pounded. My head felt light from the drinks, from the excitement, and from expectations for the night to come. The walk from the bar to David and Jessica’s table felt like it was taking forever as I moved between tables of chattering guests. My eyes were fixed on Jessica — gorgeous, sexy Jessica. The thought of fucking her pulled me towards the table in an earnest, single-minded hunger.

At last, I stood towering over her, looked down at her, and stared greedily into her sparkling, intoxicating blue eyes. On the edge of my peripheral vision, I saw David make a motion as if to stand up to greet me. Without taking my eyes off of Jessica’s, I raised my hand to signal him to stop, and firmly said “David, no need to get up.”

I bent down closer to Jessica, and she arched her back and stretched up so that our lips met. We kissed passionately, and I felt her mouth open on mine. I thrust my tongue deeply into her mouth, ankara evi olan escortlar and she met it with her own. Our lips locked together with our tongues dueling and caressing each other, meeting in a hot, slithery tangle. I placed my hands firmly on her bare arms, with the heels of each palm just brushing the sides of her firm little breasts. Slowly, we let our deep kiss trail off in intensity, until I was just gently flicking the end of her tongue with mine, fluttering over it as if I were stimulating a clit. At long last, we broke off our kiss. Jessica sighed. David sat nearby, wilting in humiliation.

All conversation had stopped at the nearby tables, and the guests stared at the three of us, stunned and slack-jawed. The tongue-sucking kiss Jessica and I had shared just moments after the public celebration of David and Jessica’s anniversary surely had the onlookers questioning what the hell was happening. I figured the sight would prompt a few conversations amongst the other guests, and I found myself hoping that a few of those couples would get themselves off later that night fantasizing about us. We’d put on quite the little erotic show in front of all of them.

“Let’s take this to the room,” I announced firmly and loudly enough for the guests at nearby tables to hear. I offered my hand to Jessica, and she took it as she stood up. In turn, she offered her other hand to David. I led Jessica towards the bank of elevators just outside of the restaurant, and she dragged David along behind us. Jessica’s warm, soft hand trembled lightly in mine as we walked. The three of us got into an elevator together. As the doors closed, I saw that every eye in the restaurant had followed us out the door. In the distance, the anniversary cake remained untouched on Jessica and David’s table. I noticed that the candles on it were still lit.

For a few seconds we rode the elevator in silence.

“Holy fuck, that was hot,” Jessica sputtered.

“I’m just getting started,” I said.

David, too timid to look at me, weakly said “Now remember the terms of our agreement, and that you’re going to honor our safe word and safe signal…”

He looked up — expectantly, questioningly, desperately, and still not directly at me.

“Oh, I remember all the rules and everything, and I’ll honor them, David. But I want you to remember how much your wife loved taking my cock ball’s deep last time,” I interjected.

David cast down his eyes and whimpered quietly.

“And how much you loved watching it,” I added.

David moaned meekly, and nodded. “I do remember. And I did love it,” he admitted.

Feeling flushed with power now, I announced “I’ll follow the rules, but we all agreed the three of us are going to push some boundaries tonight. You need to know that I’m up for wherever that goes.”

Jessica turned to David, smiled, and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

Jess turned back to me and grinned hungrily. “I sure hope so! We’ve been fantasizing about this for years, even before we were married. We’re just thankful we’ve found someone who’s so sexy, who we know so well, and who we can trust completely. David and I just might have a few surprises in store for you tonight, to thank you…”

I thought I saw beads of nervous sweat forming on David’s forehead.

I let go of Jessica’s hand, and placed my hand on her back up by her shoulder blades. My fingertips brushed down her spine until I felt the zipper on the back of her dress. Slowly, I unzipped the first several inches, until the dress was just barely clinging to her and starting to fall away in places. I let go of the zipper, and slid my hands further down, caressing the small of her back with my fingers, before cupping her ample, feminine ass. I could tell she hadn’t lied to me when she said she wasn’t wearing panties. Jessica sighed and threw her head back as David started nuzzling her neck. He reached up under her dress with his right hand for a few moments, then brought his fingers to his lips, licked her juices off of them, and inhaled her scent.

A chime sounded, and the elevator doors slid open. Jessica led the way out, and almost jogged down the hallway towards the suite we were sharing. David and I followed behind her, drinking in the spectacular view of Jessica’s deliciously ripe hips and ass. Her dress was practically falling off of her, exposing her lacy black bra-encased tits. Had anyone been in the hall, they would have seen quite a sight as we rushed toward the room.

Jessica fumbled with the key card, laughing nervously and blushing. Her girlish excitability struck me as adorable.

With maybe a little more aggression than I needed, I grabbed the key card out of her hands and inserted it in the door. The three of us nearly fell over each other getting into the room. The door clicked shut behind us.

The lights were off throughout the suite, but I’d left the drapes open. The blinking lights of the city below us and the rising full moon bathed the room in a cool, almost ankara olgun escortlar bluish neon glow. The buzz of city life and traffic sounded softly through the hotel’s thick windows, accompanied by the distant wail of sirens. The hum of the air conditioning, the far-off sounds of the city, the soft light from outside — it was all like a beautiful, warm and welcoming dream.

The three of us stood in the entryway. David stripped frantically, his shaking hands struggling to undo the buttons of his shirt and unzip his pants. I was naked in a flash, my thick, swelling member curving upwards proudly in front of me.

Jessica, not waiting to get undressed, kicked off her heels and started to move towards the bed. Consumed with lust, I grabbed her by the arm and pulled her back towards me in the entryway. With a little more force than I intended, I pushed her back against the wall, and aggressively pulled her dress down. Her eyes grew wider, and she stared at me with a look that seemed to be desire mixed with a twinge of fear. Clad only in her push-up bra, she trembled in front of me.

I felt every muscle in my body tensing and swelling. I felt like an angry, aroused animal — powerful and needing release.

With a low growl, I grabbed her wrists and pinned her arms against the wall up by her head. I leaned into her, holding her there, and stuck my tongue down her throat. I thrust my hips forward, sandwiching my swollen cock between our bodies, the tip reaching almost up to the underside of her petite, bra-encased breasts. Her body writhed against me, and she moaned deeply into my mouth. The soft skin of her abdomen felt amazing as I thrust my rock-hard dick against it.

After a couple of minutes of forceful kissing, I let go of her left wrist. Giving her no warning, I reached down and abruptly shoved two of my fingers into her cunt. Her sex was hot and wet. She brought her left hand down to my chest, ran her fingers through my chest hair, and gently caressed my swollen, twitching right pec and my nipple while I pumped my fingers in and out of her pussy.

I finally broke off our kiss.

“Get on your knees, Jess. I want to fuck that pretty little mouth,” I ordered.

I stepped back a bit, giving her room. She took off her bra, revealing the small, succulent breasts that I’d loved worshipping during our last time together. I hadn’t thought it possible, but her sharp little nipples seemed to be poking out even further from her body than before. It was all I could do to resist sucking on them now, but I craved the feeling of thrusting my dick down her throat even more than I wanted those luscious, rock-hard nipples in my mouth.

“David, come over here —let’s make this fantasy come true,” Jessica hissed.

Honestly, I’d almost forgotten that David was in the room. I wondered what it must have felt like for him to watch me manhandling his wife in front of him. If his thin, pale little hard-on was any clue, he’d enjoyed it thoroughly.

Jessica and David kissed, and she took his hand. Together, the knelt down on the carpet in front of me. Ever so slowly, Jessica brought their linked hands up to my erection. She wrapped her hand firmly around the base of my cock, and David slowly, tentatively touched the swollen mushroom head with the tips of his fingers. I gasped involuntarily, and my dick gave a visible shudder.

I’d suspected this moment would come. In the weeks leading up to this meeting, during our lengthy and honest discussions about ground rules, my married friends had raised the possibility of some male-on-male contact. Still, there’s all the difference in the world between merely discussing the possibility in the abstract, and actually having a man touching my dick. I’d told them very clearly that I was straight, but had acknowledged that in a threesome like we’d planned, there was likely to be some incidental contact, and that I was okay with it. Now, we’d left the theoretical in the past, and I faced the undeniable reality that a man was touching me. Gaining courage, David joined Jessica in wrapping his fingers around my dick and holding me tightly in his hand.

Honestly, it felt amazing. I noticed precum starting to ooze out of the tip of my cock, glistening in the soft moonlight. My heavy, low-hanging balls started swaying as Jessica and David started jacking me off.

I watched Jessica and David cuddle up together on their knees in front of me, and kiss each other tenderly. Taking charge, Jessica pulled me forward, all the while still jacking me off, until the tip of my cock touched where her and David’s mouths met. She brushed the head of my cock lightly against David’s face, leaving a smear of my precum on his cheek.

Suddenly, she broke off her kiss with David, turned a little bit, and engulfed my swollen cock with her mouth. David released my dick from his grasp, reached down between his own knees, and began frantically jacking himself off. For her part, Jessica let go of my throbbing erection, reached around behind me, and grabbed ankara sarışın escortlar my taut, muscular ass cheeks in both hands. She pulled me forward.

She must have practiced in the months since she’d first blown me, because now she showed no hesitance or inability to handle my girth. Jess’s throat seemed to open to accommodate all of me, and it felt as if my cock was sliding all the way down into her, almost slithering down into her chest as if it were a living thing all of its own, seeking to burrow down into the deepest part of her. My scrotum brushed her chin, and my closely-trimmed pubic hair tickled her nose. My entire cock felt surrounded and swallowed up in the wet embrace of her mouth.

I was in heaven.

Slowly, she pulled her head back, sucking hard on my cock, and leaving my shaft glistening with saliva. At last, with an audible “pop,” the swollen mushroom head of my cock emerged from between her lips.

“Kiss me, David, and taste his cock in my mouth,” she demanded. David obliged, and they locked lips and engaged in a lengthy, sloppy kiss. I watched in awe.

Eventually, Jessica turned away from David, and looked up at me with pleading eyes. “Now, fuck me in the mouth. I want to feel like a slut — YOUR slut. Fuck my mouth like I’m a whore,” she pleaded.

She brought her mouth forward and pulled hard on my ass. Her mouth blossomed and welcomed my cock back in.

I put one hand on either side of Jessica’s head, and gripped her short blonde hair tightly between my fingers. I began pumping my hips forward and backward, urged on by the firm grip she kept on my ass. David, still kneeling beside her, leaned forward and kissed and licked Jessica’s face as her cheeks alternately hollowed and bloated while she sucked on my swollen member. Copious amounts of saliva shone on my shaft as it pistoned in and out of her mouth, and some of her spit dribbled down her chin. The suite was now full of the sounds of my panting and grunting, coupled with Jessica’s mild gagging and a kind of wet, squelching sound as I fucked her mouth with increasing force and tempo. Every muscle in my body was taut and laboring as I jackhammered my dick down her throat. I marveled at how hard she could take it from me, but there was no safe word, no signal to stop, so I kept at it. It was animalistic and not at all delicate or pretty, the way I was fucking her face.

David, meanwhile, shifted his position so he was underneath Jessica’s face. With my thick, cum-filled balls slapping him in the cheek, he lapped up his wife’s saliva as it drooled down her chin. I could only imagine the sensations he must have been experiencing, being an inch or two from my thick cock, and watching it plunge violently into his wife’s mouth again and again. He saw, heard and smelled it all from an inch away, so close to us that when I would draw back preparatory to each thrust into his wife’s mouth, I could feel David’s hot breath on the my shaft. Whenever he’d groan, I would feel the vibration along the underside of my dick. I suppose that for David, part of the thrill was seeing his wife’s sexual power — her ability to give and receive pleasure — in its full, unfiltered glory.

I could feel myself getting closer and closer to orgasm, and knew I had to stop soon or I’d blow a massive load down Jessica’s throat. Of course I wanted that, but I also wanted more, and I was determined to have it all.

I forcefully pulled Jessica’s head away from my crotch. All three of us were panting with exertion and arousal. David kept energetically jacking his thin, pale little prick.

Jessica grinned and looked up at me.

“Fuck, you were giving my mouth a pounding! I bet you didn’t think I could take a dick in my mouth like that,” she said, proudly.

“That was incredible. But it’s your turn now, Jess,” I panted. “I need to taste that cunt.”

I helped her and David up off the floor, and led Jessica by the hand over to a large, overstuffed chaise lounge-type chair. I guided her down onto her back. David slid onto the chaise to Jessica’s right, and lying on his side, there was just barely enough room to accommodate both of them.

“David, lift up her leg for me,” I ordered. He dutifully looped his arm around Jessica’s right leg, placed his elbow under her knee, and pinned her knee up by her chest. Jessica dangled her left leg off the other side of chaise, so that the swollen folds of her prominent pussy-lips were wide open to me. David leaned over and gently, lovingly suckled on the protruding nipple of Jessica’s right breast. Jess and David both moaned softly. Jessica wrapped her left arm around David’s shoulders, holding him close to her.

I paused for a moment to catch my breath and to enjoy the sight of this married couple, entwined in love in front of me. Seeing their intense passion provoked powerful emotions in me. Surely, their relationship wasn’t for everyone, but they were genuinely happy with what they’d arranged. I felt truly honored to be their bull, to be welcomed to participate in this intimate, depraved tableau. And unquestionably, my humiliation of David and my role as sexual plaything for Jessica made me feel more powerful, more muscular, more masculine, and more alive than any victory I’d ever won on the playing field or at the office. I felt like a superhero.

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