Bonfire Fairytales Ch. 06

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(in Drew’s voice)

From the patio, I watched Sara and Heather skinny-dipping in the pool. They were splashing and playing around, trying to wash Steve’s semen off their naked bodies. After having seen the two of them act out Julie’s story, there was no doubt that they had certain sexual curiosity about each other. I was fascinated to watch this new dimension of their friendship unfold before my eyes.

Of course, this kind of curiosity was no novelty to me. For months now, Julie and I had been having sex with Lily and Steve. This would not have been more than a one-time fling if there wasn’t some sexual vibe between all four of us. Julie had some experience being sexual with another woman, but it had taken me a while to become comfortable with having Steve in our sex life. I had only ever been sexually attracted to women, and Julie’s voracious sexuality left me desiring nothing else. But then, there we were, finding ourselves experimenting with another couple. Though nothing had seemed lacking in the first place, our sex life had taken on a whole new, wonderful dimension.

At first, I had what you might call “identity” issues. What did it mean if I was having sex not only with another woman, but with another man as well? I began to tell myself that my attraction wasn’t to another man per se, but rather that Julie and I were just one couple having sex with another couple. This was true enough, and certainly as far as romance went, I had feelings for Julie alone.

But the further things went with Lily and Steve, the more I came to realize that my sexual attraction was not just to them as a couple, but for Lily as a woman and for Steve as a man. When I pleasured Lily, it wasn’t just some detached thrill, solely for Julie’s sake or for my own—I wanted Lily to feel good. And what’s good for the goose… So, I came to realize that my interest in Steve—and Julie’s interest in Steve—was not just incidental. When I watched Lily or Julie give him a blow job, it wasn’t just sheer visual stimulation for me: part of what got me off what that Steve was getting pleasure.

Once I accepted this, the question of my sexual “identity” no longer seemed so important. We were two couples who happened to really get off on opening the sexual aspect of our relationships to other people. But at the same time, Julie was a woman who could take pleasure in being with another woman, and I could take pleasure in being with another man. I doubted that I would have much sexual interest in Steve outside of our arrangement, but I also knew that I didn’t have much interest in being sexually involved with anyone unless it was a part of my relationship with Julie. So that was simply how things stood. It defied any easy labeling, and once I acknowledged this, I was free to simply enjoy what we had.

Watching Sara and Heather fondle and tease one another as they washed the come off of each other’s breasts, I couldn’t help but wonder how they would come to grips with these issues on their own. Right now, of course, was no time for reflection. They were just enjoying one another, giving and receiving pleasure without questioning the implications. It felt, I’m sure, strange and new, awkward but exciting. They would have to come to terms with those feelings later. But for now, they were simply at play—and they were beautiful.

Steve sat at the other end of the pool watching them play, too. He splashed some water into his lap, washing away the come that Sara and Heather had just milked out of him. I glanced down at my own dick to see if it needed a wash. Not at all: Sara had sucked it clean. I smiled. How were we so lucky that we just fucked around with two gorgeous women, not only in the presence of our girlfriends, but with their urging?! Steve had the same peculiar smile on his face: it was supreme gratitude.

I looked around and noticed that our bonfire was starting to die down. That was no good: the night was far from over. I threw on some clothes so that the fire wouldn’t spit on me and then added some fresh firewood.

Meanwhile, Julie and Lily were stoking a fire of their own. Earlier, when Sara’s first story had left Patrick wanting, Julie and Lily decided that they would personally see to it that he got off before the night was over. The two of them were now flirting shamelessly with him, and I was sure that our next story would have to cast these three in the starring roles!

This, of course, was the price that Steve and I paid for getting so lucky: we, in turn, had to watch our girlfriends trade pleasure with another man. We were fortunate that Julie and Lily had as good taste in men as they did in women. It would be miserable to watch them get it on with a sleaze, or with a selfish bastard who wasn’t willing to give generously in turn. I could tell that Patrick was neither, and Julie and Lily wouldn’t have been interested in him if he was. He was a good guy, as overwhelmed as we were that his girlfriend wanted to share him with other casino oyna women, and as grateful! It would be selfish and foolish for me to be jealous that Julie wanted to give him a test drive. As it was, I was getting excited to see her have some fun of her own!

After a few minutes, the bonfire was raging again, and everyone returned to circle around it. Steve, Sara and Heather wrapped themselves in towels and took their seats with the rest of us.

“So…” Lily smiled, intimating the question that everyone had on their minds. “Who’s going to tell the next story?”

“You just can’t wait to jump Patrick’s bones again, can you?” Heather replied jokingly. She was as anxious as anyone to see Julie and Lily get their hands on Patrick again.

“I’d be up for telling a story,” Steve offered. As much as he enjoyed being Julie’s puppet in the last story, I could tell he was turned on by the idea of being the puppeteer—especially for Julie and Lily, who he knew would be up for anything he asked them to do.

“Okay!” Lily quickly agreed.

“Let’s see…” he thought to himself. “What story should I tell, though?…”

He thought for a moment until Lily’s face lit up with an idea. She ran over to Steve and whispered to him. As her words entered his ear, he smiled.

“Hmm… I like it!” he replied. “But that’s going to take four people. We’ll need another guy.”

All eyes turned to me.

“Think you’re up for it?” Julie teased. The women giggled.

“Oh, he’s up for it!” Sara blurted. “I noticed him getting hard again when we were jacking off Steve!”

Sara’s words tickled my ear. Julie had instilled in me a strong liking for hearing women talk dirty.

“Sure, I’ll do it,” I replied. “Twist my arm!”

“Perfect!” Steve said. “So here’s the set-up…

“Last weekend, when the four of us came home from the bar after meeting Sara and Heather, we were extremely turned on. As I’m sure everyone here already knows, we had spent the whole time at the bar exchanging sex stories with Sara. Well, you can imagine what we were ready to do by the time we parted ways and the four of us returned to the apartment…”

I was elated to hear that Steve chose to tell this story. The bunch of us were so unbelievably horny that night, and that fact owed everything to Sara and Heather. Although it all started so innocently over drinks, once the topic turned to sex, Sara kept encouraging us to tell her more and more of the details. By that point, we were all so smitten with her that we were happy to oblige, and in the end, Sara ended up telling us a steamy story of her own! We were so turned-on, and even though Heather, as our waitress, couldn’t be a part of our tryst, the way she would flirt with us each time she came by the table only fanned our flames. It was because of Sara and Heather that the four of us later had one of our hottest encounters to date, and it was fitting that they would now become an audience to its reenactment!

“This works out perfectly!” Steve continued. “Drew, Julie and Lily can play themselves and help me with the details. And you, Patrick, have some big shoes to fill…”—Sara and Heather smiled—”…because you get to take the place of me!”

Patrick’s face lit up, suddenly realizing that not only was he going to have another round with Julie and Lily, but that Steve was prepared to make sure he enjoyed it!

“I… I’ll try not to disappoint!” Patrick responded, still not quite sure this wasn’t all a dream, even though he had been watching dreams come true all night long.

“Oh, you won’t!” Lily chided, tugging ravenously at his shirt with her fingers. She burst into giggles and smiled at Steve for his willingness to let her re-experience the eroticism of last Saturday night, this time with another man.

“Well, let’s get started, then!” Steve exclaimed. “I’ll set the scene and tell Patrick what I remember, and the rest of you just be yourselves!

“So… okay… We came home from the bar really late, but no one seemed to be tired. Drew suggested that we stop in the kitchen for a glass of water. We were all still pretty drunk, and we stood around joking and laughing for a few minutes… and then the topic turned to what had happened at the bar…”

“So, can you believe we ended up telling Sara all of that?!” Julie began.

The four of us were now gathered in the center of the circle, enacting the scene in the kitchen. Patrick felt understandably out of place, being the only one of us who didn’t know where his role was going to take him! Lily set him at ease and helped him get into the role of her boyfriend. With her back to him, she invited him to embrace her from behind as the two of them conversed with Julie and me.

“Actually,” Lily replied, “I can believe it. All bets are off when the four of us start to get turned on!”

“Good point,” Julie admitted.

“I wonder what on earth Sara thinks of us!” I said.

“I have no idea,” Julie canlı casino answered, “but honestly I think she was as turned on as we were!”

(From the audience, Sara nodded enthusiastically.)

“God, I was so fucking horny when she was telling us about the night she met you, Julie,” Lily said. “I still cannot believe you gave Drew a hand job in a public bar, and with Steve and me sitting right across the table! How did we not notice?”

(Steve jumped up and whispered his line to Patrick.)

“Well I don’t know,” Patrick repeated, “when Lily first told me that she caught you jacking off Drew under the table, I can’t say find it was too hard to believe.” (Steve fed him another line.) “What’s incredible is that you guys never told us that Sara saw the whole thing!”

“I know!” Lily added her own feigned indignation.

“I know, I know,” Julie mollified them. “I’m sorry. If Sara was some complete stranger, I would have told you. But after I met her later that night, I felt like we were friends. I didn’t think it was right to give away her side of the story.”

“Well, I’m not complaining,” Lily said. “It was so hot to hear it straight from her! How crazy is it that her first reaction to catching you and Drew was to start jacking off her own boyfriend right in front of you?! That’s hot.”

(Sara shook her head in half-embarrassment, but she blushed at the flattery.)

“People do crazy things when they’re horny,” I added.

“Tell me about it!” Lily replied. “I was seriously considering whipping out Steve’s dick under the table while Sara was telling her story, just to see how she would react!”

(Sara laughed. “I probably would have helped you jack him off!” she called out jokingly. Steve rolled his head back in awe of the idea.)

Julie raised her eyebrows at Sara, pleased by her admission. Then she turned her attention back to the story.

“Well, why didn’t you?” she asked Lily.

Lily laughed. “I’m not quite so bold as you! The bar was still really crowded. I did go so far as to grab his crotch though. He was really fucking hard!”

I remembered what Lily had done next, and Patrick was in for a surprise: Lily reached behind herself and began to grope his crotch. Patrick jumped! His girlfriend giggled at his reaction.

“Oooo,” Lily remarked, “he still is!”

“Well, of course,” I replied. “If you were talking about ‘whipping out’ my dick, I think I’d get hard too!”

Steve cut in. “Lily liked to rat me out to Julie and Drew when I would get an erection, whether we were watching a steamy movie or just cuddling. It was just her way of teasing. Usually it ended at that. But this night, even though the conversation moved on, Lily kept her hand behind her back and persisted in rubbing my crotch!”

Patrick’s eyes bugged further out of his head as Lily began to rub his cock through his pants. He glanced at Heather, all too mindful of how much she was enjoying the sight of him getting pleasure from another woman’s hand! He swallowed hard.

Meanwhile, the conversation continued.

“So do you think Sara will tell Heather about tonight?” Julie asked.

“I hope so!” I replied. “I wouldn’t mind hearing of few of Heather’s stories either!”

“Yeah, she’s hot!” Lily added. “Don’t you think, Steve?”

Lily yanked up on Patrick’s cock as she asked him his opinion of his own girlfriend. A week ago, Julie and I were a little too dull from the alcohol to notice what Lily was doing behind her back, but tonight it didn’t escape anyone’s notice.

“Very… hot…” Patrick gulped in reply. Heather was amused.

Steve chuckled. “Lily was getting me so hot that I just wanted to drag her into the bedroom and fuck her brains out. My lust, however, was three steps ahead of me. Without thinking, I had started to slip my hands up under the bottom of her shirt and dig my fingers into the soft skin of her navel. Before I knew it, I had popped open the button on her jeans in an attempt to press my fingers down her pants. If Lily had been subtle, I had been just the opposite. My bumbling caught the attention of Julie and Drew.”

“A little eager are we, Steve?” Julie teased. She and I watched Patrick follow Steve’s cues. He was nearly trembling at the opportunity to caress Lily’s skin, but it was Lily who whimpered as he popped open her pants.

“I’ve been a little naughty,” Lily answered, exaggerating the movement of her hand to show Julie and I what she had been up to.

Steve: “Once Lily had revealed what she had been up to, I no longer felt any compunction to restrain myself. She was teasing me, flaunting my vulnerability in front of Julie and Drew. Two could play at that game, so I finished what I had started. I unzipped her fly and pulled open her jeans.”

“Oh, I see,” said Julie, watching Patrick’s sex-crazed hands pull open Lily’s pants to expose part of her lacy, black underwear. “Well it looks like you’ve unleashed a monster!”

“Not yet,” kaçak casino Lily coyly corrected her. “But I intend to!”

“Well don’t let us stop you!” Julie laughed, and then turned to kiss me. At this point last weekend, there had been no telling how far things would go. Sometimes, we would start to make-out in front of each other as a kind of foreplay, and then go our separate ways.

Steve, however, knew as well as I that events had taken a much more exciting turn that night. He continued to instruct Patrick while Julie and I kissed.

“While we watched Julie and Drew start to make-out, I became intent on undressing Lily. The more she persisted in rubbing my crotch, the more exposed I tried to make her feel. It wasn’t long before I had her down to her bra and panties…”

Patrick was now becoming more comfortable acting out Steve’s part, taking liberties with Lily that only a boyfriend would take—a feat of imagination made easier by the fact that she continued to take her own liberties with his crotch! He undressed her, as it were, from the middle out. Her lower navel was already uncovered, so he proceeded to reveal the rest of her belly by drawing up her white, tube top. He inched it up her torso until it reach just the bottom of her breasts. Then, remembering that Steve had mentioned that Lily was wearing a bra that night, Patrick cleverly created this effect by folding the tube top into a scant strip around her chest.

Steve seemed pleased to see that Patrick was sticking to the script.

Patrick, however, was not shy to use some poetic license. The stretch of nudity that he had opened up from Lily’s chest to her navel beckoned him, and he indulged his hands with the feeling of her soft flesh. Lily was tickled and arched her back to encourage him, causing the round undersides of her breasts to peek out from under her top.

Meanwhile, Julie was busy unbuttoning my shirt. Between kisses, we watched Patrick strip away Lily’s clothes. Seeing Lily’s gorgeous, athletic body was always a treat, but it was especially arousing to see Patrick discover its charms for himself.

Patrick proceeded now to Lily’s bottom half, quite boldly pressing his fingers down into her pants. Lily squealed at the feeling of his hands taking possession of her hips, and I could see the muscles of her belly clench up in reaction. Diligently, Patrick began to tug her jeans down over her hips. Like all of us, Lily’s clothes were still damp from our earlier romp in the pool, and it took some effort for Patrick to peel the clinging denim away from her skin. It was enjoyable to watch Lily’s sexy little body writhe and wriggle out of the jeans. Soon enough, Patrick succeeded in dropping them to the ground.

Lily was now half-naked, clothed only in a make-shift bra and a lacy set of black bikini briefs. Just as we had a week ago, Julie and I turned to scan Lily’s scantily-clad figure. Last week, she bore the trappings of a night on the town: she was made-up, glamorous, clad in delicate silk, with a strapless bra that bolstered her cleavage. Tonight, she was casual, her long black hair tangled and wet, her curves barely contained by her scant and simple attire. Whether dolled-up or untamed, her half-exposed body always screamed sex.

Running his fingers again along Lily’s skin, Patrick looked to Steve for his next instructions. But Lily remembered what happened next. Relieving Patrick for a moment of her massaging hands, she adeptly popped the button of his trousers. Without even turning to face him—her eyes remained the whole time and Julie and I—she managed very swiftly to drop his pants to the ground.

Patrick barely had time to show his surprise before Lily seized his erection once again and pressed it against her back side.

“Ugghhh,” he grunted pleasurably as he felt her hand begin to rub him now through only the thin material of his boxer shorts.

Steve laughed. “That’s what I said,” he joked.

Lily smirked at Steve’s quip. Her only retort was to turn her hips and give Steve a peek at her hand squeezing another man’s dick! Steve smiled and bit his tongue. Silently, he signaled to Patrick to remove his own shirt.

A week ago, Julie and I had been surprised to find Lily and Steve so quickly reduced to their underwear. In their eagerness, they had raced ahead of us. It was only when they had paused, and we realized that they were simply watching us, that we discovered that they were both half-naked!

Steve reminisced. “Lily and I were really heating up, and I had an impatient urge to just spirit her away to the bedroom. But after a night of trading innuendoes across the table with Julie and Drew, I hoped to watch the two of them go on a little further.

“That night, Julie was wearing the hottest dress, and I was dying to see it come off. It was strapless and devil-red, a color that had drawn my eyes to Julie’s body all night long. As if that weren’t enough, Julie had made a point of parading her cleavage in front of me at the bar each she leaned over the table to hear the stories…”

We all knew Julie well enough to know that this wasn’t in Steve’s head. Julie didn’t have it in her not to flirt.

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