Christmas with Simon

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Last night plays & replays in my head. You and I celebrated Christmas with some of your friends at a café downtown. It was so warm and cozy by the fire. We had dinner and then some drinks.

It seemed your buddies were jealous because they didn’t have a date like you had (that being me). We sat and sang round the fire place each with a glass of champagne. Your arm never left my shoulder. Our legs were pressed tightly together as we sat and carried on. Every time you saw one of them looking at me you held me tighter or whispered into my ear. Oh how naughty you were my darling Simon.

Finally close to midnight the gathering broke up and we stayed for just one more drink. The innkeeper gave us a small blanket to throw over our shoulders since he was going to turn off the heat. It was so warm and comfy under that blanket with your warm & sexy body next to mine. All I could think of was how I wanted to share my love with you.

As we arose to make our way home we gathered our coats and hats and made our way down the sidewalk to our flat over the bakery. I loved living with you Simon. Always how warm and cozy it is with you slowly stroking my hair as we kiss. The way we make love as the snow falls. The heat from the bakery always keeping us warm, that and the fact that we are almost always naked together. I, with my long raven locks cascading down my back, my eyes of blue shining with the Christmas tree lights, you, so handsome with ankara escort your dark curls and deep eyes ever so vigilant.

The way you touch me as we move around the room, from the divan, to the kitchen table, to the king sized bed. I love the way you always touch me here and there.

Me, as I stroke your thigh so close to your balls. Oh how I love the way your cock jumps as I softly graze the foreskin with the side of my hand. I never knew so many men were uncircumcised these days.

I kind of giggle when I play turtle with him, as he pokes his head out of his ‘shell’, all wet with pre-cum. The soft, sweet, smile on your lips as I glance at you in the glow of the warm fire in the small fire place.

I love to raise both my hands to your handsome face as I hold you close when we kiss; our tongues intertwining ever so passionately. As I move back from you I see the reaction of my kiss on your beautiful cock. He is almost at full erection. The head almost fully uncovered now from the foreskin.

Your arms pull me close to you as we share our passion.

“Simon,” I whisper as my lips kiss your neck so softly, “I love the way you make love with me.”

“Maggie, you thrill me with the way you satisfy me in every way possible,” you whisper to me as you slowly roll onto your back and in a split second I am on top of you. The room is now full of the heat we are feeling as we get closer to joining as one.

Nothing escort ankara more is said, just motions now and hard core sexual feelings. My lips devour yours, then they move down your chin to your neck and then down your chest as I get closer to your manhood.

I can smell the sex now heavy in the air about us. I lower my warm mouth to capture your cock between my lips. My tongue swirling around the shaft as I move up to let him drop from my embrace. I hear you gasp as he falls to your stomach.

I move up so that my wet pussy is just inches from your rock hard cock. With one motion you are buried deep with in me. I sit back and you are completely in me. I move slowly back and forth on your body. Your eyes gaze up at me and I at you. I glide forward and back as you smile up at me. I see your eyes burning deep into my soul. With each and every movement our bodies come closer and closer to each other.

I move faster and faster yet. My climax is coming just around the bend in the roadway of our consummation. My body is begging for release as I move faster with every stroke we come closer.

The rockets once more burst in my head. The red ones, the blue ones and the gold ones all bring us closer together.

You sit up as you hold me closer to you and suck on my heaving breasts. I cradle your head against me. Your tongue, passing over the nipple and the shock waves connecting my pussy to my breasts as we get ankara escort bayan closer and closer together.

I have you buried fully inside of my wet, warm, pussy.

You look up into my eyes as I gaze at you. I whisper, “Now, Simon…, make me cum now.”

You hold me tighter and tighter as our bodies bring us to the edge of passion. We have made love before, but every time is like the first time. Your cock is pounding in to me. I hear your sighs and whispers as our sex comes to a conclusion.

Then…..we collapse, me on top of you. Our bodies spent as we try to control our breathing. I can feel your hardness soften and in a moment he is slipping out of me. We kiss again as we lay side by side in the warmth of our love and we drift off to sleep.

My dreams follow no set pattern these days. Just you and I and the bed as the 3 main


I came to live with you in Paris for the summer. The weather misty but warm, you showed me the sights, all so beautiful. When it came time for me to return to America I just couldn’t leave. My heart and soul would forever be with you in this flat here in Paris.

Now 6 months later with snow on the ground and festive lights along the Seine.

I am awake now as I stand at the window wrapped in a blanket looking out into the

city. I’m just watching and in a way, missing America. But when I feel melancholy like

this I just turn and look at you. That puts everything into perspective and I know why I

am here.


I wrote this story for a very special ‘fan’ of mine. He knows who he is.

I sincerely hope everyone who reads it enjoys it.


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