Coincidence or Other… Ch. 03

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This picks up at the end of Chapter 2 in Non Consent/Reluctance under same title.


“By any chance are you a gigolo?”

“Yes I am Becky.”

Both Becky and I opened our mouths in disbelief.

We heard, “Why are you so surprised?”

I spoke first and said, “I guess it’s because you just are, never thinking I would ever meet one but do know of them.”

Becky said, “I have some friends that have had children and they mention every once in awhile they sure would love a thick cock to make them feel good. I just thought you might be that type of person with your natural endowment; curiosity had me asking.”

“You are correct Becky. Women in their thirties are horny and after a child and particularly two their husband’s endowment no longer fits the task. Some get desperate and pay to see stars again.”

I said, “Wow!”

We were quite for a minute and Becky said, “May I pass your name to some of my friends. I will only do it if they are willing to pay. Maybe in exchange I can receive a free-bee.”

Dave grinned and I said, “Becky.”

“Sure Becky, all my business is by word of mouth referrals.”

I asked, “Dave, how did you get started?”

“Here let’s have some bubbly and relax more.”

After pouring the bubbly he began:

“When I was in high school selecting my college courses, my father took me fishing one weekend. He asked that what we talked about remain at the cabin. I agreed and he said, ‘Son being in the military I saw many beautiful countries and women. Those that turned me on the most were the ladies in Thailand. If you have my genes they might do the same for you. My regret to today is that I could not carry-on a conversation. I’d given a nut just to understand. Check them out and take Thai for a foreign language.'”

“I followed my dad’s advice because they are hot. That long black silky hair, the small frame and my god they must have tight pussy.

“I was three weeks into the Thai language and god it was rough. I saw a notice on a board indicating tutoring for Thai with a name and number. My cock woke up when a sweet voice answered and I found out she was the tutor. I pictured her twenty two to twenty five. We made a date for my first lesson. When I arrived I nearly died from shock.

“The guy that answered the door said, ‘Hi Dave, I’m Songphan’s son Richard, welcome and come in.’ Richard was my age, in college in engineering. My heart sank knowing the lady would be my mother’s age.

“I heard, ‘Nice to meet you Mr. Dave. Please follow me. I have some green tea prepared. I hope you enjoy it. Please sit here at the table. Please explain again your situation.’

“As I was filling her in on my Thai class, I was drinking in the beauty of this lady and getting a hard-on. I assumed she was in her forties but discovered later she was only thirty-five. Her brother had knocked her up when she was fourteen. The baby died. She met her deceased husband at age fifteen and delivered Richard at age sixteen. Her husband was killed in a motorcycle accident when Richard was one. Richard and his mom immigrated then to work in her brother’s Thai restaurant.

“Songphan sure worked at keeping her body looking like a teenager. She looked to be twenty-five. She was no taller than five foot five with that typical smooth looking tanned skin color which they hate incidentally, awesome silky long straight black hair reaching to the waist line with a nice form for a small frame.

“My mind pictured her pussy shaven and tits that would fit nicely into my mouth with nothing wasted.

“I heard after my filling her in on my issue, ‘Mr. Dave, I will give you a CD. Take it home and practice aloud the sounds you hear. canlı bahis It will be a male voice. Please call when you have gone through it just a few times. I want to break you early of bad habits.’

“May we can go through it now a few times for me to get a feel?”

“I then heard, ‘It would give me great pleasure to do that Mr. Dave.'”

“Well ladies her clothes at each following lessons become sexier. I continued to schedule them just to see her and then go home to masturbate. The tutoring helped immensely.

“I arrived one Saturday morning at my scheduled time. Richard answered and said, ‘Make your self comfortable. Mom will be down in a jiff.’ Richard was carrying an overnight bag as he closed the door and left.

“About three minutes went by before Songphan appeared in a mid-thigh white terry cloth robe. My cock woke up and I turned to hide it. Songphan came up behind me, wrapped her arms around me and said, ‘Richard will be out of town until Sunday. I have noticed you have had problems concentrating on your lessons the past few weeks. I assume you are more interested in my body than the Thai language. If that be the case I want you to remove your clothes now from that position. If it is not the case, my apologies and let’s begin the lesson.

“My heart was pounding as if I had just run the length of the football field. My cock was hurting from the constriction. Since she offered me something I had desired from day one, I began to slowly strip knowing full well she would scream and run when she saw my cock. I asked, ‘When I turn around will you be naked like me?’ I heard, ‘I already am naked.’

“I hastened my undressing and was beginning to turn when she pressed her tits into the middle of my back. I froze and let her take charge. She reached around me with her right arm and placed her hand at my navel. I heard, ‘Oh my god,’ because the mushroom head was above her hand.

“She placed the side of her face into my back and groped for the head. When she found it she also felt the pre-cum leaking from it.

“I then heard, ‘Mr. Dave, please be gentle with me.’

“I placed my hand over hers which was on the head and orgasmed then and there.

“I’m sorry Songphan, it’s just that I have wanted to have sex with you from the first day. I promise I will be gentle. In fact I will let you be the leader and I will be your slave. Do we have a deal?”

“‘Let’s get this mess cleaned up and yes we have a deal as she covered her small frame again with the robe.'”

“Songphan took my hand and led me to a bedroom after we had cleaned up my spent semen. She smiled at me and winked pointing to the erect cock. The bed had a towel spread in the middle and a stack of them on a near-by chair. I had a feeling it was a guest room because it was small with the bed being a regular size. She motioned for me to get on the bed which I did dutifully. She dropped her rob, climbed in bed and then immediately covered herself with a sheet. She lay next to me, placing her head on my chest and examined the hard cock. I was shocked when I heard, ‘May I play with it and watch it shoot?'”

“I did not answer with words but took her hand and placed it on the cock. She used her index finger to spread the pre-cum leaking over the gland; as she did, more pre-cum immerged. I took her hand and showed her how to masturbate me. She did not look at me as she worked her hand. I said, ‘Take some of your pussy fluids, coat the cock, make it slippery and then make a fist around it and work your hand faster. Pretend your fisted hand is like the inside of your pussy making my cock feel real good.’ She was a fast learner and had me so worked up that I soon fired some fresh made semen for her. The shots hit her bahis siteleri on her tits. She was still covered with a sheet down to her waist. After my cock wilted she removed her hand. I watched her hand move to her face. My heart pounded wondering what she was going to do.

“I heard, ‘That smell brings back memories that are not pleasant.'”

“I’m sorry Songphan.”

“Since it was her idea to get me naked and play I remained quite. After many minutes she turned to look at me and said, ‘Can you make me feel good like my friend’s husbands and boyfriends make them feel Dave?'”

“I said, ‘Only if you want it to feel good, Songphan.'”

“I heard, ‘Please Mr. Dave show me everything you know but you will be gentle won’t you?'”

“I said, ‘Yes teacher I will be gentle. Lie on your back next to me and close your eyes.'”

“I noticed she had a lot of bush when she was on her back. I hate bush. I made an excuse to use the bathroom. When I returned I had razors, soap and several wet wash cloths. I said, ‘Songphan to really enjoy sex the pussy hair must be gone. I’d like to shave it off or you can do it but later you will understand.'”

“I heard, ‘I will do it Mr. Dave. Please give me the stuff and I will return without hair there.'”

“I waited and then heard, ‘Please do not stare when I come in, Mr. Dave.'”

“I said, ‘Please call me Dave. The mister is too formal in bed.’

“I told her I had closed my eyes. She returned to the bed and I told her I appreciated her doing that for me.

“I began kissing and licking behind he ears and worked my way to her neck and hard nipples. When I reached them I placed one hand on the newly shaved pussy and searched for the trigger. It was well hidden and I did not force the issue. I then trailed my tongue to her navel and then started to go for her pussy when I heard, ‘No Dave please that is not proper.'”

“I lifted and said, ‘Teacher it is proper and I will demonstrate why. Now massage your tits and think how good that feels.'”

“She did as I asked. I moved my arms under her small thighs, lifted her legs, reached around her thighs, opened her lips with my fingers and did long licks from her pussy entrance to past her clit. I inserted my tongue into her hot hole and searched all the crevices I could find. As I was doing that I noticed her trigger poking my nose then. I then went to softly and slowly flicking it with my tongue. It grew larger and harder. When I sensed some small hip movements I increased the flicking and decided to suck it into my mouth. Songphan began to verbalize in Thai as her body experienced its first male induced orgasm. I released my hold holding her swollen pussy lips and reached for her breasts, pushing her hands away and massaged them while nibbling softly on the hard clit. She placed her hands on top of mine. Her hip thrusting became violent, her voice rising and then she sprayed my face and mouth with her second orgasm.”

“I noticed she appeared to go completely limp after the mini-cums stopped. I lifted and scooted up her body. She was wet with sweat and breathing deeply. I placed my hard cock at her pussy entrance and every so slowly with mini-fucks forced it into the tight canal. I was sucking on a tit and massaging the other. I just concentrated on getting the monster in even if it took an hour.”

“She began that Thai talk again and had placed her hands on my head, indicating when I should switch tits with slight pressure. When the cock head slipped in, I felt the ring snap on my shaft and heard, ‘Oh.'”

“I began to hum will suckling to help distract her mind from the invader.”

“I was about half in and heard, ‘It hurts Dave please take it out.’ I slid back a tad and asked, bahis şirketleri ‘Better now?’

“I heard, ‘Yes.'”

“I made sure her pussy had adjusted to the invader and then made a slow withdraw.”

“I heard, ‘Are you going to fuck me now, Dave?'”

“I answered, ‘Only if you want me to, do you?'”

“She said, ‘It feels so good in me. My pussy has never liked a man’s thing there but likes yours.'”

“My cock flexed hearing that and I heard, ‘Oh that feels good Dave. I am getting some of those feelings I had earlier again.'”

“I broke my suckling and said, ‘Enjoy.'”

“I lifted myself up and began very slow fucking movements but her tight pussy got the best of me and I fired. I heard, ‘Oh Dave that feels so good feeling you doing that.” She began an attempt to fuck me but I obliged her because I had remained hard. I started serious fucking and she went into a violent orgasm including babbling in Thai and violently tossing her head from side to side and nearly ripping her tits off. I fired again but mostly blanks and then collapsed on top of her as we both were recovering with hard panting.”

“I then heard, ‘Thanks Dave. I want us to do this until tomorrow. Can you stay the night?'”

“Over the next few hours she experienced 69’ing, blowing a guy, riding a guy, and doggie.”

“She had so many orgasms between Saturday morning and Sunday morning we lost count. She had sprayed air freshener around because the house smelled of pure sex.

“I never paid for another Thai lesson as a result which was great and what was even greater was when she asked me if I would do friends. I agreed which then became routine and all gave a donation which helped my tuition.

“I discovered that on weekends when Richard was not at home Songphan would have a lady friend over to stay. It became obvious she was talking amongst her friends about me.

“It was those weekends when I would perform my magic on these women. It was great sleeping in the middle of soft smooth skinned thirty plus women in age but bodies of twenty plus ladies.

“When a lady recommended a friend, upon her next encounter with me I refused a donation. This did wonders in generating more of them. By my senior year I was fluent in Thai and in my junior year began doing married Caucasian ladies strictly by referrals.

“I soon discovered what was an object of torture in my junior/senior high school years was very useful for women needing to experience those nice feelings after a child or two. I have had several that were willing to divorce their husbands if I would marry them. Those particular ladies are hot, very hot in bed.

“As I have matured, my staying power has lengthened. The ladies are having more orgasms which they appreciate. The down side is the time interval between calls is longer.”

“Well ladies that is how it started.”

Becky said, “Wow Dave and are Thai pussy tight?”

“Even after two babies it was tighter than a virgin I think because I never experienced a virgin. It was good experience for me because I fired lots of blanks and learnt to make sure I could induce orgasm after orgasm in a pussy.”

“Ladies what have you been telling the guys when turning down dates?”

I said, “Just too busy with family stuff.”

Becky said, “Baby sitting my nieces and nephews.”

I asked Dave, “What are your excuses for not reporting the club?”

We heard, “I only work one weekend a month and the schedule is up three months in advance. They can call other times but if I don’t answer they move on.”

Then Dave said, “Amber can we proceed with my wish that I offered while Becky was taking her beauty sleep?”

“So what did you two scheme up?”

I told Becky that Dave desired to be on his back, she sitting on his mouth, me playing with her from the back while I pleasure myself on his rod.

We heard, “Let’s get the show on the road so we can get to the next one.”

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