Couple Rekindles Backseat Memories

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Have you ever joked with your wife about sex? How good in bed she was, things she liked or didn’t like and you wanted her to like? Women, have you joked with your guy about the little things you wish he’d do or explore?

Sure you have. At one time or another every couple has a little fun with sexcapades.

For me it started out as a joke, but it turned out to be one of the most exciting escapades I can remember.

My wife Carrie was as sweet 10 years into marriage as she was when I married her at 23. She still looked great in a two-piece bathing suit, was adventurous in the bedroom — she even allowed me to take risqué photos of her for a private collection — and loved to dress up in slinky outfits when we went out. Underneath those outfits was a sexy assortment of lingerie, which he proudly showed me before going out and especially after we came home.

“Does this look okay,” Carrie surprised me one night, lifting her dress to show a slinky blue thong. “I hope I won’t be cold.”

I reminded her I’d be happy to warm her up, but she merely shook her head and said I was “so naughty.”

She didn’t, though, like public displays of affection. Oh, she would kiss me when we’d meet, but nothing not and heavy. That was a no no. And while before we were married we’d find secluded places to park and make out, several times in the same car with friends, after marriage when it was okay to fool around it became a taboo to make out in the car or elsewhere where we might be observed.

She’d always rebuff my requests with sayings like “save it for the bedroom” or “wait until we’re behind closed doors.”

Not that fooling around outside the bedroom was at the top of our fantasy list. Heck, a lot of great things went on around the house. We’d done the deed in every room, including the upstairs laundry room when her parents were visiting and watching television in the basement.

Still, I longed for those old make-out sessions we’d have when we were dating, the ones where we’d park my the lake or catch a quickie during a walk in the park.

On a recent Saturday night we were entering a wedding reception and I pulled her close, feeling her up in the parking lot of the local catering hall. She pushed me away, reminding me someone could be looking.

Yet later that night Carrie got horny at the reception, probably a little because her inhibitions were broken down by the series of powerful drinks I fed her. In any event that night she played under the table with my cock through my pants while I rubbed her pussy. Good thing the table cloth covered our hands. At first she rejected my advance, claiming someone could see, but I cajoled her into the little bit of touchy feely after reminding her that unless someone was under the table (she actually looked) nobody could see what we were up to.

On the drive home I pulled over near a local park and kissed my pretty wife, slipping my hand up her dress, stroking her legs and up to her juice putty. That night in the bedroom we screwed like newly weds. So much so that we joked that we probably got it on that night more than the newly wedded couple who were both three sheets to the wind before they sampled the wedding cake.

To make a long story short, I had hoped that wonderful night was a prelude to a series of teasing Carrie and attempting to break down her inhibitions. But nothing I did could sway my wife’s prudish beliefs. The next morning she was appalled we’d gone parking and was very happy we hadn’t been caught.

Nothing I could do could get her to sway that position. I told her it was exciting, that she was very sexy, that nobody was around anyway, I tried everything. She, unfortunately, stood like a pillar on her principles.

Over the next few weeks I did everything I could to get another night of sensuous parking but finally realized the more I asked the more it pushed her away from my goal. It even began to affect our lovemaking, as we weren’t doing the naughty as much as before the incident.

I gave up on my quest.

Over times things got a little better in the bedroom, but there was a certain spark missing. I tried everything to get a little spark back into our love life, but nothing working until a “Girls Night In” that Carrie had while I was away on a business trip.

Carrie and her friends, Kelly, Stephanie and Jessica, went out for dinner then returned to our house to talk, snack, and do all the things girls do when they are together…whatever that is. At some point after several glasses of wine the talk got around to the bedroom, and how each of these women who’ve ankara escort been married at least 10 years kept things spiced up with their hubbys.

I found out about what they’d spoke about by chance. One Saturday afternoon I was putting in a new ceiling fan in our bedroom when I was looking around for a switch I had bought the week before. Looking around the closet I came across Carrie’s diary and couldn’t help myself…opening to the last written page.

She had been writing about that Girls Night In and what went on and I was captivated by what she wrote. Oh, there was some normal stuff, but what immediate caught my eye was a simple statement: “Kelly Ann is such a slut!”

Carrie wrote about Kelly admitting that she and her husband would fool around in the hotel hot tubs when they were traveling. Kelly admitted that on at least a dozen occasions she gave her husband a hand job in the whirlpool and he’d do the same for her. Oh, they did it late at night, but all I could think of was how hot that situation must have been for both of them. The fact that Carrie wrote about it in her diary was even hotter.

But it was nothing compared to what Stephanie and her husband did! The girl admitted that her husband talked her into flashing her boobs at truckers on the interstate. After a while that flashing turned into her kneeling over the front seat and sucking on her husband’s cock while he played with her ass. She even let him pull up her skirt and showed her bare ass to more than one lucky trucker!

Jessica was not to be outdone. The pretty blonde said that when she and her husband were down the Jersey Shore they’d frolic on lifeguard stands at night. She admitted blowing her husband and once having sex with him on the stand….and nearly getting caught.

What did my wife admit to? She said she lied and said that we regularly parked and got it on in the back seat. Not once in a while, but “at least once a month” she wrote. That was news to me, obviously, but she went on to say that all her friend’s talk had gotten her hot, and that she was going to seduce me into the back seat of the car very soon.

Over the next several days I kept my knowledge of her diary to myself while plotting a way to get her to play out her proposed fantasy. That Saturday night I almost convinced her to make out after dinner at Outback, but she said she felt uncomfortable with so many cars around. I tried to pull over by the lake on the way home, but she said she wanted to get to our bedroom before fooling around.

Disappointed, I zipped through light traffic and got home, showered, the great lovemaking session, but it just wasn’t what I wanted that night. Oh, I was satisfied, that was great, her too. But there was a little something missing.

I decided to take it slow and let things happen on a normal course. If she wanted to, well, I would help in any way to get to the goal.

Over the next few weeks we took small steps toward being naughty in semi-public. I’d remind her of how much she enjoyed the naughty sex, and while I could tell she really didn’t want to make out in the open she did allow for a little bit of swapping spit along secluded deserted roads — not like the in the back seat as in our dating days — but in the front seat with me promising we wouldn’t get caught.

Generally these quick make out sessions led to great sex when back home. Each time we’d find that secluded spot I’d attempt to push the envelope a little more.

At first we’d park by the lake near our house, along with several other cars probably holding younger folks, and make out. No clothing was removed, but there was a lot of kissing and touching and stroking … getting each other very, very hot. My reserved wife seemed to get a little looser as time went on, almost like we were in the early stages of dating again.

One Saturday night we went to a movie and dinner and then drove to the local lake where we had gone early in out relationship to make out. It must have brought back good memories because soon we were going at it hot and heavy. I was stroking her breasts with my hand beneath her blouse, bringing forth a bit of moaning and squirming on her part as she became hotter and hotter. “Damn, Rob, that feels like it did before we were married, you hunk!”

We made out for a while, stroking and kissing, playing with each other’s body. Every once in a while we’d push the envelope a little, and soon I had her blouse completely open and her bra unclasped. I was happy she had worn a front fastening bra!

Those luscious breasts were out in the open for me to see escort ankara and I quickly took advantage of my good luck, playing with each, stroking the nipples, getting her excited before diving in an lashing out at them with my tongue.

She was in ecstasy, and I played hard with her nipples with one hand and reached down between her legs to stroke her thighs and beyond with the other. My hand crept up her thigh when suddenly, Carrie cried out: “Rob, stop it, I’m not that kind of girl!”


No matter how I tried she pushed me off, closing her legs tightly.

“But honey…”

“My parents would kill me if they knew you touched me there.”

It was 1993 all over again, a flashback to a time when Carrie and I would spend many nights slowly sampling each other’s bodies through our clothing. I thought back to those wrestling matches, her talking of her virtue and me of my need to sample her delectable assets. We waged out little wars…she always won…until that special night at her parents house (they were away for the weekend) where we made love for the first time. It was in the basement, because we were afraid her brother would come home, catch me in her room, and pummel me to a pulp. It was quick, disjointed effort on our parts, but one which was etched in my memory forever.

The following weekend she allowed me a repeat performance, this time in the back seat of my car while parked down a deserted road near the pinelands of South Jersey. The beauty of this location was there was only one dirt road to the location, so if a car did come our way we’d see it well in advance of its finding us.

Those thoughts came back as my hand was sandwiched, unable to move, between her thighs while making out in the car by the lake. “Oh honey, I won’t tell them,” I said, keeping with the program. “All your friends do it…”

“What do you know about my friends?” asked my wife, playing the role of teenage hottie to the limit.

“Aw come on, Carrie, you know,” I stammered, thinking of what to say next. “Betty Ann puts out for Bill, and he wasn’t her first either because Paul had sex with her down at the football stadium, under the stands. And I’ve heard little miss goody two shoes Shelly has gone down on half the basketball team….you aren’t that kind of girl, I know, but we have something special and we should share our first time with each other.”

Carrie acted shocked that her friends were doing the nasty, claimed I didn’t know what I was talking about, and said her virtue was of most importance. I continued my fantasy story interspersing some facts with pure fiction. I mean, I knew Shelly was a pure platinum fellatrix from stories told by several of her boyfriends to me over malts at Corey’s Drive-In. And Jennifer was anything but a little miss prude. I heard she loved giving hand jobs, and it must have been true because I heard it from several guys.

“Well, I don’t do that stuff, not until I’m married,” said the girl, playing the part of the innocent teenager perfectly. “If you love be you will wait until then.”

I professed my love for her, said I’d be careful, and begged her to at least take my cock out of my pants. “At least look at it, it’s for you,” I suggested. “I don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to do.”

Carrie shyly said okay, and I unzipped my Dockers. Reaching inside my boxers, I slipped out a rock hard cock. In the moonlight Carrie watched me stroke my cock for a while before asking if she could try it too.

A simple “uh huh” was all that was needed and soon my wife-girlfriend was moving her hand slowly up and down my dick. It had been ages since I’d received more than a few strokes of a hand job, as normally Carrie and I’d move quickly past preliminary foreplay and into more oral kinds of caressing.

But on this night Carrie slowly jerked my cock, almost as if it was the first time she’d had one in her hand. She moved her hand up, then down my dick a few times as I began to wiggle and waggle as she jerked me off. My dick was pulsating to her tender touch, as her feinted youthful inexperience was not only sensuous but tantalizing as well. I loved the way she was playing with my dick by the lake, and I leaned back and luxuriated to the ministrations.

“It’s so big, Rob, I, uh, never knew,” said my wife in mock admiration.

I went with the flow, telling her it was all for her and only her.

“Oh Rob, can I, uh, can I kiss it?”

I thought she’d never ask! Playing it coyly, I replied that she could, but only if she really wanted to…throwing in a quick comment that she ankara escort bayan looked beautiful and that I loved her so.

Carrie looked around then slowly lowered her head to my cock, licking the tip for a minute or so before ovaling her mouth and carefully sliding her mouth down my hardened cock. She held it in her mouth for a few seconds before moving back up my manhood. The feeling was incredible, sexy, and she was performing like a porno actress before my eyes.

My wife continued to work my dick for the next few minutes, alternating slow sucks with strokes of her hand, and I have to admit that it felt unbelievable. It was as if I was with a woman for the first time, as my dick was pulsating and the feelings became more and more intense.

Before I knew it I lost control, holding her head and fucking her mouth. She somehow moved her mouth off me and demanded I not cum in her mouth, and I said of course not or some such thing, only to slip my dick back into her mouth where within seconds I cried out and shot volley after volley of hot sticky man sauce into her sucking mouth.

Carrie never missed a beat, stroking my cock, taking several blasts of cum and swallowing it, something she hardly ever did anymore.

“You came in my mouth, you bastard,” spat the offended girl.

“You are just so beautiful, I couldn’t help myself, I tried to pull out,” was all I could manage as an excuse. For the next several minutes she acted totally pissed, but soon my fingers were walking up her thigh and toward her pussy. I rubbed up and down the slit, hearing her moan, and whispered how much I loved her. After a few minutes of making out with my wife she shooed me away.

She moved to the passenger side of the car, only to surprise me once again. “Fuck me, Rob, fuck me.”

Now, I don’t know about you, but I can’t shoot twice in minutes. That is something that I haven’t done in years. But I was still semi-hard, and she looked beautiful, and she lifted her skirt and, well, I couldn’t help but slide down those soft black cotton panties and dive into her core.

I licked my wife’s pussy like no tomorrow, alternating licks with nibbles with sucks, bringing moans from deep inside her throat. My face was coated with her wetness as I licked my way up and down while paying special attention to her clitoris. That brought forth a number of moans as she mumbled little nasty nothings, words like lick it, suck it and make me cum.

I knew I had to have some of that pussy, and luckily my dick rose to the occasion. I reached over, slipped the handle forward lowering the passenger seat all the way back. It wasn’t a bed, but it would make due.

“What are you doing?” asked the girl?

“Making love to you, I’m going to slip inside of you,” was my candid reply.

“Not without a condom, I could get pregnant.”

Opps! Hum, wasn’t thinking ahead. I looked at her like she was nuts, having pounded her pussy hundred of times since we got married. She had gone on the pill before we had gotten married. But on this flashback night Carrie was in charge of the game we were playing, so I went with the flow. Carrie looked at me, smiled, reached into her purse, and pulled out a foil wrapped Trojan.

She is such a thoughtful girl, and I rolled on the rubber in record time, lifted her legs, positioned myself in between them and slowly slid my rubber-encased cock into her slimy wet hole.

“Oh Rob, fill me up,” said the girl, lifting her midsection up to me and directing my rocking and fucking, controlling the action.

I fucked my wife as if it were our first time, thrusting hard into her pussy on a mission. All the while Carrie moaned her appreciation as we fucked like teenagers. I don’t think even a patrolling cop car could have stopped us at that point, and I fucked girl with all I had. My thrusting movements rapidly increased as Carrie’s moaning got louder, and soon I was greeted by her insistence that she was cumming herself. That notification brought me over the edge and I shot my second load within an hour, this time into her pussy.

Exhausted, we laid together for a bit before kissing each other like we hadn’t in months. Seeing a flash of light down the road I slipped off her and pulled up my pants just in time. A passing cop car pulled aside us and I rolled down the window.

“You folks alright,” asked the officer?

“Oh yes, sir,” said Carrie. “We’re just enjoying the night.”

Enjoying? Heck, this was the most sensual, mind-blowing meeting we’d had in years. I can’t wait to call my lovely wife and ask her on a date again. Maybe I will get some, because I heard she’s that kind of girl.

The cop flashed a knowing smile, told us to be careful, and drove away.

Carrie and I kissed for a little while longer before heading home and doing it all over again.

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