Earth Day, Sioux Indian Style Ch. 02

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That was the first time he had seen her naked and never had he seen such a more beautiful body. She was exquisite, symmetrical, and perfect in every dimension. Briefly, he saw part of her tits a few times when they made out in his parked truck, but it was dark and she was so very modest that she wouldn’t allow him to turn on the overhead doom light for a better peek of her body. She covered her nakedness, as soon as she realized that by the moonlight that filtered in his truck he could see more than she thought. He wanted to turn on his doom light so that he could get a better look at her tits and nipples. Guys are so visual and it was so very frustrating when she denied him that stimulating pleasure and he imagined her tits later that night when he was alone and horny.

He had the impulse to open his truck door on the pretense that he needed to spit, only he didn’t open his door for fear that she’d be embarrassed that he saw her naked breast clearly in the light of the dome. He so wanted to see her tits. Only, he feared that she’d get dressed and demand that he drive her home. And he didn’t spit because, he figured, she’d have something to say about him spitting in public, no doubt, making him feel guilty that somehow his spit polluted the environment or poisoned the water supply, whatever.

As ludicrous as that sounded to him that she’d say something about him spitting in public, she was so damn opinionated when it came to environmental issues. Yet, if that was his cross to bear having to listen to her rant about what man is doing to nature, then she was certainly worth having to listen to her complain about polluters. She was his dream woman and was so damn beautiful and perfect in every way that he was able to see beyond those inconveniences of her unrelenting public opinion and ranting regarding the destruction of the Earth.

Because of her constant tutelage he learned so much more about nature and the ecology since he started dating her, but obviously, being such a reluctant student, he had so much more to learn. Readily he’d be a better study if the subject was her physiology and his hands-on sexual education with her. Nonetheless, with winning her heart as his motivation to learn more about conservationism, he was hooked on the ecology and the betterment of the Earth.

By the feel of her boobs as with the feel of the rest of her body then, he could tell that she had wonderful tits and a voluptuous body. Now, from the sight of her she surely did have all of that and more. He couldn’t wait to get her in bed. He couldn’t wait to lie beside her naked and to touch, feel, and caress her everywhere. He couldn’t wait to experience all of her sexually, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Dating for nearly 4 months, their relationship had progressed slower than he had wanted. She seemed shy, reserved, and almost modest, so much so that he wondered if she was a virgin. ‘That would explain so much, if she was a virgin,’ he thought. Surely, it had to be that. She’s a virgin. Only, he hoped that she had more sexual experience than that. Then, again, her being a virgin could be a good thing.

Accustomed to women who’d agree to having sexual relations on the first date, dating Lisa was a bit sexually frustrating. Sometimes, she wouldn’t even allow him to feel her tits through her clothes while they made out in his parked truck, a difficult activity to resist when you are French kissing a woman so gorgeous and you imagine her breasts and body to be so spectacular. Yet, no matter, she was worth the wait most times until he couldn’t stand it and had to relieve himself sexually once alone with his hand while thinking of her naked.

Now, here she is…naked. Naked, she’s naked. She’s totally naked wearing not a stitch of clothing. He couldn’t believe she’s standing there naked before him, as if she is fully dressed. Did I mention that she was naked? Yep, she sure was naked alright. Where’s her modesty now?

He beşiktaş escort really liked her, but waiting for her to catch up with him sexually was a challenge. He had become accustomed to the new sexuality that the younger women of today possessed and receiving a blowjob sometimes on the first date was not all that unusual. Hell, the women he had dated in the past didn’t even think giving a blowjob was sex, but he did and unfortunately she certainly did without doubt, which is why his cock never graced her hand never mind her mouth.

He figured she didn’t even give blowjobs, never mind wondering if she swallowed or not. Well, at least, if she was a virgin and had never given anyone a blowjob, he’d be her one and only for everything. Her inexperience could be a bit fun and something that he’d never experience before with any other woman. It could prove fun showing her what to do and how to do it. It could prove fun to teach her about sex, sexuality, and erotica. Yes, it could be fun.

She was worth the wait, he hoped, however, and he was willing to wait for her to catch up to him. He had hoped she’d be a wildcat when she finally blossomed sexually, which sometimes happens with sexually deprived women who are out of step with the sexuality of the times, but he never expected this display of nearly public nudity so soon with her answering her front door naked. It was totally unexpected, especially after their last date when she wouldn’t even let him suck her tits.

‘Wow! Man, she has a hot body,’ he thought. ‘Hello sexy lady.’

She was certainly beautiful enough with her long black hair, round mahogany eyes, and high cheek bones. He figured she was Eurasian when he first met her, Japanese and American, he thought. He never figured that she was a Native American Indian, a member in good standing of the Sioux tribe at that. She had a dynamite body from what he could tell by the cut of her tight jeans and the curve of her fitted tops. Now, after seeing her naked, he never thought she had this good of a body. She was incredible.

He could just see her in a short, brown suede, dress decorated with colorful beads and fringe and an Indian headband with a single feather. That outfit was a bit of a sexual fantasy outfit for him and he’d like to make love to her while she was dressed like that. She had such beautiful skin, reddish brown like a piece of fruit, a ripe Bosch pear. Never had anyone touched his heart in the way that she made his knees weak and his stomach flutter. Big Chief makes love to Indian squaw always went through his mind whenever he thought of her dressed in such a fashion. All he needed to complete his dream was a bear skin rug, a fireplace, and a fine bottle of wine.

When alone at night, imagining what she looked like naked as he stroked his cock to an erection, he never expected her to look this good. Definitely, she looked better than how he imagined her. She was perfect. She looked better than any Playboy Playmate in Hugh Heffner’s magazine.

Now, with this new totally naked image of her standing before him, he was so surprised, shocked really, and this was so unexpected that it was overwhelming. He couldn’t wait to jerk off over this tonight, only maybe, this time, he wouldn’t have to take care of himself. Maybe, this time, she’d do him the honor and the pleasure of giving him more than a two fingered brief hand job that she had previously given him, once to quell him of his complaints and to silence his him of his continual begging.

He was assuredly pathetic in his need to have her satisfy him sexually and his frustration level grew with every date. Then this with her answering the door naked, oh, my God, it’s about time. Afraid to touch her for fear of spooking her, for now, all he could do was to stare at her nakedness and at her perfect body.

He felt his excitement grow with the swell of his penis. He was horny and he hoped that she was horny, too. beşiktaş eve gelen escort Only, he hoped that she wasn’t a virgin. Nonetheless, he hoped that this was the beginning of something really good.

With the face and the body of an Indian Princess, she was the whole package, the real deal, and his dream girl come true. She totally caught him off guard. He expected this kind of naked behavior from some of the other women who he had dated in the past, but not from her. She seemed so moral and modest, almost a bit uptight. It was so uncharacteristic of her to open the door naked, but he was glad she had. Like a beautiful butterfly, he was happy that she spread her wings to not only accept but also to embrace her new found sexuality.

Then, he thought, ‘What if it had been someone else other than him at the door?’

Excitement flashed across his mind and stiffened his cock when he thought of another man seeing his girlfriend naked. He couldn’t help but think of the pizza deliveryman being surprised to deliver a pizza to such a hot, naked woman. He wondered if that happens much to pizza deliverymen, delivering pizza to hot and naked women. Suddenly, he thought about what it would be like to work as a pizza deliveryman. With his luck, an old and naked woman would answer the door.

It had been difficult for him to reach first base with her and nearly impossible to steal second, forget about third base, and no way Jose would he ever have a chance of scoring home with this prudish woman. Yet, this is a whole new game, a double header, and the Ace is on the mound with their best hitter waiting in the dugout to come to bat.

‘Batter up,’ he thought. ‘Game on,’ he said to himself. ‘I plan on scoring with one swing of the bat and hitting this one out of the park.’

If he wanted her before, he wanted her so much more now. She was beautiful and he definitely wanted her, especially now after seeing her naked body. Moreover, by answering the door naked, it appeared that she wanted him, too. After all, with her standing there nude, her naked desire for him was not so subtle. How could he explain it any other way?

‘Duh, Dude, she wants you! She really wants you. Maybe,’ he thought, ‘this is some sort of Indian custom to play hard to get and then greet your intended at the door naked. Maybe,’ he thought, ‘I’m as hot as I think that I am. Maybe,’ he thought, ‘she’s going to propose to me.’

Never had he imagined an Earth Day celebration beginning with her answering the door naked. He figured he’d be out back digging a hole to plant a tree or running around the neighborhood with her picking up objects from the gutter to discard or recycle or washing carbon from fences or some shit like that before white washing them ala Tom Sawyer and Injun Joe. He even wore his old clothes in preparation of physical work. Never did he expect this. Never did he expect her to do this.

“Happy Earth Day, Freddie” she said closing the front door behind him.

Seductively, while firmly planting her pelvic bone to his, she pushed him against the front door and pressed her naked body against his before giving him a Heavenly French kiss that sent chills throughout his body. His mind was reeling with all the thoughts that he wanted to do to her naked form. His excitement for her reached a higher level he never imagined possible. For someone who was not into sex, she was so incredibly sexy.

“Uhm, yeah, Happy Earth Day to you, too,” he said shocked and thrilled that she immediately stuck her tongue down his throat.

Suddenly, Earth Day had become his favorite holiday, way better than Christmas. Suddenly, the earth spun wildly in his head. Suddenly, he loved the ecology and conservationism. He imagined spending the rest of his life with her under a starlit sky in the forest, well, maybe beneath an incandescent lit ceiling in a warm and comfortable house making love by the recycling beşiktaş grup yapan escort bins.

Never had her kiss excited him as much. His cock was ready to explode out of his jeans. He didn’t know where to put his hands and he held her by her hips with his wrists. He couldn’t wait to touch her and to feel her everywhere. Yet, even though he wanted to run his hands freely all over her naked body, he didn’t want to grope her.

He wanted to play it cool, so as not to frighten her into having second thoughts about making love. He figured that if he pressured her now, he’d pay for it later. It was better to allow her the control and to follow her lead. He didn’t want to suddenly awaken her from her sexual exploration and make her feel embarrassed enough to want to suddenly get dressed. Instead, he wanted to make her feel comfortable. He needed to take his time and allow her to show him the way to Nirvana.

With her standing there naked, he was already running swiftly around the bases and nearly at home plate. Now, he wanted to take it slow to enjoy this homerun. He didn’t want to suddenly be thrown out at home and not even get to score.

‘You’re out!’ he imagined the umpire in his mind forcing him to return to the dugout with his head hung in rejection and his penis deflated in sexual shame.

He wrapped his big arms around her and slowly slid his right hand down to her ass and cupped it. She had an incredible ass. He’d been dying to touch her jean covered ass or reach up under her skirt and feel her panty clad ass for weeks and now here it is in all its naked natural glory for his feeling and groping pleasure. It was so high up, firm, and round. Definitely, she had a proud ass. He was in Heaven.

She had a wonderful ass, a perfect ass, and a firm ass from her daily jogging around the neighborhood. He loved her ass, especially when she wore a pair of tight jeans. Her body felt so wonderfully seductive. She was firm and yet so soft. He was so very excited. He couldn’t wait to make love to her.

He kissed her again and again, each time more passionately. He wanted to savor these kisses and this moment as the forever lasting memory of their first sexual time together. If this was their first time to have sex, then he wanted to make this first time with her their best time. Yet, with each kiss, she heightened his deep desire for her. She was an incredible kisser. Never had she kissed him like this before.

Still, he couldn’t believe she was naked. All he could do was to stare at her body. The sight of her nakedness was what he had dreamt of every night in his dreams about her. He’d remember this moment forever.

Gently and slowly running his finger the length of her pussy, he reached down to test the waters of her passion for him and she was wet, so very wet. When she reached down to feel his cock through his pants, he thought he would cum in his jeans. He was so very excited and her touch was more sensual than sexual, almost delicate. She was so deliberate in her touch. She was so erotic in everything she did, the way she moved, walked, and talked. He found her so sexy.

He reached up and cupped her naked breast while gently fingering her nipple. She had big nipples. Immediately her nipples responded to his tender touch. Instantly, they became so very erect. The weight of her tit in the palm of his hand was like no other sensation. He couldn’t wait to suck her tits while making love to her. She had beautiful breasts, so shapely and symmetrical. These were the first Native American Indian breasts he had ever seen and her breasts were as high up and proud as were her morals and character.

When he reached down between her legs again, she didn’t stop him as she had always done before, but wiggling her ass and giving out a slight moan, she invited his deeper touch this time. He fingered and teased her clit while gently penetrating her with his middle finger. Their kisses became more heated, as he felt her excitement for him grow and his excitement for her swell.

He couldn’t wait to lick her pussy. He couldn’t wait to give her an orgasm with his mouth and tongue before mounting her and sticking his long, thick cock deep inside of her. He couldn’t wait to show her his passion. He couldn’t wait.

To be continued…

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