Emily Fessenden Ch. 04

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Public Sex

“Tell me again what you’re going to do, George” Emily asked.

“I’m going to examine your pelvic area, Emily. I’ll check you thoroughly outside and inside. The outside area you learned to call the pudendum is also known as the ‘vulva’ or ‘mons veneris’. As you know, you have two pairs of lips down there – the one covered by hairs, and the other in between them, that are delicate like the petals of a flower. I’ll look at them, and feel them between my fingers, checking for any cysts or other abnormalities.”

Emily’s skin warmed with anticipation.

“Then I’ll spread them apart, and look at the opening. Doctors call it the ‘introitus’. There is the opening to your vaginal canal, and the tiny opening where your water comes out, and a little bud called the ‘clitoris’. I’ll look carefully at them, and I’ll examine the clitoris with my fingers.”

Emily sighed with expectancy.

“Next I will introduce one finger into your vaginal canal. I’ll do it slowly and carefully, Emily, intending to cause no discomfort. Once my finger is inside you, I’ll feel for any abnormalities of the muscles within your pelvis, feel your bladder area, and touch your cervix – that part of your womb or uterus that extends into your vaginal canal. I’ll determine if your womb may be tilted from the normal position. I’ll also try to feel your ovaries.”

“Oh, George, that sounds very complicated.”

“I admit there is a lot to examine, Emily, and that it takes quite a while for a doctor to become truly proficient at evaluating this area. It took me a long while, and, frankly, most doctors give up long before refining their skills. I promise to be as gentle as possible Emily. I’ll take things slow and easy, and I will not rush. If and when anything is uncomfortable, I want you to tell me, and I will slow down, or try to be even more gentle.”

“And this will help you know about my condition and how to help me?” she inquired.

“It will,” George assured her.

“All right, George” Emily couldn’t decide whether to close her eyes, or to keep them open. She wondered whether she’d feel more curious or embarrassed.

“Do you have any questions before I begin, Emily?”

‘It won’t hurt much, will it George?” she asked bravely.

“I promise to make it as comfortable as possible, Emily. I’ll watch your face for any telltale signs of distress. I assure you that I’ll take my time Emily” he promised. “In fact, it may even feel pleasant to you.”

“Pleasant, George? What makes you think that?”

He blushed and answered, “Yes, Emily, it may feel pleasant. This is a very sensitive area, and some women feel a certain pleasure when I examine them.”

“I’d like that George. I trust you. Please do what needs doing. What shall I do for you?”

“I want you to bend both your knees, and rest the soles of your feet on the couch. Then let your hips relax so that your knees are spread apart.”

Emily did as instructed, relaxing and allowing her knees to widen apart, spreading her thighs open, a little surprised with herself that she felt glad that George would be looking at her there. More than that, she realized that for some reason she actually wanted to expose her tender parts to his view. She noticed a variety of sensations – the soft velvet under the soles of her bare feet, the coolness of the air between her thighs, the tightness of her nipples, and the pounding of her heart. Instead of keeping her eyes closed, she looked down at herself, at the wide V formed by her thighs. And she looked at George, observing the look in his eyes, and the slight flushing of his face.

The doctor rolled the chair into a position from which he could examine the lovely young lady. He knew exactly what he was doing. He felt the rising desire within him, and knew it was ‘unprofessional’, but relished it anyway. He was completely aware that his masculine member had gradually stiffened and was now straining against the fabric of his trouser leg. He was very conscious of his arousal. It was not the halkalı escort usual aloof but friendly attitude he had when he examined most female patients. Instead, he admitted to himself that he felt lust – there was no denial that he was experiencing strong erotic sensations as he prepared to touch Emily and examine her nether regions. From his vantage point, he could see the sheen of moisture on Emily’s inner labia. Her tightly puckered nipples, her breathing, and her facial expressions combined to make it obvious she was as aroused as he. The difference was that she was a young ingénue and he was a middle-aged man with experience.

He reached toward her with both hands, and separated her lightly hair-covered labia with the fingers of his left hand, exposing her pink moist inner lips. Emily softly gasped in response to the thrill of the doctor’s touch.

George’s experienced fingers had examined a few hundred women through the years. He could complete a through examination of a woman’s pelvis in only a few minutes. The basics had become matter-of-fact many years ago. He imagined that he could do it blind-folded, it had become so routine for him. There was a mental checklist that he automatically went through during each examination. But this time was different. This time it was Emily Fessenden. He was aware that his fingers trembled ever so slightly as he spread her open. He was aroused by the sight of Emily’s moist labia, the feel of the delicate flesh between his fingers, and the thoughts of how he would proceed to patiently, tenderly, and thoroughly explore her in very special ways. The feelings and imaginings that filled his mind were pleasant and exciting to him. Her feminine scent filled his nostrils.

As George held Emily’s curl-covered labia apart with his adroit hand, he ever so lightly touched her dampness. Pausing just like that…finger tips barely touching her dewy petals…he looked into her face.

“Emily,” George began in a soft, low-pitched voice, “I’m going to examine you completely and slowly. I’ll be as gentle as possible as I explore you with my fingers. As I mentioned, nothing ought to hurt.”

Emily nodded, heart pounding, skin beginning to moisten with warmth, and full of erotic anticipation.

“I want you to tell me how each area feels when I examine it Emily,” George continued. “Let me know if something feels tender, tight, painful, odd…or pleasant.”

She nodded silently once more.

When Emily nodded, George very softly used his fingertip to slowly separate her pink, swollen inner lips. The feeling of her moisture on his fingertip was an exquisite sensation. Emily quivered in response to the sensation of the doctor slowly gliding his finger between her lips, tracing the length of her folds in a very unhurried manner. George savored the moments, watching his finger tip move between her labia, enjoying the scent of Emily’s arousal, and taking pleasure in knowing how much she was enjoying his touch. His cock was hot and stiff and straining tightly against the fabric of his trousers.

He toyed with her that way for a minute or more.

“Is this comfortable so far Emily?” George inquired.

“Oh yes, George. It is very comfortable.” She emphasized the word ‘very’.

The doctor began in a very measured and slow fashion to push his finger into her vaginal orifice. It was hot. Wet. Slippery. Very slowly, George began to slip his finger just a little farther.

There it was. That thin, crescent-shaped membrane named for the ancient Greek god of weddings, Hymenaois. Emily’s hymen was taut, as totally intact as George expected it to be, based on the fact that Emily and Herman had never consummated their marriage. It covered only about one third of the portal into her vagina. Dr. Fallow had examined virgins before, and knew that with gentle, slow persistence, it could usually be stretched without being ruptured in cases in which it covered less than half the opening. He continued slowly, and could harbiye escort get just the tip of his finger past her maidenhead.

“Emily, there is a membrane here, called a hymen,” George said in his doctor tone of voice. “It is normal for it to be present in women who have not had sexual relations.” His fingertip remained motionless. “As I examine you, I will try to gently stretch the membrane. It may burn or even hurt a little when I do, but I will be very careful and take my time. It feels as though yours is very thin, and I think it will yield to a little pressure at a time.”

He moved his finger only a millimeter or two further into her opening, feeling her hymen resist.

“How does this feel Emily?”

Emily was most definitely aroused, but did feel a little burning sensation. “It is just a little uncomfortable, George. But….”, her voice trailed off.

George felt the tight resistance of her hymen begin to yield to his light pressure; he held his finger totally still, patiently waiting. “But what, Emily?”

“But…well…you did ask me to tell you how everything feels…whether it hurts or feels queer or feels pleasant.”

“Yes. And what are you feeling now?”

“It does burn, but only a little, George. And…it also feels very pleasant for your finger to be where it is.”

George almost imperceptibly moved his finger further into her, confident that the elasticity of her membrane would allow him to eventually insert his finger to its limit. He placed his other hand atop her pubic mound, and gently petted her pubic curls, watching her face for signs of obvious discomfort. Very little by very little, the hymen stretched, and millimeter at a time, his finger went deeper into Emily’s sopping cunny.

The feeling of George’s hand on her mound, and his finger entering her was wonderful. Emily could scarcely lie still.

“Just relax and breathe deeply and slowly,” George instructed. “We’re in no rush. There are no other patients waiting. We’ll take whatever time we need for this to be comfortable and pleasant for you.” He continued to pat and gently massage her pubic hillock, and very slowly inserted his index finger as her hymen stretched to accommodate it. The combination of her heat, her slippery wetness, the sight of her naked body and erect nipples, the sounds of her slow breathing, and the fragrance of her sex had almost a trance-like effect on the doctor.

As minutes went by, George was able to get two-thirds of his finger inside Emily’s damp cunny before he felt that her hymen would stretch no more without causing some pain. He did not wish to make this unpleasant for Emily in any way. Knowing that he had been given carte blanche by Emily’s husband in regard to examining and treating her, he knew that he did not need to be hasty. He would be able to probe deeper inside her the next time.

“Emily, my finger is as far inside as I am going to insert it for today’s exam. I don’t want to cause any needless pain.”

“Oh, George,” Emily sighed with pleasure, “you may hurt me if you need to. I don’t mind.”

“No, Emily, we are in no hurry. I shall examine what I can today, then on our next appointment I will be able to go farther.” Saying that, George began to explore as much of her inner pelvis as he could reach with his finger. His expert fingers palpated the moist walls of her vagina, pressing gently but firmly, feeling the extreme tension in her muscles. First the left side. Then he slowly rotated his finger so as not to hurt her, and curled the tip, feeling the spongy tissues behind her pubic bone. Emily gasped, but George knew it was not because it hurt.

“This area feels very sensitive to you, Emily?”

“Yes, George,” she answered in her soft raspy voice of arousal. “Is it supposed to?”

George gently stroked the engorged swelling of tissues. “Yes, Emily, it is usually very sensitive, or feels rather queer, and often pleasurable.” He pressed a little more firmly into the spongy area. ikitelli escort George knew something that was taught in no medical colleges – a secret that he had read about in one of his antiquarian books. George knew that there is a place within the vaginal canal, behind the pubic bone, that is very sensitive and can cause intense pleasure for some women when it is massaged.

Slowly he rotated his finger, and felt along the wall of the left side of her wet vaginal canal, noticing also the tension and spasms of her inner muscles. The doctor knew that these muscles needed to be treated – massaged and coaxed into relaxing. His knowledge of anatomy and physiology connected the tension there with Emily’s symptoms.

As his finger tip moved to touch her smooth, round cervix, he allowed his thumb to press lightly on her swollen clitoris. Emily purred and her body twitched slightly with pleasure.

“George?” Emily asked. He looked up at her. “That feels very pleasant. There where your thumb is resting.” He smiled, but did not reply. He wanted to explore a little further. There would be time for many more pleasant sensations later.

The doctor felt the tiny opening of her cervix – the os. He knew without seeing it what it looked like. Pink. Smooth. Glistening. Small, but beginning to open with arousal. He explored her cervix gently, pressing softly this way and that, and noticing that her uterus was tilted backward. Without inserting his finger fully, he could not discern more than that, but was able to recognize the abnormality. He had found this to be the cause of various symptoms in some of his patients. He had first learned of this, too, through reading long out-of-print texts. He was satisfied that he knew now how to treat Emily’s condition effectively. He was certain that he could help her many aliments.

And he knew that in so doing, he would not only help relieve her symptoms, but give her erotic pleasure and release.

And he admitted to himself that Emily aroused him to his core. She was physically beautiful, delightful to converse with. And she was an ingénue in sexual matters.

George pressed his thumb a little more firmly on the bud of her clitoris, and it slipped to one side as he did. Emily gasped, and flinched with pleasure. The sensation startled her, and was quite agreeable. She felt it not only where he had pressed, but it sent sensations coursing through her entire body. George repeated his motion, pressing on her clitoris, then allowing the little nub to slip from under his thumb to one side. Emily flinched with pleasure once again, sucking in a gasp of breath.

Very slowly George continued to massage the swollen little nubbin above Emily’s virginal cleft. The muscles of her thighs tensed and shuddered as the doctor unhurriedly tweaked her clit.

“This does not hurt, does it Emily?” He was almost certain that the sensations she was experiencing had nothing to do with pain.

“No, George.” She was dazed by the intense sensations.

“Does it feel odd?”

“Yes…odd…and…it feels very good. I…I…like it George” she said with wide eyes.

“Perfect.” George smiled as he lazily continued to massage and lightly flick the kernel of her clitoris with his thumb, while holding the index finger that was within her perfectly still. He moved the other hand to her lower tummy, resting it there, feeling the occasional involuntary contractions of her belly muscles in response to his stimulation.

“What is that George? What are you pressing on?”

The doctor continued his ministrations in a very leisurely way. “Where my thumb is massaging is a very special little bundle of nerves, Emily. Doctors call it your ‘clitoris’.”

“Clitoris?” Emily’s voice was soft, sensual, and breathy. “I never heard that word before. I’m certain Miss Bell never mentioned it in her classes about feminine anatomy and health.”

“She may not have known about it, Emily. Most books on the subject do not mention it – even books written for doctors. But it is a very important part of your anatomy.” He continued to easily and slowly massage her. He intended only to heighten her awareness of her clitoris, and had no plan at all to bring her to orgasm – not today. He purposed to begin to teach her body gradually about sensual pleasures.

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