Ending a Relation

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First of all , many thanks to Bron Zeage for his editing, correcting , good advices and specially his great patience. I could have never done it without his help.

Merci . Monsieur


Is honesty the best way?

My name is Francine and I am twenty-six years old. I am at my sister’s chalet, being screwed by a man I have known for only three weeks, while my sister Marge, twenty-seven, is in the other room being fucked by her husband Jimmy.

My fiancé of two years, Gerry, is at home, probably destroyed because he knows what I am doing .For the moment I do not worry. When I come back home, we will decide where to go from here, if I have a home to come to. I have accepted the fact I probably will not have a home or a fiancé after this week-end.

How it all began

I am brunette, hazel eyes; nice legs and I am told a nice ass at five nine I am tall for a woman. I have been hit on by many men and a few women. I always find a way to turn them down. I am a C.P.A and own a small accounting firm.

Gerry, my fiance, has his own business, landscaping and house renovation, depending on the seasons

Jimmy is a sales rep, Marge works for an insurance company and so does Rick, the guy I did not even know existed five weeks ago. I have a lusty need for his cock I can’t explain the reason he is so much under my skin.

I met Rick a few weeks ago. My sister introduced us at a little bar where a bunch of friends hang out for a few after work drinks and talk. I do not drink but I enjoy the company and join them most of the time for an hour or so before heading home.

Rick started coming on to me slowly. He was different from most other guys, so I let him go a bit further than I should have. I got caught in the game. I began to enjoy his attention and let him event rub my thighs under the table and rub my tits over my clothes on the small dance floor in the back corner of the bar. Again, I am at a lost to explain why I got the hots for him. He his a fairly big man, a bit taller than me, but certainly no Apollo.

A few weeks later , on a Friday, my sister told me, “You know, Rick is really into you and I think you rather enjoy his attention. You should do him.”

“Are you crazy? I am in love with Gerry and would not do that to him. Rick is a toy I play with. I admit he has soft hand and a nice prick, from rubbing him on the dance floor.”

“Just a quickie. It would not hurt and no one needs to know. I can help if you want.”

“I don’t do quickies. If I fuck a man I want it comfortable and in a situation where I can take the time to do it properly. Anyway forget it, it will never happen. I will let him down easy don’t worry.”

“I am sure you are more into him than you admit I am your sister I know you. You never let a man put his hand on you on a dance floor like you do Rick and since Gerry started putting more pressure on you to have children, things are not all rosy at home .Gerry wanted me to sound you out and see if you were interested in marriage and a family. He thought I might possibly influence you.”

That pissed me off that he would dare go to my sister with our problem. I did not want children. He knew that from the word go!

But the seed had been implanted in my brain, if not my clit, and all week-end I kept wondering what it would be like with Rick. I had not been with another man since I started dating Gerry three years prior. It bothered me that my head was full of fantasies about another man. I was lost so much in my dream world that Gerry asked if something was wrong. I said a hard week at the office and for the rest of the week-end I was careful about my daydreaming.

Sunday, the sister called. Gerry had gone to the neighbour to lie to each other about their fishing exploits, so I could talk freely.

“How are you can you talk?”

“Fine, yes I am alone.”

“You think about Rick some?”

“Jesus, can’t get him out of my head. I don’t understand. The more I think, more I get the hots for him. It seems to be beyond my capacity to control.”

“How will you let him down? More to the point, do you want to? Or do you have him under your skin so much you can’t let him go?”

I was silent for a long while she asked if I was still there.

“Yes, and after thinking about it since Friday, I think I will let Rick fuck me, but not a quickie”.

Just like that’ I made a decision that would change my life.

“What do you mean, not a quickie?”

“It will have to be a nice all night thing at least and not in some back seat or cheap motel. I will level with Gerry. It will not be behind his back.

“Good I will help any way I can. We are sisters after all. But are you sure Gerry will accept this?”

“No, but I will not make a fool out of him. I am getting tired of being told I need a couple of kids to keep me busy, because I have to much free time when he is at work.”

“You know it will be the first and only time I cheat on Gerry. Besides, we are not married. We only live together. pangaltı escort It is not my fault he has not proposed yet. Strange, I plan to fuck another man and love Jerry. And it is not that he is not good in bed, to the contrary. But I need to fuck Rick, if only once. I know what the consequences might be, but like Mom, I will live with the consequences.”

“You know sis, love and fucking just for sex are different things, one does not affect the other. It has nothing to do with your love for Gerry, believe me, I know I have been in that situation.”

“You, when?”

“A couple years ago, Jimmy was mad as hell for about a month but after some good fucking, he came around. We have more fun in bed since then I tell you.”

“Talk about this at the bar Monday after work, Gerry is coming back from the neighbour. Say hello to Jimmy.”

“Same to you and Gerry.”

The die was cast, my relation of a little over three years (two living full time together) with Gerry was over from that moment, even if right then I did not realize it.

From here on in, many things I only found after the facts are included in their proper order so the story has continuity.

Monday, both Marge and myself got off work early to plan before the gang showed at the bar. She said she and Jimmy would go to their chalet next week-end and if I could get away from Gerry from Friday am. to Sunday pm. Friday being a holiday, Rick would tell his wife he was going fishing, as he always does the first long week-end of the summer. Sis was keeping her word about helping things, I guess

“Good idea, but getting Gerry to let me go alone won’t be easy. He likes it at your chalet, and how will Jimmy feel about it?”

“Jimmy will be ok with it, if it is your choice to be there with someone else. We will find a way to leave Gerry at home.”

“He has got work over his head at the moment it is my going alone he might not like.”

The gang started to arrive, so we moved to the bar for privacy.

While the Barmaid was preparing her drink and my tomato juice, Marge said,

“If all else fails, take him to Dino’s motel and restaurant after all, you are quite familiar with the place and will be at ease there.”

An inside joke with our mom. Marge had let something slip one time at her home and we finally had to tell her the whole story. Her only comment was “like mother, like daughters.” That is the same day she admitted my Dad divorced her after she had been with two different guys while at a seminar.

We both laughed, Dino’s Restaurant and motel referred to an incident many years ago. I was 19 then. We had stopped there on a bike ride for a bite to eat and an older Gentleman had hit on us asked if one of us would go to a unit with him for about an hour. I volunteered since I had never been with an older guy. Trouble was he could not get it up .I sucked him until he came but he never got hard. In the end he more than made up for his softness with his fingers and tongue and I came out well satisfied.

By that time Rick arrived, Marge proposed we move to her van to discuss it in private. The side windows on her van are quite opaque and she had parked it with the front facing a tall wall at the end of the parking lot so we had privacy. No one could see in.

As soon as we got in Rick took me in his arms and give me a long kiss to. I returned with a passion that surprised me. Our first kiss and it extracted a response from me that both surprised and scared me a bit. After we came up for air, he said it was fixed on his side. Trout fishing season was open and he told his wife he was going fishing. He normally did this three or four times a summer .I would tell Gerry that I needed this free time for a last fling before committing to monogamy and he should permit me this as a birthday present if he loved me.

My birthday was the next Tuesday. If that failed, I would simply advise him I was doing it and would live with the consequences. I also told Rick in response to his question that seeing him after next week-end was something that I would consider until I got married or proposed to. As it turned out things did not go quite that way.

All that time, Rick was hugging me and playing nibbling at my ear lobes and started to slide a hand down the front of my blouse. I undid three more buttons to facilitate his access. Marge reached over and undid the rest and unsnapped my front clipping bra, saying,

“I told you I would help any way I could.”

Rick took full advantage massaging my breast and sucking my nipples. If men have their brains in their penis, I have mine in my nipples sometimes. I went crazy with lust. I did not care about my sister being there. I tried to unzip his pants Marge again reached over and did it for me. He had a nice long prick not much bigger than Gerry but a good two inches longer. Even with my sister there, I went down on him, he took hold of my head but I felt a pair of hands caressing and massaging my breasts. Was it pendik escort Marge? I was past objecting to anything. My sister caressing me only made things hotter. I don’t remember giving head with such lust and passion. I swallowed all he could give.

Rick said he would like to fuck my brains out now, but his car was at the garage and his wife was picking him up in 5 to 10 minutes. We hugged and kissed and he had to leave. I was so hot I was shaking. I needed some release. Marge hugged me and said she wanted to taste him, could she clean my mouth?

She kissed me and pushed her tongue into my mouth, I opened and let her tongue explore.

She pulled back for a second and said “little sister if you don’t get off you will explode.” Saying that, she brought her hand under my skirt pushed my panties aside and shoved two fingers into my cunt. I was so wet they slid in easily. I started humping her fingers as her thumb rubbed my clit. She went back to sucking my nipples. I had one giant orgasm and three or four smaller ones, before crumbling into her arms.

“I wanted to do you since I was about sixteen, hope you feel better.”

“Yes, much better thanks.”

“Is that why you got me involved with Rick, to get me?”

“No, I know his wife from some company receptions. She is a real bitch, treats him like dirt and flirts around with all the guys, maybe fucks a few of them. I finally convinced him to join the gang at the bar so he would have a few good hours at least. Then he met you and you two seemed to click. I was expecting anything but that. You owe me for getting you off.”

“What do I owe you?”

“How about a few hours of letting me play with your body?”

I turned that in my head for a while. After all, this was my big sister. Finally “Okay. A whole night, but after this weekend. Let’s say within a month. “

“I will hold you to that little sister.”

I was a mess. My skirt and panties were wet with my juices, to say nothing of the seat.

“I made quite a mess of the seat, What will Jimmy say if he sees this.”

“Don’t worry, leather washes easily, Jimmy knows I play with girls he is ok with it. I promise not to tell him the girl was you, this time.”

“I am finding out quite a few secrets about you, Marge. I wonder how many more there are?”

“Someday little sister you may find out, if it is your wish.”

Since we dress the same size, except for bras, she has bigger breasts than me. She drove me to her home where I could clean up and borrow some clothes to go home in and drove me back here to get my car. At her place I showered, rinsed my mouth, and brushed my teeth about five times. I did not want Gerry to smell or taste cum in my mouth.

Before leaving her house, she asked me if I really wanted to keep my promise of letting her play with my body. I put my hands around her neck and kissed her long and passionately. She kissed back the same way.

“Now it is sealed.”

“With all this I will rape Jimmy the minute he comes trough the door. You got me so hot.”

Driving home I was doing lots of thinking. I had gotten myself into this quite deeply. The change in me within one week was shocking. Not only had I cheated on the man I believed to be the love of my life, but I did it twice within a half hour, once with Rick and then with my own sister. On top of that, I was planning to do it again come hell or high water. What shocked me the most was I had no regrets, except for the fact that I would cause a good man deep pain, which bothered me. I had to really think hard about all of this.

Arriving home, the first thing I did was to get into my own clothes. I did not want questions as to why I was wearing my sister’s clothes.

I fixed myself a small salad. Gerry hugged me and kissed me when he got home, as always. After supper he had work to do on his computer.

“I am going for a walk in the park.”

Before going I looked at Gerry sitting at his computer and a realization hit me hard. I loved that man dearly. He is an extremely good man. He had been good to me, as I had been to him, until now.

But I realized no matter how much I loved him in a sense, I was not in love with him. Sitting on a bench in the park, I cried, coming to the conclusion that I did not love my fiance enough to spend the rest of your life with him hurt a lot. I would have to tell him up front. This would hurt both of us, probably Gerry a lot more than me.

It was not Rick. I knew he was just a fling. In no way would I consider a steady relationship with him. My sister? I had the hots for her for sure but just sisterly love no more. She had been the first woman to touch me in a sexual way. I had enjoyed it a lot, more than I let her see. Another thing I was sure of, I was not tempted to do without men. I loved a good cock to much for that.

I slowly came to the conclusion that I was not ready to attach myself to one man for the rest of my lifeGerry mentioned marriage a few times lately. I was rus escort unsure of my intentions, now was the time to come clean, not a couple years into a marriage, maybe with kids in the picture. That was probably the clincher Gerry often mentioned that we should have kids. I always managed to get off the subject. I did not want children or the responsibility, of that I was sure. I knew I loved him enough to probably have a happy life with him, once I got Rick out from under my skin. If he gave up on having kids.

On the other hand, I was like my Mom, no hypocrisy. On coming back from the Seminar where she cheated with two different guys, (my Dad confirmed this to us.) she walked into the house, looked my Dad in the eyes and said, “Bert, I have been with two different men, one more than once. I don’t ask for forgiveness. A man cannot forgive or forget such a thing, even if he tries. Now that I have tasted strange cocks, I will probably do it again. The only thing to decide is which one of us is leaving”.

That night I made love to Gerry with a passion that surprised him a bit. The problem was I was wishing I had Rick’s long cock in my pussy instead of Gerry’s. I kept lifting my hips up to him hoping to get him deeper into me.

Thursday, things come to a head.

During the evening I took as bath and shaved completely. I kept myself trimmed down there but never before fully shaved. Gerry had asked before for me to shave completely, but I had never done it . I thought it would please him. If I could make him understand and accept that kids were not in our future, there was still time to cancel my week-end plans.

When he came into the bedroom, I was only wearing a short bathrobe, hoping for a good hot fuck. I said to him,

“Marge and Jim have opened their chalet for the first long weekend of the year. I am going with them. I will be back Sunday afternoon.”

“This is the busiest time of year for the landscaping. I have four jobs going at once and all of them a rush. I will be working till dark till Sunday at least. You can go to Marge’s chalet another time when I have less work.”

That pissed me. I was not a child needing permission.

“I don’t remember asking you to come or for your permission to go. I said I was going! I am not going to mope around the house all weekend.”

“What you need ,I told you often, is a kid or two to occupy some of your time around the house when I am working. I will see tomorrow morning if I let you go.”

Then his eyes went down to my crotch, his face changed, turned red ,it almost scared me.

“You shaved your cunt, something you never done for me. Who is the prick that you plan on letting dip his wick in your slit this weekend, you whore?”

“There will be a friend of Marge there and, yes, I plan to let him fuck me.”

“At least that explains the shaved cunt I should not have expected anything better from you considering your sister fucks anything in sight when Jimmy is not around and your mom is no better. A couple of kids would probably have cooled down that hot slut between your legs .”

I really blew-up then. It’s funny, when you are guilty, it is easy to get mad at the offended party.

“I tried to make it clear to you, but I guess that hints are not enough! I do not want kids, never did and probably never will. If I have to get my tubes ligatured, then perhaps you will stop bugging me with that! Is that a way for you to control me? Barefoot in the summer and pregnant in the winter, as the saying goes! If you want kids that much find someone else to make them with you. And I am leaving tomorrow for the chalet, like it or not.”

With that he took his clothes for the next day and his pillow and left the bedroom.

“I will sleep in the guest bedroom, I don’t want to touch you , how many have you fucked behind my back and for how long?”

Before I could say another word, he was gone. I heard the guest room door slam.

I came to the conclusion that one way or another we would never settle our difference about having children. Also, I thought a lot about Rick and in the end, I was not sure I would go through with sleeping with him .If not, I would explain face to face to him.

The next morning, I got up first and had breakfast ready. There was not much talking.

“Still decided to go?”

“Yes definitely. I am going”

“I don’t permit it”


“Stay home where you belong.”

That tore it.

“Listen, you don’t own me. I am not a slave or a prisoner or your property! I am an adult. I will decide where I go and when. I had heard that you tended to control your girlfriends before, I did not believe it. You sure hid that side of you well until now. It won’t work with me. I am going and that is all!”

“That friend of Marge’s, for whom you shaved, have you fucked him?”

“No, but I danced with him and kissed him and give him a blow job once!”

“You plan to sleep with him I imagine?”

“I don’t know, maybe. I am considering it, not decided, but the way you are acting, forbidding me to go, I am very tempted.”

“Thought as much .Will you remove the do not enter sign from your ass for him?”

“No one ever got in my ass, not even you, and he will certainly not be the first to do it this week-end.”

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