Erotic Daydreaming

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Do you know how much you turn me on? The way you were slowly sucking on my cock the other night. You made my whole body tingle up & down. It was all I could do to keep from grabbing your head with both hands & start thrusting my cock in & out of your mouth. I could fuck that sweet mouth forever, if I could keep from shooting my hot cum down the back of your throat. I wish we could have kept going, but I know we didn’t have the time. You had me fantasizing all night long!

I started imagining you releasing my cock from your lips & grabbing it in your hand. Then you started slowly stroking it up & down, squeezing it in your hand. At the same time, you lift my hot cock up & gently place your mouth around my balls, alternating between each, sucking them in your mouth & teasing them with your hot tongue. As if I weren’t in ecstasy already, I feel a finger from your other hand slide between the cheeks of my ass, and slowly circle the rim of my hole, before slipping inside. You start to move your finger in & out with the same strokes your hand is applying to my cock. While you are still fingering my ass, you release my balls from your mouth, & start sucking on the tip of my cock while still stroking me.

You continue to tease & taunt me, like the expert cocksucker you are. I start to feel as if I could faint from pleasure, the cum building up pressure in my balls, ready to shoot my load into your waiting mouth, when you suddenly stop. I want to start stroking my dick to finish myself off, but you make me stop, telling me that you want to save my hot cum for your pussy. Then you tell me to carry you to the bed. I reluctantly agree, anticipating what will come next. I let my pants drop to the floor, and step out of them in front of you, with nothing but my tee shirt still on.

I gently lift you into my arms, and press my lips to yours. You slightly part your lips, & my tongue lightly touches yours as they dance around our mouths. Feeling your body pressed against mine, my tongue starts to move deeper, as if it were my cock sliding in & out of you. I feel your hands tighten around my neck, & you return my kiss with a passion of your own. I carry you to the bed & gently place you on the mattress, then lie next to you. We continue fondling each other, our mouths still pressed tightly together. My hands caress your breasts thru your shirt. Your nipples harden under my touch, the fabric stretching tight against your tits. The sensation is too much for me, so I unbutton your top to expose two perfectly shaped breasts. Not too big, but not too small either. Just more than a handful, with extremely sensitive nipples, just begging to be sucked. I lower my mouth down to take your nipple in my mouth, & gently suck on it. You start to moan, & tell me that your pussy is starting to twitch from the sensation. That in turn makes my cock throb hard against your leg, so I gently bite & pull your nipple with my teeth, while tonguing the tip. My other hand fondles your other nipple, trying to simultaneously imitate what my mouth is doing.

Meanwhile, you have reached down to pull your pants & panties down to your knees. I get excited by this, & help you by pulling them off the rest of the way with my foot. You reach between yours legs with both hands. Using one hand, you spread your pussy wide open, making your hard clit stand up above your wet cunt lips. Using your other hand, you start rubbing your clit in small round movements. You slip your hand down to glide across your slit, & you slip a finger into your cunt, feeling the wetness as your pussy starts to swell to your caress. Rubbing a little on your clit, you tell me how wet your pussy is. You dip your fingers into your juices again, & then raise them up to my lips. I hungrily lick your fingers, not wanting to miss a single drop of that heavenly taste. I tell you that you taste sweet & that I would like a lot more. Your nipples seem to get even more erect under my fingers, and your body shivers a little in response. I cup your hand in mine & guide it back to your clit, pressing gently & get you to start rubbing yourself again.

I tell you how much it turns me on to watch you touch yourself, & that I would like to watch you play with yourself while I stroke my cock. You sit up & I help you take your shirt the rest of the way off, brushing against your nipples as much as I can. You reciprocate by pulling my tee shirt off over my head. With your head close to my chest, you lean over & suck on my nipple, biting & pulling it like I did yours, only a little harder. I gasp a little in response to your handling, but enjoy the attention you give me. I pull you up & kiss you etiler bdsm escort deeply again, pressing our now naked bodies together, enjoying the feeling of your tits pressed against my chest.

You ask me if I can feel your nipples against me, & playfully rub them back & forth against my nipples, making them rock hard. My cock rubs against the folds of your cunt, feeling it get slick with your juice. Part of me wants to shove it in & fuck your cunt hard until I blow my load, but another part of me wants to make it last. Luckily, the second part wins out, & I move back away from your body.

Propping yourself up on a pillow, you spread your legs wide, giving me full view of your pussy. Your juice starts to dribble out of your cunt lips, & traces a line down the crack of your ass. I climb between your spread thighs & kneel on the bed so that you will be able to see me when I start pulling on my dick, stroking it while you masturbate in front of me. I tell you to play with your tits, to tug on your already puffy nipples. You first run your hands around both tits, avoiding your nipples, squeezing them tightly. The devilish smile on your face tells me that you enjoy teasing me, while you circle your fingers around your large areolas. My cock starts throbbing again, but I refuse to touch it just yet. You look down between my legs & notice a drop of precum on the tip of my swollen cock head. You let a little moan escape your barely parted lips as you push your breasts together and kneed your nipples between your fingertips.

While holding your tits together with one hand, you slide your other hand back down between your legs. I tell you to slide your fingers in your cunt & spread it wide for me. You pull your cunt lips apart & ask me if I like what I see. I say that you know what you’re doing to me. You’re a sexy hot bitch in heat that likes to tease me. You tell me that you’re my hot bitch. I call you a cockteaser again, & I start stroking my cock to the movement of your fingers playing across your swollen clit.

After watching you rub your pussy for a few minutes more, I feel like I can’t take it anymore, & tell you that I want to eat your pussy. I want to tongue fuck you right now until you come in my mouth. You spread your cunt lips even wider for me as I press my mouth over your wet snatch, trying to get the whole thing in my mouth at one time. I hear you moan again, & it drives me to stick my tongue as deep into your love hole as far as I can press it. Your hot juice drips from my tongue as I fuck it in & out of you. You tell me to eat your pussy. You say to fuck it hard. Then when I think you can’t take anymore, you tell me to suck on your clit, which I gladly do. I swirl my tongue over & under, up & down, just the way you like it.

While I’m eating you out, I trace one finger down your wet slit, following the juice down the crack of your ass. Slowly, I work my finger into your asshole, sliding it in deeper & deeper. You moan & don’t say anything, but I can tell that you like it, because you stop playing with your tits. You use your hands to spread your ass cheeks apart so I can get my finger deeper up your ass. I tell you let me know if you like my finger fucking your ass while I eat your clit. You tell me to do you harder, to fuck your ass real good. I can tell that all of this is getting to you, because you start to grind your clit against my nose as my tongue slides back into your pussy. I know that you’re going to come any second, so I work two fingers into your ass at the same time. Your body starts to convulse as you scream out that you’re coming. My mouth latches tighter on your cunt as your cum starts to gush in my mouth. You grind your pussy on my face so hard, your juice smears all over my chin, cheeks, & nose. I love the taste of you & lick you clean as your squirming subsides. Then I slowly pull my fingers out of your ass, and I climb up to kiss you. Even though my face still has your juice all over it, you kiss me deeply, so that we share your taste between us. I lay beside you for a few moments, rubbing your tits with one hand, while squeezing my cock with the other.

I change position so that I am now kneeling between your spread legs. I lower my body closer to yours, my cock rubbing against your wet pussy, as I lean over to kiss you again. As our tongues probe deeper into each other mouths, I slowly start sliding my cock in & out of your cunt, teasing your wet hole as I slide in a little deeper with each thrust. You break contact with my mouth to tell me I’m driving you crazy. You tell me you want me to fuck you hard. The next thing etiler elit escort I know, you have your hands on my ass, clawing at my cheeks, & driving my cock as deep as you can into your cunt. You scream at me between moans to fuck your harder & faster. I call you my hot sexy bitch again. I ask you if you like it deep. You say your my hot bitch & tell me you love the feel of my cock in your pussy.

The friction between us becomes too intense, & I feel my dick twitch with the anticipation of coming soon. I’m not quite ready yet, so I try to hold it off by adjusting our position. I grab hold of your legs & lift them around my neck, while spreading your thighs further apart. My cock slides even deeper into your cunt, but there’s less pressure on the sides, helping me hold back my cum. With my cock buried to the hilt in your cunt, you start to moan even louder. But after a few minutes of watching your flushed tits bounce & my dick driving into you, the sensation starts building in me again. That combined with feeling my balls slapping against your ass & hearing the wet sloshing of me fucking you, almost drives me over the edge. I pull my throbbing dick out of you & tell you that I’m not ready yet. You beg me to keep fucking you that you want to come again so bad. I tell you that I have other things in mind.

I climb off the bed & walk over to the closet to retrieve a shoebox from the top shelf. As I walk back to the bed, I see that you couldn’t wait even a few seconds. You already have one hand back on your clit rubbing it hard, & the other pinching your hard nipples. I climb back into bed next to you & lay the box at my side. I tell you that you’re a bad little bitch, and to roll over on your stomach. As you roll over I reach into the box & pull out a large latex whip. You look up at me with a fire in your eyes when you see the whip. Immediately, you arch your back so your ass is sticking up in the air, & and you tell me you’re a bad little bitch. I ask just how bad you are. You tell me you’re a nasty little cockteasing bitch. In response, I whip your ass a few times. You say that feels so good, so I whip it a few more times. You tell me your ass feels so hot, & you want me to make your ass red. I tease you a little by spreading your ass cheeks apart & running the whip across the crack of your ass. The handle of the whip is shaped like little beads glued together, & I press it against your hole as I rub it back & forth. You press back against it feeling the handle rub your ass & tell me how good that feels. I slap your ass with my bare hand, seeing it turn redder with each slap. You tell me to spank it harder, because you’re a bad little bitch who needs to have her hot ass spanked.

After spanking it a few more times, I lay the whip down & grab both ass cheeks with my hands & spread you wide open. I lean down & kiss your ass cheek, telling you how sexy your ass looks. I trace my tongue across your cheek over to your crack & then down to your puckered hole. With round circular motions, I tease your ass with my tongue, causing you to squirm against my face. I start to slowly enter your ass, but you drive yourself back on my tongue, trying to fuck it like a hard cock. I rim your hole as deep as I can for a few minutes, then I get another idea.

Once again I reach into the shoebox & pull out two more items: a bottle of sex grease & a foot long string of anal beads. Your eyes get big as I lube up the beads, & a sexy smile spreads across your face. I once again position myself behind you & and spread your cheeks apart with one hand. With my other hand, I squeeze the bottle over the crack of your ass, dripping the sex grease down you crack. You let loose a little squeal & tell me that it’s cold. I say don’t worry, it’s going to get hot real fast. With that, I push my lubricated finger up your ass & stroke it, making sure you’re well lubricated for what comes next. I rub the first bead against your hole to let you get use to the feel of it. Then in one quick move, I pop it inside your ass. You squirm a little as the ball sucks up inside you, then you tell me you want more. I proceed with the next one & continue until all six beads are in your ass. I look up at you & smile, then slowly pull two of the beads back out. You moan that makes your ass feel so good. I push them back in & and get the same response again.

I have you roll back over on your back while I pull out another item from the box. This time it’s an 8″ smooth blue vibrator curved at one end made to stimulate your g-spot. Your pussy is so dripping wet by now that you don’t even need the sex lube. I turn it etiler escort on its highest speed & rub it up & down your cunt. It doesn’t take long until your juice has it wet enough to slide right in. I try to work it in slowly, but I don’t think I’m hitting the right spot, because you decide to take matters into your own hands. You take vibrator out of my hand and start working it into your cunt deeper & faster with every stroke. You start to close your eyes as the vibrations send you through the roof.

Starting to feel a little left out, I decide to get in on the act myself. I start stroking my cock again with one hand while I work your tits over with my other hand. A deeper moan escapes your lips as I pinch your nipple between my fingertips. Your eyes flutter open & you tell me it feels so good, you’re almost ready to come again. I ask if you like fucking that big blue cock, and you say oh god, it makes you feel so horny. Then you look at me pulling at the head of my cock, and you tell me how much you’d like to suck it right now. That’s all I need to hear, so I get on my knees and move my swollen dick to your waiting mouth. You take my dick in your mouth all the way down to the base, & then slide it slowly back out. As you keep deep-throating me, I can feel the vibrations from your mouth as you moan around my cock. I tell you to fuck that big blue dick hard as you suck my cock. I tell you that you’re the best cocksucking bitch there is. That seems enough to put you over the top, because your eyes start rolling up into the back of your head. Even though your mouth is full with my swollen dick, you manage you scream out oh God I’m coming. You start sucking my cock even harder, until I can’t hold back any longer. My cum shoots to the back of your throat, & you swallow it. I keep pumping load after load of hot jism in your mouth, but somehow you keep up with it, not letting one-drop fall from your lips. As soon as I’ve spent my load in your mouth, I pull my cock out quickly. The way you start thrashing around on the bed, screaming out, I was afraid you might choke to death on it. I grab both your nipples & pinch them hard. You keep screaming for another full minute, feverishly fucking yourself with the vibrator, until you yell that you can’t take it anymore. I release your nipples as you pull the cum coated toy out of your pussy.

After all that, you tell me you still want more, so I go back to the box to pull out your two most favorite toys. The first is a pair of wireless vibrating nipple clamps, which I clip on to your nipples. The second is a venus butterfly with a little two-inch penis sticking out of it. I carefully reach around you to strap it to your waist, you feel that you’re right on the edge. There’s so much juice flowing from your cunt now that you are having a hard time keeping your slippery clit spread open. I reach down with one hand & help you spread yourself open. My other hand is rubbing my cock, which is starting to get hard again from watching you squirm & moan. You tell me your going to come, so I reach down between your legs & grab hold of the anal beads. As you start to scream, I slowly pull the string, popping one out at a time while you ride wave after wave of orgasmic bliss. After the last bead is out, you pant a little, telling me that you feel like your going to come again.

This time I reach in the box I think the neighbors down the block can hear you. You keep yelling oh God I’m coming so much, you ask me if I can see your juice flowing out of your cunt. I say that there’s so much flowing down the crack of your ass that I don’t even need the lube for your dildo. Between breaths you tell me to slow down or you’ll pass out. I let up on the dildo slowly backing it out of your ass. You glance over at me through eyes like slits, and see my cock fully hard again & ready for more. You tell me that you’d like me to fuck you some more. I answer that I’d love to fuck you again, but I have a better idea.

I tell you to roll over & get up on your knees. You tell me that you love to be fucked from behind. I love it too, but I’m thinking of something a little different. You look so sexy with your ass up in the air like that, I just have to slap it a couple of times. Your body shakes all over, & I can see the nipple clamps swinging from your large tits. still buzzing away at your large nipples. You start to reach back to undo the straps from your butterfly, but I tell you to leave it on. From my view, I can just see the little dick on it moving in your cunt as you squirm around from the vibrations. I take the sex grease & squirt a generous amount on my cock & start stroking it, lubing it up really good. With my other hand, I lube up my finger with the juice dripping from your cunt & slide one finger in your ass. You moan how good it feels, so I work another finger inside, feeling your hole contract around my fingers. You moan in ecstasy again, & your body starts shake with another orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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