Etched Memories of New Friends

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God I was so nervous about the night that I had gotten tempted to cancel a few times. It’s one thing for text messages and a quick chat on the phone to make you think it’s going to be ok, but taking that chance and knocking on a door. To think that first I almost knocked on the wrong door.

You open the door and welcome me into your home. Kissing me as I walk in the door and telling me that Ella is out the back and to come on out. Putting my drinks in the fridge you hand me one of them.

I walk out the door and Ella stands up to give me a hug and welcome me. She is gorgeous. Darker hair and beautiful smile, and straight away we start laughing about how I was going to go visit the neighbours and the shock I could have given them.

We spend awhile just chatting and getting to know one another, sitting out in the back room on the couch by the fireplace. We are relaxing, listening to tunes and laughing at how Don is an exhibitionist and it’s amazing how he didn’t answer his door in his play gear. Then Ella tells me how tonight it’s about her more so. This is her first time with a lady and that he gets to play later.

As I am not from the area we talk about the local hangouts and the names of places. I am convinced that I really need to check some of these places, the images of naked bodies just doing whatever they feel like on a beach under the sun with the glorious breeze fluttering over naked flesh.

We are starting to feel comfortable together and Ella is slowly moving her leg in my direction. Perhaps she means to or it’s maybe subconscious but I start to run fingertips over the inside part of her knee. Letting my fingers slide downwards to her feet and back up to her thigh and just roaming over skin.

I tell her that if she is feeling uncomfortable bursa escort at any point we stop. No problems or hurt feelings. She tells me she is fine.

Don asks if we want to take it inside and into the lounge. There is a mattress laid out in front of the telly and porn showing on it. As we walk inside I strip down from my jeans to just bra and panties. Ella as she comes in starts to remove her clothes and we end up naked and kneeling on the mattress.

We lean into each other and kiss, tongues entwining and hands touching skin, Ella leans down a little and takes one of my nipples into her mouth. It hardens a little which in itself is unusual as they are normally inverted and only come out now and then.

God this lady is going to make me wet real quick, she comes up to kiss me again I instead lean now. Her boobs felt amazing in my hands, nipples taken into my mouth as my tongue slowly slid down over her body. My mouth tasting her, inhaling her scent of pure woman. I slide back up to her and let her taste herself on my lips. Our tongues entwining in a kiss.

Don sitting on the couch is watching and tossing off, slowly he is sliding his hand up and down, stroking his clean shaven cock…encased in a silver ring, knowing there is porn on the TV but watching his partner with her first lady. Now that’s love.

My mouth is drifting back southwards on Ella’s body, along her chin, down her throat and over her collarbone, lower still to her breast. Fingers teasing skin and causing goose-flesh licking and nipping my way down her body I stop at her navel and flick my tongue over it, fingers tickling her sides and drifting lower still.. My fingers finding her moist slit… slowly I ease in a finger, teasing her. Sliding it inside and out… Deeper, and deeper. bursa escort bayan My tongue finding and tracing her mound. I let my tongue drift down and slowly oh so slowly sliding back upwards spreading her lips apart with my tongue and sucking on her clit. Don ends up moving downwards towards us and offers his cock for to play too. His hands start roaming… playing with his wife’s breasts. And one hand with mine. My tongue flicking as I devour her. I spread her a little wider and slide my tongue deeper into her pussy. Her warmth and her pleasure evident. Don’s fingers are teasing me yep. He moves around a little so that I can suck on his cock.

Ella moves up from being under me to being over me and her mouth following my hands downwards she starts to taste me and her fingers start to rub my clit… mmm moaning and already soaking I am reaching for the double ender dildo that is sitting there on the mattress nearby, I kneel up more… This is also a first fir me as I have never tried one of these… I slide one end into Ella and the other inside myself. Not sure about the movements involved but still the sensations of knowing that it joins us both together as one is awe inspiring… .

One of my legs over one of hers and moving gently. My fingers on her clit, rubbing, Leaning downwards I take a nipple into my mouth and bite it gently. She is moaning and loving it. I slide the dildo out of me and using my hand I let the dildo pump into her… my tongue coming down to taste her as she is squirting on the toy. Don has moved around behind me and is sliding his throbbing hard cock into my pussy. In and out I feel him move. My hips bucking into every thrust but my tongue and fingers are still loving what is happening with Ella.

She manoeuvres so that she is above escort bursa my face and I can lick her and run my tongue over her pussy letting my tongue dart into her moist openness. She is getting excited and leaning into kiss her husband… and she starts to squirt again though this time it is into my mouth. I am swallowing and letting my tongue flick and tease her. Moving around a little we are starting to torment Don too… we both decide to focus on Don for a little while and we start to share his cock… our tongues both sliding over his length and meeting at the top… kissing as we go… as Ella takes him into her mouth, I lean lower and take his balls into my mouth, sucking and flicking them as I would do to Ella’s clit. I let my tongue drift lower still and just starting to rim his ass, he is moaning and loving the attention… but he is also aware of where he is at and doesn’t let us take him too far and he is asking Ella to let him inside her…

She slowly straddles him but facing away from him so that I can access both her clit and his balls as I am playing… Riding him and feeling my tongue flicking against her… The excitement builds as her orgasm is closer… She is riding him and I am using my tongue against them both… I slide my finger into his arse. Sliding it in and out. He is moaning and telling us he is close to cumming. Ella jumps off to let us tease him more. sharing his taste and that mixed with her. he asks who is getting the cum. “Me, pick me” I state…

Ella laughs and says sure. I am still fucking his ass with my fingers and the other hand cupping his balls, teasing a little more. He starts to erupt… it gets all over us. I get some in my mouth and then I am licking his cock clean. savouring the taste.

We are all laying there recovering and laughing. Don offers me the shower first like the gentleman he is. I jump through the shower and then sit with them and have a drink and a chat before leaving. Hoping that their memories of the night are as good as mine is.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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