Fantasies 01

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I’m so excited for you to come home tonight. I know it’s only been a week but it’s felt like a really long week. I’m so damn horny and I need to be fucked.

I know you’re excited too.

I’ve been sending you dirty text messages all day. Telling you what I want you to do to me. I can’t wait.

I put my hand up my skirt and touch my self.

God, I am so turned on.


I bite my lip.

I lick my finger.

Push my panties aside and rub my clit.

It’s already so swollen. My inside has been throbbing all day and I am so wet.

I glance at the clock again.

“Snap out of it.” I tell myself, ‘get back to work.’

Finally 5 o’clock comes.

I rush out the door. Thrilled I’ll be seeing you in a few hours.

I get home and change out of my work clothes and step into the shower.

I turn the water on. My body is so hyper sensitive and everything is turning me on. I lather up my body extra slow enjoying the sensations.

I put the shower hose up to my clit and let the water beat on it. “Oh God, that feels good.”

I’m so tempted to cum but I promised I wouldn’t and somehow you would know. I’m sure of it.

I towel off and put on the coconut lotion that you love.

As requested I put on your favorite red, lace panties and matching push up bra.

I grab one of your dress shirts to wear while I make dinner.

I check myself out in the mirror and squeeze my tits. I think you’ll approve.

I freshen my make up and head downstairs to make your favorite dinner.

I’ve got my headphones on and I’m standing at the sink washing vegetables for a salad.

You’re early and I don’t hear you come in.

You sneak up behind me.

Grab me by the waist and push your hard cock against me.

Your hands go up my shirt and you squeeze my tits.

You lift my hair to the side and start kissing my neck. Gently biting me and sucking me.


I’m squirming in your arms.

‘You know how CRAZY that makes me.’

I try to turn around and kiss you but you push me against the sink and say “don’t move.”

You rip open my shirt and take it off, tossing it to the floor. I’m standing in my bra and panties.

You grind your cock up against me. “You’ve been a bad girl, teasing me all day with your text messages.”

You cup my pussy and give it a few taps. “Oh my God baby, you’re so fucking wet.”

I lean back against you, resting my head on your shoulder.

“My pussy missed you baby.”

You put your hand inside my panties and finger my pussy.

“Oh, fuck baby, you are so wet for me.”

You bring your finger up to your lips and lick it. ‘So sweet.’

You undo my bra and grab my nipples. You pinch and twist them making me wince in pain. “Ouch baby.”

You don’t care. You keep pinching and pulling at them until they’re big and hard, just how you like them.

“Mmmmmm” you grind your cock against me.

I plead with you. “I want your cock so bad baby. Let me feel it.”

I try to turn around but you don’t let me. You’ve still got me pinned against the countertop. etiler eve gelen escort

You scold me. “I told you NOT to move.”

“I’m sorry.”

You snap back at me. “You’re sorry who?”

“I’m sorry Sir.”

You run your hands down to my pussy and slip your fingers inside me.

“Oh, damn baby your juice is dripping out of you.” You move your fingers in me, coating them with my honey.

You bring them up to my lips.

“Taste.” You command.

I take your fingers into my mouth and lick them off slowly. Teasing you. Sucking your fingers like I want to suck your cock.

“Oh, yeah baby, suck my fingers clean. That’s it.”

You put your fingers in me again and bring them back up to my mouth.


I do as you say.

You grab my chin and turn my face to look at you.

You shove your fingers deeper into my mouth.

You kiss me hard and bite my lip. ‘Do you like the way your pussy tastes?’

“Mmm hmmm.” I nod my head, ‘yes.’

You slap my ass hard and it stings.

I jump. “Ahhhhh, ouch.”

I wasn’t expecting that.

“Yes WHO?” You say.

“Yes Sir.” I whimper.

That’s right. You refer to me as Sir. Don’t you forget again. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir.” I say.

“Very good then” and you caress my sore bottom.

You get down on your knees and pull my panties down.

You start giving me wet kisses on my ass. You grab my ass in your hands. “I love your ass baby. You have such a sexy, squeezable ass” and you smack it again.

“Spread your cheeks for me.”

I do as I’m told.

“Yeah, just like that.”

You bury your face in my ass. Kissing my little pink rose bud, licking it with your tongue.

I love when you get nasty. “Oh baby that feels so good.”

You’re slobbering on my ass and I can feel your spit dripping down to my pussy hole.

I grind my ass onto your face. “Oh damn baby. That’s what I want.”

You yank my arm and turn me around. You kiss me hard, biting my lip and sucking my tongue.

You grab my chin and look at me. Your eyes have the wild, lustful look in them.

You kiss me again “damn, I missed you.”

You grab my hand and lead me to the dinner table.

You smack my ass. “Get up there. I want you to hold your legs open and let me look at your pussy. I want to see what I’m eating.”

I do as you tell me.

You sit at a chair and look at my cunt. Inspecting it like some scientist.

You rub it gently. “I love your pussy baby. It’s so pretty.”

You say, “I love these pussy lips” and you tug at them and lick them very lightly, just to tease me.

You take them into your mouth and suck them.

You use your finger to open my hole and lick the opening, you stick your tongue in.

“I love tongue fucking you. I love sucking up all of your sweet juice.”

You bury your face into my cunt and just lick me and suck me. Your slobbering all over my pussy and your driving me crazy. My legs are shaking and it feels so fucking incredible.

“Oh my God, baby.” I grab your head and etiler grup yapan escort hold it down.

I’m practically screaming. I haven’t gotten off in a week.

“Mmmmmmmm. YES! Eat me baby. Ahhhh. Fuck. That is so good!”

You take my clit into your mouth and gently suck it. “Ooooohhhhh, ahhhhhh.”

You finger me, feeling the inside of my pussy and my muscles clench around you.

“Oh fuck, you’re pussy is so fucking tight.”

You slowly lick me from my clit to my ass savoring the smell and taste of my sweet cunt.

Your mouth feels amazing. Everything feels amazing and I feel like I’m losing control.

The sensations are so intense.

I need to cum.

You stuff your face into my pussy and I hear a muffled “I love your fucking pussy baby.”

You take my clit in your mouth and suck it. Not letting up. I swear your trying to make me insane. My whole body is beginning to tremble.

You finger my G Spot.

I’m breathing so fast.

“Ohhhh. Baby.”

‘Ahhhhhh, ahhhhh.’


‘That feels so good.”

I grab your head and shove it into my pussy. I can’t help but fuck your face. I’m desperate to get off.

“Mmmmmmmmm. Oh my God.” I yell, Eat your pussy baby.”

You oblige and continue sucking my clit and alternate licking my hole and fingering my ‘G spot.’

I’m so fucking turned on. I’m thrashing my head from side to side and moaning so loudly I’m sure the neighbors can hear me. My legs are shaking against your face.

I grab your head and hold it against my clit. I grind into your face.

“Oh my God baby. You’re gonna make me cum.”

You lift my ass off the table and bring my pussy right up to your mouth. You suck and lick my clit.

“I’m gonna cum so hard.”

‘Ahhhh, Ahhhhhh, mmmmmmm, fuck baby.’ ‘Make me cum.’

‘Make that pussy cum.’

I’m screaming and fucking your face.

I can’t control myself.

My body shudders and my pussy explodes with one of the most intense orgasms I’ve ever experienced.

You rest your head on my stomach as I try to come down from that high.

My whole body is shaking and my pussy muscles just keep contracting. It’s like wave after wave of pleasure.

I try to tell you that was the most incredible, most intense orgasm I ever had.

I felt it through my whole body.

I want to tell you but I’m still trying to catch my breath.

You let me rest for a minute and pour us drinks.

You hand me a class. “Here babe, a nice shot of whiskey to smooth things out.”

I gulp it down and then sip another. “Ok, I’m starting to recover.”

You don’t let me rest long though.

You smack my thigh. “Come on, there’s still much work to be done.”

You hold my hands and pull me up to you.

You kiss me passionately and gently suck my lips.

I begin to undress you. How you managed to keep your clothes on all this time I don’t know.

I kiss your body as I go along.

I run my hands over your strong chest and I bite your nipples.

I look at you in awe. “God, you are etiler masöz escort sexy. I grab your ass and pull you towards me.

You take off your pants and your hard cock springs out.

I pull you against me and suck your lips. You tease my hole with the head of your cock. I try to move into you but you don’t let me.

“Ummmm, not so fast. You have work to do.”

You rub your cock up and down my wet pussy. Putting the head in and moving it in and out. Slapping my clit with it.

“You love making me crazy.”

“You want this cock baby?”

I bite my lip and nod my head “yes.”

I can see the lust in your eyes but you have more self control than me.

You grab my face and look at me.

“If you want my cock you have to work for it.”

‘You have to earn it.’

‘Now, get on your knees and suck me.’

You push me down onto the floor.

“Open your mouth all the way. I want my cock down your throat.”

You grab my head and start fucking my mouth.

I’m gagging on the massiveness of your cock as you ram it in my mouth and down my throat.

“Oh, fuck. I love when you fucking choke on my cock.”

You won’t let me swallow and your dick is covered with spit. It’s dripping all over your cock and balls. Down my chin and onto my tits.

“Oh fuck baby. I love when you slobber on my cock. You look like such a little slut drooling all over my big dick. Suck my balls baby.”

I suck your balls into my mouth and move my tongue around them. I jerk your cock.

You look down at me. ” You look so sexy with my balls in your mouth, stroking my cock.”

You take your cock in your hand and smack my face with it. “Stick out your tongue.”

I do.

You slap your dick on my tongue and fuck my mouth.

“Ahhhh, come here baby.” You pull me up and grab my waist and guide me onto your cock. ‘Sit on my dick baby.’

‘Oh! FUCK! That feels so fucking good.’

You hold my waist and bounce me up and down on your dick.

“Ahhhh, ahhhh, yeah baby, fuck me. God, I love your cock.”

Your grab my tits and fuck me so hard.

“Baby get on your hands and knees.”

I do as you say.

You come up behind me and push me down. “Get all the way down baby.” You push my head against the floor.

“That’s it! I want you just like that.”

You grab my shoulders and slam your dick into me.

“Slow down baby. It’s too deep. That hurts baby.”

I put my hand against you to try and slow you down but you just keep pounding me.

You’re so turned on you can’t control yourself now.

You slap my ass. “I love fucking you. Your pussy is like a fucking vice grip baby. I’m gonna cum. Where do you want my cum?”

“I want you to cum inside me. Shoot your load deep into my pussy.”

I fuck your back. I can tell your getting close. ‘Ahhhh, baby, cum for me. Give me your hot cream.’

You grab me tighter and fuck me harder.

“Ohhhhhh, fuck.” You slap my ass.

Your making your cave man sounds now.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, here baby. Here it comes.”

You explode inside me and I can feel your hot cum filling my pussy.

There is so much cum.

“Oh, fuck!” You collapse on top of me.

We turn over and you pull me up next to you. You put your fingers inside me and dig out your cock juice.

“Eat it!” You put your fingers in my mouth and I happily oblige.

I open my mouth. “More please.”

“Oh, you’re such a dirty girl.”

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