Fantasies Fulfilled Ch. 04

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Gavin awoke early and set off back to work, Elaine had not been pleased to learn that they would once again be losing an entire weekend but she understood. She had rung her mother to postpone her pre-arranged visit.

The half hour drive to his work gave Gavin the chance to think through the events of the previous day.

“What do I tell Paula?” he thought to himself, “Do I tell her about Irene?”

He wanted to. He wanted to be totally open and honest about everything. He wanted a no holds barred friendship that did not involve secrets and judgements. But most of all he wanted to see Paula naked, so the decision was a simple one, he would try to tell her after they had sex.

Gavin arrived at work and hurried through the remainder of the job, he cleaned himself up, made a coffee and waited for Paula to arrive.

It was about 10:30am when he heard the front door open. He hurried to greet her.

Paula had spent a restless night. She thought about her injured daughter, she thought about Gavin. She thought about how they had almost been caught by Irene. She thought about how her husband would react if he knew. She worried that in the hours that they had been apart, he might have had a change of heart, especially as she had left him unsatisfied yesterday afternoon. She determined to make it up to him – big time.

She had risen early and spent the early morning preparing herself. Showering, retouching her roots, applying makeup and choosing her outfit. “What to wear?” He had said tight jeans did it for him, but she wanted to be girly for him, she liked being a woman. Finally she chose a tight light blue halter neck dress with no bra, white lacy knickers, white stay up stockings with lacy tops and a pair of high heel shoes. Summer slut she called it. A liberal spray of perfume and she was ready, in fact she was more than ready. All the time she had been dressing she had been thinking of how they were going to come off again.

She did not need an excuse to go out, she simply said, “I’m going out,” and left.

Ten minutes later she walked through the door at work, Gavin came out of the office and walked towards her, a big grin on his face.

“I wasn’t sure if you would come, I thought you might have had second thoughts.” He said.

“Same here, I’m so glad you’re here.” She replied looking into his eyes.

“You look fantastic. Thank you;” he said, Paula had obviously made a big effort for him and he truly appreciated it, he embraced her and gave her a squeeze.

“Oh I just threw some stuff on, I’m glad you like it.” she squeezed back.

They kissed. They kissed again. Then they kissed again.

“Let’s go to the office,” said Paula, “and this time I’ve locked the door.”

The comment brought thoughts of yesterday afternoon and of Irene and her hairy cunt into his head. “Change the subject,” he thought.

“Come and sit on my knee,” he said.

He sat in his leather high backed chair, Paula sat on his lap.

They hugged and cuddled; he smelled her perfume and bathed in the warmth of their closeness.

“How’s Fionna?” he asked.

“She’ll be fine, it’s a hairline fracture, and it doesn’t hurt that’s the main thing. How are you, I hated to leave you without getting you off, did you fuck Elaine when you got home?”

She did not feel any jealousy towards his wife; in fact, she hoped that Elaine had fucked him silly. She intended to take her duties as a fuck buddy very seriously and she had not started well, she genuinely hoped he had found relief elsewhere.

Had she known about Irene she would have been angry and understanding, angry at Irene for her blackmailing attitude and for stealing her fuck buddy, but understanding of him. She knew he would need the release and after all he was a man, when etiler otele gelen escort it is handed to him on a plate what else is he going to do?

“Elaine was quite horny for a change last night, so yes we shagged.” He said truthfully.

Gavin placed his right hand on her left breast and gave it a gentle squeeze. The absence of a bra allowed him to feel the weight of her tit in his hand his thumb rubbed across her hardening nipple.

Paula kissed him pushed her tongue across his lips. “Do you want to shag me?” she whispered.


“Do you want to fuck me now?”


“Is your cock getting hard for me?”

“Yes,” he made his cock pulse under her lap to emphasise the truth of that statement. Feeling the movement beneath her pussy sent a little shiver through Paula.

“Tell me what you want and I’ll do it. Anything. Anything at all.”

Paula meant it.

“Take your dress off.” He tried to sound commanding, but he was actually hardly able to speak.

Paula stood up. She felt behind her neck for the knot that held her halter neck dress on. Pulling on the two string ends, she undid the bow. She brought her hands to the front and grasped the material covering her breasts.

“Show me your cock,” she said while slowly dropping the material from her breasts.

Without taking his eyes from the slowly unveiling vision in front of him he felt for his zip and pulled it down. He had chosen to not wear any underwear today so he was able to easily pull his fattening cock free of his trousers.

Paula let go of her dress and let it slip to the floor. She looked at the purple head of his cock and could not help licking her lips. Gavin in turn viewed the twin nipples with equal anticipation. It suddenly registered that Paula was now standing before him in nothing but panties and stockings.

“You have a gorgeous body,” he said, he was simply speaking his thoughts again.

Paula was tall and slim with a lovely figure, her hips flared atop long straight legs her panties and stocking tops framed her creamy white thighs. Gavin gave his cock a couple of tugs.

“Stop it that’s my job,” she said.

Paula turned and wiggled her lace covered bottom close to his face. Paula knew she had a good bum; it was the one bit of herself that she was comfortable with. Gavin knew that she was inviting him to pull down her knickers. He happily obliged. He inserted a thumb into the waist either side and pulled downwards, the knickers fell to the floor and she stepped out of them. He marvelled at the sight of her bare arse.

“Perfect,” he thought and said.

Paula arched her back and stuck her bum out towards him. He could not help leaning his face into the crack in her perfect cheeks and kissing it. Paula giggled.

“Turn around,” he said.

She did and suddenly Gavins face was just inches away from the object of his fantasies; Paulas cunt. She was totally without hair. Her outer labia were being pushed aside by the inner puffy lips, the hood of her clitoris protruded forward. She was pink and girly and smelled of perfume and sex.

“Beautiful” he murmured. He leaned in and kissed the hood of her clitoris, she was soft her skin was like silk he ran his hands up the insides of her thighs and gently pushed them apart. Paula adjusted the position of her feet to widen her stance. She could feel his fingertips brushing the lips of her most intimate place and his breath crossing her hooded little bean. Looking down she could only see the top of his head, she placed her hands on the back of it and pulled him to her.

She just wanted to hug him to her and share her most intimate self with him. The previous night she had had thoughts of him taking one etiler rus escort look at her skinny frame and bald pussy and running away, but no he actually seemed to like her.

Gavin wanted to climb inside her and never come out. He was so happy that this woman had chosen to give herself to him. The smell and feel of his friend intoxicated him.

They stayed clenched together for several minutes. Despite the fact that he had his face pressed into her groin, his fingertips were touching her outer lips and he was breathing in her most feminine of aromas; this was not raw sex. This was intimacy. This is what their newly matured friendship was about.

This was the third cunt his face had been pressed against inside twenty four hours. His cock was like an iron bar.

Paula pulled away and knelt before him.

“I want to suck you,” she said.

“I want to let you,” he said.

For the second time Gavin saw his cock head disappear into her mouth. Paula was not as proficient as Irene had been the previous day, but what she lacked in skill she made up for with looks.

Gavin was a man and would take looks any day. He thrust his hips trying to get deeper.

Paula was enjoying herself. Her head increased its bobbing motion and she sucked a little harder. She had one hand on his cock and the other was idly flicking at her clitoris.

She was naked in front of her fuck buddy and she was sure that he genuinely found her attractive. She liked being naked.

Gavin liked her being naked too. He was getting close to shooting his load.

“Paula, I’m going to cum. I need it inside you.”

Paula stopped sucking, but carried on flicking her bean. She looked up at him with a big grin on her face, she was so happy to be here doing what she was doing. She found his desperate appeal both amusing and a turn on.

“Are you going to fuck me Gav?”


“How do you want me?” she said.

Gavin had not considered the mechanics of positions. “Can I lie on top of you?” he asked. Paula lay down on the floor the carpet bristles were a little uncomfortable but she would do anything for him right now. She opened he legs and raised her knees.

Gavin stood and quickly removed his clothes. He once again stood naked in the office. He quickly looked over his shoulder remembering yesterdays unexpected appearance of his partner Irene. The coast was clear.

“Fuck your fuck buddy now, fuck me, fuck me Gav,” she breathed as he lay down on top of her, his weight on his elbows. His cock head was touching her cunt lips. He brought his face close to hers and they kissed a deep soul searching tongue kiss that seemed to go on for hours. Neither of them noticed that he had entered her and was slipping his cock in and out of her trembling clutching fanny, or that with each thrust she raised he hips to meet him, or that her grunts were getting louder with each push. It was so natural that they should be doing this with each other, the kiss went on, the thrusts got faster, the grunts got louder.

Gavin began to cum. It was intense and it surprised them both. They had been in a dream like state where they would both have been happy to stay forever, they had not consciously been fucking, and they had been sharing love and desire for each other. Gavin squirted cum into Paulas vagina and they both awoke from the dream.

“God. I fucked you.” he said. His cock still inside her in a semi rigid state.

“It feels lovely,” she said squirming under him and squeezing her cunt muscles.

“I fucked you,” he said again.

“It feels great to be fucked by you,” she said.

“I fucked you, Paula,” he said, again.

“I’m your fuck buddy and you can fuck me anytime you please.” She smiled at him. She etiler türbanlı escort had not reached orgasm but she felt content anyway, she knew she had made the right choice.

Gavins soft cock flopped out of her hole and he rolled to the side of her. It suddenly occurred to him that she was still of an age to get pregnant, it simply had not occurred to him before.

“What about contraception?”

“It’s a bit late to be asking that,” she laughed. Feeling down between her legs and scooping some of the sex ooze from her cunt, she looked at her finger, “I’m afraid these little lads are wasting their time, I’m on the pill.” She sucked her finger clean.

Gavin was in a state of contentment, frankly, he had fucked her and now he wanted to sleep. “I don’t think I could repeat the performance anytime soon,” he said feeling his soft dick.

Paula did not mind, she knew that the first fuck was normally about the man getting off and besides it was his turn.

“Let’s get up and dressed, we can do this again soon. In fact; my house will be empty all day, husband at work, kids at school. If you give me the day off then you could come around and make a …delivery.”

“That sounds like a good plan, are you sure you’ll be alone?”

“Positive. We can fuck for as long as you can get out of this place.”

They kissed. They dressed.

“Where are my clothes from yesterday?” she asked.

“Your vest is in that drawer” he said pointing at his desk, “and somehow your bra managed to go home with me in my pocket. I’d really like to keep it, I’ll buy you another.”

“You don’t need trophies from me, you can have the real thing anytime you like.” She said dropping the front of her dress again, her tits bobbed free.

Gavin felt his cock lurch.

“I know, but I half thought that you would have changed your mind about me by this morning, so I wanted a memento.”

“Ohhh, that’s so sweet.” She hugged him mashing her exposed tits against his chest. His cock lurched again.

They kissed.

“We should make a pact to always be honest with each other,” she said

“OK,” he agreed, “from now on, no secrets, we never deliberately hurt each other, and anytime we need sex we can use the others body.”

“Agreed,” she said.

Gavin knew that under the new pact he did not have to tell her about Irene but the fact was he wanted to be fully open and honest with her.

“There is something I want to tell you,” he said “it doesn’t affect us, our situation or how I feel about you, but I want to tell you.”

“God it sounds ominous.”

Gavin then told her the outline of what had happened with Irene. Paula was shocked at first, then angry, then fascinated. She began to ask questions and then more questions, finally he told her the full story in graphic detail including Elaine seeing the photos and how she had been turned on by the aroma of Irenes dried cunt juice; he ended by promising to show her the photos.

“Are you angry with me?” he asked.

“No, besides it’s not my place to be angry with you, I’m your fuck buddy not your wife. I can’t wait to see the photos.”

At first, she had felt angry at Irene, but thinking of how humiliated she would be if she found out about the pictures, made her a little more compassionate.

Gavin was very relieved that their new honesty had stood up to its first battering.

“Thanks.” He said and kissed her.

“Would you like to photograph me?” she asked.

“You mean ‘photograph’ you?”

“I mean open crotch, tits out photographs, if that’s what you like, but I would insist on being awake.”

“I’ll bring my camera tomorrow,” he said. He still could not believe his luck and he was not going to miss any opportunity with this gorgeous open woman.

“So Irene promised you anal sex, well I never really enjoyed it that much but I certainly won’t deny you the pleasure. You can do my bum anytime but you have to get some lubrication and you have to get me very hot and ready.”

“Deal,” his cock replied.

Gavin liked having Paula as a fuck buddy and he smiled all the way home.

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