Fight Night

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This is the 100% true story of a fight I had with my girlfriend. I was emotional, but I still remember it clearly, so this is pretty much word for word. Hope you like it.


My girlfriend and I had just had the biggest fight we could remember. It started off harmlessly, but escalated quickly. It started at her house on a typical Friday night when we were home from college for the weekend. We both currently go to the same college, but I’m a freshman and she’s a sophomore.

Anyway, we were home alone chilling out on her couch, watching tv, when my phone rang. I squinted at it. It was a number I didn’t recognize. Someone had sent me a text (I later found out it was a wrong number) that read, “Hey, wanna meet up later?”

Liv, my girlfriend, was leaning on my shoulder but saw the text too. Her head shot up and she asked suspiciously, “Who’s that?”

I genuinely didn’t know. “I have no idea babe. Must be a wrong number.” I started to reply.

She stopped me. “You’re gonna answer that? Just ignore it. Hopefully they’ll stop.”

“Why? I was gonna tell them they had the wrong number.”

“Oh ok.” Then her eyes narrowed. “Wait a minute. How do I know you’re actually gonna say that?”

I snorted and said half-jokingly, “Liv, are you ok? You seem awfully paranoid.”

She reached for my phone. “I’ll do it. Give me your phone.”

I replied, “Why? Don’t you trust me? Why is it such a big deal to you? It’s just a wrong number!”

She was getting annoyed now. “I don’t know that! That could be some sleazy hooker you’re secretly banging for all I know!” She paused and looked me dead in the eye. “You haven’t, have you?”

I hesitated. She never usually acted like this. In retrospect, hesitating was probably a huge mistake. She probably thought I was trying to think of a story. I snorted and said, “Oh Liv, don’t be ridiculous. You’re the only girl for me.”

She noticed my hesitation. Her voice dropped to a whisper. “You have, haven’t you?” Her eyes filled with tears. She put her hands over her face, so only her hazel eyes were visible. “No. No. You didn’t. Tell me you didn’t!”

I stared at her in disbelief. “What the hell has gotten into you? Of course not! I would never cheat on you. I love you! You know that.”

She was getting hysterical. “That’s what they all say! It’s always “Oh honey, I would never!” or “I love you!” she paused, crying hysterically. “How could you do this to me?!” she finally screamed. “After all I’ve done for you?!”

I was getting angry now. “Liv, come to your fucking senses! You’re being ridiculous! It was just a fucking text!” It occurred to me what that last sentences might have implied. After I said it, of course. That’s always how that stuff works. Shit.

She stared at me, tears running down her face. “I don’t believe you. I’ve been here for you all this time, and you’ve been screwing some loose whore behind my back! Who are you?”



I cut her off abruptly. “SHUT UP!”

She stopped and said softly, “Oh, you’ve done it now.” She started to walk away but I grabbed her arm, turning her around to look at me. “No I haven’t. I’m just going to. I’m sick of all these insane accusations you’re throwing at me. Just listen. You never listen. I-“

She started yelling. “RIGHT, I DON’T LISTEN! BUT I BET SHE DOES, RIGHT!?”

My jaw literally dropped. “Are you serious? Are you fucking serious? This is a joke, right?”

She pointed to her face, swollen and red from crying. “Do I look like a fucking comedian to you?”

I relaxed a little. “No. I’m sorry.” I tried to hug her but she pushed me away.

“DONT TOUCH ME! YOU DISHONEST, TWO-TIMING FUCK!” she stood there, crying again. “Get out.”

I stared at her. “What?”

“Get out. Out! You obviously don’t wanna be with me anymore, so go. Leave. Get out. Now. GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE!”

I walked for the door. “Fine. I don’t need this. I don’t need this good honest boyfriend horseshit!” I opened the door and turned to her. “And I don’t need another girl when I have you either!” With that I left, not bothering to close the door.

I stormed down the driveway. I opened my car door and jumped in, slamming it. I pounded the steering wheel and roared, “FUCK!” I was pissed at Liv for accusing me of cheating. I loved her so much, why the fuck would I cheat on her? I started the car and slammed the gear stick over to the right and down, into reverse. Literally, slammed it, almost breaking it in two. I drive a stickshift 2003 Saab 9-3 by the way, but that’s not important right now. I floored it out of her driveway and again, şişli grup yapan escort literally slammed it into first gear, so pissed off that I dumped the clutch and punched the gas, resultantly burning out, leaving skid marks on the road at the foot of her driveway. I didn’t go home. I just drove around for a while, driving very fast and erratic, almost breaking the gear stick every time I shifted gears. I finally stopped after about half an hour, turning onto a dirt road.

I stopped on a cliff overlooking a distant city, the lights lighting up the night sky. I shut the car off and just sat there for a while. Then it hit me, were we done now? I hadn’t thought of that, I was too pissed off. “Oh no,” I groaned out loud. I hoped she didn’t break up with me. I didn’t know what I’d do without her. I started crying, a combo of anger and sadness. Anger at Liv for jumping to those fucking ridiculous conclusions. Sadness at the thought of losing the only girl I’ve ever loved. If I didn’t have that beautiful smile of hers in my life anymore, I’d break down. And that gorgeous face and bright, bubbling, mischievous personality. And of course, that knockout ass and 34C rack, complete with a navel piercing and perfectly toned stomach. I wanted to save our relationship. But how? There was no way she’d talk to me now. Damn it! This wasn’t fair. I sat there for god knows how long, before turning around and driving home.

My family sensed that I’d just fought with Liv and kept out of my way, much to my appreciation. I didn’t want to start with them too! I went to my room and slammed the door. I just sat on my bed, blasting all the heaviest, loudest, most obnoxious metal music I could find on my iPod, mostly old Metallica and some Ozzy, with a few Disturbed and Three Days Grace tunes thrown in. That helped get rid of my anger. I don’t usually listen to metal, but it helps whenever I’m pissed off. I stayed up really late jamming on my guitar, trying to lose myself in it and forget Liv. I broke a string from playing so intensely, which only pissed me off even more, especially when I realized I didn’t have any spare strings to replace it. I finally had enough and went to bed, exhausted and irritated.

I woke up the next morning, Saturday, feeling sad. But I couldn’t remember why. Then I recalled the night before, and the fight with Liv, and I felt miserable. I called her several times, and she never returned them. I eventually gave up and just screamed, “FUCK!!!” in anger and frustration before collapsing on my bed, crying again. I even took a picture of her out of a scrapbook she made me and tried jerking off to it. It didn’t work. I sat there for 45 minutes, spanking it to the picture, with no orgasm. I eventually balled my hand into a fist, crumpling the picture, “Fuck. FUCK!” I hissed, throwing the balled up, crumpled picture to the ground and burying my face in my hands.

I finally worked up the balls to go over to her house that night. I had called her no less than 17 times that day, and she hadn’t answered. I turned into her driveway, dreading this. The skid marks from my anger-induced smoke show were still there. Her parents weren’t home, judging from the absence of their car. I walked up to the door and hesitated. Should I really do this? Is this a good idea? I thought reluctantly. I stood there for a minute debating, and finally said out loud, “Ah, the hell with it,” and rang the doorbell. No answer. I rang it 4 times, and still nothing. So I pulled out my phone and called her. I could hear the phone ringing inside the house, but she didn’t answer. So I left a voicemail, “Hey Liv, it’s me. I’m sorry. Could you call me? Please? I really want to talk to you. I miss you baby. We can make this work. So call me back. Please. Bye.” I hung up and waited several minutes. Still nothing. I sighed and turned away, about to leave, and said out loud, “She really does not wanna talk to me, does she?”

I had just stepped off the porch when to my surprise the door opened, and a voice said, “What?”

I turned around, surprised, and saw Liv holding the door open partway, her normally attractive face still red and blotchy from crying, presumably nonstop since last night.

It pained me to see her like this. I stepped forward, not sure what to say. I didn’t really think this through! “Hi Liv. How are you?”

She stared at me and said dryly, “Spectacular. Never better.”

Ok, dumb question, I thought. I hesitated again. “I just wanted to say I’m sorry for yelling at you. I’m not cheating on you. I genuinely love you. It pains me to see you so sad.” I paused, biting back tears. She was staring at me, taking all this in. I continued, “I don’t know what I’d do without you, Liv. I don’t wanna lose you. You’re the only girl I’ve ever loved, and I want to keep it that way.” I finally caved, crying now. I took a step forward and opened my arms. “So, what’s it gonna be? Will you come back to me?”

Liv paused and stepped out onto şişli masöz escort the porch. She leaned in and studied my eyes, looking for any sign of lying or deception, but she wouldn’t find any. I was genuinely sorry for my outburst, but I wasn’t gonna apologize for something I didn’t do, like cheat on her. Without warning, she broke down, sobbing and throwing her arms around me, burying her face in my shoulder. Hugging me the hardest I can ever remember in our more than 2 years of dating. “Oh god Matt! I’m so sorry! I shouldn’t have accused you of cheating. I believe you. I know I freaked out at you, but I still love you. It broke my heart to see you storm out of the house yesterday. I’ve never seen you that pissed off before. I wish I could take it back!” she looked up at me, tears running down her pretty face. “I hurt you and insulted you yesterday. I’m sorry, from the bottom of my heart. And I love you so much! Do you forgive me for screaming at you?”

“Liv, I can’t picture my life without you. I would never go behind your back. Do you have any idea what you mean to me? So yes, I forgive you. Come here.” I smiled through my tears and kissed her. The tears made it a little messy, but neither of us cared. It sure felt nice to be lip locked with her instead of breaking up with her.

She finally pulled away with a wet smack and whispered, “I missed you.” She took my hand and led me inside. We went into her room and she closed the door. “I feel horrible for yelling at you and kicking you out yesterday. So I wanna make it up to you. Lie down and close your eyes.” I obeyed, not sure what to expect. I felt my jeans being unzipped, and a slight pause.Then I felt a fantastic, warm sensation on my cock. I groaned and opened my eyes. Sure enough, Liv was on her knees with my cock in her mouth. And oh boy, was it good. Her blowjobs were already amazing, but I was pretty sure she was trying to make this one particularly good. And it was working. The way she alternated between slow and sensual to sucking like a fucking vacuum cleaner was great. I groaned and felt the pleasure building. She apparently did too, and stopped sucking me off.

She stepped back and quickly shed her clothes. She’d always had a smoking hot body, but ever since our screaming match yesterday, I’d felt a longing, an intense need, for her. I wanted her, badly. And I was about to have her. She sat down on the edge of her bed and smiled, gesturing for me to come over. I wasted no time, kneeling and sticking my tongue in her pussy. Before long, I was licking and tonguefucking her like crazy. She was screaming and had a death grip on the headboard. I pushed her to the brink, like she did with me, and stood up. Without pausing, I jammed my cock in her snatch. I hadn’t even started thrusting yet and I could already feel my cock pulsing, indicating an orgasm. Liv suddenly sat up and pulled me down on top of her, thrusting her tongue into my mouth and kissing me feverishly. She rolled us over so she was on top and vigorously rode me, moaning louder every second. Her boobs were directly in my face as well, making it even better. I sent her over the edge by kneading one with my hand and sucking on the other. She wailed in ecstasy and starting cumming violently. I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth, climaxing as well.

The actual penetration only lasted about 20 seconds. I didn’t care, I was just glad I had Liv back. She collapsed and just lay there on top of me for a while, breathing hard. She finally leaned in and kissed me. “I’m sorry about all the things I said to you yesterday,” she said. “I’d hate myself if I dumped you when you were telling the truth all along.”

“It’s alright Liv. I still love you anyway.” I kissed her mouth again. We lay there for a while, still naked, making out heavily. She finally got up and threw her clothes on. I got up and did the same.

It was only 8:00 by this point, and we were both starving. So we jumped in my car and went out for dinner. We had another great make out session in the parking lot, both before and after the meal, despite the possibility of being seen. We finally returned to her house at about 10. Liv turned to me and said, “I know I’ve said it a million times, but I’m sorry for freaking out at you. I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions. I love you baby. I mean it. Even more now that I know I was wrong about you. Can we just forget that whole argument ever happened?”

“Of course. You mean the world to me, Liv. The only way I’d ever cheat on you is with my left hand.” I smiled.

“You don’t need your hands. You have me for that shit, don’t you?” she smiled too.

I laughed. “You’re so blatant with these things. I’m glad we’re on good terms again. I missed you, babe. Even though it was only a day. I hate when we fight. There’s no one else for me to hold and kiss when you’re not around.”

She smirked and replied, “What about your hands? Or a porn mag?”

I laughed again. “You’re sick. But I şişli otele gelen escort still love you. Now I’m kicking you out. I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye gorgeous.” I kissed her.

She opened the door and smiled, getting out. “Bye, boyfriend. Love ya. I’ll text you tomorrow. We can hang out. See ya!” she waved and walked into her house.

I wound up pulling an all-nighter, texting her the whole time. Fighting with Liv always makes me miss her terribly. She texted me 3 times the following morning, but being a typical teen guy, I slept through them. It started with a simple “Good morninggggg bf,” then “Get out of bed! I’m not in it with you….yet 🙂 I miss you….waaaahhhhh :(” then my favorite, a half-joking “Matt, you better wake the fuck up before I come over there and beat your ass <3333. Love, your currently very bored and lonely girl." I finally opened my eyes when I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Sure enough, Liv appeared with a smile. She jokingly groaned, “Oh my god. If you’re gonna stay in bed all day, invite me next time! I’m always down to bed you, you sexy bastard.” I smiled. “There’s room for you in here.” “I thought you’d never ask.” She came closer, an all too familiar grin spreading across her face. I noticed her expression. “Oh jeez, here we go,” I rolled my eyes jokingly. Without warning, I grabbed a pillow and hit her gently. She laughed and snatched another, leaping onto my bed and pummeling me with the pillow. This went on for several minutes until somehow, she unintentionally wound up with her face in my crotch. I said jokingly with a smile, “Oh no, that’s ok. You don’t have to do that. A simple apology is enough.” She sighed and said, “Men.” Despite that, she crawled up so we were at eye level and started kissing me heavily, snaking her hand down the waistband of my boxers. I groaned and pulled her closer, shoving my tongue in her mouth. She squeezed my package quickly and stroked it twice, before removing her hand from my boxers and taking them off of me. She finally broke off the kiss and slowly kissed a path down my body, from my chin to my cock. I was already stiff as a fucking flagpole by this point. She slowly kissed from the tip to the base, before running her tongue up and down it once and finally sticking it in her mouth, making me close my eyes and groan. I’d learned from personal experience how good she was with her mouth, and this was no different. Her tongue was glorious as it swirled around my dick and just barely touched the tip, amping up the pleasure considerably and making me involuntarily tense my muscles, driving me insane with pleasure. I was moaning constantly, to the point where I hadn’t even realized I was doing it. “Oh my GOD, don’t stop!” I groaned. I could feel my cock about to explode, and sure enough, 10 seconds later, I erupted. “Oh. Ohhhh. Ohhhhhhhh. Liv, I’m about to squirt! Ohhhhh. Oh fuck! Oh god baby. Oh, fuck yes!” I wasn’t usually that loud, but I hadn’t forgotten our massive fight, and I was lusting for Liv now that we’d made up. Like the pro she was, she swallowed it all, not missing a drop. She put my boxers back on and kissed me, adding a shitload of tongue. I got the impression that the lusty feelings were mutual, which was nothing new. This girl had a sex drive that could rival Austin Powers. Arguably more than me too. Getting her tipsy on the weekends was a huge bonus too. I really hit the jackpot (or sexpot, more accurately) when I started dating her. Anyway, she snuggled up to me and put her head on my shoulder. There was a long silence until she picked her head up and turned to look me in the eye. She said quietly, “I’m sorry, Matt.” I frowned. “What for?” “You know damn well what for. For all those false accusations I threw at you on Friday. I just got paranoid when I saw that number on your phone. I had no right to yell at you and insult you.” “Don’t worry about it Liv. I forgive you. It’s cool. We’re cool. You made up for it when you hugged me last night and started crying. All I wanted was to stay together and I got my wish.” Her eyes were boring into mine. “Are you sure? I feel like a bitch for treating you like that.” “I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life.” I quickly kissed the top of her head and put an arm around her shoulder with a smile. “I still love you, if that’s what you’re wondering. Can I have a kiss?” She smiled and brushed a hair out of my eye. “You don’t even have to ask for that kind of stuff. You know what I’m like.” She pecked my lips quickly and settled down with a smile, leaning her head on my shoulder again. I finally got up and dressed, and grabbed my acoustic guitar (I prefer the electric but I broke a string, remember?). I played Liv some of her favorite songs, both covers and originals that I wrote with my band. She sat listening with a smile. When I finished, she stood up and walked over, hugging me tightly, almost crushing my ribs. “I’m sorry again, for the millionth and one fucking time. I love you, Matt. So much,” she whispered into my ear. It felt nice to be holding her. We spent the rest of the morning together, just hanging out, and left later that day to return to college for Monday classes. It was like the fight never happened by the time we arrived on campus.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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