First Date

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“Dinner was nice. Don’t you think,” said Matt as he held the door to his pick-up truck open for Jen.

“It was great. I never knew that place was in town. How did you find out about it?”

“Last year. Me and a few friends had breakfast here once.”

“Well I really enjoyed it. What’s next on the agenda? It’s only 6:30.”

“Let’s take a ride to Bear Springs. We can watch the sunset tonight.”

“I love that idea. It’s a clear sky today. It should be beautiful.”

Matt smiled as he started up his truck and began to head towards Bear Springs. He and Jen talked about all kinds of things along the way from the weather to their first sexual experience with other people and their experience with each other. As Matt’s truck climbed its way up the rocky road towards Bear Springs, Jen leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“What was that for?”

“Nothing. There will be more of that later.”

Matt smiled and started looking for a spot to park his truck to watch the already fading sun. Soon after he found a small field and headed towards it. He threw the truck in reverse and backed it in so that they could watch the sun disappear below the hills of their hometown. They moved close to each other and Matt wrapped his arms around her and squeezed as she laid her head on his shoulders. He looked down at her and could not believe that she was with him. Everything was a turn on for him about her. Her hair, her eyes, her legs, her arms, her stomach, her ass, her everything. And she looked great tonight like she always does, wearing a shirt with small straps and what from he could tell, no bra, a short skirt that had a slit on fatih escort the side, and a pair of sandals that exposed her painted toe-nails. Matt was wearing a pair of khaki shorts and a white t-shirt with a pair of sneakers; his usual attire during the summer time.

“I love how it is still light out even though the sun has gone down. And listen, the birds are still chirping,” said Jen as she sat up and fixed her shirt, raising it up a little so that Matt could see her flat stomach and her enticing belly-button. His cock began to harden as he thought back to last week and their first sexual encounter. Jen let her shirt down and ran her hand along Matt’s knee as she slipped her sandals off. Matt couldn’t help but think of what was going to happen tonight.

“You wanna get in the back of the truck and lay down for a little while? I just cleaned it out so it won’t be dirty. Plus I have a few blankets back there for emergency reasons,” said Matt as he stared at Jen.

“Sure, what else do you have for emergency reasons,” said Jen as she pointed at his bulging shorts and smiled.

“In my wallet. I got two of them. Hope that is enough.”

They both got out of the truck and headed for the back of it. Matt let the tail-gate down and helped Jen into the back. He then climbed up in and spread the blankets around, kicking his shoes and socks off in the process. He pulled his wallet out and pulled out two condoms, laying them down and undoing his belt. Jen leaned up and pulled his shirt up, kissing his stomach and rubbing his back. Matt took his shirt off and let his shorts fall off. He pulled his boxers as Jen took fındıkzade escort her shirt off and began to undo her skirt. Matt helped her with the skirt and piled their clothes in the corner of the truck. Jen laid there with nothing on but a thong and Matt was on his knees beside her naked as the day he was born. He leaned down and began to kiss Jen around her belly-button and rubbing her pussy through the thong. Jen rubbed his shoulder and ran her hand down to squeeze his swollen cock. Matt slid the thong down to her knees and began to play with her clit and run his fingers in and out of her pussy.

“I like that,” moaned Jen as she rubbed herself and stroked his cock. Matt lay next to her and Jen moved down to his cock. He stopped her half-way there and pulled her around so that her ass was in his face and his cock was in hers. “I like the 69 way better. Don’t you?” Jen looked back and smiled as Matt began to lick his way around her pussy and rubbed her beautiful ass. Jen took his cock into her mouth and began to suck and stroke it as if there was no tomorrow. They both moaned as they sucked and licked each other. Matt played with her ass as Jen tickled his balls with her finger-tips. He buried his face into her sopping wet pussy to hold back his cum. Jen was sucking away and rolling her tongue around the head of his cock. She took him all the way in while massaging his balls and running her hands down his legs. Matt kissed and sucked on her swollen clit while fingering her in the process. Jen moaned as her juices began to leak out of her and down Matt’s chin. Matt could the rush from his balls and he started halkalı escort to shoot his cum into Jens mouth. At first she was surprised but the feel of it oozing into her mouth really turned her on and she let it spill out into her. Matt moaned as she sucked the last drop or two out of him and then she let it fall out of her mouth and onto the blanket. She climbed off of him and smiled back at Matt as he moaned.

“You ok baby? You look a little tired.”

“I’m fine. Ready for round two if you are,” said Matt as he sat up and stroked his cock to keep it hard and firm. Jen grinned and reached for a condom. She slipped it on Matt’s cock and kissed the head of his cock. She layed down and let Matt lay on top of her. He slowly slid his cock into her while she held onto his shoulders. Matt began to thrust his cock in and out of her while holding himself up with his arms. Jen rocked back and forth with him and Matt leaned down and took a nipple into his mouth and began to suck on her as he fucked her slow and steady. Jen moaned and ran her hands up and down his back as Matt continued to pump her. He started to go faster and she moaned louder. Then he pulled out of her and threw her legs onto his shoulders. Jen smiled as he slammed his cock back into her and began to fuck her hard and fast. He breathed fast and hard and Jen moaned his name as she felt her juices stirring inside of her. Matt stopped for a moment to gather himself and then went back at it.

“I’m gonna cum baby,” moaned Matt as he thrust even harder into her. “Let it out, let it all out,” screamed Jen as she tugged at her nipples. Matt let a load of hot gooey cum into his condom. He pulled out of her and took the condom off. Jen smiled and rubbed her clit as Matt collapsed next to her.

“Now I am tired,” moaned Matt as his cock went limp.

“You still have another condom to use baby,” laughed Jen.

“How about tomorrow night? You free or do you have to wash your hair?”

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