First Exam

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When I had just turned eighteen, my mother happened to see me naked as I was getting out of the shower. I really needed to get a physical exam prior to starting college, and I guess this reminded her that I really was a woman now, not just some kid. While I had gone for the usual pediatric visits, I really had not had a true GYN exam up to this point. She mentioned that she would make me an appointment for my initial Gyn evaluation. Several days later, she mentioned that I was set up to see a nurse practitioner at the Gyn office where she went, and that she felt that I would be very comfortable with her. When it was time for my visit, I noticed that it was the last scheduled appointment for the day. After helping out with the initial paper work, Mom told me to call when I was finished and she would pick me up. I was taken down the hall to an interview room, and told that Kelly (the nurse practitioner) would be with me in just a moment.

I have to admit that I was very nervous waiting the few minutes for her to arrive. While I had been out on some dates with “touchy feely” happening, I really was more than a little inexperienced in anything sexual. I guess I finally realized that this really represented a change in my status, and probably none too soon before leaving for college.

When Kelly came into the room, I was somewhat surprised to see a very attractive woman that appeared to be in her late twenties or early thirties. She introduced herself and told me that she understood that this was my first Gyn exam. She also mentioned that my mother thought I might feel more comfortable being able to ask questions and discuss issues about sex with another young woman than with my own mother. She emphasized that everything I told her would be completely confidential, and that I could ask her about matters such as sex and birth control. She also told me that because this was the last appointment for the day, she felt that we could take as much time as needed without feeling rushed.

She asked me if I was having any specific physical symptoms or problems, and took some history concerning my menstrual cycle, when I developed pubic hair, and whether I was having any pain during my period. When she asked me if I had ever had sexual relations, I told her that I had not really done anything more than kiss and kocaeli escort let one boy feel my breasts. She asked me if I ever masturbated, or had an orgasm. I must have turned scarlet red from embarrassment, but I told her that I would occasionally rub the area to relieve some tension, but that I had not ever experienced what I thought was an orgasm. My embarrassment gradually lessened while answering some of the questions, and her honest relaxed manner helped me to feel comfortable with her – certainly more comfortable than with my mother.

About that time she told me that she would take me to the exam room, and had me get a urine sample in the bathroom on the way. I noticed that the rest of the staff had already left as we walked down the hall to the room. She gave me a gown, told me to take off all of my clothes, and stated that she would be back to examine me in a minute. After undressing, I sat down on the exam table and waited. I noticed that this room was unusual in the fact that it had a second table nearby; facing the one I was on. Soon Kelly entered the room and told me that my urine was normal. At that point, I also noticed that she had changed clothing and was also wearing an exam gown. She told me that this initial meeting was not only a time for me to be checked for problems, but also to learn about my developing body. On very special occasions, she would demonstrate to young women what could be expected during an exam, as well as show me some aspects of sex and birth control.

After listening to my heart and lungs, she undid the top of my gown and lowered it to reveal my breasts. Although most people considered me to be thin, my breasts had developed over the past year to the point that I now needed a “b” cup. She told me that she would examine my breasts and that it should become a part of my own routine to check at least monthly. She gently massaged each breast, and then lightly squeezed each nipple. She mentioned that I was quite developed for my age, and that my breasts were quite normal. Then she lowered her own gown revealing her significantly larger but firm breasts. She told me that I could feel her breast so that I would understand what normal breast tissue was like, and demonstrate that I could do an adequate exam. I had never felt another woman’s breasts before, and I felt a twinge kocaeli escort bayan of excitement as I gently rubbed her soft breasts, ending by feeling her large areolas and nipples. Her nipples were a little different than mine, but I later looked down and noticed that my own nipples had become very erect.

Next she told me to lie back on the table, put my feet into the stirrups, and slide my butt down to the bottom of the table. I knew that the position opened my legs so that my privates were fully open for inspection. She stood between my spread legs and began to examine my genitals. She told me that she would insert a finger into my vagina, and that I should try to relax my muscles. Then she placed a small plastic speculum into my vagina, and used some swabs. After she removed the speculum, she put two fingers into my vagina and pushed down on my lower abdomen with her other hand. She told me that my exam was normal and she got up into the other exam table.

Soon she removed her entire gown so that I could clearly see her beautiful naked body. She told me that she would point out some of the anatomy on herself, so that I would understand it and the changes that were happening to my own body. She spread her legs allowing me to look at a trimmed “V” of light brown pubic hair that had been shaved around her vagina. I had never really seen another female’s genitals so openly displayed. She inserted a speculum and opened it allowing me to see her cervix and the slight normal mucus. After she removed it, she pointed to her labia and vagina. Opening a drawer in the side of the table, she removed a very lifelike dildo that was copied after a man’s erect penis. She told me that I should understand how to roll a condom on the erect penis, and demonstrated this by placing one on the model. I watched in awe as she slipped the “penis” into her vagina and began a slow thrusting movement. After she removed it, she pointed out the hood over her clitoris, and while gently pulling back, allowing her clitoris to peak out so that I could see it. With the help of a mirror, she had me look at my own vulva and become familiar with the structures. She asked me if I had ever experienced my vagina getting very wet and lubricating when I felt excited. I told her that I sometimes did get that feeling, (but I didn’t mention that izmit escort it currently felt that way). Normally, she told me, she did not demonstrate the technique for masturbation, but since it seemed that I might have been unfamiliar with it, she wanted me to understand that this was a normal method of obtaining relief, and that she was not ashamed to show me.

With that introduction, she gently began to stroke the region around her labia, and would occasionally dip a finger into her vagina. She also told me that I could feel her vulva while I was watching. She gently rubbed the labia and clitoral area with her slippery finger, occasionally sliding her fingers deep into her vagina. Then she told me to start stroking my own pussy, copying her motions. She said to gradually increase the speed when I felt the excitement building. Needless to say, I felt like it was already dripping from the excitement. Soon I noticed she was occasionally rubbing her breasts with her other hand and speeding up the rhythm of her stroking. No longer was it a matter of pointing out physical structures, she was obviously becoming very preoccupied with her own orgasm. She let out several soft moans while I watched her lift her pelvis to meet her hand, as she had several small spasms.

I was very excited and rubbing furiously, but I just didn’t seem to be able to come. Noticing this, she came over to me, (standing naked between my legs) and inserted a finger into my slippery vagina. She began putting gentle pressure upward inside my vagina, while she rubbed over my clitoral hood with her other hand. I literally exploded, feeling my vaginal muscles squeezing her finger while I felt a tremendous wave of excitement flow over me. I had my first orgasm, and I liked it!

After I cooled down, she told me that I could get dressed and meet her in the waiting room. She reminded me that what we had done was a confidential session, and private between us. She told me that if I had any questions that I could call her. I was to see her in a year for a check-up or sooner if I became sexually active. As I left, she told me to be sure to practice what I had just learned. Needless to say, at that point I knew that I may be doing just that when I got home.

Upon returning home, my mother asked me how the exam had gone. I told her that it was fine, and that I was so glad that she had made the appointment with Kelly, because she understood of my situation so well. Needless to say, I began to “practice” the lessons that she had taught me on a very regular basis.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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