Five Years Later

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Lisa couldn’t get him out of her mind. While she reluctantly went to bed in the same house as her abusive husband for the last four years, Tim was the man of her dreams — and fantasies.

She thought she was in love with Charles when she married him, but before long she realized it was a way to try to avoid not being able to wake up next to Tim every morning for the rest of her life. When they had first hooked up in college, she became a different person, and despite trying to resist it, she was changed — but only for him.

6 years earlier she met him at a restaurant and they had a pleasant dinner. In her mind, she saw his toned, tall physique and was attracted. She’d worked hard to lose some extra weight. However her slimmer waistline and thighs came with a price — her boobs were at least a cup size smaller. She had shaved her pussy that day, just in case she wound up naked with him in his bed or hers.

After dinner that first night, they headed back to his apartment, where they relaxed on the couch watching some TV. As soon as his lips locked with hers, she felt her nipples getting hard beneath her bra, quickly followed by a moist feeling between her thighs. As he kissed down the side of her neck and towards her chest, her hand slipped down his chest to feel his hardness.

She’d seen bigger ones in the porn movies she’d masturbated to, but this was the biggest cock she’d felt in her hands — and it was hard and thick. She then did something she never said before to a man “Mmmm, I want to suck your big cock”.

She never liked giving blowjobs, but she found herself loving sucking his 7 ½ inch thick sausage. Yet, that night she couldn’t get enough of his cock in her mouth. She deep throated him, let him fuck her face, and swallowed every drop of his milky spunk three separate times. And each time she sucked him, she came hard herself.

She’d already had two orgasms and was soaking wet by the time she felt the biggest cock she’d ever seen up close slide in and out of her soaking wet pussy. Over the next hour she was delirious, having an orgasm every few minutes until it reached 10 and she lost count. She wasn’t usually animated during sex, but found herself saying “Fuck me baby. Harder. You make my pussy feel so good.”

When they finally passed out naked in his bed after he exploded in her mouth a second time, she knew she was addicted to sex with him. She couldn’t help herself in the morning when she woke him up by sucking his soft cock until it was hard. She loved that when he woke up, he slid two fingers in her pussy and finger fucked her to another orgasm before she climbed on him, and lowered her dripping pussy on to his cock again. She rode him to another handful of orgasms while reaching back and fondling his golf ball sized nuts until it was ready to erupt again. She swallowed his 3rd load without letting a drop slip kadıköy escort out of her mouth.

Their schedules after that were very busy, but they still managed a couple more hookups, and every time she orgasmed regardless of whether his cock was in her mouth or her pussy. Then she met Charles, and within 6 months had married him and moved 1000 miles away, despite having fantasies about Tim regularly, including during sex with Charlie that helped getting her off to orgasm.

She put up with Charles’ mediocre sex, abusive nature, demeaning attitude and lack of maturity for too long. She started working out again, got breast implants because she wanted to feel sexy and hoped that Tim’s mouth would be sucking on her sensitive 38DDs while she rode his cock every night. Completing law school went side by side with using a vibrator to get her asshole ready for Tim to take her anal cherry.

After she passed the bar exam, she worked with a divorce attorney who a friend referred her to, in order to get a simple divorce. She knew it wouldn’t be easy, but since his physical abuse resulted in her having a miscarriage 12 weeks into an unplanned and undesired pregnancy, she was in a strong negotiating position being able to threaten criminal charges if he didn’t cooperate.

Her work was able to get her a floating transfer to another location in a different state, in the same town where Tim now made his home. As soon as the papers came in, she had a moving company load up her stuff and left Charles behind for good.

Lisa had become naughtier over the years as her desire for Tim grew almost unbearable. She rubbed her pussy every night fantasizing about him, showed more of her ample cleavage, often wore sexy lingerie and thong panties, if she wore any at all. She’d experimented secretly with other women and it made her want to have other women join her in bed with Tim for threesomes and orgies. The thought of licking another women’s clit while Tim’s cock slid in and out of the lady’s pussy was erotic. On the drive, she had to pull over at quiet rest stops lift up her skirt and rub her pussy to another orgasm.

She picked up the keys to her new apartment, but it would be a few days before her stuff arrived. She knew Tim’s schedule and around 6pm, she went over to his place wearing a short skirt sans panties and a halter top with no bra to give him easy access to her melons.

When Tim answered the door, he was pleasantly surprised to see her there. She came in, and he closed the door behind them while she got down on her knees and unzipped his pants. He leaned back against the door while she pulled his pants down to his knees and started giving him the blowjob she’d been waiting years to give him. She’d been practicing on her dildos and had become very good üsküdar escort at sucking a long cock with out using her hands. With her left hand she started rubbing her throbbing clit and with her right she starting massaging his big balls as his thick cock swelled in her mouth.

At this point she didn’t care about removing her clothes, but focused solely on his pleasure and with his pleasure, hers came, too. He took his shirt off to reveal his toned chest as he felt her sweet lips and talented tongue swirl around and excite every nerve in his engorged cock. She pulled his pants down to his ankles as she felt him put his hands on the back of her head and start thrusting his big cock into her mouth deep and fast. She frantically finger-banged her own pussy as she quickly came to orgasm. But this was no regular orgasm, it was her first multiple orgasm. For the next several minutes, she was shuddering and gushing all over as the sweet juices rushed out of her pussy, in what seemed like two dozen regular orgasms one right after the other.

When she caught her breath, she found herself hungry for cum. She massaged his balls until he shot a huge load of semen in her mouth and she moaned as she eagerly slurped up every drop of his baby making juice. As she cleaned up his cock, and looked up at his satisfied smile and his mostly naked body that she’d been wanting to see again for years.

“Let me see those tits you got for me”, he said.

Lisa stood up and happily pulled her halter top down and grabbed both of his hands and placed them on her DD sized knockers so he could feel and squeeze them. During the brief period of her marriage that she was a stripper, many times she wishes that the men she was baring her boobs to was Tim, and the faces she shoved her cleavage into for dollars was Tim’s during marathon sex sessions where she would ride him for hours.

“Mmmm, you got these for me didn’t you?”

“Oh yes, baby. I wanted you to suck them the day I came home with them instead of my asshole husband!”

“I get to tittyfuck you anytime I want now, right?”

“Of course, baby. I get so wet thinking about your big cock sliding between my big melons, and I can lick the head with my tongue on each thrust.”, she said removing the rest of her clothes revealing her naked body.

“Good. I like to hear that.”, he answered as he stepped out of his pants with his still hard cock pointing straight out. “How much did you miss my cock filling you up?”

“Ohhhh God — so much.”, she moaned. “My pussy and ass are aching for you to fuck me silly right now.”

With that they walked into the bedroom and closed the door. Tim lied back on the big bed and spread eagle and said “Suck my cock again baby, and show me a few of those tricks you’ve been practicing.”

She moaned at the way he told her tuzla escort what to do. She wanted to please him in whatever way possible. She’d been practicing on a large dildo for years as well as read about how to increase pleasure and make sex last longer. Now she had the chance to try them out.

She inhaled his cock again in another blowjob that would have made pornstars jealous. She was able to touch her nose to his abdomen swallowing his whole length while using her tongue to lick his balls at the same time. She wrapped her big tits around his cock and rocked up and down and sucked the full head into her mouth on every downstroke as it protruded from her cleavage. She had him sit on her face so she could swallow his swollen balls brewing with more cum while she used two hands to stroke his thick hardon, occasionally licking his asshole and massaging a spot below his balls that helped extend his rigidity for hours.

He took notice and said, “Mmm, you became a dirty little slut didn’t you?”

She moaned, and then came up and said “Yes, but I’m your dirty slut now. Which hole do you want to fill up first baby?”

“Your pussy so I can feel the gushing of your juices sliding down my balls when you sink down onto it.”, he said after feeling how wet she was. It was the wettest pussy he’d ever felt. “But, I’m cumming inside your ass”

“Mmmm baby. I’ve wanted to feel your big cock in my ass for so long. But my pussy’s been waiting even longer” she cooed as he sat up and she mounted his hardon.

As she hit bottom, she screamed in ecstasy as a wave of orgasms flooded her. As Tim predicted, the gushing of her juices from her pussy made its way down his balls while she rode him. Him sucking on her big knockers as they bounced up and down in rhythm only made the pleasure that much more amazing.

“Fuck me, Tim!, Fuck me, baby! Fuck me every day! Fuck me any way, any time, any place you want, baby! My pussy and ass are all yours!!”

For the next several hours they were. Lisa did all of the riding as she had years of pent up energy still in her storage that she saved for this night. She rode him slow and deep, then hard and fast. She spun around for reverse cowgirl and to feel her ass slap against his thighs every time she hit bottom. The feeling of his hands on her hips meeting her thrusts while she rubbed her clit gave her one orgasm after another. When he squeezed her boobs and twisted her sensitive nipples, she continued to scream and moan in pleasure.

Lisa had trained her ass pretty well to expect his length and thickness once she got him to pop her anal cherry. His cock felt amazing in her ass, and he loved her sphincter muscles squeezing his thick rod. The sensation was more than both had envisioned as Lisa squirted her cum all over the place immediately after Tim shot a 2nd big load deep inside her ass.

As they both drifted off to sleep, sweaty and sticky from hours of sex and many, many orgasms, he asked “Should I plan on staying home tomorrow?”

“Mmmmm, yes. Two of my old stripper friends are at a hotel tonight in town. I invited them over to join us in the afternoon for an orgy, so you’ll have two more big-titted women for you to fuck in this bed with you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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