Fly United Ch. 01

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A new airline offers customers opportunity to join the ‘Mile High Club.’ This opens up a world of possibilities.

“What do you mean it’s cancelled?”

“I’m sorry, but the weather along the east coast has grounded all flights. The planes just aren’t here. We need those planes and flight crews.”

“We’ve had these reservations for weeks! We have to get to LA. Today. A career is on the line.”

“I’m sorry, but we have nothing. Every flight we do have is overbooked. It’s a nightmare for everyone.”

“Can you book us on another airline?”

The agent shook his head. “I’ve been filling requests whenever possible. I’ve got people going all over the country to get to where they want. I’ve hunted every small airline. Charter planes are stuffed. Even four seaters are booked. I wish I could help. It’s been like this since last night.” He tapped some more keys. “The best I can do is get you there through Miami and then Dallas. But with the layovers you wouldn’t get to LA until tomorrow morning.”

The agent at the next desk turned and said “I may have stumbled across something. It’s on a small startup airline I just discovered a few minutes ago.”

“We’ll take it. Anything.”

“For some reason I can’t make the reservation from here. You have to go to their ticket counter at the other end of the ticketing area. You may or may not be in luck, as they appear to have a limited service area.”

“We’ll chance it.”

The agent scribbled information on the back of a luggage tag and shook his head. “This is all I know.”

Rob and Janice took the tag and went down the line of the ticket counters. At the very end they found a single desk, with a temporary sign reading ‘MHC Airline’.

There was no one else in line; Rob thought that wasn’t a good sign, but the agent smiled and greeted them warmly. “So, where are you folks wanting to go?”

“We need to get to LA today.”

The agent looked from Rob to Janice and back. “Two tickets?”


“Any children?”

“Does that matter? But no.”

“It does matter. We are a child free carrier. Married?”

“What kind of question is that? We aren’t, but we are travelling together.”

“Fine. You looked like you could be married, but as long as you’re travelling together you fit our target passenger profile.”

“I never heard of an airline that profiles customers.”

“We don’t discriminate based on race, religion, national origin, gender identification or anything like that. Just adults over eighteen.”

“That’s crazy.”

“I believe you’ll think differently once you’ve flown with us. We’ve only been in business for a few months, but our customer satisfaction is through the roof. Since we’re small our ticket prices aren’t in line with the big boys, however we feel you get what you pay for.”

Rob and Janice looked over the information. “This is more than twice the cost of Delta or American!”

The agent shrugged. “I don’t make the ticket prices, but we do have a lot of satisfied customers.”

Rob handed over his credit card and two tickets were printed out.

“I see you have a couple of bags. We have no overhead storage to speak of, so your bags need to be checked. Since they’re small we can do a gate check and your bags will be loaded into the hold and returned to you in the jetway when you exit the plane.”

Janice nodded “I’ve done that before. No problem. I’ll stuff my reading material into my handbag.”

“You can if you want, but I doubt you’ll want to read. Here are your tickets. The flight leaves in…fifty two minutes. That should give you time to get through security and down to the gate. They’ve assigned us a single gate at the very end of the terminal. Have a good flight.”

Security took twenty five minutes and it was tram ride and a long hike to the gate at the end of the terminal, where they spotted a MHC logo. A cheerful gate agent checked their tickets and seat assignments. First class was already boarding.

There wasn’t a large crowd waiting for cabin, Rob estimated less than forty. He leaned over to Janice “I don’t know about this. All the other flights are overbooked but there don’t seem to be many passengers here. I hope this isn’t a costly mistake.”

At the gate check they were handed receipts to pick up their luggage after the flight.

The difference between this aircraft and others they had flown on was how spacious it was, given the size of the plane. They walked through first class, where each pair of seats had a privacy curtain and what essentially amounted to a private room. In the main cabin there was a wide center aisle with two seats on each side all the way back. The seats were much wider and spaced far apart so there were fewer rows than on other commercial airlines.

Once settled in they looked over the card in the packet in front of their seats, which showed the aircraft layout, emergency exits and such. The plane didn’t look any smaller than what they were used to, but there were only less than half as many seats as on a large airline.

A istanbul escort flight attendant gave the usual safety talk and pointed out some of the amenities. “There are four lavatories in first class and six in the main cabin, two forward and four in the rear. If anyone needs pillows or blankets we will be happy to supply them at no charge. When we reach cruising altitude the crew will be serving wine and cocktails, as well as an assortment of craft beers and soft drinks. In the pocket in front of your seats you will find a menu of food and drink items you may order. Some are free and some have a nominal cost, depending on your club status. We hope you have an enjoyable flight, and thank you for flying MHC.”

Janice noted “That’s different. I can’t believe there are so many restrooms!”

The plane sat on the taxiway for another fifteen minutes until they were cleared for takeoff. When the seatbelt light went off the flight attendants wheeled a beverage cart down the spacious aisle. Janice and Rob were toward the rear of the cabin and among the last to be served. Janice ordered a glass of Chardonnay and Rob tried a craft beer.

Janice leaned over to Rob. “Have you noticed that there don’t seem to be any passengers travelling alone? Everyone seems to know who they’re sitting with.”

Rob furrowed his brow. “That is curious. I wonder if that’s why the ticket agent asked if we were travelling together?”

Rob watched the scenery go by from his window seat, but Janice’ attention was drawn across the aisle. The couple had a blanket partly over them, but Janice thought they were engaged in…something. She nudged Rob and pointed.

He looked for a moment and whispered to Janice “I think she’s giving him a blow job.”

“That’s what I thought, too.”

I became crystal clear when the man across the aisle gasped and his body jerked a bit. The woman’s head popped up from under the blanket and he kissed her. Over the sound of the engines they could hear the woman giggle and say “I swallowed this time. No mess.” He laughed softly, kissed her and reached his hand under the blanket. The woman’s head went back and her eyes closed. Although the blanket laid across her lap it was apparent the man was pleasuring her. His other hand reached under her shirt to fondle her breasts. He kissed her as she began to squirm in her seat. She yanked up her shirt and pressed his mouth against her exposed breast until she had an obvious orgasm.

Rob gulped down the last of his beer and Janice drained her wine glass and excused herself to go to the restroom.

Janice met a woman coming out of one of the smaller lavatories, which she had used even though the larger ones nearby were unoccupied.

“Umm, if you don’t mind my asking, why did you use the smaller one? I was headed for a more roomy one.”

“First time flyer on MHC?”

“Uh, yeah.”

“You’ll learn to use the small ones if you just need to do your business. We tend to leave the larger ones free for kanoodling. If you’ve not seen one go ahead and take a peek inside.”

Janice opened the door to a larger lavatory. Her mouth almost fell open at the spaciousness, and she hurried back to Rob.

“You won’t believe the bathrooms! They’re big enough for two people! There are condom dispensers! You heard me right. Condom dispensers. And there are countertops with plenty of space for…whatever. The amount of room inside is unbelievable! I’ve never imagined such a thing!”

He pointed to a couple emerging from a large lavatory at the front of the cabin. The lavatories all had lights over the doors indicating ‘occupied’ or ‘unoccupied’, however when this couple emerged a blue light lit.

A flight attendant met the couple at their seat, two rows ahead of Rob and Janice. “Congratulations! Welcome to the club! Here are your club pins and I’ll bring you some champagne to celebrate.”

Janice signaled for a flight attendant and asked the meaning of the exchange.

“Oh, they turned on the blue light to indicate they had just joined the Mile High Club. They get a club pin and champagne for toasting their achievement. As club members they get free food and drinks on all subsequent flights.”

Janice thanked her for the information and turned to Rob. “Do you suppose that’s true?”

“I don’t know, but look two rows up on the other side.”

The seats were reclined and the man was stretched out. The woman sat astride his lap and rocked and pistoned until they appeared to orgasm, and the woman collapsed onto the man’s chest.

“There is no champagne. Must not be their first time.”

Several couples went into the larger lavatories and stayed for a while. Only one blue light came on and that pair received pins and champagne to toast.

“Uh, Janice? Do you want to try out one of those bathrooms?”

“I’d love to, but I’m so nervous about this afternoon that I’m afraid I wouldn’t enjoy it.” She noted the disappointment on his face. “But let’s see if there is a flight avcılar escort tomorrow. I’ll know one way or the other by then and whatever happens it will be over.”

He tried the seat controls and found how to make them go back flat. The panel between the rows reached to the ceiling, screening them from those in the rows ahead or behind. The armrest folded away. She curled up beside him. “We can still cuddle a bit.”

A flight attendant offered them a blanket and reached into the overhead compartment to retrieve it, and handed them two pillows as well. “Each pair of seats has their own blanket and pillows. Everything that’s used on the flight is cleaned and sanitized before being loaded in for use again.”

Janice spread the blanket over them and Rob stroked her soft brown hair to relax her. She put a hand on his chest. “Sorry to be a party pooper.”

“I understand your nerves.” He kissed her and she closed her eyes. “I know something else that relaxes you.”

Her eyes opened. “Okay. I’d like that, just don’t try to take it any further.”

He nodded and kissed her again, caressing her face. When he gently cupped a breast she sighed. “This is heavenly.” He opened the front of her blouse, reached in and pushed her bra up, cradling a bare breast and rubbing a thumb over her nipple. She sighed again, “Remember when we used to pet like this? It felt so good.”

“Yeah. I like all the things we do, but still enjoy doing this.”

Her hand wandered down from his chest. “But I used to do something for you, too. Remember?”

“I’ll never forget it.”

She kissed him and his hand continued fondling her breasts as she located his belt buckle and searched for the zipper below it. She watched his face as she slowly pulled it down and smiled. “I think you like this part. Not as good as the real thing, but it relieves certain tension.”

He hoarsely whispered “Yes, it does.”

Janice reached into his pants and found the bulge in his underwear, massaging it. She nibbled on his ear and reached inside the underwear to grasp the firm erection. “My, my. You do need some relief here.”

They kissed and continued to fondle each other. She remembered the strokes she used to use on him and soon felt him tightening. Her hand withdrew briefly to reach into her pocketbook and bring out a couple of tissues. “Don’t want a mess and wet pants now, do we?”

He briefly laughed at her thinking and resumed kissing. When the inevitable happened she was there to catch it in the tissues. He kissed her hard and wrapped an arm around her to hold her against him until he was finished.

“Will that hold you until tonight? I promise you will be rewarded later.”

“I love you. Anything we do later will be a reward as long as I get to touch your entire body.”

“I’m sure that will be a part of the reward.”

She removed her hand and zipped him up. With a final squeeze he removed his hand from her breast, pulled her bra back into place and buttoned her blouse. They rolled onto their backs and held hands.

A flight attendant stopped by. “Is everything satisfactory? This appears to be your first time flying with us, so you should know that if you join the club while in your seats, just press this button overhead and the blue light will turn on. You may have noticed the ceremony whenever someone joins the club. And if you ever need to clean up I think you’ll likely find at least one lavatory free almost any time.”

They returned their seats to the upright position and she took the wet tissues to dispose of in a waste container in a vacant lavatory.

When she returned she sat with her head on his shoulder and he put an arm around her. Before long the pilot announced their descent into LA and reminded everyone to fasten seatbelts. There was a hum throughout the plane as seatbacks were returned to the upright position. Flight attendants collected used blankets and pillows and took them to a collection area in the rear of the plane.

When they exited the plane at LAX they claimed their luggage, waiting in the jetway, and headed for ground transportation. At the hotel they had enough time to check in and for Janice to get ready for her appointment.

He squeezed her hand when they arrived for her appointment, and she sat nervously. At precisely 4:30 she was ushered into an office while he waited in the reception area. A man behind the desk looked over Janice and nodded. He appeared to read some things from her resume. “Hmmm…Janice Simonson…age 29…experience…good, good. Let me ask you, have you ever done film? I don’t see any film credits.”

“No, sir. This will be my first.”

“Ha! Very good. You have confidence that you WILL get it, not that you HOPE to get it. I like that attitude!”

He pressed a button on his desk and another man came in and sat down.

“Janice, this is Brad Lexington. He’ll be the director. Now, you were sent a copy of the script and I trust with your theater and television experience you have reviewed it thoroughly.”

Janice şirinevler escort nodded and pulled her copy out of the bag she carried. “Here it is. I marked it up some.”

“Good. Turn to the scene beginning on page 75 and read for us.”

Janice skimmed it over briefly to make sure she understood the scene she had to read, took a moment to get into character and then read as if she were performing.

Brad nodded. “Excellent. Just what we want. Now, if you’ll follow me we’ll do a quick screen test to see how you photograph. Your friend can wait here.”

Rob thumbed through the magazines in the waiting room for over an hour before Janice burst through the door. “I got it!”

“Is a celebration in order? When do you start?”

They went out for dinner and Janice filled him in on her part. “I’m only in a few scenes, so won’t need to be around for the whole shoot. But I’ll get a credit, you know – after the names of the stars ‘…also with Janice Simonson’ We’ll be in LA some and in New York also. You can come with me.”

“I’ll try to arrange it. I think I can swap days off with some others in my department.”

Back at the hotel Janice almost tore Rob’s clothes off. “I said I’d make it up to you. Now that you’re naked and obviously ready for some activity, why don’t you help me out of my clothes? Take as long or short a time as you want.”

He removed her garments, running fingers over and kissing each area of flesh that was revealed. She led him to the bed and had him sit so she could kneel in front of him. “That woman in the plane was an amateur.”

She grasped him and played with his erection, periodically kissing the tip. She worked up to licking from base to tip, sucked each testicle into her mouth and massaged it with her tongue. She thrust her tongue briefly into the split and then took him in deep. He began to groan with each new move she made. Shallow with a lot of tongue action. Deep with sucking while holding his sac in her hand.

He looked at her with consternation when she stopped, but she smiled up at him. “Just giving you time to build your pleasure meter a bit. Ready for the finale?”

With a thrust of her head she took him in deep and used as much tongue as she could. When she needed a breath she took him out for licking, and then back in shallow to swirl her tongue around the tip and underside. She felt him tighten and plunged her head down on him so he exploded down her throat. After a couple of swallows she backed off and used her tongue to finish him. His ejaculations ceased but she continued tonguing and sucking until he became limp.

“How was that? Worth the wait?”

He flopped back onto the bed and pulled her with him. “Worth every minute. But you seem to have been cheated today. We didn’t have dessert after dinner, so I’m going to eat you good for dessert.”

She laughed as she drew up her knees and spread them apart.

“Oh, no. That’s too easy. I mean I’m REALLY going to eat you.”

He knelt before her, grabbed her legs and threw them over his shoulders while lifting up her bottom to bring her to his mouth, and she squealed. His tongue greedily lapped. He thrust his tongue into her briefly and sucked on each individual lip while massaging it with his tongue. When she moaned he found the clitoral hood and sucked hard on it, drawing out the treasure beneath. With his tongue he massaged it and with his lips he pulled on it until it was fully visible and sucked it until she was ready to scream.

He freed one hand to massage a breast as he continued his assault on her vulva. She bucked and squirmed. She whimpered and mewled. Her head whipped from side to side and she gripped the sheets in a death grip. The more she struggled the more he tongued and sucked. His tongue darted in and out of her and he licked from vagina to clit, giving the clit a suck at the end of each stroke.

Her body began to convulse violently and she shouted nonsense while her vagina pulsed strongly, forcing out orgasmic fluid. He lapped it up and continued until she went completely limp and quivered on the bed.

Only then did he kiss her and caress her breasts as she liked until her gasping breath settled down to mere deep breathing.

“I liked that dessert better than anything we could get at the restaurant.”


“Nothing’s too good for my film star.”

“Bit part.”

“You’re a star to me.”

When she could sit up she asked “Do you think we could book seats on that airline again? We could do it up right and join the club with a flourish.”

“I’ll check it out.”

To his dismay the airline didn’t have a website. He called an 800 number he found for it on Google. When he hung up he shook his head. “They don’t do online reservations and the ticket sales office is not like anything I’ve ever heard of. They’ll give information on when and where they fly, even the cost of a ticket, but you have to get tickets at the airport. In person.”

“Anything going our way?”

“The daily flight from Atlanta stays here until seven in the evening before returning to Atlanta. If we want to get on we have to go to LAX and buy the tickets in person at the counter. We can do that any time during the day. What a pain to get to LAX, buy tickets and then either kill half a day there or come back to town and do something until time to go.”

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