Forest Tryst

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It was a mist laden October night; the crescent moon was cutting through a blanket of purple clouds that had left the faintest kiss of rain on the air. He waited for her at the edge of the woods where she would see him as she came up the path. Their meeting had been anticipated for too long a space of time to be calculated without heavy pangs of yearning. The daylight hours had been spent in careful preparation, his unquenched passions turning their energy to the meticulous care of a perfect night.

She trusted him, giving herself over to his designs without reservation. The act of relinquishing control set fire to her blood and lit up her eyes with her own growing need. She drove without the radio on, a peculiarity for her, and left the windows down to feel the not quite chilling air pull at her hair.

He was standing in black slacks and a dark maroon dress shirt that had the sleeves rolled up just below the elbow. His short cropped hair and mischievous grin made her giggle to herself as the car headlights caught him in the dark. He opened her door and let the smile in his eyes drink her up from head to toe and back again. “Hello.” The black dress was sleeveless with a v-neck line that accentuated her ample breasts and sat high enough from her knees to be inviting while still covering anadolu yakası escort enough thigh to be classy.

Her right hand rested on her chin as she bit her index finger, paying him the same compliment with her own hungry gaze. She accepted his offered hand and stepped from the car. With his other hand he slammed the car door shut the moment she was clear and then he forced her body against the car with his own and cradled her neck with one hand, pinning her wrist to her hip with the other.

The subsequent kiss was fierce and unrelenting, taking her tongue and breath with all the hunger of a starving tiger. With his knees he forced her legs apart and pushed himself into the soft heat beneath her dress. Behind their respective fabric, their flesh was a fire attempting to burn their way to each other.

Tearing away from her mouth he kissed her neck and the top of her chest as he fell to his knees and lifted the hem of her dress above her hips. She wore no stockings or panties and in the exposed air of night, her scent signaled her imminent need. He kissed her there slow and deep, savoring every drop of her creaming pink folds.

She tossed her head back in heavy moans of his name, digging her nails into his shoulders as he stoked ataşehir escort the fire deep within her. His moans of delight at the treasure upon which he was feasting could not be held back as both hands pulled and kneaded her hips. As deep as this kiss was, he wanted more and never slowed in his enthusiasm even as she reached orgasm.

She gripped the short-hairs at the base of his neck and jerked his attentions from her. He looked up and saw the blaze behind her eyes and read their demands. He quickly stood and guided her through the opening in the woods to where he had placed a mattress and blankets under an opening of branches that would let the few stars peaking through the clouds witness their passion.

Methodically, she removed his clothing so that he stood naked with his bare feet on the earth and his engorged erection pointing to the heavens. She stepped out of her shoes and unzipped her dress, letting it fall and be discarded. Then she crouched and took his penis with her hand around the base and her mouth around the rest.

She sucked him slow and strong, applying her fingers to a few pressure points while using her tongue on others. After only a few moments she stopped and pulled on his cock like a leash, guiding to the makeshift nest.

He ümraniye escort pushed her legs up and back so that her knees were parallel to his shoulders as he lay on top of her and pushed his way inside. Spread open to him and beneath the force of his measured thrusts, she moaned and panted into the night. A light rain begins to kiss their heated flesh as she pressed her feet against his ass and rocked in time against his penetrations. The icy splashes sizzle against their passion and call notice to new nerve-endings as they melt into each other.

Without slowing, he pinned her arms above her head and growled into her neck as her moans became labored gasps. When he came inside her that growl became a fevered howl and she giggled in pure delight at his release.

Suddenly she worked her arms free and closed her legs together; gripping his penis in a veritable vice and with her hands on his ass she rocked the entire weight of him into her pussy. Though spent, his erection lost none of its rigidity held as it was by her love muscles. She moved him inside her working toward her next orgasm and he reveled in being used by her in this fashion.

He felt her writhe and pulse beneath him, listened to her moaning quicken and culminate in a giggling squeal as she came again. There was no repressing his own mirth at her carnal pleasure as he leaned his body into her one last time.

Kissing her cheek and her neck, he lightly stroked his fingernails against her scalp and gazed with unfettered affection. The protestations of his love were whispered against her ear as he rolled over and spooned her body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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