Four Sisters Saloon Ch. 01

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\The following is fictional. Names, and locations have been made up and are not meant to depict real people living or deceased. These stories also depict dangerous, unprotected sexual situations. In this day and age of STDs, please be careful and wear protection!

This is an adult’s only story. If you are underage in the community you live in, please do not go any further. Thank you and happy reading!

Chapter 1: In the Beginning

Where do I begin? I guess an introduction would be useful. There are five of us who own The Four Sisters Saloon. My wife, Cindy, her three sisters, Carla, Fran and Amy and then there’s me, Tommy. We’re all equal partners in this little adventure and it’s worked out very well. The bar has done very well over the years and none of us are hurting for money. We’ve enjoyed the business but more importantly, we get a lot of pleasure out of the business too. In fact, the pleasure part of it is probably the best reason for being in business. You see the bar is how we get our bed partners.

A little explanation is probably in order. It wasn’t always this way. I mean, we didn’t always choose a customer here and there to join us in bed. It just sort of happened. I also don’t “have a harem.” The women are free to choose their lovers. I’m just sort of the backup plan for my wife’s sisters. It’s nice work, when you can get it. My wife and myself are also free to hookup when we’d like. The only caveat is that our partner has to approve of the deal. It’s been working out for us so far, neither one of us has turned the other down.

Right now, you’re probably thinking to yourself, “This guy is FULL of shit. There ain’t no bar like that. There ain’t no family like that.” Well folks, you believe what you want to believe. All I can do is relay the tales.

I guess I should start off by telling you how we got to where we are today, four sisters and one very horny husband and brother in law living and loving one another. It wasn’t always like this. I’ve known the sisters since Cindy and I first started dating almost 30 years ago. We met when she was a junior in high school. I had recently graduated and was attending a dance with a mutual friend of ours. We met on the dance floor and have been together ever since. Carla is three years older than Cindy and I. She was wild when she was younger and really hasn’t slowed down much since then. Fran is just about two years younger than us and Amy brings up the rear, being five years younger than Cindy and me.

The ladies have always been a tight knit family. Cindy and I were living out west when we heard about her folk’s dying. I really liked my in-laws. The first time I met my father in law, he offered me a beer. I was underage so I declined, but then, I’ve always been a Jack Daniel’s Man myself. I had it in the Coke I was holding in my hand when we first met. My mother in law was as beautiful as she was kind. She accepted me into her family as soon as Cindy and I became serious. I loved them both very much and miss them to this day.

The call came in on a Tuesday night. Amy was crying on the phone and it was all I could do to understand her. I handed the phone to Cindy and watched as her calm demeanor turned to tears. Her folks had been killed in an auto accident. To say we were shocked would be an understatement. We had just visited them about a month previous to the accident. With heavy hearts, Cindy and I headed back east to attend the funeral.

It was tough watching my wife and her sisters grieve. Their pain was very evident in thoughts, words and deeds. The four of them hung close to one another throughout the wake and funeral. I stayed within earshot should they have needed me for anything. Grief is a funny thing, it can tear families apart, or, it can bring them closer together. Luckily for me, it was the latter.

Cindy and her sisters have always been pretty independent. They all moved out of the house during college and only returned to visit. Granted, they visited my inlaws on almost a daily basis, but they were at least on their own. Something changed after my inlaws were killed. Cindy and I started getting more phone calls during the week and the sisters were always making excuses to come out and visit us. I certainly wasn’t going to complain since all three of my wife’s sisters were good looking. Look, I’m not going to lie and tell you they were all HOT. They weren’t, but they were damn sexy just the same. Plus, the chance to “accidentally” see them coming out of the shower was always on my mind. It never happened, but the idea had crossed my mind. Although I’d often fantasized about sleeping with one of my sister in laws and propositioned them all, I knew my chances of getting the opportunity to do so was non-existent, that all changed three years ago when Carla came out to visit.

Carla had just gone through a divorce. Cindy and istanbul escort I had bought a run down club in town and we were in the process of trying to build up business. The locals found it a great place to unwind after a hard day’s work and, being on the main drag through town, we got our share of truckers and travelers as well. Business was starting to look up and we were in need of help. Carla’s arrival was unexpected and coincidental but turned out to be the best thing to happen to me since I met Cindy.

I knew there was trouble as soon as she walked in the door. “Well, well, look what the cat dragged in!” I smiled as Carla walked through the door. The place was empty and Cindy and I were just talking trash behind the bar. Carla flipped me the bird.

“Fuck you and the horse you rode in on” she quickly shot back. “No, wait, you’d enjoy that way too much!”

Cindy ran around the bar and gave her sister a big hug. I served a beer to one of our regulars and told him it was on the house. I noticed the Cindy and Carla had headed off to one of the back booths so I took my time getting over there. I have Carla a big hug and a peck on the lips and asked her how she was doing. She just sighed heavily.

“Oh the usual. I’ve gone through yet another relationship. My fucking husband tells me he’s fallen in love with his secretary. What a crock of shit. That little bitch must be fucking him on his desk. Fucking whore! He hasn’t slept with me in three months!”

“Isn’t that how you met him?” I meant it as a joke but Carla immediately burst into tears.

“Fuck you asshole!”

My wife shot me a look that pretty much told me my humor was not appreciated at the moment. She helped Carla up and they both headed off to the ladies room. I returned to the bar to find my regular customer shaking his head.

“You have got to be the dumbest Mother Fucker I’ve ever met.”

“Well, at least I’m at the top of someone’s list.”

Half an hour later, I was working by myself. Cindy and Carla headed off for the house and I had to deal with “Happy Hour” by myself. I thought about closing up and hanging a “Family Emergency – Sorry We’re Closed” sign in the window, but as good as business was, we needed the money. I lucked out. I was able to call in one of our other waitresses and she and I handled the crowd no problem. I was not looking forward to going home though. I figured having two women mad at me, instead of my usual one, was not going to make my night.

When I got home, Cindy was sitting at the table nursing a beer.

“Where’s Carla?” I asked quietly.

“Oh, she headed off to bed. She told me to tell you she forgives you for being a shit head and to let you know there’s no hard feelings.”

“Well, that’s a relief. I was already to get down on my hands and knees and beg forgiveness.”

“Tommy, I’ve never seen her in this bad of shape. I mean, she’s a tough girl, but this has got her all flustered and confused. I wonder how long Jack’s affair has really been going on?”

Jack, my brother in law, excuse me, ex brother in law. What a piece of work this genius is. He paid more attention to his job than his wife. Well, at least we know why.

“Does it matter any more? I mean, Carla’s a bright gal; she deserves much better than Jack was providing for her. Emotionally I mean, I know he was raking in the dough.”

That was no lie. Jack was earning well in excess of six figures annually. Yet, you’d never know it by the house they lived in. I think it was his folk’s house and maybe their folk’s before that. It was run down, not in the greatest neighborhood and he refused to spend money to fix it. Oh, but he could own all the toys he could afford. Boats, cars, lots of shit, but when Carla needed something, he was Mr. Tightwad. Near the end, the only time they had fun together was when they were drunk. It was definitely not the greatest relationship going.

“Yeah, I guess your right babe. It’s probably best she’s through with him.” My wife replied.

“Sure, let her know she can stay as long as she wants with us. Maybe we can take her mind off of Jack and the bitch.”

“Thanks Tommy, I’m sure she’ll take us up on the offer.”

Needless to say, Carla did take us up on the offer. She moved out here about a month after her divorce was final. She took Jack for a nice sum too. She asked if she could buy into the club. Cindy and I looked at each other and raced one another to spit out the word, YES! We drew up papers and Carla soon joined us as part owner of The Two Sisters Saloon.

When Carla first moved out here, she wanted to get her own place. Cindy and I wouldn’t hear of it and she reluctantly agreed to stay with us. Lucky me! We have a big enough house that we wouldn’t drive one another crazy and Carla would have her avcılar escort own bedroom and all the privacy she wanted. She would bring guys home from time to time but she really didn’t date all the seriously. I was wondering if Jack had scarred her for life. My fears were put to rest almost a year to the day she first moved in with us.

I came home late on a Sunday night to find Cindy and Carla waiting for me on the couch. This wasn’t as odd as it seems since the ladies often waited up for me to get home on a Sunday. I usually handle the Sunday crowds by myself. Since we’re located downtown, outside of football season, it’s pretty quiet. The girls had been drinking as I saw an open bottle of wine and three glasses sitting on the coffee table.

“Ah, dear sweet lover of mine, come have a seat,” Cindy cooed.

“Oh yes, please do. No, right here, in between us,” added Carla.

I sat down, took the offered glass of wine and waited to hear what this was about.

“Well, you know how you’ve always wanted to sleep with one of my sisters?” Cindy began, “I do believe you are about to get your wish. Carla, would you care to continue?”

“Tommy, you’re a great brother in law and you know I’ve had some problems dating lately. I just can’t seem to find a guy that’s worth hanging on to. After I found out Jack was sleeping around, I was devastated. Maybe I lost my confidence, I don’t know. All I know is I’m getting tired of playing with myself, and wishing and hoping Mr. Right is going to come along. I talked it over with Cindy and she’s agreed to let me have you for the night. Is that okay with you?”

Well, what the hell did she think I was going to say, no? I looked at Carla and then at Cindy. I must have had the most confused look on my face as they both burst out laughing.

“See, I told you he wouldn’t know what to say,” laughed my wife.

“Oh my, cat got your tongue Tommy?” added. Carla. “I was hoping for an immediate yes to my question. Now, it seems you don’t want me.” Carla pouted.

“Don’t take my silence as a lack of interest my dear. I’m just trying to figure out what I’m going to do with you tonight.” I quickly shot back.

The rest of the evening was spent joking around and talking. The three of us seemed a bit nervous, but overall, it was a nice night. Cindy and Carla headed upstairs and I finished cleaning up the glasses. I turned off all the lights and headed upstairs. I really didn’t know what was awaiting me.

The master bedroom was lit by candlelight when I entered. Carla was on the bed, dressed in a black bra and panty set. She looked absolutely stunning. I must have unconsciously licked my lips because Carla mentioned something about how hungry I appeared to be.

Cindy pressed herself up against me and whispered in my ear, “Take good care of her my love. She’s my sister and I love her dearly.”

“I love her too. Thank you for this opportunity sexy. I’ll treat her like I treat you.”

“Then she’s in for one hell of a ride isn’t she?” With that, Cindy kissed me goodnight and headed off for Carla’s room.

“Well, here we are,” I mumbled.

“Yes, here we are,” replied Carla nervously. “So, have you figured out what you want to do to me yet?”

“I sure as hell have, but let’s relax a bit first. I know I’m nervous, how about you?

“Yeah, I guess I am. It’s kind of strange. I mean, you’ve been hitting on me for how many years now? And yet, here we are. We aren’t making mistake are we?” She asked.

“Look Carla, I love you. I love you as a sister and I love you as a friend. I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you in any way. Hell, if it was legal, I’d marry you too!”

She laughed at that and patted the bed next to her. “Care to join me?”

“My pleasure.” I quickly replied.

I sat down on the edge of the bed and just admired the gorgeous, sexy fox in front of me. Her breasts were big and beautiful. Cindy once told me that Carla bordered on being a D cup. Man, she wasn’t kidding. Carla followed my eyes down. “Like what you see Tommy boy?”

In response, I leaned forward and kissed her on the lips. I could feel the hesitation in her kiss and pulled back. “Still a little nervous Sis?”

“Yeah, a bit. I just feel strange, that’s all. Let’s just take it slow for now”

“Okay, how about a massage to relax you? Cindy says I have the best hands in town!” I quickly replied.

Carla agreed and I had her face down on the bed in no time. God, my cock hurt it was so hard. I started to massage her shoulders and arms. I rubbed her tanned, sexy back and neck. She would let out little contented sighs every now and then, letting me know my massage was working it’s magic. By the time I reached her ass and legs, she was putty in my hands.

Carla reached back and undid her bra strap. “There, that şirinevler escort should make it easier for you to work. Oh, and Cindy was right, you do have the best hands in town!”

I continued to work my way down her back to her ass. I massaged each cheek individually and then proceeded down her thighs and calves to her feet. She laughed a little when I rubbed the soles of her feet. I worked my way back up her body to her neck. I bent down and lightly kissed her neck and shoulders. Carla just moaned. “Turn over,” I whispered, “and let me do your front.” Carla rolled over towards the middle of the bed and I began to massage her front side.

My cock felt like it would burst when I first laid eyes upon her magnificent breasts. Christ, they were wonderful! Full, firm, with just a little hint of sag, nice large nipples and the cleavage, my Lord, the cleavage which was just made for tit fucking! I felt Carla’s hand on my cock. “Oh my, I guess you do like what you see!”

How could I deny it? My cock throbbed in her hand. She finally fished it out of my boxer shorts and began to stroke it. I couldn’t help it. Her hands felt so good on my dick. I came; long spurts of come covered her arm and hand. I was so damned excited to be with her, I just couldn’t help it! “Now I know you definitely like what you see,” Carla grinned up at me.”

“Sorry Sexy, couldn’t help it” I sheepishly replied.

“Well, don’t sweat it dear brother in law of mine. I’m flattered. Now, go get something to clean this mess up with and get back to my massage.”

I headed off to the bathroom to grab a couple towels and the massage lotion. Can’t have a proper massage with the lotion! I quickly returned and helped Carla clean off my come. She had already started by licking her hand clean and was working on her arm when I returned.

“Mmm, tasty. I can see why Cindy likes it so much!”

I must have had a shocked look on my face because she let out a laugh. “What? You don’t think sisters talk about stuff like that? I know how much Cindy loves to suck your cock and eat your come. You’re in luck, dear Tommy, I love it too!”

I took off the rest of my clothes and joined Carla on the bed. I applied the massage lotion to my hands and began to work on her chest. I love breasts, any size, any shape, as long as they’re natural. All my sister in laws had beautiful breasts. Cindy’s are pretty spectacular too, but nothing like Carla’s! I was in heaven as I massaged her tits. I played with her nipples and squeezed her breasts together. When I bent down to take a nipple in my mouth, Carla grabbed my head and pulled me close. I licked and sucked on that nipple for all I was worth. I could fee the heat rising from Carla’s pussy. After assuring her I’d be back to suck on her wonderful breasts, I moved down to her pussy.

Carla still had her black panties on and I took my sweet time in removing them. By the time I was finished, her pussy was soaked and she was grinding her hips at me to try and get me to eat her. All in good time, I thought to myself, as I placed light kisses all around her pussy and inner thighs. Her scent was intoxicating. I love eating pussy. My wife Cindy loves when I do it. I was about to find out if Carla was like her sister.

After teasing her some more, I placed my tongue flat across her pussy lips. Carla sucked in her breath and when I licked my way up to her clit, she moaned loudly. I pressed my tongue against her clit and let her hump my face. She was really grinding away at my tongue. When I placed the tip of my tongue on her clit, she exploded in orgasm. Her thighs wrapped around my head and it was all I could do to keep contact with her clit. She humped my face violently but I held on and kept my tongue on her clit. She finally calmed down enough to release my head from the death grip her thighs’ had on it. I looked up to see a very contented look on her face.

“You like?” I asked.

“Me like, very much!” She replied with a grin. “Now, eat me some more!” She commanded.

Who am I to disobey orders? I dove back between her legs and sucked and licked and tongue fucked her pussy for all I was worth. She came several times and finally pushed me away.

“Enough! Are you trying to kill me?” She moaned.

“What, you’re not enjoying yourself?”

“That’s not it dummy. It’s just that my orgasms are so powerful, I need to rest. I’m not as young as I used to be you know. Plus, it’s been awhile since I’ve had this much fun in bed!”

I smiled and gently kissed her inner thighs. “Your wish is my command my dear.”

I kissed my way back up her body to her breasts. I moved off to the side and gently suckled at her nipples. My cock was resting on her thigh. It began to twitch and grow.

“Oh, I see someone’s getting excited again!” Carla whispered to me, as my cock throbbed against her thigh.

“Damn straight. How could I not be when I have such a hot woman in bed with me? The only thing that would make it better would be to have two hot women in bed with me!”

“Hmm, one lover at a time sweetie. I’m not quite ready for that…. yet”

I rolled onto my back. “How about mounting up?”

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