Getting Even

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Is wasn’t that Melia made a habit of seducing married men, in fact she hadn’t ever slept with a married man. Still after what happened, she decided that she had to act. Zach’s wife really had no reason to be nasty to her, but since she had been, well, Meila would settle the score.

Meila remembered how it started. There was a party at the apartment she shared with Butch and Ronnie. They seemed to have parties most weekends, mainly guy friends of Butch and Ronnie. Generally, the guys who came over would bring drinks, food, or pot. Sometimes there would be girlfriends. It was all okay to Meila. It was fun, usually cheaper than going out to a club or bar, and she enjoyed the people who came over.

In fact, Meila generally was the center of attention with those guys. She knew that most guys found her attractive, and she usually ended up just as wasted as any of the guys. Essentially most of the parties ended up with her having sex with someone. A few times, she had even had sex with more than one guy. Maybe one early in the evening, and a second guy toward the end of the party. One time she gotten too wasted and fucked five guys, when she was simply too wasted to care. Her attitude was that she was going to be twenty in another six months, she was living on her own, paying her own way and she could do whatever she wanted. She felt that if she wanted to have sex with different guys, that was her decision.

Meila thought that Zach was especially cute the first time she met him. He was one of Butch’s friends. He came to most of the parties. In fact, he came over to watch TV and have a beer or two even when they didn’t have a party. Meila flirted with him a little, but he had told her he was married right from the start, so she never really tried to get him interested. Then his wife came to one of the parties.

Meila thought that the wife, Cherri, was cute, not a real stunner however, and a little plump. Still, cute enough. Cherri hung onto Zach’s arm, not wanting to mix with the others and party.

It wasn’t too far into the evening, maybe an hour or so, that Meila was already high. Without thinking, she took Robbie down the hall to her bedroom for a quick tumble. Maybe it would be one of her more than one guy nights. When she came back to the party, she overheard Cherri ask Zach if she, Meila, was the one. Zach misunderstood, because he asked her if she meant the one who lived at the apartment.

Cherri replied, “No, you know, the skanky one who lives here and fucks all the other guys.”

Meila saw the look on Zach’s face as he protested that he had never called anyone that, but Cherri said, “well, I thought she must be a skank because you said she used to date Ronnie, but just screwed who ever she wanted.”

Meila acted like she hadn’t heard, and moved to the other side of the room. That way she could watch Zach and the bitch without being too obvious. Cherri’s comment hurt her feelings, maybe she did sleep around, but she was hardly a skank. Her parents were important people back home. If she wanted to enjoy being with different guys, that was her business and she was not a cheap skank.

Not too surprising, Meila had dealt with other women who said nasty things about her since high school. That was likely when she decided she would fuck Zach. He could go back to his little, plump wife after getting a really good fucking. She’d be one up on the little bitch.

She didn’t have to wait too long. About two weeks later, on a Saturday, she was alone in the apartment, her two roommates having left for a few hours. She was drying off from her shower, when Meila heard someone knocking at the door. She called out that adalar escort she would be right there, slipped into panties, pulled on some shorts and a tee shirt, and went to the door. When she looked through the peephole to see who it was, it surprised her to see Zach standing there. She paused for a brief second.

A few seconds ago, she had been in such a rush to get to the door that she didn’t think about it. Now she was very aware that she had almost nothing on. The shorts were very short and the tee shirt fit her like a glove. Glancing down, she could see that her nipples showed through the fabric of the shirt since she hadn’t put on a bra. She smiled to herself, then opened the door.

Zach looked startled to see her. Meila gave him her best smile.

“Hey, how are you, come on in.”

“I have some tools I borrowed from Butch, and I thought he might need them back.”

“Butch isn’t home right now.”

Meila wondered why he hadn’t called Butch before he drove over. She knew that Zach could see that she was barely dressed. She just wanted to make sure he knew it. Maybe she could turn this unexpected visit into something she wanted.

“I wasn’t expecting anyone to stop by, so I barely had time to pull on some clothes when I heard you knock.”

“Sorry to bother you,” Zach said, holding the tools out to her. “He said he might work on his car today and I thought he would need these.”

Meila looked at the tools. No way was she going to touch those tools. Besides, she wanted him to come in so she could shut the door.

“Maybe you should put them in the other room. I just got out of the shower and don’t want to get dirty.”

“Follow me,” Meila said, turning and walking down the hall. She glanced over her shoulder to make sure that he was behind her. As she did, she saw that Zach was looking at her butt. He startled, caught in the act of admiring her ass in the very short shorts she had thrown on.

Meila smiled as she led him down the hallway. She thought that this could work out.

She kept talking as they walked the few steps to the kitchen, guys always liked a cheerful girl. As they entered the kitchen, Meila stopped near the table, turned to face Zach.

“Why don’t you put them over on that small bench next to the backdoor. Butch can find them there.”

That forced Zach to walk closely past her. As he did, she leaned forward slightly, just enough to brush her breasts against him.

“Oh, sorry, this is just so tight. You know, in this room.”

Zach mumbled that it was okay and set the tools on the bench she had indicated. He turned around, facing Meila.

Meila looked at Zach, making up her mind that it was the time to make her move.

“You know, I’ve been thinking about you.”

“I think that I should go.”

Always the cautious one, she thought. Well, Meila guessed that she could change that quickly enough.

She looked him straight in the eyes, then quickly pulled the tee shirt over her head and tossed it aside. Zach caught his breath, his eyes focused on her tits. Meila was certain she could see something twitch in his pants.

Meila stepped toward him, putting her arms around Zach’s neck, looking straight into his deep blue eyes. Pushing firmly against his chest, she had her tits pressed against him. He had a nice, muscular chest. She pressed her entire body against him so firmly that she could feel him getting hard.

“You know, we’ve never done it and I thought that you would be fun to do it with from the first time I met you.”

Meila put one arm around Zach’s neck and started to kiss him. He didn’t pull anadolu yakası escort away. She had this. He was going to fuck her. She reached her other hand down and felt for the bulge in his pants. He was definitely getting bigger. She pushed her tongue into his mouth, then felt Zach’s tongue slipping into her mouth.

She started to take a step back, toward the table.

Zach reached his hands under her buttocks and lifted her off the ground. Meila wrapped her legs around his hips as he carried her toward the table. Without breaking their kiss, Zach lowered her onto the table, immediately starting to pull at her shorts.

“Let me help.”

Quickly she unfastened and unzipped the shorts, lifting her butt cheek off the table so he could slide the shorts off. Zach lifted her completely off the table with one arm, pulling the shorts down with the other hand, dropping them to the floor.

In a second Meila had Zach’s hard cock out of his pants, stroking it with her hand, desperately wanting to suck it. Zach pulled her panties to the side so he could get his fingers into her cunt. Meila gasped as he pushed two fingers inside her, moving them back and forth, drawing her juices out, lubricating her opening.

Zach certainly wasn’t wasting any time. He wanted her, and she wanted him, almost desperately as he fingered her.

She reached down, fiddling with his pants. Zach pulled his other hand around and quickly unzipped his fly. Together they had Zach’s pants unfastened and open, his hard cock exposed and jutting out.

“Nice cock,” Meila whispered hoarsely into his ear, as she stroked it.

He really did have a nice cock she thought, not huge, a good length, better than a lot of guys she fucked.

Zach stepped closer as Meila guided his hard cock to her opening. She had his back to the door, intentionally, in case anyone walked in on them. She reached between her legs with her free hand, finding Zach’s fingers opening her cunt. Their fingers intertwined, both of them parting her lips as her hand guided his hard erection to her pussy. Meila was dripping wet with excitement, knowing that she had succeeded in getting him to do her. He positioned himself between her legs, the swollen head of his cock touching her lips. He started to push inside her. She pushed against him, feeling the head of his cock slip into her. Meila didn’t know if he would fuck her quick just to come, or fuck her like he meant it to take care of her too. It really didn’t matter, she just wanted him to fuck her.

Excitement suddenly took him. He plunged into her, deeply, rapidly pulling back and thrusting in again, over and over. The suddenness took her breath away, turning her on even more. Her hand was still on his cock, fingers wrapped around it, feeling the length disappear inside her, her fingers pressed between his thrusting body and her outer lips, then feeling the wet, hard cock against her fingers as he pulled back before pushing in again.

Meila slowly pulled her hand away from between them. Zach pounding so fast that she thought she might climax before he did, and she knew he was very close. She let herself go, wanting to enjoy this fuck after all the work she had done to get it. She came, moaning loudly, thrusting to meet his thrusts, writhing in excitement.

He continued to thrust in and out of her. Meila doubted that she would come again before he climaxed. That was okay, she had accomplished what she wanted. She looked at his face, at the concentration, that look that guys often got just before they shot.

For a split second she wondered what he was thinking, maybe ataköy escort that he was fucking the cunt that all his friends had told him was so good, maybe it was just that he was fucking. She would never ask him. She was certain that he definitely wasn’t thinking of his wife right then.

Just then saw Butch standing at the back door. For just a second Butch looked surprised, then he smirked at the sight of them fucking on the table. Meila made eye contact with Butch, then pulled Zach tightly against her. She did not want him to realize that they had an audience.

“Fill me up, give me that hot cum! Fill my pussy!”

Butch smiled, enoying watching Meila fuck, and not for the first time.

Zach pumped wildly, then he stiffen. She thought she felt his cock expand inside her. He thrust in and out, even deeper. He moaned loudly, almost incoherently with excitement. She could feel the semen flood into her, filling her cunt. She watched Butch, making sure he didn’t do anything to spoil this moment. Zach pumped once or twice more, squeezing the last of his ejaculation inside her. Butch winked at her, then disappeared.

Zach gave a big sigh. His cock was still inside her, still mostly hard, but getting softer. She could feel the cum starting to ooze out of her, trickling down her slit, puddling on the table.

“That was good,” he said hoarsely.

“Only good?”

“No! Really, really good! Outstanding! The best I’ve ever…”

His voice trailed off, not wanting to finish a sentence he shouldn’t have started.

“I’m so glad. I really, really enjoyed it too.”

Meila kissed him once more.

Zach stepped back from the table. Meila felt the cum gush out of her, onto the table and likely onto the floor. She’d have a mess to clean up, but it was well worth it.

Zach pulled his pants up, not bothering clean off his now flaccid cock. She caught a glimpse, seeing that his cock was still covered in cum. A little something to send him home with she thought. Too bad, she couldn’t think of a way to get the wifey to suck him as soon as he got home. That would be a surprise for her.

As he found his shirt and finished dressing. Meila grabbed some paper towels to clean up the table and floor. She was still naked, wanting to give him a good parting memory of her body and their time together. Zach stood, watching her throw the wet paper in the trash.

“I’d better go.”

Meila grabbed her tee shirt and pulled it on. She stood there with the tee shirt and panties on, her shorts in her hand.

They both heard front door shut. Zach quickly turned and stepped out of the room.

“Hey, what are you doing here bro?”

“Oh, I just dropped off those tools I borrowed. I gave them to Meila.”

“Why don’t you hang out for a while? Do you want a beer or anything?”

She laughed to herself as she grabbed her shorts off the floor. She didn’t put the shorts on, standing and listening to Butch with only the tee shirt and panties. Butch was handling it perfectly, playing dumb when he well knew that they had been fucking on the kitchen table.

“Naw, I better get home.”

“Ahh, stay a little while. You haven’t been here very long have you? I doubt that your wife would care what you’ve been doing.”

Meila stepped out into the hallway wearing only her tee shirt and panties.

“Oh, Butch, you’re home. Zach dropped the tools off for you, they’re in here.”

She was certain she heard Zach swear, then he walked out the door. “Running home to wifey,” she thought.

Butch walked into the kitchen, laughing.

“So you finally fucked him huh?”

“Be nice, he couldn’t resist any more.”

“I image he couldn’t. You are really something to look at. Really, hot in your tight tee shirt and panties.”

“You think so? I’m flattered.”

“You should be. I’m just wondering where flattery will get me right now.”

She turned and looked at Butch. What the hell she thought, …

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