Getting Over Joel Ch. 02

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I stood in the bathroom taking several deep breaths.

When my legs stopped shaking I rejoined the others in the lounge.

“Took you long enough,” Kate complained in that belligerent tone that signalled she was almost as plastered as me.

“Oh well,” I hedged, trying to sound normal. “We had to rinse the wine out of my dress.”

“And we were having a deep and meaningful,” Jodie offered, catching my eye.

I coughed and knocked back my glass of wine in a single swallow.

“Michael’s going for pizza,” Kate informed us as her man stood up and put on a long trench coat.

“Why don’t you just ring it?” Jodie asked.

Michael shook his head. “Because the wait is an hour and a half for delivery. Half an hour if I drive in and pick it up.”

“I might come for a ride,” I piped up, anxious to get away from Jodie for a while. I needed to think about what had just happened.

He looked at Kate, waiting for her permission, suck hole.

“Why not?” she agreed airily. “It might do Sarah some good to sober up.”

I barely managed to stop myself from rolling my eyes at her, meekly following Michael to the door like the pathetic drunkard I was.

We rode to the pizza bar in silence, my head full of flashbacks of Jodie’s glorious mouth eating me out. God, I was still unbelievably turned on, my panties still wet with wine and my juices. Shit, I should’ve left them off.

The pizza bar Michael took me to was actually a pub; an utterly packed, crowded, seedy dive with a loud funk band playing. I never would’ve associated this kind of low brow establishment with Kate’s high brow boyfriend. I looked at him oddly, a question mark all over my face.

“They make the best pizza here,” he explained.

“Uh-huh,” I said, noncommittal, dying for another drink.

He must’ve read my mind. Taking hold of my arm, he led me through the dancing patrons, straight to the bar. Ordering me a wine and himself a can of coke with a full glass of ice, he surprised me by adding four tequila slammers.

“What the…?” I said.

“Follow me,” he ordered, threading through the crowd with a miniature tray covered in shooter glasses, lemon wedges and a salt cellar. Even in my inebriated state I was impressed by his feat.

By some miracle we managed to score a high table with stools right up next to the back wall, just as another couple vacated.

It was a dark, gloomy corner but I didn’t care. All the better to think about my interlude with Jodie without anyone else seeing my flaming face.

Putting his lips to my ear he said, “Wait here, I’m going to order the pizzas.”

I watched him disappear in to the crowd then turned to study the band. They were actually really good — happening enough to get my hips moving. I was getting in to my little dance, enjoying myself immensely by the time Michael returned.

Judging by the way he was looking at me, he was enjoying my little dance too. He couldn’t keep his eyes off my back side.

Well, fuck me sideways. He was human after all.

I smiled at him, the first genuine smile I’ve ever given him.

To my utter astonishment he smiled back, looping his arm around my waist and pulling me in to his side, doing a kind of figure eight lambada with me.

I laughed up at him. “You’re drunk,” I accused.

“Not at all,” he shook his head, his lips teasing my ear, his hand moving up under my jacket to rest below the swell of my breasts. “Just horny as hell thinking about the sight of your gorgeous tits dripping with wine.”

Open mouthed and wide-eyed, I stared up at him speechless.

“Pity it wasn’t me who cleaned you up,” he continued, his hot breath on my neck. “I was about to offer my services to suck those perfect nipples dry. God I’d kill to have you in my mouth.”

Was he for real?

I arched my neck back and looked at him through fresh eyes. He really was quite gorgeous when he talked dirty. I could finally see what Kate saw in him.

Oh fuck.


His hand moved upwards under my jacket, his thumb circling the hard pebble of my nipple, his fingers tugging on my body.

My gorgeous tits he’d said. Those perfect nipples.

I whimpered, thrusting my breast in to his hand.

Kate who?

I reached backwards and took his other hand, lifting it around my waist and pushing it up and under to play with my other titty. I even helped him along by pulling ataşehir escort the front of my dress down, giving him free reign of my naked flesh beneath Jodie’s borrowed cover. The denim was slightly abrasive, scratching across my tender nipples with a harshness that aroused both pain and acute pleasure.

“Mm,” I groaned, leaning back against him, rubbing my bottom across his groin in time to the music. He hardened like a rock, pressing his erection against me, his hips moving with mine.

Trailing hot kisses up my neck he moved me forwards to the table. “Time to lick. Sip. And suck,” he breathed in my ear.

“That sounds dirty,” I said with a smirk, still moving my hips against him, loving the feel of his cock against me.

“You’ll have to do the work,” he chuckled, “my hands are otherwise occupied.”

Were they ever! My breasts had never had so much attention in one night; I was getting off on the interest. The more he played, the wetter I got. The harder I pushed myself back against his massive, straining hard-on.

He thrust up against me from behind. I whimpered again.

From what I could feel – Kate was one lucky bitch.

Jesus. Kate. If there was one thing I wasn’t going to do… pushing her out of my mind was a good start.

I fisted my hand and reached up for him to lick the pad at the base of my thumb. He had a fabulous tongue, licking the gap between my thumb and forefinger like it was my wet pussy. My face was hot just thinking about it.

Pouring salt on the wet patch I held up my fist again, letting him lick the salt clean before I held the tequila to his lips. Finally, I put the lemon wedge in his mouth, sneaking my hands back to mould and stroke his cock through his trousers while he sucked on the bitter fruit.

He moaned and spat the lemon on the tray.

“Very nice,” he breathed in my ear, squeezing down hard on my nipples til I arched back against him, my eyes fluttering closed.

“Now you,” he nodded at the next glass.

God it was impossible to concentrate with his hands driving me crazy, the feel of his stiff penis poking in to me from behind. But I managed admirably, downing the tequila while I had visions of his cum trickling down my throat.

“Turn around,” he demanded.

So I did, gladly, eagerly, sucking his tongue in to my mouth when his lips met mine. My mouth was my only orifice that hadn’t had a tongue in it all evening.

He was a hot, passionate kisser, fucking my mouth with his tongue while his hips moved in unison.

And God he tasted good — so good I didn’t give a shit when he unbuttoned my jacket in a room full of people, finally breaking off to stare down at my breasts with appreciation and lust blazing in his eyes.

The denim fabric was stiff, standing out to the side, covering me from the general public and exposing myself only to him. Everyone had their backs to us anyway — they were all too busy watching the band.

My heart sped up like an electric train when he licked two fingers and anointed each rosy peak with saliva before salting one nipple and rubbing a lemon wedge over the over, finishing with an ample squeeze of juice.

Droplets clung like beads to my pointed, quivering flesh.

Glancing quickly over my shoulder to make sure we weren’t being observed, I watched in slow motion as he sat down on a stool and pulled me forwards, lowering his head to my salty breast, sucking the peak in to his mouth with a growl.

The salt was gritty beneath his tongue, sandpapering my delicate nipple to the point where I nearly screamed from the bliss of it.

“Oh God,” I sobbed, holding his head to my chest as he sucked me literally off my feet. I was dribbling down the inside of my thighs it was so intense. He moved across to my lemon tip and sucked even harder.

He sure knew what he was doing. I was going to come with no clit action at all if he kept this up. I couldn’t stop my hips from gyrating if my life depended on it.

When he finally broke the vacuum I had never seen my titties so long and elongated, so incredibly sexy.

I lifted his head to mine, assaulting his mouth with my tongue, letting him know how much he was blowing my mind.

“Damn,” he whispered in my ear. “I forgot something.” He held up the tequila and we both lost it laughing. “Guess I’ll have to try again.”

Who would’ve guessed that Michael avcılar escort could be so loose, and have such an inventive mind? He got better looking and sexier with every passing second.

I was so freaking hot for him, I didn’t care if the whole gig turned around to watch. I wasn’t stopping for any-one. I couldn’t wait for him to do it again.

But instead of reaching for the salt and lemon, he took two ice cubes and popped them between his lips, bending down to suckle me with an icy mouth that shocked and hurt and pleasured until my pussy juices were trickling down the inside of my knee.

Oh my God he was unbelievable.

I couldn’t stand it anymore. I had to have something to hold on to. I had to have his cock in my hand.

He salted and lemoned me again, switching sides this time for fairness, while I fumbled at his fly, grateful for his trench coat.

“That’s it baby,” he bit lightly on my ear lobe when I finally released him from his pants, sliding my hand down his beautiful shaft. He was huge, and hard, and shaped so perfectly I could’ve cried.

He thrust in to my coiled hand, momentarily distracted. We moaned in to each other’s mouths, then he drew back and stared at my titties before kissing his way down my chest to my salted nipple.

This time I cried out loud, knifing up on tippy toe to push my breast in to his hot, suckling mouth. His tongue, grinding the salt in to me, was out of this world.

God, I spurted in my underwear, having a mini orgasm, gripping his cock so tight I thought he would explode in my hand.

Before he moved to suck the lemon off me, I tipped the tequila in to my mouth, dribbling it between his lips, loving the way he sucked it off my tongue before moving back to devour my bereft nipple.

His hand slid up my inner thigh, stopping in surprise when he found moisture dripping down the inside of my leg. He smiled the sexiest, most knowing smile, then took his hand back and licked his fingers.

I stood hypnotised when he slipped his hand between my legs again and drew it back wet, reaching out for the salt cellar to season his fingers.

“For you,” he mouthed, thrusting his fingers in to my mouth and moving them in and out, licking his lips greedily as I sucked him off, savouring the taste of a salted me, wishing to God it was his hard cock in my mouth.

He knocked back my tequila too, spurting it between my lips and thrusting his tongue in to my mouth giving me every last drop, while he ran the lemon wedge up under my skirt and rubbed it against my panties before inserting it in my mouth.

Fuck, fuck, fuck. My mind departed, leaving nothing but a dripping cunt that begged to be filled.

“I want you inside me,” I pleaded.

A filthy, burning hot smile, turned up the corners of his mouth. He buttoned up my jacket with a fleeting look of regret.

“Face the band,” he grated in my ear.

God, I would’ve done anything, anything, if he’d asked me to. I would’ve dropped to my knees in front of an audience and sucked the semen out of him swallowing every last drop like precious nectar.

I swivelled around, pushing myself backwards against his cock, sobbing and mindless with need, thankful that the high table and his open trench coat gave us some camouflage.

“Fill me up. Fuck me,” I moaned, frantically pulling the back of my dress up.

It never occurred to me when I bought it that the two deep side splits would come in handy.

From the front I was the very picture of decorum. From the back, my dress was up around my waist, his hand pulling my panties down and slicking in to my sopping pussy, honing in on my throbbing clitoris.

At the mere touch of his fingers I came all over his hand, my second pocket orgasm in nearly the same number of minutes. He laughed and pulled me back against him, his rock hard cock snaking between my shaking thighs, the head of his penis rubbing back and forth against my slit.

“Now, now, now,” I pleaded, writhing and twisting, sobbing with desperation to have him inside.

Angling upwards, he stood up and thrust in to me so fucking hard it lifted me off my feet.

I screamed so loud that one group of girls standing in front of us turned around frowning, looking for the source of the noise.

I instantly smiled sweetly, playing the innocent, while all the time Michael’s throbbing cock stretched me to avrupa yakası escort bursting point, filling my pussy so deeply I thought I’d died and gone to heaven.

Slowly he withdrew then thrust in again, pushing in to me and filling me over and over, sliding in to my tight, wet, heat with aching precision. His hand darted up under my jacked and squeezed my breasts together, holding my nipples clamped in an excruciating, exciting, vice like grip.

I braced my legs wide apart with one hand on the table and met him stroke for stroke, heaving myself back against him with all my weight and force. I could feel every inch of him pulsing inside me.

It was goddamn, fucking divine, being slammed so covertly in a room full of oblivious people, stretched to the hilt around his enormous cock.

And his fingers at my clit were a work of genius. I had to bite down on the collar of my jacket to muffle my squeals of pleasure.

“Take that, take that, take that,” he groaned in my ear.

“Yes, yes, God yes,” I answered back, biting down on my lip and drawing blood I was so senseless.

When he took his fingers away from my clitoris I cried out in agony, but he had other plans, tugging my hand down and under my dress to finger myself while he pushed in to me.

His free hand worked around to my ass, spreading my cheeks wider, lubricating the strip behind my pussy until his finger slid in to my anus.

God, he felt so unbelievably good, so fucking incredibly dirty and hot, finger fucking my tight hole with one digit, then two.

I twisted my head and took his mouth with mine, my head bursting with the knowledge that all my holes were being filled by him.

“I’m coming, I’m coming,” I panted in to his mouth, swallowing his groans of triumph as he fucked me even harder, lifting me off my toes with every brutal thrust.

I don’t know how he managed it, but the next thing he was stuffing my tight, hot ass with melting ice.

I orgasmed so violently the blood drained from my head and black spots danced in front of my eyes. My whole body was shaking as wave after wave convulsed over me, through me, outwards and inwards, clenching down on his rock hard cock, squeezing him from the inside, burning up the ice inside me until it dribbled out in luscious trickles of water, bathing the base of his erection.

I felt him spasm inside me, his body shuddering with mine, emptying his seed in one long, delicious tremor.

Joel had never fucked me so hard and so good. He’d never given me an orgasm full stop, let alone a multiple one that collapsed my whole body around him like an accordion on steroids.

Michael fell back on to the stool, his back against the wall.

We rested for a moment, breathing hard. Head down, still clenching around him, I sucked in entire sky loads of air, my head floating in dizzy ecstasy.


I looked behind me but it wasn’t Michael who had spoken.

Lifting my head, two pizza boxes came in to focus.

“You guys better get out of here,” said the man with the affronted expression holding out the pizza.

“As… soon as… I can… walk… we’re… gone,” I promised him, taking the pizza and sliding it on to the table.

“Five minutes or I’m calling the Police,” he warned us, looking positively disgusted at our antics. I swear to God he knew Michael was still inside me.

Come to think of it, some of the girls in front of us were still watching. One of them looked incredibly jealous.

So we hadn’t been as discreet as we thought. I didn’t give a flying fig. I’d been fucked harder than I’d ever been in my life, and I was more than willing to do it again in a heartbeat.

It was so worth it.

We were out of there in four minutes fifty seconds, all the time I needed to skull my wine and zip up his pants, running back to the car laughing like mad scientists who’d just conquered the world. Until I remembered he was one of my best friend’s boyfriends and maybe fucking him wasn’t really a laughing matter.

He seemed to simultaneously reach the same conclusion.

“Shit,” he swore, ruefully rubbing his crotch.

“I know nothing,” I said.

“Damn you and your see-through dress and your fucking awesome tits.”

“I know nothing,” I repeated.

“Right,” he adjusted himself through his trousers, “let’s get this pizza home.”

“That’s the second best idea you’ve had all evening.”

He stared at me hard for a moment then turned the key in the ignition.

Like the journey to the pub, we drove home in silence.

I was sad I’d never tasted his beautiful cock in my mouth, but you couldn’t have everything.

Four orgasms in one evening was surely enough for one mortal!

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