Graham and Teresa Ch. 02

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“I’m going out with the girls from work again tonight Graham, you don’t mind do you?” asked his wife Teresa.

“No no, not at all,” was all her husband could muster, as his mind sought to control his thoughts.

Graham knew it was to be tonight because previously he had managed to look into Teresa’s diary and he saw pencilled in for tonight the names of Guy and Fiona, the couple he had seen his wife having sex with the previous week, pencilled in next to their names had been another woman’s name, Ruth, but with a question mark next to it, he wondered who she was.

“Who are you seeing tonight, are you going to the same restaurant?” he wondered idly.

“The usual two,Vicky and Hannah, and yes, we are going to our usual place,” Teresa replied. She named two of her friends from work, who she told Graham she went out with, but Graham had discovered otherwise.

“You are becoming very thick with those two.” Graham observed, really for something else to say.

“We are good friends and I like their company,” she smiled, “Well I am going to get ready now.”

As soon as he heard the shower running, Graham rang Sheila, the deputy manager at the hotel his wife and her friends were visiting and his contact who showed Graham how he could observe his wife’s antics with her lovers, The last time they were there, Graham, against his will, had got turned on watching another man fuck Teresa, and Sheila had taken advantage and sucked Graham’s cock til he ejaculated. Sheila wanted more of the same and quickly informed Graham that Guy and Fiona had booked the room again.

Graham was still in the bedroom when his wife emerged from the shower and she seemed to be nervous of her husband seeing her nude body trying to only allow him to see her from the rear, but he did see her and straight away noticed that she had shaved off all her pubic hair.

“Why have you shaved your pussy?” he asked her pointedly.

“Its the fashion,” Teresa replied,”All the women in our office are doing it so I thought I would give it a try.”

“I see,” said Graham, unconvinced.

About an hour later, having followed closely behind his wife, Graham walked into the hotel to be greeted by Sheila.

“They have gone up to the room, but the man isn’t with them, its another woman instead,” Sheila told Graham, “Come on we will go and watch them.”

As before Sheila took Graham to the room which had a two way mirror, To Guy and Fiona

it was an ordinary mirror, but from Graham and Sheila’s side they could see what was happening in the other room. Sheila had arranged a sofa in front of the mirror so they were able to watch Grahams wife in comfort.

As they settled down to watch, Graham and Sheila saw three women in the other room, Fiona whom they knew, another woman they had not seen before, who Graham assumed was Ruth, and Teresa.

Fiona was addressing Teresa. “Hello my darling girl, have you missed me?”

“Yes Fiona, I have missed you so much, I love you.” Teresa said in her little girl voice.

“I have missed you too my darling, come here and give your me a big kiss,” said Fiona, holding out her arms to Teresa.

The two women held each other tight and pressed their lips together in a big kiss, Graham shuffled about nervously, Sheila held his hand,

Fiona went on addressing Teresa, “Guy can’t be here tonight darling, so I have brought my friend Ruth along, she knows how to look after girls, she would like you to call her Ruth.”

“Hello Ruth,” said Teresa, and stepped forward so that Ruth could kiss Teresa’s lips.

Graham looked appreciatively at Ruth, he saw a dark haired woman with generous bostancı escort bayan breasts and slim hips, Teresa was under five foot tall, but Ruth was nearly a foot taller, similar in height to Fiona. Teresa was clearly the smaller woman of the group, and to Graham it seemed that Fiona had taken to treating Teresa as a younger girl, even though in fact she was probably the eldest of the three.

Graham guessed early thirties for Ruth’s age which would put her younger than Teresa, but this was just play acting, he told himself, not too convincingly.

“Have you got rid of that nasty hair I told you to remove Teresa?” Fiona asked a little sternly.

“Yes Fiona, I have,” shrilled Teresa triumphantly.

“let me see,” persisted Fiona, “Take your skirt off and Lie on the bed.”

Teresa did what Fiona told her to do, dropped her skirt to the floor then climbed on the bed, lying on her back with her lower half covered in her lacy knickers and hold up stockings.

Graham and Sheila watched intently now, Graham didn’t know what they meant when they spoke of getting rid of her nasty hair, to him Teresa’s hair was her crowning glory.

Fiona leaned over Teresa and kissed her on her lips, Teresa broke out in big smiles when Fiona squeezed her tits. Then Fiona turned her attention to Teresa’s knickers and taking the waist band in both her hands, she began to pull them over Teresa’s hips The blonde wife lifted her bottom off the bed to allow Fiona to take them right off and as they cleared her thighs, Fiona stopped pulling and issued a gasp of delight, “Oh Teresa darling, you little beauty, that is exactly how a young girl should look, no hair to mar your beautiful slit, Come here Ruth see and feel how smooth Teresa’s pussy is.”

Ruth came to peer over Fiona’s shoulders at Teresa’s pussy. “Open your legs for Ruth, Teresa,” Instructed Fiona, and when they were wide apart, Ruth was beside herself with admiration, she reached out and ran her fingers over Teresa’s smooth mound and into her open slit.

“OH my goodness, what a beautiful sight your girls pussy is Fiona, you are so lucky to have her.” said Ruth.

Fiona beamed with pleasure, “She belongs to me and Guy now don’t you my darling girl?”

“Yes Fiona,” squeaked Teresa looking up adoringly at Fiona, “I love you and Guy.”

“So that’s why my wife shaved her pussy hair,” Graham spoke to his companion Sheila,”Fiona had told her to and she obeyed.”

Ruth took over from Fiona and kissed and hugged Teresa, Watching from the other room,Graham was becoming more and more turned on, He reached out to Sheila beside him on the sofa, and stroked her thigh, gradually pushing her skirt upwards, Sheila edged closer to give him encouragement to go further.

Meanwhile Ruth had removed the rest of Teresa’s clothes and was sucking Teresa’s nipples and squeezing her bum cheeks. “That’s enough Ruth,” Fiona spoke sharply to her friend, bring Teresa to me and sit her on my lap, its time for her big hug.”

Fiona, sitting on a chair, had removed all of her clothes bar her knickers, her breasts large and succulent awaited Teresa’s lips, Ruth led Teresa across the room and helped her onto Fiona’s lap, Fiona hugged the woman she called her little girl, and kissed her lovingly, while rubbing the smooth skin of her back. Teresa curled up into a ball on Fiona’s lap, as she was less than 5′ tall she was able to bring her knees up to her own chest while her mouth closed round Fiona’s tits and Fiona’s arms held her in position. Fiona began singing softly to Teresa, her little girl.

Standing back from Fiona and Teresa, Ruth drooled at the ümraniye escort perfect view she had of Teresa’s bare bottom, the soft skin of her buttocks, the cleft separating them revealing her bum hole, and the swollen smooth lips of her feminine sex, she quickly removed all of her own clothes and dropping to her knees in front of Fiona’s sitting position, Ruth pushed her tongue into Teresa’s cunt, tasting the abundant wetness in the suckling woman’s hole and as her lust and passion grew, Ruth drew all of Teresa’s inner sex folds into her mouth.

The watching Graham and Sheila became more and more sexually animated, Graham could not prevent himself, pushing his hand up Sheila’s skirt to the top of her legs where his fingers found the wet hairiness of her cunt, “Your not wearing any knickers,” he whispered almost accusingly.

“I didn’t want you to waste time taking them off,” Sheila laughed and began to stroke the hardness of Graham’s penis, still enclosed in his trousers.

“Get it out,” he instructed his companion hoarsely.

Sheila didn’t need a second telling, she unzipped Graham’s trousers, yanked down his pants and held her trophy in both hands, Graham and Sheila kissed longingly.

Ruth used her fingers and her mouth to stimulate both of Teresa’s rear holes and her tits, while Fiona continually rocked Teresa on her lap while singing her lullaby. Teresa’s body shivered and trembled under the exciting ministrations of Ruth’s fingers and tongue, Ruth herself grew bolder and sucked Teresa’s inner sexual flesh into her mouth and pushed a long finger up Teresa’s bum hole, both women reached new heights of passion and lust, Teresa’s juices flowed from her sex for Ruth to taste, and Teresa chewed and sucked aggressively on Fiona’s nipples, soon her body stiffened then exploded in a frenzy of unadulterated sexual desires and achievements. Ruth herself reached her orgasm amid screams and cries of fulfilment and fell from Teresa’s body to collapse on the floor.

“Did you like that darling?” Cooed Fiona as she sat Teresa up on her lap.

“Oh yes Fiona, it made me feel so good,” said Teresa, then becoming a little sad, she went on, “But I wish Guy was here to put his lovely big cock inside me again, I love it when he fucks me.”

“I know you do my darling, and I love to see my husband fuck you to, that is why you belong to us, your body belongs to us and our bodies are yours, what do you like about my body darling?” asked Fiona, as was her constant habit of fishing for compliments.

“Oh Fiona, I love your beautiful face and your big beautiful tits, they are so soft and supple and I love to taste your pussy, now I have had my hair taken off my pussy is like yours and I just want to be like you Fiona.”

Fiona asked Teresa to stand up and when she did, Fiona said, “Take my knickers off my darling, and kiss my pussy.”

“Oh yes Fiona,” said Teresa eagerly and excitedly tugged Fiona’s knickers over her hips and off her feet.

When she was naked, Fiona opened her legs wide and Teresa dropped to her knees between them and hungrily closed her mouth over the of the other woman’s hairless cunt.

Fiona pushed her body forward and Teresa mashed her face into the enlarged voluptuous lips of Fiona’s sex, she pulled aside the swollen lips with her fingers and sucked the juice induced flesh of the other woman into her mouth, Fiona wriggled and moaned and gasped and cried her pleasure, Teresa knew what her Fiona liked and switched her tongue to Fiona’s clit, she pushed her finger into Fiona’s hole and immediately sought and found Fiona’s G-spot.

The effect was instant, Fiona screamed and kartal escort clamped her thighs round Teresa’s head, forcing her cunt into Teresa’s open mouth where her cum swirled into the blonde wife’s throat, Teresa swallowed and gulped the sweet tasting nectar and Fiona became a shuddering shivering heap of inflamed sexual abandonment.

Graham was far beyond believing his own wife was capable of such sexual depravity, He now watched what was going on as an act of exhibitionism more than anything else, his hand was still up the skirt of the woman beside him, stroking her thighs and pushing his fingers into his companions sex, his passions were in flames and his desire about to explode like a volcano. Sheila, the woman by his side was wanking Graham’s stiff long cock and sucking and licking its mushroom head, He wanted her, he had to fuck her, and she wanted him.

“Put it in Graham, fuck me now,” Sheila implored him.

Graham looked at her through glazed eyes, he saw Sheila an old work colleague of his but in his passion and lust, he hardly recognised her, but he knew he had to have her, he pushed her onto her back, she hoisted her dress to her waist and spread her legs wide,she lifted her legs high and bent her knees to be level with her head, all Graham could see was this lovely woman’s shimmering pulsing cunt, already leaking juices,

Her open hole seemed to beckon to him, and like a torpedo aimed at its target, Graham’s cock zoned in on her and entered her harbour, she gasped at its power as it pierced her sex, and like a depraved animal he fucked her, and fucked her, his arse rising and thrusting like a piston on full throttle, in his dazed mind he heard Sheila yelling and moaning but he did not stop, his balls swelled up, his cock became harder, and he delivered into Sheila’s willing body, an ejaculation of his spunk with such magnificent force the likes of which he could never recall experiencing before.

Teresa lay spreadeagled on the carpet where she had collapsed from Fiona’s flailing limbs, Ruth was ready. With her mighty Phallus strapped to her hips, she lunged at Teresa’s defenceless body, and skewered her eight inch cock into the quivering wife’s sex, Their tits clashed when Ruth fell over Teresa, their mouths met in kiss and their thighs and bellies collided in passionate lust, Ruth thrust her hips at Teresa’s open legs her cock vanishing and reappearing from the lips of the smaller woman’s pussy.

Teresa was exhausted from such hectic and wearying activity, she abandoned her body to Ruth, murmuring “Fuck me Ruth, fuck me good, fuck me like Guy does, I love what you are doing to me I want it I want you,” and her juices squirted from her opening.

Suddenly Fiona was kneeling by her side, kissing her and stroking her face. “Is that what you like my lovely girl? tell me you love me, Tell Ruth you love her, we love you darling.”

Ruth stopped fucking Teresa and pulled her cock from the blonde woman’s hole.Graham from his view point watched his wife and her two female lovers in a huddle, each of them naked and each of them kissing and caressing the other.

Graham and his new lover Sheila dressed themselves and kissed affectionately, Both agreed to return the next week, “This is too good to miss,” they agreed.

Graham was sitting up in bed when Teresa returned home much later. she smiled warmly at him,

“Did you have a nice time?” he asked her.

“Yes I did” his wife replied,” Hannah and Vicky are such good fun, We have had a really good gossip about everybody in the office, no-body’s reputation is left intact.” she laughed.

“That’s nice,” he said as his wife climbed into bed beside him.

“What did you do tonight darling?” Teresa asked Graham as she snuggled into his arms.

“Nothing much just read a bit and watched TV, a bit boring really.”

He put his arms tighter around his wife’s soft body and cuddled her to him.

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