Haitian Grandma Does Anal!

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I’m a nasty guy. It’s okay with me because I accepted that about myself a long time ago. My name is Jean Guillaume. A young American man of Haitian descent living in the City of Ottawa, Province of Ontario. I moved here from the City of Boston, Massachusetts, a little over a year and a half ago. I’m still a United States Citizen but a Permanent Resident of Canada. The Capital City of Ottawa is super boring but I came here to escape from the wealthy parents of Anna Sanchez, this broad I almost married. They’re mad as hell that I left their psycho daughter at the altar. Not my fault she’s a crazy bitch. Anyway, I’m slowly adjusting to my new life here in the Province of Ontario.

The shit I seem to get into shocks even me. When I left the sexy Mexican-American slut’s crazy ass at the altar, my own parents disowned me. My folks, Boston policeman Etienne Guillaume and schoolteacher Marie Joseph Guillaume really liked my former bride-to-be. They thought she was a nice gal. Well, I don’t like the idea of committing to a woman for the rest of my life. Women are crazy, man. I couldn’t stay with the same one forever and ever. It’s just not for me. I don’t know how other guys do it. Especially young Black guys. Add to that the fact that Miss Sanchez was a really jealous twit and you will understand why I had to leave. She went off on me for looking at another broad inside Copley Mall in downtown Boston. I had to dump her crazy ass. Pronto. Seriously. And that’s why I did what I did. I left her, my family and my City. And I made a new tuzla escort life for myself in Ontario. The last place where you’d expect a Haitian-American guy to end up. For real.

Like I said before, Ottawa is supremely boring. I’m saving up to move to Toronto. It’s more my style. It’s bigger and more diverse than boring little Ottawa. It’s where I want to stay permanently someday. To pass the time, I attend Carleton University, where I study business administration. When I’m not in class or at work, I’m having fun. All kinds of wicked fun. The other day, I hooked up with this big-booty older Black slut named Madeleine Des-Pres. She’s damn near sixty years old, and a grandma who comes to my mostly Haitian Catholic Church with her daughter and family. Yet she’s an incredibly horny older Black bitch with a thing for younger Black men. When she came up to me asking for some dick, who in hell do you think I said? Pussy is pussy, man. I really don’t discriminate. Seriously.

Madeleine and I hooked up in the Church basement halfway through the service. She’d been feeling me up right here in Church. We got busy downstairs, and it was oh so good. Madeleine knelt before me and sucked on my eight-inch, uncircumcised Black cock as I sat on a pew in the Church basement. Man, those older Black sluts are really good at sucking cock. Had I known this I would have tried one a long time ago. Madeleine can really deep throat a dick like no younger woman can. The gal had decades of experience, man. She sucked my dick like it had never been sucked tuzla escort bayan before. And when I came all over her face, she guzzled up every drop of my manly seed. Yummy.

I laid her on the thick wooden table and spread her chunky thighs. Time to go muff diving. Lucky for both of us, I am wicked good at eating pussy. Ask anyone. I know how to get down. I licked and fingered her sweet pussy, taking my time. Madeleine licked her lips as I went to work on her. She told me what she liked and I went along with it. Hell, it’s her pussy you know? I thrust two fingers into Madeleine’s pussy and played with her clit while working her over. Soon I had the nasty little Haitian grandmother squealing in delight. Hey, I told you I was good at what I do. I’m the man, for real. Ask anyone.

Madeleine told me she was ready for the main event. I put on a condom and raised her thick legs in the air. I was ready to fuck this chubby, big-breasted and big-bottomed, dark-skinned Haitian grandmother. I stuck my dick into her snatch and began pumping her up. Madeleine was a real screamer, folks. She urged me to fuck her harder. I didn’t need to be told twice. I’m a firm believer in hard fucking. I slammed my dick into her snatch, pumping her up. Madeleine squeezed her big breasts together and licked her lips as I fucked her. Man, is she nasty or what? The stuff that came out of this innocent-looking ( but deliciously naughty) Haitian grandmother’s mouth amazed even me, and I’m a seasoned hustler. I fucked that pussy like I was paying for it, man. escort tuzla That’s what the horny older Haitian slut came to me for in the first place. She wanted a good fucking and I was down with that. I provided the dick, she provided the pussy and we had ourselves a good time.

Madeleine surprised the hell out of me by asking for an ass full of dick. Now, I’ve fucked women in the ass before. The oldest woman I’ve fucked prior to this was forty. Madeleine told me she was sixty-five, and loved fucking now more than ever. She got on all fours, face down and big ass up. I watched with fascination as she spread her big butt cheeks wide open, exposing her asshole. Hot damn. How many opportunities like this will I ever get? I said hell yeah and took some lubricant from her purse. I smeared it all over my dick, and applied some on her asshole. Then I pressed my dick against her asshole. Is my favourite Haitian grandmother ready for some butt fucking? The answer was hell yes.

I slid my dick into her asshole, and began pumping her up. Madeleine’s asshole felt warm and tight around my cock, and I loved it. I filled her ass with my dick, sliding it in and out. The lubricant helped a great deal, easing penetration. Man, I think I broke into song while fucking this older Haitian slut in the ass. I didn’t care that we were in Church, nor did I care that people upstairs might hear us. I had a grand old time until I came. I took off the condom and jerked off in Madeleine’s face. Once more she drank my cum. I smiled at her. Is she awesome or what? We took a moment to recover and readjust our clothes. Then we went back to Church as if nothing had happened. Who says Ottawa is boring? A super sexual Haitian-American brother like me makes his own fun. Holler!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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