Happy Family

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Happy Family

Chapter 1.

My name is Fred Riley. Well, to be entirely accurate, that was my name up until about two years ago. Since then, I have been Tanya Riley. Very few people, including myself, remember Fred.

One night about two years ago my wife and I were fooling around. I was dressed in a pink ruffled baby doll nightie. My daughter Tiffany was out on a date with a boy I had made clear to her I didn’t approve of, so we figured we could indulge ourselves. We had been doing this for a few months; it turned us both on and the sex was outstanding. Other than wearing the women’s clothing, I was still fully male, and my wife treated me that way. I had no secret desires to have sex with a man. I just liked to wear sexy clothes and she liked to see me in them.

My wife, Tina, is a very pretty petite blonde. She is 5″2″ and weighs maybe 110 pounds. Her hair is cut in a cute bob that is parted in the middle and encircles her girl-next-door face. Her tits aren’t enormous, but they are a mouthful. Best of all, she has an ass that just won’t quit — one of the best five I have ever seen. She is the girl the word cute was invented for. She likes to wear very short skirts. I love it when we are out, and I see other men staring at her bottom. I know exactly what’s going on in their minds.

I am 5’9″ and a little over 140 pounds. Not large by any standard. Other than the clothes, I was not girlish by any means. Flat chested with flat abs. My rear end did have a certain puffiness to it. I had long hair for a man that covered my ears and fell to the top of my shoulders.

Well anyway, this night we were sitting in the den, drinking wine and watching some chick flick on TV. We were both a little tipsy. I was dressed as I said. She had on a red corset and crotchless panties. She got up to use the bathroom just before the doorbell rang.

“Can you get that honey?” I heard from the powder room.

I found her bathrobe and put it on and went to the door. A young, muscular man stood there. He asked if he could use our phone. I was a little hesitant and then he looked at my feet and saw I was wearing stockings. He reached out and opened the front of my robe.

Four other guys came in and shut the door.

The first one said “Oh, you’re a twink”.

Before I knew it, I was forced to my knees and the first guy had his pants unzipped and his penis in my face. “Suck it twinkie. And don’t try anything funny.” I refused. One of the other guys grabbed a fistful of my rather long hair and slapped me hard across the face. Hands went around my neck and I reluctantly opened my mouth. He slid his penis in and started fucking my face. I had never tasted another man’s penis before and fought off a reaction to gag.

He was going faster and faster and I could tell by his breathing that he was close to cumming. At that moment Tina emerged from the powder room. She took one look at her husband on his knees with a man’s penis in his mouth and shrieked “Fred, what are you doing?” And then the guy emptied himself into my mouth. It was salty and had a slightly metallic taste. I was forced to go over to Tina and open my mouth to show her the partially coagulated blob of semen on my tongue. She looked at me with revulsion. And I was told to swallow it, which I reluctantly did.

By then, two of the guys were at Tina’s side. One of them had his hand roaming all over her ass while the other was kneading her breasts. She was struggling to break their grip. After what they had done to me, I was terrified of what they might do to her.

“What’s your name, sweet cheeks?”

“Tina.” She squeaked as she struggled to get free..

“And what’s the twink’s name?” Pointing to me.


She was smacked across the face by the same guy who had hit me.

“No, what’s the girl name you call him.”

“Tanya.” I almost died when she told them.

“Well, Tina, you and Tanya are going to have some fun with us tonight. We’re going to teach Tanya what it means to be a real girl. And you’re going to have to set an example. Tanya is going to learn from you… Have you ever been fucked in the ass, baby?”

“No, please don’t. I don’t want to do that. Anything else.” Despite my pleading, she had never consented to do that.

With that, they unsnapped the bottom of her corset. One guy took out a bottle of lube and used three fingers to oil the inside of her ass. Then he lubed his penis. They had her bent over the back of the sofa.

I was still trying to get the taste of another man’s cum out of my mouth. The guy who was holding my arm said “Watch this carefully Tanya. You need to know what to do when it’s your turn.” The guy behind Tina then pushed the tip of his penis into her anal opening. She groaned. He went slowly, until all seven inches were buried in her. She let out a gasp when his belly rested against her. He started pumping in and out of her. There was a distinct sound of his torso slapping against her buttocks. My wife was groaning and squealing and begging him to ankara moldovyalı escortlar stop. That only made him pound her harder. And then, something curious happened. Tina started panting and pushing back into her assailant with her buttocks. When he finally moaned and shot his cum into her ass, I could tell by her movements and her flushed face that she was cumming too.

I was brought out of my daze by one of the guys saying, “Clean her up Tanya.”

I got a box of tissues off the end table only to be slapped again. “Not with that you dumb whore, use your tongue.” I did what I was told and sucked up all the cum that was streaming from her ass. Poor Tina was crying and trembling. I didn’t want her to be hurt anymore.

Chapter 2.

They then took us upstairs. For the next two hours, they fucked us silly. Each one had a go at Tina’s ass. And each time, I thought she had an orgasm. And also each time, I had to clean her up with my tongue.

In the middle of all this, they decided it was my turn. One of them bent me over the side of the bed and took my anal cherry. He was very rough and kept slapping my ass and calling me a whore. I knew I didn’t have a choice, so I just took it. I also thought this would keep them from abusing Tina. Four of them mounted me in turn and shot cum up my ass. They didn’t make Tina clean me up, so by the time they were done, rivers of white goo were streaming from my ass and running down my thighs. I was lying on the bed humiliated by what they had done to me.

“Did you like that Tanya?” the fourth guy asked. “Don’t worry if you didn’t, by the time we leave you will be loving it. You did want to be a girl, right?”

They started rummaging around our closets and bureaus. They were amazed out how many lingerie outfits I had. Each time they found one they liked, they made me put it on and give one of them a blowjob. They made Tina do the same thing, although not as often. I was still resisting, but she wasn’t putting up any fight. When the fifth guy (the one who didn’t fuck me) placed his penis in front of me, I almost fainted. It was over ten inches long and almost two inches in girth. “I’m only going to have you suck me Tanya. But once my friends get you properly stretched out, this cock is going up your ass.”

For over two hours, we were made to do the most degrading things imaginable. Because there were five of them, one could recover while the others used us. And they were all popping viagra. I avoided eye contact with Tina.

After two hours, the door to the bedroom was opened. Tina was chained spread eagled to the bed posts as two of the guys had vibrators up her ass and pussy. I was on my knees sucking a cock as a vibrator was working in my ass. When the door opened, our beautiful eighteen-year-old daughter was standing there. 5’8″, 130 pounds, with large breasts and flowing brown hair. And an ass she definitely inherited from her mother, only bigger. She stopped in shock and screamed “Oh my god!”

One of the guys grabbed her and said “Oh good, another girl for the party. And she looks just ripe enough. What’s your name sweetheart.”

“Um, Tiffany.” As she tried to break from his grip.

He pointed at me. “Go over and suck Tanya’s cock Tiffany. If you get her nice and hard, I’ll have her fuck you. She’s probably a little sore and tired of getting fucked herself.

When Tiffany doesn’t move, one guy takes of his belt and smacks it against her ass.

“Listen girls, while you cooperated so far, you haven’t done it with much enthusiasm. Every time one of you disobeys, there will be a punishment. And it won’t necessarily be to the disobedient girl. Tiffany will take the punishment for any of your infractions. Let’s also set some rules about your enthusiasm. Every time you are going to suck one of us or get fucked or anything we want you to do, you will ask for it to happen. And after it is over you will say thank you. And you will address us properly. I am Master William. (Pointing to the muscular guy who first came to the door) This is Master Herman. (Pointing to the guy with the 10-inch dick) That is Master Kevin. (Pointing to the Hispanic looking guy) That is Master Diego. (Pointing to the guy with the full beard who was the first one to fuck me) That is Master Edward. Is this clear, girls?”

None of us answered which resulted in Tiffany getting another snap of the belt.


In unison we all said, “Yes Master William.”

“Good. Now do as you were told Tiffany. And remember to ask permission first.”

My beautiful daughter kneels in front of me and pulls my panties down to my knees. She looks at my penis and says, “May I please suck Tanya’s cock Master William?”

She is given permission and goes to work. Not before looking up at me with venom in her eyes. I am mortified when she puts her hand on my ass and realizes what is dripping from it. By the way she sucks, I can tell this is not her first time. And strangely, the sight of my rebellious daughter with my cock in ankara ukraynalı escortlar her mouth was really erotic. It didn’t take me long to be hard as a rock. I was ashamed and excited at the same time.

Meanwhile Master Edward and Master Diego go over to Tina. Master Edward says, “We are going to spit roast you Tina.”

Tina looks up meekly and says, “I don’t know what that means.”

“It’s simple sweet cheeks. Diego is going to mount you from behind and do you doggy style. While he is doing that you are going to suck my dick.” Tina looks confused but then a light shines in her eyes. “Master Edward, will you and Master Diego please spit-roast me?” She smiles as if a young girl waiting for approval.

“Of course, we will Tina. We want to keep you happy. And if you can handle both of us, maybe Master Herman will give you a third cock up your ass.”

She says nothing but gets on the floor on her hands and knees.

Meanwhile. My daughter is giving me a blow job like a truck stop hooker. Between her skills and just knowing who is doing this to me, I soon am spurting in her mouth.

Master William is at her side “Don’t swallow Tiffany.”

He helps her to her feet. “Give Tanya a big kiss for filling your mouth.” She kisses me and opens her mouth and lets my own come flow into it. “Swallow Tanya.” I do and Tiffany looks at me and smirks.

We both turn to Master William and say, “Thank you for letting us do that, Master William.”

Master Edward comes over to Tiffany and says, “Would you like to get fucked now?”

Tiffany looks up with resignation and asks, “Will you please fuck me Master Edward.”

He reaches under her skirt and pulls off her blue thong panties and looks at them and sniffs. “Tiffany, you’ve been a naughty girl. Looks like you’ve already gotten fucked tonight. Maybe more than once. How many times?”

Tiffaany blushes and looks at me and sheepishly says “Three”.

Master Edward looks at her and asks, “Your boyfriend must be a stud.”

“No, Mater Edward. It was three different guys.”

Within two minutes she is flat on her back with her ankles on Master Edward’s shoulders. I know from experience with Tina that this allows for deeper penetration and a heightened pleasure for the girl. He is grunting with every thrust, and she is grunting along with him. After fifteen minutes he releases his sperm deep inside of her.

In a dazed voice she says, “Thank you for fucking me Master Edward.”

Master William claps his hands and says, “Okay girls, I think it’s time to call it a night. Tomorrow’s going to be a long day. The good news is that we will be here all day, so you’ll get much more cock than you did tonight. I’ll bet you’ll like that, won’t you Tanya?”

Everyone in the room looks at me. I look at the floor and say, “Yes Master William.” Tina and Tiffany turn away, but not before I see the look of disgust on their faces. I hate myself.

Then we are left alone in the bedroom. I hear the outside door lock. None of us says anything. My wife and daughter put on nighties. I put on some black satin men’s pajama bottoms. We get into bed with Tina in the middle. She is crying. I put my arm around her to comfort her, but she shrugs me off and rolls towards Tiffany, who puts her arm around her and rubs her back. Tiffany looks me in the eye and says “You’re pathetic. You couldn’t even protect your own wife and daughter. Or maybe you were having too good a time to care.”

Chapter 3.

I was awake early the next morning and lay in the bed staring at the ceiling. Tina and Tiffany were still sleeping peacefully in each other’s arms. I didn’t wake them. I knew once they were awake the degradation was going to continue.

Around 7:00, the five Masters entered the bedroom. They spread a sheet on the floor. “Time to get out of bed girls” said Master Edward. We do as we are told. Tina and Tiffany are standing there in their frilly nighties. For some reason, Tiffany is missing her panties. I get out and Master Edward flies into a rage, taking off his belt and giving Tiffany two snaps on her backside.

“Tanya, how dare you wear men’s clothing. When are you going to realize you’re a girl? It’s almost like you want to see Tiffany punished. Now put something proper on.”

I rush over to the bureau and pull out the first nightie on top. It is a sheer white baby doll with boa feathers at the top and bottom. I also grab a pair of lacy white panties. I have to shimmy a little to get into the panties. I hurriedly get dressed in front of everyone and look back at him for approval.

Master Edward makes me twirl around. “Very nice Tanya. As long as we are here, you will dress in proper feminine clothes. Understand?”

“Yes Master.”

Master Herman points to the sheet on the floor. “Okay girls. Kneel on the sheet. You can sit back with your ass cheeks on your heels. Sit and open your mouths.”

We hurriedly comply. We are three whores with their mouths open sitting in front of their Masters.

Each sincan minyon tipli escortlar one of them unzips his fly and pulls out his penis. I can’t help my eyes being drawn to Master Kevin’s enormous manhood. He sees me looking and winks at me. I look away.

Master Herman speaks again. “Time for breakfast girls. Keep your mouths open or Tiffany will have to be punished.” Oh god, we are going to have cum for breakfast!

But that’s not what happens. They start urinating into our open mouths. Tina, the smallest, has her mouth fill up first. When that happens, they start pissing on her forehead and hair. Tiffany fills next and they piss all over the tops of her breasts. When my mouth fills, they just keep pissing into it, so it is running down my chin and onto my nightie. This is ten times worse than the cum swallowing.

They are laughing like crazy men the whole time. Finally, Master Herman says “You girls are disgusting. Go tale a shower and clean yourselves up. And no more solo showers, from now on the three of you will shower together. And be fast. We will be back in an hour, and you are to be dressed in your favorite dress with proper makeup on.”

I pipe up, “I don’t wear makeup Master Herman.”

“You do now Tanya. All girls wear makeup. Tina and Tiffany will help you.”

The three of us stood up. Three urine-soaked girls marching off to the shower. Geez, I had begun to think of myself as a girl! How depraved was that?

As promised they return in an hour for inspection. Tina is dressed in a swishy pink skirt with a see-through white top. White stockings and four-inch black strappy pumps finish the ensemble. I have on a high necked, backless purple dress whose hem falls below my knees. It is the only dress I own. The sleeves go to my wrists but are puffy and see-through. There is a slit up the side from the hem to my waist. You can see my black stockings and garters through the slit. I have black 3-inch heels with a purple flower on the tops. Tiffany has on a spaghetti strap, lacy, little black dress. The bottom barely covers her ass. Black fishnets and black 6-inch stilettos finish the outfit. Tina’s and Tiffany’s makeup is flawless but understated. My makeup, which Tiffany did, is appropriate for a street walking prostitute.

We are made to turn around several times and many hands are placed on us to complete the inspection. Tiffany’s tits get most of the attention as does Tina’s ass. Fingers are placed in my mouth, and I am told to suck on them.

As the final step of the inspection, we are told to lift our dresses up to our waist so our panties can be inspected. Tina’s pink ruffled panties get a lot of attention, and she gets a smack on her ruffled bottom from each Master. My hot red lacy boy shorts get some oohs and ahs. Master Kevin says it is nice to see me dressing the way a real girl does. Tiffany isn’t wearing any panties.

I think she is going to get punished but then Master Kevin says, “Smart girl Tiffany. I mean, why put on panties when they are just going to be taken off right away? You could teach our two other girls how to dress as proper sluts.”

Master William produces three tubes of different colored lipstick — Candy Pink for Tina, Raspberry for Tiffany, and Scarlet for me. We are told to remove the lipstick we have on and use the ones we are given. “And apply it liberally and retouch it often during the day. By the time the day is over, we expect our cocks to be covered with lipstick. The one who has the shortest lipstick at the end of the day will receive a special prize.”

We are told to sit on the bed. They are going to call each one of us out individually. This is explained so that they will then be able to concentrate on one girl at a time and give her the pleasure she deserves. A finger is crooked at Tiffany, and she leaves the bedroom with the Masters.

She returns two hours later walking very bow-legged and shakily. She goes over to Tina and says “Master Kevin’s dick is enormous. I’ve never felt anything like it. Brace yourself; he told me he was going to put it up your ass.”

A finger is crooked at Tina, and after a hug form Tiffany, she meekly follows Master Diego out the door. Tiffany ignores me and collapses on the bed.

Two hours later, Tina is carried into the bedroom by Master Herman. He places her on the bed. Her eyes are just slits and she keeps mumbling “Thank you for fucking my ass Master.” Over and over.

The crooked finger points to me.

In one of the guest bedrooms, the other four are waiting for me. I am first made to suck (after properly asking for permission) each cock. I add my scarlet lip stain to an enormous amount of pink and raspberry. I notice Master Kevin’s cock has predominantly raspberry on it and his balls are also coated with raspberry. I thank each of them after swallowing their cum.

He says to me “Tiffany is one of the best cocksuckers I’ve ever met. I’ll bet she’s been doing this for years. Let’s see if you’re as good as her.”

After the blow jobs, each one of them takes my ass except Master Kevin. “Not yet, sweetheart. In due time.”

I think I am done when I am surprised to be told they are ready for another round of cock sucking. Something deep inside of me tells me they like my blow job. I feel just a tingle of pride. My god, what is happening to me?

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