Having Cake and Eating It Too

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Some people think that being bisexual is “having your cake and eating it too”. I don’t think that’s true at all. Sometimes it’s more painful than it’s worth, and other times it can be the best thing in the world. This was one of those times, it was my birthday, and it was going to be one helluva birthday. I came home early from work, a long day investigating a homicide case, I was ready for a shower. I saw a post-it note on the bathroom door, I read it as I peeled it off the door. “Happy Birthday honey tonight is all about you. I love you, Jackson.” I opened the bathroom door, the tub was filled with steaming bubbly water, rose petals laid delicately on the floor, the counters, even the tub and the water inside. Yellow, red, blue, pale purple, all the colors I loved roses to be. I silently undressed smiling to myself. “Mmmhh, Jack, I love you so much.” as I slid into the water. I soaked for God knows how long before I pulled myself out of the water.

I brush my reddish brown hair straight, falling over natural dark skin, tight, but voluptuous hips, breasts just right, 38D, bright green eyes, I stand something around five and a half feet tall, I weigh in at around 150. I’m half Native American, and I surely have the personality to prove it. My husband, Jackson, is also half Native, a good six foot four, dark skinned, muscular, black hair, hazel eyes, stands a solid 220. He’s a hardcore farmboy, and I love that about him. He was shocked when he found out I was bisexual, I didn’t tell him until after we were very serious into our relationship. He never asked me to bring another girl into our bed. My ex husband couldn’t stand the fact I was bisexual, he was always wanting a girl in our bed, with us, but if I did a girl on the side, he went apeshit, but Jackson never did. He just took it in stride and went on with our life.

When I finished up in the bathroom, I walked over to the bed, the cool air of the house making my nipples hard, the smell of the rose petals made my pussy moist. I saw his favorite maroon dress of mine laying on the bed, I knew inside this was what he wanted me to wear, just for my birthday, I grinned evilly. The long dress slid smoothly over my naked body, the near silk material caressing my nipples, I gasped. Between my legs began to smolder, throb and get very wet. I loved wearing this dress for him, it was guaranteed I would get fucked whenever I wore it. I didn’t wear underwear on purpose, but I did put on a black garter belt and nude hose with my heels. I fixed my hair in loose curls, put on the matching necklace, bracelet and earrings he bought me in Dubai for my birthday last year. Just a hint of perfume and a little makeup. I went downstairs, grabbing a clutch purse to put my personal items in. Luckily, my cell phone fits in my clutch, I stuff it in there and as I put on my shoes, a knock comes at the door. “Just a minute!” I yell at whomever is at my door.

I quickly finish putting on my heels and answer the door. There is a limo waiting in the driveway, and a driver at the door with a dozen roses in his hand. “Are you ready to go Sara?” I smile, nodding just a bit. I take the roses from him, inhaling deep of their scent as I walk out to the limo and get in. There is a bottle of Jack Daniels in the back with a glass of Coke on the rocks, I thought to myself. “ Oh Jackson, you know me too well.” Creed played softly as the limo slipped through Charleston, taking me to the restaurant. I walked in the door as the limo left, the hostess led me back to a candlelit table away from the rest of the patrons.

Jackson was sitting there in his dress whites, he stood to hug me tightly, gently nipping my ear before kissing me full and deep on the mouth. My knees go weak and my pussy is now sopping wet as I smell him against me. He lets go of me, pulling out my chair and I sit down. He looks very fuck-able in his dress whites and I know he knows it. That alone makes me shiver, he knows how sexy he is, but he doesn’t make a big deal about it. He’s in the Navy, with the way he looks in his uniform, he could have any girl he wanted, and more, but he’s mine and mine alone. His fingers rub mine from across the table, every touch sends sparks through my body that end up in my clit. Oh my God, I think I am never going to make it through this meal ataşehir escort without having an orgasm or fucking him right there in the chair. I see the passion smoldering in his dark eyes in the candlelight, I can tell he wants his cock in my mouth or deep within my pussy. At this point, I could damn near come on command, and I don’t mind when he orders me around like one of the Petty Officers underneath him.

The server takes our orders, and leaves with a smile on her face, I think she knows what’s going on. We make small talk over the table until our meals come. Jackson must have skipped eating today, or he wants fucked that bad, he wolfs his food down. I pick at mine and ask for a to-go box. Jackson grins evilly, taking my hand and leading me out the door, into the waiting limo. I slide into the seat, Jackson sits next to me, his hand snaking up my thigh, taking the dress with it. I shiver and moan as he nibbles on my ears, my neck and kisses me hard on the mouth. My hands automatically fall into his lap, feeling his hard-on through his pants. He shivers as I run my nails over it, at that moment his fingers delve inside my sopping wet pussy and I groan. “A bit wet there huh baby? All the better for me to eat you.” I nod and gasp as his fingers work me over, he knows damn good and well he can easily make me come this way. But instead he gets on his knees in front of me in that uniform, (which the sight of him looking up at me with my knees over his shoulders makes me ever so much wetter.), fingers slide into me as his tongue flicks over my clit, then gently making circles. I bite down on my lip to keep from screaming, I didn’t want to make the driver have an accident.

Suddenly, as I am about to come, Jackson stops and the limo comes to a slow stop. My pussy begs for mercy as he slowly pulls out his weathered fingers. I have no clue where we are, my eyes are closed and my legs feel like rubber. “Honey, just wait, the best surprise is waiting for you.” My nipples tingle with anticipation, I love surprises, but it’s when he blindfolds me and leads me out of the limo that my body betrays me and my breathing becomes ragged and heavy. I hear a key in a lock, and a door closes behind us. Familiar scents reach my nose, I now know we are home. Jackson takes my shoes off me, carelessly dropping them on the floor by the door and takes off his own. He leads me up the stairs, stopping every few steps to nibble at me, rub my tits through my dress or rub up against me. I feel like I am in heaven.

I hear a door open and he tells me to stand still. Hands behind me unzip my dress, it glides down my body, teasing my nipples, pooling around my ankles. It’s at that moment Jackson switches into his work voice, “Step out of the dress and turn around.” I like being ordered around a bit, so I do as I am told. Still blindfolded, I can feel my nipples tingling, my pussy wet and throbbing, as I smell a very familiar smell, but one that I haven’t encountered in quite awhile. I feel his hands on me, slowly untying the blindfold and my eyes are still closed. “Take a few steps back before you open your eyes.” His voice is deep and tight with passion. I open my eyes after a few good steps back and see her. She was unbuttoning Jackson’s uniform pants, stroking him like a lover. She looks over at me and smiles, “Hi Honey, Happy Birthday!” It was my ex girlfriend from my days in the Navy. I knew he knew about her, he knew we were still friends sort of, she had married a guy from his ship last I had known, but now she was here in the flesh, naked, and looking as gorgeous as ever.

Ann walked over to me, her pink nipples looking as good as they ever did, her creamy white skin soft in the candlelight, 38C tits, shoulder length blonde hair, blue eyes, my height and about 20 pounds lighter than me. God, she was a wet dream come true. Memories flooded my mind and my pussy ached at the thoughts in my head. I heard Jackson from his position laying on the bed, “Happy birthday baby, I knew she would be the best gift I could ever give you. I know you still love her.” I could see that she still shaved her pussy, something that I had introduced her to, and done quite a few times to her. She kissed me on the mouth, her lips still soft, I sucked one between my teeth as I cupped her breasts kadıköy escort bayan in my hands. God, she still felt the same, and I was weak in the knees. She moaned in my mouth, I knew Jackson was watching from the bed. That alone turned me on quite a bit, I’m sure he’s dreamed of this moment a million times and now he was in the midst of it. He was the only other person who could make me weak in the knees like her, no one else could measure up. Her fingers were on my neck, I let go of her mouth, kissing and nibbling down her neck, her fingers retreated to my hair, my God it was like she had never left me two years ago during my divorce from Stephen. I nipped her collarbone, as I took a nipple between my teeth, flicking it with my tongue, nibbling with my teeth, she gasped and squirmed. I could safely bet I was the only woman ever in her life, no other came after me.

Before her knees let loose, I took her by the hand and led her over to the bed. Jackson put her in the middle, she was going to get done first, and the rest would fall in later on. I again began nibbling on her nipples as my fingers traced her body, down to her engorged clit. My fingers brushed it, her back arched and she breathed my name, “Oh Sara, I’ve missed you so much these years.” I chuckled, I knew her body so well, I knew how to make her come hard and fast. My fingers made small circular motions on her clit while I attended to her perfect tits. I could hear Jackson beside me, his breath ragged in his throat, he was dying to fuck me, but he knew to wait. To occupy his hands, he relieved me of my garter belt and hose. Her blonde hair was splayed out on the pillows, her blue eyes half open, lips parted just enough, God I wanted her, I wanted to taste her, make her mine once again, even if it was just for this one night. My fingers teased her labia, gently pulling, rubbing, making her wetter and wetter. I kissed down her belly, my warm moist breath caressing her clit. Ann’s fingers were in my hair, pushing my head down, I knew this all too well, she wanted, needed, ached to come like this. I slowly licked her clit as I held it between my teeth, she growled and groaned deep within, but when my fingers slipped inside her, began to stroke her G-spot, she gasped and shuddered. I looked up, Jackson was kissing her, fondling her tits, as I tasted her sweet pussy. I missed her so much, life was complete now, tonight in my bed.

My fingers slid in and out of her tight hole, Jackson was busy tending to her tits, nibbling on her nipples. Ann’s breathing had changed, it was coming in short, ragged, gasping breaths, I knew she was getting close. I sped up my fingers as I feverishly licked, kissed and sucked on that pussy. Her pussy clenched down on my fingers, and I could feel her come washing over my fingers. “Oh God Sara!” Jackson stopped, and watched Ann come all over the bed, thrashing in her pleasure. He was clearly hard, more than I have ever seen him be, seeing me make a woman come done quite a number on him. As she shivered and gasped for air, I kissed her gently, she smiled against my mouth. “ I love you Sara, I could never love Kyle like I do you.” I stroked her hair, “ I know honey, oh do I know.” I’d felt the same about Jackson a lot, but I knew he was the one, I knew I could never keep her.

Ann looked over at Jackson, his cock throbbing with wanton lust, she grinned at me, great minds think alike. I started kissing Jackson as she stroked his cock in her hand, my pussy was just in reach for her, her fingers caressed my labia, my clit, before sinking into me. I squeaked into Jackson’s mouth, his hands were cupping my tits, rolling the nipples between his fingertips. I was losing my sanity, losing my mind, losing my self, but that was quite alright. Her fingers slipped out of my dripping pussy and used my juices to lube up Jackson’s cock. I moved down his body, nibbling every inch of that flesh. Ann was one step ahead of me, she was licking up and down his shaft, licking my juices off him. Her fingers rolled his balls in her hand, he was moaning and grinning, this was his fantasy he never told me about coming to life. I kissed her as we both licked the head of his cock, her hands were on my tits, rubbing them gently, as Jackson was toying with my pussy. We took turns sucking escort maltepe his cock, he was moaning quite loudly by this time, she and I were both good at sucking cock, I think she was better than me though. My mind was racing, my heart was pounding, what to do?

It was then that it hit me, I wanted Jackson to fuck us both. Ann laid me down in front of her, “Behind me sailor, I want you to fuck me while I eat your wife.” Jackson wasn’t above taking an order from a woman in his bed, so he moved behind her as her mouth settled on my clit. Oh how warm and wet she was as her tongue lapped at my clit, my hands tore at the sheets, her fingers popped into me as Jackson pushed into her pussy. I heard their combined moans, as he sunk into her, I doubted she’d ever had that much cock in her. Her fingers knew exactly what to do as she sucked my clit. I could hear his thighs hitting her tight ass as he fucked her. Ann pulled away from my pussy long enough to plead at Jackson, “Harder sailor, I want to scream your name as I come.” I knew by the sound of her voice she wasn’t far off. My pussy started to buzz as she continued licking and sucking me, oh God it felt amazing. I feel the room start to spin as my pussy spasms and I cry out, seconds later I look up and see Jackson’s face tighten as he comes deep inside her. Ann’s body shudders and she cries out his name as her body goes slack.

The bed is sweaty and tore apart, so we move to the pool outside, naked, not caring if the neighbors see us. We lay by the pool on the cool, smooth concrete to start off, touching, kissing, teasing. It’s not long before Jackson’s hard again, and I want that cock in me, but not just yet. I kiss him and run off giggling, taking Ann with me, kissing her, pawing up her tits. All he can do is stare as we skitter away. She and I slide into the opposite end of the pool, kissing and fondling each other, washing the sex off our bodies. I hear a splash and see Jackson swimming over to us, but again we get out of the pool and run off, this time into the house. Ann and I lay on the couch, fingering each other’s pussies, kissing, giggling. Jackson comes in, standing over the couch between us, kissing us both, feeling up our tits. Ann and I get an evil idea, and grin. “Hey, farm boy, come over here and lay down.” I say to him, and he’s more than happy to oblige.

I slide down, crouching over him, sliding my pussy over his cock, inch by inch taking him in, it’s such a familiar feeling, one I have gown to love, me being on top of him, he loves it too. Ann sits back on her calves, teasing his lips with her sweet little pussy. I work him faster inside me, my strong leg muscles holding him tight by the ribs. This night has been really good for me, a wonderful birthday present. I start kneading Ann’s tits as she kisses me, moaning into my mouth as Jackson eats her, I want to come so bad, but I want him to come with me. I work harder, my clit rubbing against his pubic bone, his cock filling my walls, stretching me a bit. I start gasping, I can feel it building, as I move faster on him. I feel Ann coming on him, she’s shaking, he’s moaning, he’s close. I feel my orgasm release as Ann kisses me, Jackson cries out through clenched teeth as he fills me with his cum. I open my eyes and they are both smiling at me, this has been a good night.

Ann steps off the couch and heads back upstairs, I follow her. She heads for my bathroom, taking a quick shower before we go to bed. Gently, like the lovers we are, we soap each other up, washing our hair. We get out, towel off and remake the bed. I notice that Jackson is nowhere in sight, so I creep downstairs. He’s asleep on the couch, I put a blanket over him and kiss him on the forehead, in his sleep he smiles. I return to the bedroom, crawl in bed with Ann, she lays her head on my chest as I stroke her hair. “Thank you.” I whisper. “You’re welcome honey, for you anything.” She falls asleep on my chest, soon after I drift off to sleep.

Morning came and I woke to a cold, empty bed. I wrapped myself in the blanket and went downstairs. The house was silent, Jackson was gone as was Ann. I knew it was too good to last, there was a note on the dining room table from Jackson saying he took Ann to the airport so she could go home to Kyle. I never saw nor heard from her again after that night until the day Jackson and I came home from the hospital about nine months later, after our daughter Lakota was born. There was a message on the machine from Kyle that Ann had just given birth to a baby boy up in Norfolk two nights ago, she named him Jackson.

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