Her Desire

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Forward: I had written this story in several stages a few years back for a young lady that I worked with in the same office. Casey, while not her real name, is a very real and incredibly erotic beautiful young lady. All of what follows is written by myself but with her input as the story progressed. So while written from a man’s perspective, much of this is a woman’s desire. Depending on how well this is received, there is more to the story, which I have edited out, as I had never gotten around to finishing it. This includes a threesome in the same night. Perhaps I can share the rest. I must apologize that I never got this edited. I contacted over 7 editors on this site all with no response. Please feel free to contact me with any input.

Please enjoy…

* * * * *

It was quite unexpected when I showed up at her apartment, unexpected for me that is. She had asked me to stop by for a short visit because she wanted me to see a few of the items that she had bought at one of “those” parties.

I knocked on her door and after a brief moment she answered. I found myself getting excited as I looked at this lovely lady in front of me. She was wearing a lovely gown and I could see a small hint of her legs underneath…clad in stockings and her calves looking incredible in her very high heel shoes. She invited me in and instructed me to sit down on the couch. I did as I was bid. She bent over to play a CD and as she did so, I could see a bit of the lingerie she had on underneath. She put on some blues that caused her to move, slow and rhythmic in sync with the music.

She turned around and asked me to pour us a couple of glasses of wine….you can imagine where my story takes us from there! She continued to move with the music and told me that she would like to show me a few things. She began taking some items from a bag on the floor…and put on a little show and tell.

The first item that she pulled out was a little bottle of liquid. I immediately knew what it was. “Line one, page one,” she said referring to the adult party catalog that we had both read together prior to the party. “Anal Ease”, my ultimate fantasy about to come true? She opened the bottle and dripped a little of the liquid onto her fingers and rubbed them in a little circle. “Hmmm” she exclaimed…you should feel this, how slippery and silky smooth it is. I bet I could rub this all over you and just slide you right in. Would you like that?” She asked?

“You know what I like!” I exclaimed. “You are my fantasy”

She then took out some more items from her bag and showed them to me one by one. A pair of Handcuffs…”what do you think?” she asked…

“I think I am going to cuff you to the couch, grab that lotion and have my way with you” I replied.

She then took out a vibrator, some beads and a few other things. All the while she kept gyrating and moving to the music. She told me to relax and watch while she danced for me. I did…

Later that night…..

She was laying on her back across the couch. I had pulled her in close to me. Her bum was right on the edge of the couch and I had a fantastic view of us as I slid in and out of her, as did she. Her legs were up across my shoulders and I could hear her wetness and the sound of my balls slapping against her ass.

“I’d love to be deep inside your ass in this position.” I said. “I’d be able to watch it all.”

“So would I” she replied. “Do it baby,” she continued, “that’s what the lotion is for!” I want to feel you there.”

I nearly tuzla escort came right away as she said this. I pulled out and she moved forwards towards me and lowered her head to the tip of my penis while reaching for the lotion. She spread her lips around me and looked up into my eyes as she slowly slid me into her mouth. I could see my shaft glistening from her pussy as her mouth engulfed me. I could also see her juices collecting on her lips where they spread across me. “How do you like the way we taste?” I asked.

She didn’t reply. She only took me from her mouth and began to apply the lotion, working her hand up and down and along my shaft. She was licking her lips all the while and alternately watching between my face and her hands working on me. The feeling was incredible. She then leaned back on the couch again and lifted her legs up, knees back to her chest and with one hand spreading her cheeks, she placed the bottle of anal lube right up to her hole and began to squeeze the contents into herself.

While she did this, she began to massage her pussy with her other hand….spreading her lips open so I could see inside. “Do you like what you see?” She asked.

“You know I do!” replied. I watched her as she removed the bottle of lube and continued to rub her fingers on her beautiful pussy. I could see how wet she was as she inserted her fingers in and out and rubbed them across her clit in little circular motions. “I bet you’ll like the looks of this then.” She said, and she began to move her other hand down to her anus. She looked in my face as she at first rubbed the lube across her little hole and then inserted the tip of her finger. I was sitting on my heels in front of her this whole time watching as I worked my hand up and down along my shaft. She bit her lower lip and her head tilted to her chest as she slid her finger in further. She let out a little moan and sigh as her finger continued to slide in past her first knuckle. I watched as I continued playing with myself. I could see by the look in her eyes that she was not only enjoying her own fingers but in watching me as well.

I started to reach out and take over and she slapped my hand away. “Just watch,” she commanded. I did just that. I watched as she began to fuck her own ass with first one finger than another. While she was doing this she took a little dildo out of her bag of goodies and inserted it into her vagina in one smooth motion. I watched as she worked it in sync with her own fingers in her ass. “Mmm” she moaned, “I can feel my the vibrator with my fingers.”

I reached out and pulled one of her fingers out and slowly started to insert one of my own next to hers. Together we slid our fingers in, and she wiggled her ass down to take all of mine. I started to play with the vibrator, which freed her hand up to play with her nipples. I watched as she rolled them between her thumb and forefinger, stretching them out and twisting them. The whole time I was watching her, I was picturing myself sliding in and out of her. Knowing that she could squeeze her muscles to enhance both of our sensations. I pictured myself on the orgasm. Her taking me all the way in and just milking the cum out of me in an explosive orgasm.. . I couldn’t take it any longer. I pulled both my hand and hers away and moved in close to her. “Oh yes honey” she said, “stick it in me now.” I pulled her hips closer to the edge of the couch. “I want you in my ass now, I want to feel you” she said.

She reached around her ass tuzla escort bayan cheeks with both hands and spread them for me. I moved right up to her and put the head of my cock against her slippery hole. She grabbed me with on hand and started to pull me in. It was incredibly exciting that she was actually inserting me, using me to fill her ass. I watched as the head of my penis started to open up her hole and disappear inside.

I looked into her eyes as she watched mine. As the entire head of my penis slipped inside her past the resistance she let out a load moan and her head went back, her mouth open and her eyes closing. “Slow” she said. I almost laughed, as she was the only one doing any moving. I stayed motionless and alternately watched between her face and her ass.

She wiggled her hips a little from side to side as she worked herself further down my shaft. I watched as she took me inside. Reaching out with my hand, I started rubbing her clit and moving the vibrator around inside her. I could feel it vibrating as she slid down the final length of my shaft to bury me deep inside. I could feel her cheeks pressing up harder against my balls as she tried to take even more of me in.

I kept playing with her clit. Wanting her to achieve orgasm while I was deep in her ass. “Now fuck me baby.” She said in a whisper. “Make love to my ass” I began to move within her. Slow at first and then picking up the pace, following the rhythm of her moving hips, listening to her sounds and enjoying the pure pleasure on her beautiful face and gorgeous eyes.

And then with a gasp she said “I’m gonna” indicating she was feeling her own orgasm mounting. This triggered me a little and I could tell it wouldn’t take me very long. I continued to play with her clit and the vibrator and concentrated on making her cum so I would last. I began to slide slowly out of her ass almost to the head watching as her anus puckered out around my shaft, gripping me. I stopped just as the head was about to exit and I slowly slid back in. I continued in the same fashion for a number of minutes watching her orgasm mount, watching her play with her nipples, pinching, pulling….Her head lifted off the couch and her eyes began to roll. “Oh baby I’m gonna. I’m gonna now!” And she began to cum for me…

“Oh yes!” I exclaimed. “Cum for me honey, Come for me” I watched her orgasm. It seemed to go on and on. I continued to play with the toy and her clit as an incredibly powerful orgasm shook her entire body. She finally pushed my hand away and said “no, no” and made me hold still for a few moments. Then with out warning she began to move on me again….moving her hips and her ass. Working herself on me and taking charge. She reached around with her hand and grabbed my outer thigh and with one movement pulled me deep inside her. She lifted her legs higher and concentrated on watching me slide into her.

I could feel her squeezing me with her muscles as I slid in and out with increasing speed. “Look at you in my ass” she said. I wondered if she was enjoying this quite as much as I. But I liked the way she talked. She always knew how much the thought of this excited me and now she was electrifying me with her words and reactions. She pulled me in deep….very tight. All the way buried in her ass and wiggled her bum from side to side. “I’m going to cum soon honey” I told her. “Me too…again” she gasped. I continued making love to her ass….increasing my speed and force a little. I wanted to fuck her ass hard the same way escort tuzla she liked it in her pussy but stayed refrained so as not to hurt her.

I continued on in a slow rhythmic movement only this time increasing my thrusts each time to bury myself as deep in her as she could take me, and she seemed to like it.. taking me deeper herself. I could feel a little drip of cum slip out of the tip of my penis indicating my own orgasm, not to mention the incredible pressure I was holding off. “I’m going to cum now” I whispered “Oh yes” she groaned, “cum in me, I want to feel you cum in me, in my ass.”

I now stopped moving with my entire cock pushed deep in her ass. Her legs were up on my shoulders and my hands were on her thighs, pulling her against me. I just held that position for what must have been 10 or 15 seconds, not breathing, not moving…all the while her muscles squeezing and releasing me, squeezing…and then I exploded. The first rush of my hot cum into her was so strong and powerful and seemed to flow from me in one continuous stream for a few seconds. I continued to cum powerfully into her ass for a very long time. I could feel my own cum washing around the head of my cock, which served to increase my excitement thinking how tight it was, that I could feel it washing back on me. I was looking into her face as she looked into mine. I could tell she was about to cum for a second time. She continued to coach my orgasm saying “baby. Yes honey, cum in me, give me all your cum. I can feel you deep in side me. I like it.” And then she rolled her head back in her own orgasm….

When she had finished and relaxed a little. I scooped her up in my arms and lifted her off the couch, with me still in her, and laid back on the floor pulling her down to lay on top of me. She wiggled her bum on my penis as I began to go soft.

“We are going to need a shower.” I said. “Shower?” She questioned with a quirky little smile. “Hmmm…, shower” I knew she was now thinking of more of my fantasies.

I remembered once when I stood to pee at the toilet with her holding me for aim, I must have had stage fright as I couldn’t seem to go no matter how I tried. After a while of futility she bent down in front of me and took me in her mouth….just as a small trickle came out. “You pee’d in my mouth” she said licking her lips, and then she put her mouth back down on me…I still get incredible excited thinking of this as she didn’t curse or spit or anything. She seemed to take it in stride…perhaps it even turned her on! I think it would be incredibly erotic to pee on her…..covering her nipples, her breasts, peeing on her pussy…peeing in her mouth! Somehow it isn’t dirty with her, nothing is. I even think of watching her go. Maybe straddling me, or cupping my hand under her, if it turned her on, she could pee in my mouth. We have peed in the shower…but you lose the visual thing while the water is running. Perhaps she would run with her own fantasies. I imagine there are some things she would like to try but hasn’t told me. Just like I haven’t told her all mine!

I lay there on my back like that with her still riding me. She was wiggling her hips around on me still in her ass. I thought of a fantasy that I have often entertained out of curiosity. Cumming in someone’s ass and then staying there until I went soft as I had now. And then once I was soft, to pee! A sort of enema if you will. I kind of liked the idea and wondered if it was possible.

“Are you looking to get wet?” I asked referring to her shower statement.

“Perhaps” she said, “But you know what we need now?” she asked.

“What?” I said.

“A beautiful naughty lady to lick this up…”

“Perhaps that will be our next story “I replied.

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