Her First Date

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She stared down at her lap, nervous beyond believe. She couldn’t believe they were already going on their 3rd date, it was all going so quickly. Nia was a shy African American woman, raised by a conservative family that told her she shouldn’t ever have sex before she married a man. She wanted to listen, and it had been going pretty well until she met Darius, a muscular older man with hazel eyes that destroyed her every time she looked at him. He was kind and loving, and seemed to care about her more than anyone ever had. She loved how sure he was of his own career, his own intelligence, and his personality and looks, and his confidence attracted her tremendously.

She was now sitting in her room, leaning back against her bed as she waited for the text to tell her he was leaving. He was always punctual, which was something else she really liked about him. They met a few months ago from one of her work parties. He was part of a different department, so she’d only seen him a few times throughout her years of working with the company. They had hit it off immediately, and she had given him her number without a second thought, feeling completely giddy over him. Her major hesitation regarding him was that he was much older than her, and though it didn’t matter that much, he was also much more experienced sexually, and she hadn’t been able to muster the courage to tell him that she was a virgin. Not yet.

She had spent the afternoon trying to find a dress suitable for the occasion, and ended up with a frilly yellow dress that went with her complexion quite well. She swirled around in it, studying her body critically. She had large breasts, a small waist and a large hip and butt, it made guys pay attention to her when she walked by, but her shy personality typically put them off. She was the reading type, not the partying type. Though that was probably why she got along with Darius, as he was way more mature than guys her age.

Her thoughts were still racing through her mind when a knock came at the door. She ran downstairs immediately, grabbing her bag on the way as she did. She pulled the door open, shocked to see Darius standing there. “Hey!” She said, her eyes wide. “What are you doing here? You usually text first.”

“Are you not excited to see me?” He asked, his voice deep and husky as he studied her body.

“Of course I’m excited.” She smiled. “I’m just shocked, that’s all.”

“Well, I figured I would stop you from worrying so much and just show up before I said I would, because we both know you’ve been ready for an hour now.” He winked.

She blushed furiously. “How did you know??” She asked, he seemed to always be able to read her mind.

“I know you.” He replied. She finally had time to study his outfit. A sleek black leather jacket on top of a simple V-neck t-shirt and jeans. She wondered if she was over dressed. He looked absolutely stunning though, and she felt a jolt as she realized how desperately she wanted to touch him. She’s never felt like that about a man before.

He reached his arm out for her to link, and she followed his lead, closing the door behind her and locking it. She was shocked to find that his car wasn’t parked out front, like it had been on their other two dates, and that he had somehow walked here. “Where’s your car?” She asked, confused. Were they going to bus to their date?

“It’s a surprise.” He replied, and led her down her street, turning to the left to where she knew the forest was. She had taken walks down there countless times, specifically when she needed to clear her mind. But she had never told Darius that, so what was he doing? They walked into the forest, and he began to make conversation, asking her about her day despite the fact that they had been texting each other like crazy the entire day, and have been since the day they met.

She babbled on about the book she was currently reading, and he nodded, listening to her every word. They arrived at a clearing, and she gasped when she saw a checkered blanket with food and drinks and a picnic basket laying on top, waiting for them. She looked left and right, yenişehir escort expecting someone else to be there. He chuckled at her response, and she looked up, saying, “wait, is this for us?”

“Yes.” He replied. “Do you like it?”

She blushed furiously. “Seriously? You did all this for me?” He nodded. “No one’s ever done something so nice for me before.”

“You deserve it.” He replied, and sat down on the blanket, lifting up a champagne glass as he nodded his head for her to follow him. She sat down on the blanket as well, and grinned at him as she grabbed her own glass. She couldn’t believe someone was spoiling her like this. Guys she met always wanted just one thing, and wanted to do as little as possible to get her to do so with them. This was… so different. So startling.

“To a wonderful woman.” He said, and she repeated his words as they hit their glasses together.

“So what do you have for me here?” She asked, peering down at the basket as her stomach growled.

He chuckled again, and brought out some salads and sandwiches, as well as a large chocolate milkshake. She laughed so much when she saw it she almost started crying, and looked up to say, “I don’t think the chocolate milkshake goes very well with the champagne.”

“Who cares? It’s your favorite.” He said. He was right, she had ordered it on their second date, when they went to the diner together.

She couldn’t take it, she pounced at him and wrapped her arms around him, engulfing him in a tight hug. He reached up to hug her back, and she sniffed deeply as she inhaled his oceany scent, something she had noticed the day she met him. He reached back to look at her, and place his lips on hers. She responded immediately, kissing him back as their lips worked on each other. They had kissed a few times before, simple kisses that she stopped before it got too far, but the way that he was kissing her now, insistently and so so well, she couldn’t help but moan into his lips. God, her body was getting so heated. And she wanted more of him more of his body on hers. She moved back rapidly, stopping herself. She almost hit the champagne glass behind her from how abrupt her movements were.

“Is something wrong?” He asked, peering at her with furrowed eyebrows.

She shook her head. “I…” She gulped. “I don’t know how to explain.”

“Nothing you can say will push me away, so just say it.” He said.

“My parents have always told me to wait until marriage, and I myself set a goal to wait at least until 6 months.”

He laughed. “Okay. That’s fine. We can wait.”

She shook her head once more. “I don’t wait to wait though, Darius.” She blushed at her bold statement.

“Oh?” Darius replied quite darkly.

“I want you.” She said.

“I want you too.” He said. “Obviously.” He peered down at his pants, where a bulge was already forming from their kiss.

She blushed again. “But… Okay. Promise you won’t laugh at me.” She said.

His eyebrows raised. “Why? What’s wrong? You got a weird mole or something?”

She laughed. “No, no. Okay. I’m a virgin.” She breathed out a sigh of relief at finally mustering the courage to tell him.

He burst out laughing and moved towards her, wrapping his arms tightly around her as he pressed his face into her curly hair. “I figured, Nia. You’re so pure and innocent, you looked like you’ve never been touched.”

She looked back at him, shocked. “You knew all along?”

“Well, I wasn’t absolutely certain, but I guess.” He replied.

“Does this make you not want me anymore?” She asked nervously.

“No. It makes me want you more.” He said, then continued, “only if you’re ready, of course.”

“I don’t know when I’m going to be ready.” She replied honestly. He had his hands around her waist now, and was trailing his fingers up and down, up and down over and over again. Her whole body was centred around that one teasing action, like she wanted him to do more, but was also so frightened for him to continue.

“Do you want to start slow?” He asked.

“What do you mean?” She replied, toroslar escort her voice a bit darker now. She was clearly getting heated by his long sturdy fingers on her, and wanted him to continue teasing her, taunting her with them.

“Let’s forget the food.” He replied, and moved her body around like she weighed nothing, pushing her onto the soft blanket on her back. She gasped out loud at the sensation, and peered up like a doe at him, waiting to see what he wanted to do next.

He kissed her again, and moved his body between her legs, letting his crotch come in contact with her’s. They kissed each other, and Nia moved her lips eagerly, wanting to taste every part of him. He reciprocated, and pushed his tongue into her, exploring her mouth. She moaned again, and felt his crotch harden at the sound of her moan. “You’re so cute.” He whispered, and left her lips to move down her body, kissing and sucking on her neck as he moved lower. She mewled underneath him, loving the sensation of his lips grazing against her. Who knew her neck was this sensitive?

He studied all of her responses, and teased the areas that he knew affected her the most. He wrapped his hands around her wrists, and moved her arms up, pinning her down as he nibbled on the well of her neck. She wiggled underneath him, but he held her firm. He continued to lick and suck down, down, and paused at her breasts. She wondered if he would be taking her clothes off out in public, but instead, he wrapped his mouth around her right nipple over her dress and lacey bra, sucking on it in concentration. She peered down at him, and the sight of him focused on her breast like that, with his eyes closed in concentration, made her wet her panties even more. She moaned as he sucked harder, leaving a damp wet spot on her dress, obvious for anyone who looked at her. He then moved on her other breast, and let go of her right wrist to pinch and play with her other nipple.

The sensations were overwhelming, and she could only lay there and let him play with her body like it belonged to him. When he was done, he looked at her nipples and growled in satisfaction at how hard they were as they peeked on her dress. He then moved lower again, lifting her dress up to expose her stomach to him. He nibbled at her soft caramel skin, making her giggle as she wiggled underneath him. “Stay put, Nia.” He commanded, and she stopped, letting him continue.

His hands were where they shouldn’t be again. A hand was placed against her inner thigh, moving higher and higher as his index finger grazed against her sensitive skin over and over again. “Mmphh….” She replied, her eyes closed finally from the overwhelming lust. Her body was telling her something. No, demanding it. It wanted her to cum, to ride an orgasm, to feel him inside of her. She had never felt this sensation before. This intense need. And she wanted to obey it, to let it command her and let her let go of her inhibitions.

His fingers were moving higher as his lips trailed lower, and they met at her heated mound, ready for him to touch. He pressed his finger against her panties, and she couldn’t help but ground against him, needing more of his touch. “You’re so wet for me, Nia. So ready…” He whispered, and pulled her panties down. He tossed it aside, and she went to cover herself, not wanting for him to see her.

He gently moved her arms aside, not letting her be embarrassed. “Never cover yourself up in front of me.” He said, and she nodded, though still felt incredibly shy. He spread her legs apart, bending them as he did, he then leaned into her crotch and breathed in, and she gasped as she felt the hot air of his breathing against her. God, she needed so much more.

His index finger was against her entrance now, and he pushed in, feeling her swollen and tight walls as she expanded underneath him. “You’re so fucking tight.” He murmured, and pressed another finger in, letting them fully enter her. She gasped and opened up for him, not able to believe how good it felt.

“Please.” She said, though she didn’t know what she was begging for.

He mersinescort moved his fingers in and out of her, over and over again. She moved against him, feeling the rhythm of the thrusts. “It feels so good, Darius.” She said, moaning. She could barely think straight anymore.

When she thought it was already too good, that she couldn’t believe she could feel like this, he pressed his mouth against her clit, and she felt herself practically explode from sensations. It was insane. He began to lick her, flicking her clit as his fingers moved in and out of her in rhythm. He knew exactly where to lick, where to suck, where to flick, for her to feel the best, and she couldn’t remember her name anymore. It was all a foggy haze, and all she could think about was needing to cum.

“Please.” She repeated. And he chuckled against her as he continued to pound into her, now faster. She moved against him in synchrony, her mouth stuck in a wide ‘O’ as he continued to enter and exit her over and over again. His tongue was now moving in a circular pattern, and her juices flooded down his fingers, drenching him and the picnic blanket underneath them.

She could feel herself rising, rising, rising, so high that she knew it was coming. “Cum for me, baby girl.” He said, and the words ripped her apart as she came underneath him, clenching wildly around his fingers as she cried out his name, unable to contain herself.

“Darius. Oh, Darius. Fuck!” She screamed, and he thrusted into her with his fingers until she calmed down, flopping down onto the blanket in complete exhaustion.

He moved his body around hers, and began to stroke her hair gently, letting her breathe and calm down. He was a bit out of breath himself, though in much better shape than her. The smell of her sex was in the air, and she gasped in shock as he placed the two fingers that were previously inside of her inside his mouth sucking her juices. “You taste so sweet.” He said, closing his eyes to enjoy himself.

“Darius…” She said… not trusting herself to speak.

“Yes?” He replied sheepishly.

“That was so good.” She replied.


“I can’t believe sex can feel like that. Oh, god. Your tongue, your fingers! Everything!’ She said, and closed her eyes as she snuggled into him.

He continued to stroke her hair, grinning to himself. “I’m glad you enjoyed it. Though that wasn’t sex. Trust me, baby. The way that I can make you feel when I’m thrusting inside you will be far better than that.”

She couldn’t believe it. “It can be better than that? How?” She thought for a moment. “No wonder why people are so obsessed with sex.”

He laughed again. “You’re so cute I can’t stop laughing when I’m around you.”

She giggled, and finally moved back. “Maybe we should start eating the delicious food you made for us.”

“I’m not sure if it’s delicious, but sure. I’m starved from all the naughty things I did to you.”

She blushed again, though hid it as he passed her a plate. They spent the next few hours laughing away as they discussed their lives, he stroked her and touched her the entire time, making her feel safe and warm and desired. She truly had no idea her body could provide her with such sensations, and didn’t know that a man would be able to do that to her. It was crazy, wild, and completely unimaginable. She wondered if she would be addicted now, constantly asking Darius to do that to her over and over again.

She helped him pack up the food, and they walked to her house hand in hand together, both too tired to say anything. He dropped her off at the door, and she studied him. “Wait, how are you going home?”

“I ubered here.” He admitted.

“Um…” She said, gulping a little. “Do you want to stay here with me tonight?”

“Really?” He asked, a bit too eagerly.

“I mean, I can’t promise anything. But I do think it’ll be a lot of fun to sleep together.” She said, admitting that she still wasn’t completely there yet, though taking it one step at a time was perfect for her. Especially if he was going to make her cum like that.

“I think it’ll be a lot of fun, too.” He waited as she unlocked her door and followed her in, glancing around as he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her in and sniffing her hair again. “I can’t wait to fall asleep with you, baby.”

She nodded, breathing in his scent. “Me, too.”

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