Hot Moves

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I wake up, to find the space next to me empty and slightly warm, so I know that you have not been gone for very long. I can smell the scent of coffee in the air and hear a noise in the kitchen and so I have a good idea of where I might find you.

I slip quietly down the stairs, trying to be quick enough without you hearing me approach. I peak around the corner to find you looking out the back window at the trees whose leaves have turned to red, gold and brown. I slip up quietly behind you, my soft warm hands sliding around your waist, to hug you lightly, my nipples rubbing gently across your naked back, I feel the goose bumps raise on your skin, as thoughts of last night float across your mind.

I lick your neck lightly, and nibble gently on it as well. I feel your smile widen as you emit a soft moan. My hands wander down, to find your cock hardening quickly, even more so as my hand wraps its warmth around it. I caress it gently through the cloth of your shorts, making it harder with bursa escort each stroke.

My hot lips still nibbling on your neck and back, I reach up with my other hand, taking your nipple between two fingers, rolling it gently back and forth until it becomes erect between my fingers. Your cock becomes rock hard now, and your moans are getting a little louder. I slowly move myself around to meet your hot lips with my soft ones, slipping my tongue in between them, tasting your coffee and my pussy from the night before.

Your hands, warm from the coffee cup move down my nakedness, cupping my ass and pulling me tighter to your body. Your hardness keeping us slightly apart, I move my nakedness closer to you, my nipples rubbing against your hard chest. We kiss deeply, my tongue probing yours. I begin to kiss your neck and run my tongue down your chest, paying attention to each nipple, sucking and biting each one. My tongue moves down your chest, stopping at your belly button to give it a taste finding bursa escort bayan it slightly salty.

My hands move to the waist of your shorts pulling them down, springing your hard member free, so that it comes amazingly close to my hot, soft, lips. I move my hands around it, stroking it lightly, caressing the smooth warm head with the palm of my hand, ever so lightly. I bring it to my swollen lips, which I have already wet with my hot tongue.

I lightly lick the head of your cock, tasting you and me from the night before, savoring this on my tongue. I circle around and around the head, teasing you slightly, making you moan. You have your hands wound up in my hair, pushing me slightly wanting more and more, but I control you, not letting you take over.

I give you my nasty little giggle that you enjoy so much.. I lick your shaft, up one side and down the other, making your cock quiver with each stroke…silently and quickly; I engulf your head and whole shaft, bringing it escort bursa deep into my throat, enjoying the sensations of your body as you experience this new sensation unexpectedly.

My mouth begins sucking and nibbling all over your hard cock, making love to it, like you had made love to me the night before. Kissing, licking, nibbling, sucking and riding it with my mouth, taking it deep into my throat, tasting all of you and your precum as it starts to flow heavily from your smooth head.

You are moaning very loudly now, saying “baby that feels so good” I begin to suck on the head harder, my hands moving faster and squeezing your shaft a little harder. I feel your balls tightening in my other hand as I cup them gently, squeezing them as you like me to. You pull my face closer to your cock, as my mouth rides it with wild abandon, soon you are telling me “here it cums baby, I’m going to cummmm…”

Your hot jism shoots deep into my throat, I swallow all of it savoring the taste… as you recover, you pull me up to your lips, kissing me gently, holding me tight, telling me that I am so awesome.. You kiss me deeply, then taking my hand; you lead me back to bed, saying something about it being my turn…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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