Housewife’s Ass

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Kathy Porter was feeling a really powerful need — she very much wanted to get her ass fucked by a big, hard cock. Truth be told, she would have preferred to have that cock plowing into her pussy until she climaxed but she was far too worried about getting pregnant to do that. Her controlling husband, who had gotten religion in a big way just a year ago, was adamantly opposed to the use of any kind of artificial birth control, especially including The Pill. Since he took care of the household finances, he would know of any purchases, including birth control devices that Kathy might have made so, when she was horny as she was then, she had to use devious ways to get around what she considered her husband’s unreasonable edicts.

It wasn’t that she and her husband never had sex; the problem was they didn’t have it often enough to satisfy Kathy. He considered sex to be sinful unless it was intended to “make babies” so they only fucked on the one night a month when she was at her most fertile. That one time was better than nothing, for her at least, even though he scrupulously refrained from getting any more fun out of their coupling than he could help. However, Kathy was a healthy and sensuous young woman who wanted to have her pussy eaten, followed by being crammed with a stiff cock far more often than once a month. Her fingers did not do the job well enough so her alternative was to find a partner who would be willing and able to satisfy her needs.

Being sexy as well as sensuous, Kathy had little trouble finding one. Just down the street from her was a young man who lived alone and supported himself by writing pornographic stories. He was extremely knowledgeable about sex and not averse to doing things some men would balk at, besides being hung well enough to give her ass a lot of fun. He could also keep his mouth shut about their activities, which might have been his most important quality.

“Hi, Cliff,” she began the conversation. “This is Kathy. I’ve got something that needs fixing and my husband isn’t around to take care of it. Can you see what you can do?” She was being a bit cautious, just in case somebody might have been eavesdropping, but Cliff would be fully aware of what she meant.

“Hi, Kathy. Sure. Always glad to help out a neighbor. I’ll be there in about half an hour and I’ll be sure to bring my tools.” Besides his stiff cock, he meant he would bring condoms and the lube they would need.

Their houses were within a few minutes’ walk of each other but Cliff wanted to shave so he wouldn’t abrade Kathy’s skin while he was eating her pussy and she needed to take a shower. The horny woman wanted to be sure the parts of her body that would be giving and receiving pleasure were squeaky clean for the man who would be sharing that pleasure. When she was done, Kathy sat near the door to await his arrival.

The timing was almost perfect and the knock on the door came no more than a few minutes after she took up her vigil. Before admitting her visitor, she looked through the peephole and made sure it was the right person. It was and she quickly opened the door and closed it behind him.

He turned and smiled at her. She was worth smiling at, a beautiful brunette in her mid-thirties with long hair, green eyes and a clear complexion. Her luscious breasts with their big, sensitive dark pink nipples were clearly visible through the skimpy, light green nighty, which was the only garment she was wearing, especially when she spread her arms in greeting.

Kathy was really glad to see the tall, handsome, dark-haired hunk of man who had answered her call of need. When he removed his shoes and socks and advanced to embrace her, she stepped forward too. Their embrace and kisses were passionate, until she drew back and told him of her needs, which he already knew.

“It’s great to see you, Cliff, and I’m glad you could make it here today. Let’s go to the bedroom. I really need your mouth and your big dick and you know where I want them.”

He did and he grinned at the thought. Kathy led him into her bedroom, where they stopped and embraced beside her bed, which had already been turned down. When she released him, her fingers quickly busied themselves on his jacket and shirt and, once he was bare above the waist, he opened the front of her nighty and she lay on her back. His pants would come off later; she had other desires more urgent just then.

Cliff had the same kind of needs and, once Kathy was in bed, her head nestled in one pillow and another under her hips, he joined her, kneeling beside her sexy body. He cupped one of her succulent breasts in either hand and started to lick and suck her nipples, which were already fully erect. After a minute of this stimulation, she stopped him for she had more important things for his mouth to be doing.

“I love that Cliff but just now, it’s my pussy that needs your tongue.”

Somewhat reluctant to leave the twin beauties but eager to start licking canlı bahis an even more delightful place, Cliff started kissing his way down Kathy’s sexy belly until he reached her pubic hair. They both would have preferred she shave her pussy but they also knew her husband would never stand for such harlotry. She raised her legs; he ducked under them and emerged with his face inches from the lovely place his mouth would be pleasuring momentarily.

The skin was the same soft, creamy color as her face and, through the heavy, dark hair, he could see Kathy’s lips, full and pouting with lust. She was so horny he could see her lubricating juices already trickling from her pussy onto her crotch and the insides of her soft thighs. He knew how delicious her honey would be and didn’t want any of it to go to waste so he started by leaning in close to lick off every drop.

Thrills rippled through Kathy’s body from where the Cliff’s tongue was working its magic. “Mmmmm.” That feels wonderful,” she murmured.

He didn’t say anything. His mouth was much too busy giving intense pleasure to himself and his neighbor to waste time in conversation. After cleaning off the juices that had spattered on her inner thighs, He started licking upward on her squirming crotch, his tongue catching the fresh juices that were flowing more heavily from their pink source. Besides Kathy’s soft sounds of joy, her body had started squirming under his ministrations and he knew he was doing something right.

To Kathy, it was more than right; it was perfect. She put one hand on either of her breasts and started gently rolling her nipples, which were hard as rough pebbles, between her fingers. By slightly raising her head, she was able to peer between the lovely mounds and watch the top of Cliff’s head, with its small bald spot, moving around slowly on her pussy. She didn’t really need to see exactly where he was because the pleasure gushing from the course of his tongue told her.

The familiar three-sided connection was formed between her nipples and her clit as the top of his head moved closer to where she most wanted it. She loved having her pussy eaten so she and Cliff usually started their sessions together by his bringing her to an orgasm that way. Besides the intense delight they would both receive, Kathy would be relaxed from that first climax, giving her visitor an easier time penetrating her ass and fucking her there until she came for the second time. She felt no guilt about cheating on her husband because it could have been his tongue and cock bringing her joys and delights if he just wanted to use them for that purpose.

Cliff felt no guilt either or, if he did, he suppressed it because he has so much fun on the days he and the horny housewife get together. As always, he ate her pussy slowly that day, first using his tongue to push her thick pubic hair out of the way so he could concentrate on her swollen inner lips. His lips and tongue caressed the first one slowly, stopping occasionally to lick up all the delicious juices that were gushing from Kathy’s pussy. Their flavor was so fabulous he wanted to keep eating her and relishing them for as long as he could before bringing her to an orgasm.

She wanted the same thing. “Mmmmm, I love that,” she murmured. I love what you’re doing. Keep eating my pussy.”

He didn’t respond, nor did ether of them want him to reply to her. Doing so would have meant removing his tongue from her pussy and they were both having far too much fun to want that, at least just then. Instead, he continued his slow advance upward until he reached her clit. There, he raised his head briefly to survey the progress he was making with the adorable little morsel. He was delighted to see her swollen clit had pushed its way completely free of the folds of her inner lips that form its protective hood.

During the brief pause, Kathy opened her eyes, which had been closed in bliss and also took delight in what she saw. That was Cliff’s face, smeared with her juices and hovering over the most sensitive of her hot spots. They caught each other’s eyes and grinned at each other before his face disappeared again and she felt his pleasuring tongue lick up her juices and start between her other pair of pussy lips.

“I love that, Cliff. Keep eating me there,” she urged him.

Since he loved it as much as she did, he continued licking upward between the second pair of lips. As Kathy watched, he canted his head slightly and she felt his tongue probing between the labia. More of her juices gushed as he caressed an especially sensitive place and she moaned aloud. He ignored her, knowing her fresh honey would still be there when it was time to lick her pussy clean. Always slowly, giving maximum pleasure to Kathy and to himself, his tongue stroked its way back up to where her clit had completely pushed its way out from the folds of her inner lips.

Kathy was no longer playing with her nipples. Her whole body bahis siteleri was writhing on the bed under the ministrations of her neighbor and her arms were flailing the mattress. “Make me come!” She begged the man between her legs. “Suck my clit! Make me come!” To her delight, she saw his head move slightly closer and felt his mouth enveloping her swollen love button.

From the movements of her body — she was thrashing all over the bed by that time — and the total engorgement of her clit, Cliff knew Kathy was as ready to come as she would ever be. She was fucking against his face and it seemed as if he could barely cling to her thighs. His mouth drew in her clit and he started to suck, his mouth working in the same tempo as the upward thrusts of her pussy.

“Yes! Yes!” she demanded of him. “Suck me there! Suck me there!”

Her orgasm, which had been building since she first lay on the bed, swept over her body and she cried out in joy. Kathy’s hands buried themselves in the hair of the man who had brought her to that fabulous state and her thighs clamped onto his head. For as long as she continued coming, her ass bounced up and down on the bed, ramming her pussy against Cliff’s face and her upper body tossed from side to side on the bed. He was a very willing prisoner and clung to her legs while his mouth sucked and his tongue licked the engorged top and sides of her clit.

When she climaxed, Kathy’s entire body clenched and she rammed her pussy against Cliff’s face for a final time. After the momentous orgasm she had been needing so badly, her entire body relaxed, including her legs, which remained draped over the shoulders of the man who had brought it about. He remained in the same position for a few seconds before moving his face lower so he could feast on all the honey that had just gushed from the sensuous brunette. When Cliff was finished with that delicious treat, he backed away and let Kathy’s legs fall to the mattress.

He began preparations for the main event by going to the bathroom and getting a damp face cloth. After returning, he removed his pants, first taking a condom and a small tube of Astro-glide from the pocket, and peeled down his jockey shorts. He had to be careful taking off the latter because his cock was like a steel rod and only fit through the elastic waistband with difficulty. When he was naked, Cliff opened the plastic packet and rolled the condom onto that hard cock and, carrying the tube of lubricant and damp cloth in his hand, got back on the bed and approached Kathy on his knees.

She saw his stiff cock in its latex covering, grinned lewdly and rolled over onto her stomach. She had her legs spread and a pillow under her waist to raise her ass and make it a better target. Wanting to flirt a little first, Kathy reached back, held her soft cheeks in her hands and squeezed and released them and moved them around, making her adorable pink rosebud wink at the man who would momentarily be cramming her full.

He appreciated the highly erotic sight. “That’s what I’ve been wanting all day,” he told her.

“Well, it’s been wanting you too.”

The waiting was over for both of them. Cliff removed the cap from the tube in his hand and reached between the waiting ass cheeks to spread the rosebud with his thumb and fingers. Holding the Astro-glide in his other hand, he inserted the top into the small hole being created. Kathy cooed in pleasure when she felt the cool, oily lubricant filling her, and her expression of joy was louder when Cliff’s long middle finger was inserted immediately after to spread the lubricant where it would be needed. When she was ready, he covered his cock with the rest of the contents of the tube.

She continued holding her cheeks apart while Cliff used the same thumb and fingers to pry open the same hole, this time his other hand holding his shaft. Moving in more closely, he moved the tip of his cock up and down to begin to make a slight penetration.

“Ooooo,” Kathy murmured at the contact. It felt good, but she knew the sexual pleasure she was receiving was nothing compared to what would be happening in no more than a few seconds.

With everything ready, Cliff thrust ahead firmly but gently, feeling the head of his cock wedge through Kathy’s sphincter. The initial penetration felt great to him and he knew it felt just as good to the woman under him because her sounds of joy were louder. After checking to be sure no flap of skin was folded under or that any other potential problem existed. Feeling none, he gave a second push forward and felt the rest of his head and almost an inch of his rigid shaft burrow its way into the place that wanted it so badly.

Kathy felt as if she were in Paradise. As always, there had been a slight amount of dull pain at the first insertion but that had immediately been replaced with the incredibly joyful sensation she had been needing and expecting. Extreme carnal pleasure rocketed through her body bahis şirketleri from the second stroke and her ass started squirming under Cliff, inviting him to continue what he was doing. He responded by thrusting forward again and almost half his shaft was buried in the tight hole where it belonged.

His cock was imbedded deeply enough that he no longer needed to guide it so he carefully wiped his hands with the damp cloth and placed them on Kathy’s soft and ample hips where they would provide leverage. The next stroke drove most of the rest of his cock into the beautiful ass that felt so good and he heard his partner moan blissfully.

Those same sounds continued and her body writhed in bliss under the man who was cramming her so well. Kathy continued to hold her cheeks spread because she wanted every fraction of an inch of Cliff’s cock to fill her ass until she climaxed again. She felt the thick shaft slowly withdraw, pause with just the head inside her sphincter and slowly drive back into her, so deeply this time she could feel his pubic hair tickling the insides of her cheeks. For almost a minute, they lay like that, both people reveling in the tremendous pleasure they were sharing but they both knew it would soon be even better and that was what Kathy wanted.

“Keep doing that, Cliff. Give it to me good.”

“You got it,” he replied, and resumed giving it to her.

Over and over he drove his cock into the place that was making it so welcome. The lubricant was working perfectly and neither he nor she felt any friction. The only thing he felt were bolts of pleasure coursing through his body from the warm, tight place with muscles that were massaging his entire cock with every slow stroke. All she felt were waves of ecstasy inundating her body from the big, hard cylinder that was alternately cramming and withdrawing from her ass. The only sounds either made were soft moans of bliss from the incredible delights they were sharing.

Fabulous though the fucking was already, Kathy knew how to make it even better. “Let me get up on my knees, Cliff, so I can fuck back to meet you,” she suggested.

From previous trysts with her, he knew what she meant and that it really would feel even better, as hard to believe as that might have seemed. “Okay,” he said and moved his legs slightly so he would be able to adjust his body and help his partner move into the different position.

Keeping his cock buried in her ass all the way to his pubic hair, Cliff pulled up on Kathy’s hips while raising his own body. When they were ready to resume fucking, she was on her knees and he was kneeling behind her with his cock still imbedded deeply inside her ass. Wanting to present a better target, she bowed her back to raise her hips and hugged her pillow against her face. Cliff resumed their coupling by driving his cock the rest of the way into her, even more fully than it had been earlier, and waiting in that position while exquisite pleasure throbbed through both their bodies.

“Okay, now, give it to me good,” she implored him.

Cliff resumed by slowly withdrawing until he could look between their bodies and see all his cock but the head. Pulling back on her hips, he slowly thrust forward and, when Kathy felt his shaft surging into her, she fucked back to meet him. Their bodies came together softly and quietly, except for the loud moans of joy. As before, they stayed in that position while pleasure throbbed through both their bodies, until he drew back and thrust forward again. As before, Kathy met him halfway and, when the stroke ended, the fronts of his thighs were pressed against the rear of hers and against her gorgeous cheeks. Neither was in any no hurry to finish what they were doing for each other so they remained where they were, his hands caressing her back and legs and her delightful bottom.

The third mutual stroke was the same, as was the next one and the many that followed. Their movements continued to be slow but, from the exquisite joy she was getting from the fucking, Kathy could feel her climax mounting. Cliff knew she was approaching ecstasy from her sobs and whimpers of joy and the way her body was starting to sway from side to side, so he was not surprised when she turned her face to him and said what she needed.

“I’m getting ready to come. Start fucking me faster.”

He drew his cock back again and plunged it into her the way she wanted; Kathy met him again and their bodies came together with a soft “smack.” There was no pause this time. Cliff pulled back the same way and drove forward while she fucked back to meet him the same way. The Astro-glide in her ass was still working perfectly and there was no friction for either. For him, there was just the delightful sensation of her muscles as they massaged his entire shaft and, for her, there was the excruciating pleasure of her ass alternately being crammed and emptied. .

Kathy’s movements steadily became more frenetic; she started driving her knees down into the mattress and Cliff’s hands on her hips guided her ass back to meet his thrusts. In every way, she let him know what a great time she was having from his cock plowing in and out of her ass.

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