I Lost My Key

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Dear Readers: Remember criticism shouldn’t be rude or crude just informative and for improvement.


‘I’ve had the day from hell,’ Amy thinks to herself.

‘Boy am I glad get to the apartment and forget about work at least for tonight,’ she thought. Amy takes out and puts together her wheelchair, transfers into the chair. She gathers her work laptop and purse.

Then, Amy reached inside her jacket pocket for the key, and it’s not there. ‘Ok,’ she thinks to herself ‘where did I put my apartment key.’ Amy checks everywhere, her purse; even her backpack on the back of her chair and she thinks to herself, ‘no key, what’s going on. Okay, where could I have left my key? This is driving me nuts. I can’t believe I’ve misplaced it.’

‘Tell me I haven’t lost it; please God,’ she said to herself, ‘Now, I’m going to have to call Allen. And, I really don’t want to do that, because every time, I see him I get so turned on all I want to do is make love to him. He’s the reason why I’ve been distracted these past weeks,’ Amy continues thinking to herself. ‘I want him bad, and he just flirts with me and treats me like a friend. Every time I see him and we’re alone all I want to do is roll up, wrap my arms around his waist and bury my face in his crotch. Pull out his tool and make love to it, rub it across my face, kiss and caress its length, watch it respond to my loving homage. I want say that I’ve wanted him every week after we hung out months ago. But all I can do is go home and masturbate thinking about, wishing, and hoping that it’s him touching, stroking, and caressing my throbbing pussy, fondling my sensitive nipples, give me the pleasure I need to satisfy my pulsing cream-pie. He’s said I’m not his type, but he IS my type and God help me I want him so bad I ache. And, he doesn’t have a clue or at least I don’t think he has one.’ Amy thinks to herself and continues her thoughts, ‘if he does then he’s doing damn good job of hiding it.’

‘It figures though,’ Amy thinks to herself. She’s has been distracted all week. ‘It’s hard when you’re a hypersexual female, single, and a paraplegic. And to top it all off I’m a hopeless romantic too,’ she continued whining to herself. ‘If J didn’t believe in having a relationship with one guy, it would probably be easier. But, Ohhhhh no, I have fallen for a guy that can only see me as a great friend.’

Amy continued talking to herself in her head. ‘I remember it like it was yesterday. We met at a dinner party that was being held by mutual friends. masaj porno Allen got there late and ended up sitting by me. He was friendly, outgoing, with a great sense of humor. Allen started up a conversation, and we talked the night way. He explained that he had a girlfriend, but he was thinking about breaking off the relationship because he felt that they were growing apart. I thought great maybe I’ll get a chance with this guy. Allen has all the qualities I find attractive in a guy. So when he asked me if we could meet again, my heart started racing, and I told him sure. He said that there was this walking/hiking trail he’d like to try and wondered if I would go with him. I said, no, I don’t do the walking thing and push back from the table. It was at that moment he realized I was in a wheelchair. To this day he said that he just thought I was really short. And, for me at that moment, I lost my heart to Allen.’ Amy gives herself a mental shake and pulls out her cell phone and dials Allen’s number.

One ring, two rings, three rings, Allen answers, “Hey you, haven’t heard from you a while.”

Amy replies, “I’m okay, and cells phones can send and receive calls. I haven’t heard from you in a while either.”

Allen laughs, “Ok, busted, what are you up? Want to get into so mischief with me?”

Allen is always flirting, that’s one of things that Amy likes about him. Although she knew it was just Allen flirting, one day she was going to take him up on his tongue and cheek sexual innuendoes. Amy replies, “Maybe later, right now, I need a favor.”

Allen replies, “Sure thing, anything for you.” “Well, I’ve lost my key to the apartment, and I can’t find it anywhere. I need that spare I give you for emergencies. Can I come pick it up?”

Allen replies, “Sure, I’m just getting my buzz on,” he laughs.

That was code: Allen was drinking and didn’t want to drive, which is cool with Amy because she didn’t want him to get on the road where he could be hurt or hurt someone.

Amy replies, “I’ll come to you that way you don’t have get dress or come out, okay?”

Allen said, “Sure. You know you can stay with me and get your buzz on too. Then, I can take advantage of you and you can blame it on the alcohol,” he laughs.

Smiling, Amy replies, “I will come by and pick up the key, Allen. I will have to request a rain check on the buzz. I’ve got to work in the morning. Give me fifteen to twenty minutes, and I’ll call when I get to your place, okay?”

Allen meet suck and fuck porno replies, “Oh, you really know how to disappoint a guy. But, at least I get to see ya, sexy lady.”

Amy laughs and replies, “Yeah, right. I’ll see in a few minutes, man, because it’s my turn to molest you since you’re getting your buzz on.” Allen replies with a laugh, “Sure baby, I’m all yours do with me what you want.”

Amy just laughs and says, “Good bye, Allen, I’ll deal with you when I get there,” and with that she ends the call, starts the car and drives to Allen’s house.

Allen’s house was on the outskirts of town about twenty minutes from Amy’s apartment. He had never been to her apartment, but she had been to his house. She knew how to get there because she would ride by on those nights went she was so horny she couldn’t sleep when it took everything in her not seduce the man of her desire. Now, she pulls into the driveway, parks the car and picks up the cell phone and out walks Allen in a white wife beater and tan cargo shorts. Amy thinks, ‘Oh God, he is sexy as hell. I know I’m going to masturbate tonight.’

Allen smiles as he walks up to the car and says, “I want my hug.”

Amy opens the door and shifts positions so that she faces him as Allen slides his arms around her waist, pulling her close in the bear hug that was signature Allen. Amy loves the way Allen hugs. It was a full body hug. Chest to breast, fully engulfed and surrounded by Allen like she wants to be.

Allen loosen his hold, leans against the door and looks down at Amy, smiling he says, “So what are you going to do for me to get this key, young lady?”

Amy looks at Allen then, out of the blue, she slides her hands around his waist, pulling him forward and buries her face in his crotch. She hears Allen suck in air; he’s shocked by her action. As she feels his Johnson it starts to rise to the occasion. Amy continues rubbing her face in his crotch while her hands grab a handful of his cargo shorts pulling them down. To her surprise and pleasure, Allen wasn’t wearing underwear. So, what’s a girl to do, except watch this monster pop up against her chin. Amy leans back, places one hand on his cock, strokes from base to tip, smiles and says, “Hello, beautiful, where have you been all my life. Do you know how long I wanted to taste you?”

And, with that, she sticks out her tongue and slowly licks the underside of the helmet-shaped head of his sausage. Slow slurping milf porno swirls of her tongue tease him as Allen is transfixed at the sight of Amy paying loving homage to his manhood.

Her lips and tongue slide up and down, swirl around and around just the head of his man meat. She moans and looks up at him with a smile in her eyes while one hand rubs and strokes his balls, the same way her lips and tongue love his cock head. Allen can’t believe Amy’s doing this to him, and the sounds she’s making lets him know that this girl is a cock lover.

Amy loves cock, and she has wanted this one for months and his cheeky remark just pushes her over the edge. She knew that if she saw him again she would either embarrass herself but telling him about her desire or he would be embarrassed because he didn’t feel the same way about her, or she would just show him like she’s doing right now. Plus she would end up going home alone to an empty bed and using her fingers to furiously fuck her hot, wet, pulsing pussy and alternating between rubbing and pinching her highly sensitive breasts bringing her horny body to climax as she imagines that it’s his cock and mouth sending her over the into sexual release.

Amy forms her lips in an O and slides just head of Allen’s Johnson in and out of her mouth quickly as her tongue flicks at the pisshole opening. She moans and her hands continue to fondle his ball sac. Amy rubs against his no man’s land in search for that little pea that will cause him to spill his seed.

Amy backs off stroking his length and says, “My God, you taste good, are you going to give me a load? I can’t wait to taste you.” Then, she swirls her tongue around the head again and slowly feeds his meat into her mouth while her hands cup his balls, rubbing them up against his penis.

Allen can’t believe his luck. Amy’s mouth feels incredible on his cock. He enjoys her technique and the fact she appears to enjoy it too. It makes his balls tighten and the electric stocks vibrate through his body. It’s at that moment Amy found the pea with her thumb as his hog finds the entrance deep into her throat. Amy feels Allen’s body tense and knows he is close to his orgasm. She backs his cock out of her throat just as his penis spasms, spraying her mouth with the first jerk of his jism. She swallows and continues to swallow his meat as it spills creamy juices into her mouth. At that moment, Amy’s cunt spasms in orgasm, she knows because her nipples tingled and electric shocks shot through her body. Amy thought, ‘God, I love giving a guy a blow job.’

Allen doesn’t realize that his hands were grasping Amy’s head as he ejaculated until she pushes against them, releasing his deflated shaft from her mouth. Amy looks up at him with a smile, licking her lips said, “Now, do I get my key?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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