Landlord and Friends Have Me

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Further to my previous two recollections about my fun with Jim, the retired policeman who rented Mike and me our first apartment when married, I wanted to add another of the times he ‘had me’ for rent money.

It was few weeks after our last session and in truth I was missing his big cock.

He had flirted with me a few times when we had bumped into each other, giving me compliments on my legs, tits, and arse, having sneaky gropes of me in passing too and then once whilst he was with a couple of his friends after coming out a local pub.

I had been shopping, it was a warm spring day late in May, and I was walking home when Jim and two of his ex policemen friends came out of one of the two the local bars on the high street.

We literally bumped into each other and it was obvious they had been having a few drinks, as they were all rather red around the face and quite boisterous.

He immediately began flirting.

“Och it’s my favourite tenant! Hiya gorgeous how are you?”

I replied that I was well and put my two shopping bags down to speak to him a bit longer.

it was blatant on my part. Mike had been struggling for overtime at work, so I sensed an opportunity to help out, and I was also hot to trot for his prick again.

“I’m very well Jim,” I replied smiling at the three of them. “I hope you are well you certainly look it!” I laughed.

“We’re fine lassie,” he said to me. “Just been having a wee catch up with my pals here and you look damn fine as ever lassie,” he said smirking. “You’re looking as sexy as ever!” he said to me as all three of them lasciviously looked me up and down.

I was wearing a skirt that finished at just above my knees, black in colour, with bare legs and a pair of two inch, high heeled white shoes. I had a white blouse on, with the top one button undone. Nothing too overtly sexy, but I guess to three horny guys coming out of a bar quite merry I was game enough!

“Oh you are a flatterer” I said in reply, kicking my heels a bit to draw their attention back to my bare legs. “You are such a tease Jim!” I said in a coy and playful manner.

“It’s not flattery at all lassie,” he said back to me. “You have the best arse and legs in town and if another button was undone we could be looking at those lovely tits too.”

His forthright nature should have shocked me but he was always such a dirty sod whenever he saw me alone. He always grabbed my arse in the stairwell and always made me feel so fucking turned on by his filthy comments.

The fact that he was being so blatantly sexual with me in front of his pals gave me more than the hint that he had boasted of his conquest of me.

I could almost hear him bragging to them in my mind of how he regularly ‘serviced the wee married tart from upstairs.’

Now at this point I had a decision to make: leave and be affronted or play along. To my shame, or rather because I enjoy being a flirt, a cock tease and then putting out, I was always going to play along!

“Jim really!” I said in mock- shock at his lewd comments. “What will your pals think!”

“Och they can see for themselves lassie. They have eyes to see with, and besides they know everything love, no secrets between us eh lads!” he said as they all laughed and ogled me some more.

So there it was!

He had obliviously told them all. I was stood in front of his two pals, being eyed up and down. My legs being assessed, my tits being looked at, and they knew we had fucked, sucked, licked and he had spunked in every hole I had and on every part of me!

“Dinnae worry love, your secret is safe with us love,” the taller one of them said to canlı bahis me (I would later know him as Barry, or Baz as he liked to be called.)

I genuinely blushed at this point. God this was such a turn on.

I blurted back in a distant daze almost, “I’m a married woman you lot you know,” gesturing to my wedding ring.

“Aye but one who likes the cock and isn’t afraid to get that wedding ring hand wrapped around some strange meat, eh lads!” Jim brazenly said to me.

I was in a daze, a sexually lust driven daze. I could sense my cunny moistening and my nipples aching as they tightened.

“And you are so cock sure of yourself as well Jim,” I laughed back at them.

“You know I am love!” he said to me, “And you know why as well eh?” He actually patted his trouser front at this point.

“He’s a big lad right enough!” the short fat one standing at my side said to us. His name was Vince and I would find out what floated his boat sexually in good time!

I was now in no mans land. it was either fight or flight!

“I’ve had bigger!” I wantonly said, dropping my gaze to Jim’s crotch area and playfully licking my red lipstick patted lips.

This took them by surprise and they all smirked and laughed. As we stood awaiting their response I knew they were moving in for the kill.

I tried to spread my legs a bit, bending my right knee slightly, pushing my arse out and in turn pulling my skirt tighter to my bare, long sleek legs. It had the desired effect, my skirt rode up ever so slightly. I heaved my tits out the best I could. In all honesty I wanted to undo more buttons right there in the street for them to ogle me even more!

“Ha!” Jim laughed back, “but have you had better love?”

“Maybe!” I said teasing again. “I can’t deny you’re a randy old sod Jim but it’s not always about the size you know.”

As I spoke the three of them were circling around me like lions stalking prey.

“Well you have never complained and you have been running back for more,” Jim said very assuredly.

“Yes, and you haven’t turned me down either have you!” I retorted back to him.

Baz was now openly staring at my arse.

“You enjoying the view there?” I laughed.

“Too fucking right,” he said to me practically slavering as he spoke.

“Fancy a quick drink?” Vince suddenly asked. “We could buy you a nice wee glass of something and chat a bit more.”

“Oh aye so you can get a better look as well is it?” I brazenly asked.

“Guilty as charged,” Baz laughed. “What about it love?”

I readily agreed, and Baz picked up my two shopping bags and we walked quickly to the next bar along the highs street. Me click-clacking in my heels as I was escorted by my three older admirers.

Once inside I was seated in a booth next to an alcove and Baz and Vince sat beside me on the long bar seat. Jim went to get a round in, myself having my usual gin and tonic.

Immediately as I sat down the compliments began to flow. How sexy I was, how nice my legs were, how pretty and all manner of kind words. all built to win me over but flattering none the less.

Jim returned with the drinks and we began to chat about all sorts.

After a few minutes of course the chat drifted back to sex and the talk became more explicit.

This turned me on no end and by now my pussy was beginning to moisten up nicely, I could feel my knicks getting wetter by the minute.

“So Jim says you are a game lass,” Baz said.

“Does he now!” I replied whilst sipping my drink.

“Aye, he says you are fun and always up for a wee bit of a laugh.”

“Maybe that is the case. No law against it is bahis siteleri there officers!” I said back to them.

“That’s one way of putting it,” Jim said back. “Cock hungry and one amazing fuck is another.”

I smiled and made light of it.

By now my skirt was up slightly and my knees were exposed, my legs crossed as I was sat in between Baz and Vince.

“So you say you randy old sod!” I retorted back.

“No so I know!” Jim said firmly back.

“You have stunning legs,” Baz complimented gazing at my bare, exposed legs.

“Thanks very much,” I said back, moving my legs and crossing them over, exposing more of my bare flesh in doing so.

“Great tits by the looks of it as well,” Vince added.

“You bet they are,” Jim said. “Nipples get all stiff once you have sucked ’em for a while eh love!” he laughed at me.

“Oh yes they certainly do, they get do hard Jim,” I mockingly said back to him. My legs were quite exposed now and I decided to up the anti a bit.

I quickly unbuttoned another two of my blouse buttons, exposing a bit of cleavage and my white bra was now visible.

“You wee tease,” Baz said to me as they noticed my more exposed cleavage.

“What? You guys are saying such naughty things about me. Do you want me to stop or play along?”

This was past the point of no return now, for all of us.

I could see wedding rings on the other two guys hands. I was unsure of how far they would go or want to push it.

“Told you she was a fun one didn’t I,” Jim said taking a sip of his pint.

“Oh so he’s been bragging to you has he. Mister cock sure of himself here!” I said in a sarcastic tone. “I suppose I have been swooning over him have I?”

“Well creaming over his cock was his exact phrase Anna!” Vince blurted out.

I laughed at this point. I was there’s and they knew it.

“Guilty as charged!” I said back in mock reply to the retort earlier made to me.

“She fucking cums and cums lads!” Jim proudly boasted. “Once I was up her young married cunt with my big meat package she was creaming like mad eh love?”

By now Vince had bravely slid his right hand onto my knee. I didn’t make any move to stop him. I slowly uncrossed my legs, his hand staying in the same position as I did so. My skirt was a wee bit higher now and a good part of my thighs were on show. Vince slid his hand slowly up a bit further: still no reaction from me.

“Okay you got me I!” said as I stared intently into Vince’s eyes. “Yes! Jim and I have been having fun. Yes he has fucked me, yes I have sucked him off till he has spunked right down my throat and even on my face… and yes I have been creaming all over his big , hard fucking cock for a few weeks now. Does that satisfy you guys, is that what you wanted to hear me say??”

I had put the ball back into their court.

“Holy shit!” Baz exclaimed, almost spitting his pint everywhere at my honest and forthright confession

Vince’s hand was now rubbing slowly up my thigh. I simply parted my legs even further.

Digging my heels into the pub carpet like a true slutwife.

Baz took the hint and placed his hand on my other leg and reciprocated his mates actions.

I moaned ever so slightly.

“Well I guess seeing is believing,” Vince said to me.

Both hands were now feeling my bare legs. My fanny was leaking onto my white knickers and I was fucking aching for cock.

“What? You want to watch your mates big, hard cock fucking me?” I teasingly said. I licked my lips after taking a drink of my gin. “You wanna watch me get fucked by Jim and his nine inches do you, you dirty buggers?”

“Oh bahis şirketleri and so much more!” Baz said lasciviously.

“Oh you think you are up to the task eh do you!” I laughed back.

My skirt was now at miniskirt length under the table and both hands were high up on my thighs, my knickers clearly now visible.

“Given the chance I think we can rise to the challenge,” Vince said.

I looked at their crotches. Two obvious hard cocks were tenting and visible in their trousers.

“Looks like you are already risen!” I joked.

“No fucking wonder!” Baz said back to me.

“What’s it worth then?” I asked. “What is the deal for me here?”

Jim jumped in quickly.

“Listen Anna if you are honestly game for this then I will sort you out don’t worry.”

“Ok then!” I simply replied. “One full months rent and get Mike some work on a couple of your other houses and it’s a deal.”

I felt like a tart selling my goods but after all I was a newly wed and money was tight.

“Absolutely,” Jim replied.

“Now that sounds like a promise,” I said back.

Vince as now moving his hand higher and higher.

“Hoy, mister what are you doing!” I said jokingly. “It’s a bit public in here for that,” I said looking down at my skirt which was now rucked right up and his hand and moved completely to my knicker encased cunt.

“Sorry!” he said but didn’t withdraw his hand.

“I don’t mind,” I laughed, spreading my legs quite a bit wider to show how keen I was for the cocking I was about to get.

With that encouragement he gave my fanny a bit of a rub.

“Christ your panties are sodden at the front!” he said to me.

“What the fuck do you expect” I said.” I’ve been sat teasing you, looking at your hard cocks growing in your trousers, with you all eyeing up my tits and legs for the past half an hour!”

“Lets get back to mine!” Jim quickly said. “Elsie is out for the day and wont be back till late evening.”

“What time is your fucking husband due back?” he bluntly asked me.

“He’s out till about five,” I said. “But I will ring him at work and get him delayed more!”

I felt so fucking dirty in saying that.

Delaying my husband who was out trying his best at work so I could have an extra couple of hours to get thoroughly fucked by these dirty old men.

“Good lass!” he said in reply to me. “Use the phone in here and get him told to meet you alter. My balls are full for you and we will fuck you long and good sweetheart .While we finish these pints off you get over there and get us more time with you, you sexy fucker.”

“OK,” I said, “You better not be all talk you lot!” I laughed as I straightened myself up and went to use the public pay phone in the hall.

I rang Mike giving him an excuse of me wanting to meet him later at his parents house across town and he readily agreed to meet me there. I said I would be there for about seven and he told me that worked out well as he had a chance of a five a side football match after work over that side of town anyway.

I was being a complete slut and I knew it.

I was going to be fucked in lieu of rent, by not just Jim but his two mates, and i was loving it. But each month money was saved meant a month closer to our own first home and if the price was me spreading my legs then I was more than happy to do it. I was cock hungry by this point and my lust had overtaken me again.

I walked back in and the three of them watched me intently as I made my way through the bar to them. I could feel three sets of eyes devouring me as I walked towards these dirty old men and I loved the sensation.

We all hurriedly walked back to the house which was about five minutes away, but the anticipation was amazing on the walk there.

Once inside it was obvious these three dirty fuckers had seen plenty action together…

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