Liam’s Story Ch. 06

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Authors note: This is another chapter of a novel which chronicles the life and adventures of the main character, Liam. All other names are fictitious. This is mainly a life story with some erotica included so if you’re looking for wall to wall sex this isn’t for you. Hope you enjoy reading it.

The bright sunlight blinded me for a second when I first cracked open my eyes. Once my eyes adjusted to it, I groggily, glanced over at the alarm clock, five after seven. I couldn’t believe that I had slept that late.

I could hear Aunt Jean stirring in the kitchen and smell the enticing aroma of the coffee brewing. I lay there for a second before dressing and joining her in the kitchen.

“Good morning, sleepyhead,” she cheerfully greeted me.

“Good morning, I haven’t slept that late in a long time,” I replied.

“Here have some coffee while I fix us some breakfast,” she said.

A cup of steaming hot coffee later, I asked, “So what’s on the agenda today?”

“Well, first, I’d like to go over to a client of mines place and pick up a picnic table he made for me as a gift, so I’m glad you brought Tom’s old truck,” she replied, adding, “And then, we’ll take a boat ride to one of my favorite places.”

After breakfast, we drove to her friend’s home, picked up the table and returned. By the time we had unloaded the table it was nine thirty.

“Let’s put the table over there next to the other one. It’ll be so nice to have the extra seating when I have a bar-be-q,” she directed. “Would you fill the cooler with drinks and ice and get the boat ready while I pack a lunch, William?” she asked.

“Sure,” I replied.

After filling the cooler, I took it down to the boat.

I topped off the gas tank from a spare can, emptied the bilge, and picked up a few pebbles that lay on the floorboard. Taking the pebbles, I flung them out toward a patch of lily pads. When they hit the water a half dozen sunfish darted out from underneath and into the clear water. Not a cloud in the sky and warming up nicely, it was a beautiful day.

“It’s a perfect day for a boat ride. The water is as clear as glass,” she said as she handed me the picnic basket.

“Yes, just perfect,” I replied.

As I untied the boat and pushed away from the dock, she said, “We’ll go back towards the marina.”

The 30 horsepower Evinrude engine started on the first pull and we were on our way towards the marina, barely visible about a half mile down the lake. When we approached the marina, she directed me, “See the bridge to the right of the marina. We’ll go under it.”

Even though we had several feet of headroom, we both ducked our heads as we went under the old steel structure.

“This creek is my favorite part of the whole flowage,” she said.

It was wide to be called a creek, probably two hundred feet across. The banks on both sides were steep walls of sandstone, ranging from twenty to fifty feet high. The creek meandered for about a quarter mile, one breathtaking sight after another before it opened into a large bay.

“Keep to the right. It’s shallow out in the bay,” she instructed.

The creek turned ninety degrees to the right. Now the sheer cliffs were on the right side with a low bank on the left, a mixed pine/hardwood forest on both sides.

The channel continued another quarter mile or ataşehir escort so before opening into another large bay. We waved to a couple of fishermen in a boat along the back of the bay.

After crossing the bay, the channel turned again. The land flattened out, still heavily forested. As we continued some several miles the creek meandered through the pristine wilderness which we had completely to ourselves. The creek became much narrower and the steep cliffs returned. Large boulders could be seen on the bottom under the crystal clear water.

Noticing that the water was getting shallower in places, I idled the engine and went to the back of the boat, releasing the motor tilt lock.

“How far are we going to go?” I asked.

“Just a little further,” she replied.

The creek became much narrower now, only thirty feet or so wide and shallower.

“Looks like there is a rapids ahead,” I stated.

“Yes, we’ll have to stop the outboard motor, get out and pull the boat,” she replied.

After shutting down the motor, I paddled the boat up to the start of the rapids.

“Keep your tennis shoes on,” my aunt said, stepping out of the boat herself into the water.

The strong current of cold, but fortunately not frigid water, rushed past our legs. A few minutes later we had cleared the rapids and entered a small pond. I was surprised that the cold water didn’t seem to faze her.

Pointing to the left, Aunt Jean said, “We’ll pull the boat over there.”

I pulled the boat over to the edge of a large flat boulder and tied the anchor line to a tree.

“We call this the Flat Rock,” she informed me, adding, “We’ll take the cooler and picnic basket up there and spread out the blanket.”

She climbed up onto the rock which was about four feet above the water and I handed her the stuff.

Once we had the picnic set up, we took off our wet shoes and socks and sat down on the blanket. “What a pristine place, the noise of the water rushing over the rocks, the clear water, the huge pine trees, not a cloud in the sky,” I remarked.

“Yes, I knew you would love it here,” she answered, handing me a beer.

“It’s o.k. to be here? It’s County property?” I asked.

“It’s private property, an old abandoned farm on both sides of the creek. I look after it for the owners, a girlfriend of mine and her husband, who live in Chicago. They come up for a couple weeks in the fall when the leaves are turning,” she answered.

“When we were in college my girlfriends and I used to come here a lot.” she added, “Great place to get an all over tan.”

Surprised, I said, “Oh.” A thought flashed through my mind of her and her friends frolicking in the sun and water.”

Knowing she had caught me off guard, she kidded me, “What do you mean, Oh?”

“Well…” I couldn’t come up with anything intelligent to say.

“Don’t you think that I would look good with an all over tan?” she asked.

“Yes, of course,” I replied.

“My boy friend back then sure thought so,” she said, bragging a little.

Changing the subject, she said, “I’m hungry. Let’s have lunch.”

“Good,” I replied, glad that the subject had changed.

After lunch, she started unbuttoning her blouse. When she had set it aside and reached behind her back to unclasp her bra, she looked at me, kadıköy escort noticing that I hadn’t started undressing, said, “Do I have to sunbathe alone?”

“No,” I answered, starting to unbutton my shirt.

“That’s better,” she said.

Soon our clothes lay in two haphazard piles on the edge of the blanket.

I was sitting up while she lay flat on her back. I couldn’t help reaching over and placing my hand on her knee. I slowly moved my hand up her thigh. Her reaction was to spread her knees further apart. I stopped when I reached her upper thigh, my finger tips feeling the long sparse hairs on her soft skin.

“Forgot to shave my bikini line,” she apologized.

“I’m glad you didn’t,” I answered, hoping I wasn’t too enthusiastic.

I could tell she was totally relaxed enjoying both the warmth of the sun and the gentle massage of my finger tips.

She spread her legs even more when I explored her bush and the sensitive parts it hid. I slipped my finger onto her wetness. My hands moved up to her magnificent breasts. I cupped each globe in my hands. When I simultaneously pinched both of her erect nipples, she stiffened up and arched her back.

“Don’t stop, William, please don’t stop,” she begged.

I continued pinching her nipples while my other fingers kneaded her firm globes. Her hips were gyrating, squirming from side to side. Finally, she pulled her knees up to her chest.

“O.K., William, That’s enough. I can’t take anymore. That was wonderful!”

We rolled over on our stomachs. I dosed off, my body soaking in the warm rays of the sun.

I awoke to two hands massaging my back and shoulders.

“You slept almost an hour,” she said, kneeling beside me.

I rolled over on my side, facing her. Her hands went to my hairy chest, but quickly moved down my body, taking my penis in one and my testicles in the other.

“Ready for a swim,” she asked, tugging lightly on my small organ.

“It’s not too cold for you?” I asked.

“A little, but I’ll get used to it,” she answered.

I followed her as we climbed down the rock and waded into the pool. I couldn’t help think what a tall, athletic…handsome woman she was, long legs, narrow hips and long, silky, black hair.

When we were waist deep, said, “Ready?”

I knew what she meant.

We both surged into the water, going completely under and shaking our heads when we came back up. I swam out into deeper water. She followed me.

“It’s ten to twelve feet deep right under the rock. Maybe, we’ll jump off it later,” she said.

We swan around for a while, letting our bodies acclimate to the water temperature.

I followed her to the side of the pool opposite the large rock. We lay next to each other in the shallow water.

I saw her shiver when she sat up, now waist deep in water. Goose bumps covered her from the waist up as water evaporated off her skin. Her breasts seemed even firmer and her nipples stiffer.

She stood up, leaving only her feet in the water. She brushed the water off herself with her hands. Now, she had goose bumps over her entire body. She shivered a little as she walked out of the water and sat down on a rock, leaning back to take in as much sun as possible.

I thought to myself, “What a goddess!”

I continued to float around; my body completely bostancı escort bayan acclimated to the water temperature, frequently stealing glances at her basking in the sun.

About fifteen minutes later she came down from her perch, walked back to the water and waded in.

She swam over to me and whispered to me, “I want to see you jump off the rock.”

“I’d like to do that,” I answered, forgetting about the part of my body that had shrunk considerably.

I was glad that my back was to her when I stepped out of the water and climbed up the rock. When I got up on the rock I quickly moved to the edge and jumped in.

I shot down under water, not touching the bottom and bobbed up just as fast.

“That was really refreshing,” I said, swimming over to her.

When I reached her, I could stand, but she was treading water. She put her arms around my neck. I wrapped mine around her before quickly moving my large hands to her breasts.

“Oh, that feels good!” she cooed.

She was floating with me holding her up by her breasts.

Slowly, she moved one of her hands down my body. Her hand cupped my shriveled genitals.

“Feels like someone needs some TLC,” she tempted me. “Let’s go back to the blanket,” she suggested.

I followed her up the walk, my eyes fixed on her long legs and watching droplets of water dripping off her thick black bush.

We quickly dried off and lie down on the blanket.

We locked in a deep kiss. I wrapped my arms around her as she buried her head in my chest and pressed her breasts against me.

I moved my hand down to her bush, but she moved it away, saying, “I’m o.k. I just want to be held.”

Her right hand drifted down to my small twisted penis. Without saying a word, she took my mushroom glans between her thumb and middle finger and started gently pulling and squeezing it. The tip of her index finger touched my scrotum and then slowly moved up my penis’ underside, stopping for a long minute at my pee opening before sliding into my deeply slit glans and then back down again to my scrotum.

Slowly, it started to grow and straighten. I felt her hot breath on my chest and her warm hand on my little penis…she continued…she used my precum to lubricate me…suddenly her hand was filled with a warm thick fluid.

“Feel good?” she asked softly.

“Yes, very good, thank you,” I answered.

“You’re welcome.”

Sitting up, she wiped of her hands and picked up her watch, saying, “It’s going on three o’clock. Where did the time go?”

I sat up and watched her stand up and start to dress, again bra first.

After watching her step into and pull up her panties I stood up and dressed. We picked up our stuff, and were soon on our way back to the marina.

The trip back out the creek was just as picturesque as it was going in.

“We’ll go to the marina and put up the boat,” she instructed.

Soon, we were back at her cabin and I had packed up my things.

“Thank you for everything, Aunt Jean. I hate long goodbyes so I’ll be on my way.”

She hugged me, kissing me strongly, and then said, “Oh, William, it was such a pleasure to have you. I hope you’ll come back and stay with me again this summer.”

“I’d love to.”

As I backed out her driveway, waving to her, I felt a knot in my stomach of sorrow from leaving someone I dearly cared for.

The events of the weekend were dashing through my mind as I drove back to my Aunt Betty’s…I hoped she wouldn’t ask me to give her a blow by blow description of the weekend. Continued in Chapter 7:

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