Lockdown Days with Father in Law Ch. 03

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He kept on saying “my son is lucky to have such a beautiful wife”. He carried me and pushed me on the bed and came on top of me and began kissing me on lips. I was totally wet down there. He began undressing me. He opened me and my started at my firm big breasts through the bra. He took his hand behind and unhooked my bra. I felt a little shy and hurriedly I hugged him. This was the first time when I was naked from upper part except in front of my husband.

He pushed me back and began mauling his own son’s wife breasts. He pinched the nipples in circulating motion. He started sucking my big breasts like a baby but also mauling them hard with his hands. His hands were also bigger than my husbands.

He was saying “what a beautiful pair of breasts of you have. I have been lusting for it from the day I saw you”. I have jerked thinking of you numerous times. And today is the day I have been successful. I felt naughty hearing these words.

He then moved on to lick aksaray escort my navel. I was enjoying this act by closing my eyes. I was slightly moaning enjoying his licking of my navel. He started opening my jeans and removed it. I was now only in my panties in front of my father in law.

He kissed my pussy mound from top of the panties. He slowly put his hand on sides and removed the last piece of cloth from my body.

He was smiling and staring at it. I was feeling completely shy. Here I was totally naked in front of my husband’s father on my marital bed.

This was the same bed where I had lost my virginity to my husband and had spent numerous nights with him. But today instead of him his own father is going to enjoy his wife. He his going to use his son’s wife as he likes.

My father in law kissed on my pussy. I was in heaven. After a long time I felt tongue down there. It felt different than my anadolu yakası escort husbands and it was his father’s mouth added the kinkiness. He began kissing and playing with my vertical lips. He inserted his finger there and began finger fucking me. I have never felt this way. His fingers were large compared to his son’s. And maybe this was the reason I cummed so easily. He began lapping up my juices.

Now was the time I had to repay him back for his wonderful work.

He pushed me down on my knees in front of the bed. He opened his lungi. What a wonderful piece of specimen it was. Much thicker and bigger than his son’s.

I knew what he wanted, I saw up to his eyes. The lust the want to take the beautiful big pole in my mouth. Wow what a beautiful big dick it was. Almost double in thickness than his own son. His daughter in law, his own son’s wife was going to take his dick in her luscious mouth. I gently kissed ataköy escort the tip of his dick. “Ahhh” came out of his mouth. I licked the base and then slowly took the entire big beautiful dick in my mouth. I had never taken such a big thing in my mouth. Not to exaggerate but only half of it was going inside my mouth. He was definitely loving it.

He was surprised when I suddenly took the dick out of mouth, looked upon him and took his big hanging balls in my mouth. The expression on his face were priceless. I had never done this with my husband also. After a few seconds of licking his mammoth balls he pushed his dick again in my mouth. He started being rough now and was pushing in and out of my mouth as if fucking my mouth. He became more rough and mouth fucked hard and rough for a good 15 minutes. I would feel choked by his big pole in mouth but he would hardly care and would start fucking my mouth back again. He would also slap my face while fucking my mouth. I was feeling like a slut. He held my face and to my shock spat on my face. My own father in law was doing this to me. He was quite rough as compared to his son.

He took his penis and kept and on face and started laughing indicating how beautiful his big black dick was sitting on my face. He carried me on the bed.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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