Losing My Virginity

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I was in bed fucking my best friend, Laurie. We’d been besties since Fourth Grade and lovers pretty much since we discovered masturbation together at one of our frequent sleepovers. To tell the truth, I was deeply in love with her and planned to go to college with her in the next school year and to be her roomie.

We’re both eighteen years old, seniors in our high school. She’s very active in Track and Field events and I’m on the Varsity tennis team, so both of us stay pretty fit. She dates boys occasionally and I’ve had some dates with boys, too, but I never went all the way with any of them. I really prefer girls. One in particular, of course.

I guess the word has gotten around that I don’t put out or that I’m lesbian, though. Mostly, boys don’t ask me for dates. I’ve had some dates with other girls who prefer girls, though, and they’ve been fun. I love having sex with them. It’s safer than with boys and they just turn me on.

Laurie and I agreed to date others for appearance’ sake and to learn stuff to bring back to our own relationship. We still managed to sleep over at least once a week. Sex with her was the sweetest I’d ever had. Like I said, we were in love with each other. It didn’t matter who we dated apart, coming back together was the best.

My mom knew I was lesbian and never made a big deal of it. Laurie was always welcome to stay at our home and I’m sure mom knew we have sex together. Mom dates both men and women and just told me to date whoever I want and just to be happy.

I’m an only child and Laurie has an older brother. Steve is a year older than we are. She gets along with Steve really well. He’s as much her bestie as I am. I envied her having a sibling. I’d always wished for a brother or sister. Laurie solved that one by giving me her brother. That sounds odd, I guess, but she said I could share her brother with her so I could feel what it’s like to have a sib. He did a lot of things with us and he always treated me just like he treated Laurie, so I think of him like my almost-real brother.

Anyway, Laurie and I were in bed one Saturday night for one of our sleepovers and ended up making love. I was on top of her, straddling one of her thighs, humping her and making sure my thigh rubbed her pussy, too. I was kissing her face and just loving her as we fucked when a vision of a guy putting his dick into me came into my mind. For some reason, this seemed to turn me on a lot. I got wetter and wetter and closer to orgasm. “Laurie, do you like being fucked by guys?”

“Yes, you know I do.”

“I think I want to have my first guy inside me.”

She had her hands on my ass helping me fuck her. Her breath was coming faster and shorter. “There are lots of guys who’d love to be your first. Who do you want?”

I kissed her on her mouth, letting my tongue play with hers a bit. “I don’t know. I want a boy I can trust not to brag about it to everybody. I may only want it once. I just don’t know. I just want to try it with somebody you and I trust who won’t get mad if I don’t want it again if I don’t like it.”

She moved her right hand from my ass to my tit and began to squeeze it. She knows how I love that. “Are you serious? Do you really want a boy to fuck you? But you don’t know who to ask?”

Put that way, it seemed to make me hotter. “Yeah, but if I like it I might let him do me again.”

She kissed me again, all over my face, one hand between my cheeks now, fingering my back hole. She knows how much I love anal play. That and her squeezing my nipple and twisting it began to drive me crazy. “Would you like to have the boy who took my cherry?”

“Omigod, that would be so hot to have a dick inside me that was in you, istanbul escort too, You never told me who it was.”

She seemed to spasm from the thought. Maybe from my playing with her nipple and fucking her at the same time. “I could ask him, I trust him and I think you would, too,”

“Would you… I mean could you be there, too? When he takes my cherry? I know it’s weird, but I want you there. I love you more than anything.”

That seemed to send her over the edge. She began to cum and so did I. I humped and fucked her until I just couldn’t move any more. I collapsed on top of her and we were both out of breath like we’d been running.

She kissed my face tenderly and smiled. “If you really want, I could ask him if he wants to claim another virgin pussy.”

My pussy spasmed and I began to fuck her thigh again. The idea of being deflowered by the same guy who did her was very hot to me for some reason.

“Would he be okay to have you in the room while he takes me?”

She looked at me bemusedly. “You really want me there?”

“You know I love you more than anything. Would you share this with me?”

She thought about it for a moment. “You need some birth control. Maybe the shot. It’s easy and lasts for months. It kinds stops you having a period or else it makes your periods irregular for a while. I just make sure I always have tampons and pads in my purse. You’re an adult and you can see the doctor if you want without your mom’s permission.”

“She won’t mind. If I tell her I want to try sex with a boy, she’ll be happy for me. She wants grandchildren one day.”

We both laughed at this. “Go to your doctor. When she says you’re ready, I’ll get the right boy for you.”

It was a couple of months later when my Gynie told me it would be safe to have sex. In the meantime, we kept each other happy about every week. She and I had a good time talking about how I’d get fucked and would be like. She began to finger me more and more and she also began to fuck me with her toys. By the time I was ready to go, she’d had every size dildo and vibe in me up to a size she reassured me was true-to-life the same size as the boy’s cock she planned for me to get fucked by. I have to say I really liked being fucked by her and it was fun to role-play some scenarios. She even got a strap on harness so she could fuck me in a natural way. She had me wear it and fuck her, too. I think the hottest times were when I fucked her, getting the fake cock all covered with her juices and then having her wear it and fucking me putting her juices inside me. I loved the thought of her shooting her stuff in my almost like a real boy would.

Laurie’s parents planned a weekend away and we planned to get rid of my cherry the same weekend. I came over with my bag and Laurie met me at the door with a hug and a kiss. After we got that done, I noticed her older brother in the room, smiling at us. He’s known we’re lovers for ages, so it didn’t bother me. “Hi, Steve. How are you?”

Steve is a very nice boy and he’s pretty athletic, too. He’d developed nicely and I know he got a lot of attention from the girls at school. I was surprised he didn’t have a date with a hottie that night. I didn’t think much about it. Laurie was first on my mind and whoever she’d found to be my first boy.


Laurie just smiled and tugged my hand, leading me upstairs to her room. She started to get undressed, so I did, too. “What did you bring to wear tonight?”

I showed her the cute nightie and matching thong I got in pink. I thought it looked sexy and so did she. “Put it on, Marcie,. That’ll look so hot on your pretty bod.”

She took kadıköy escort off her bra and panties and pulled a pretty white chemise on that just covered her pussy and ass when she stood up. Her nipples were already standing out. She wasn’t wearing panties so she was ready for whatever we were going to do together. The wetness in my panties suggested I was, too.

She pulled me into her arms and hugged me and kissed me. I gave as good as I got. I was ready for action and I’d already worked my hand up the back of her chemise to caress her cute ass.

She shuddered. “I want you right here and now, but we’re here to take your virginity, my love.” She broke from my embrace and walked to her door. She opened it widely and gestured to somebody.,

Her brother walked in, smiling. “Hi, Marcie. You look amazing!”

I was startled. He had stripped down to a pair of dark green silk boxers that did nothing to hide his generous bulge. I looked to Laurie.

“Well, I told you I’d get you a guy I trust. I gave Steve my virginity when I was fourteen and he was fifteen. Here he is to take yours, too, if you still want this.”

I just looked at them. Laurie held me and kissed me. Softly, “Yeah, Steve was my first. He’s the best boy I’ve had and we still do it. You know I love my brother. Now, I guess. You’re going to see how much I really love him. Most nights when you’re not here, he sneaks into my bedroom for a really nice fuck. Would you like to fuck him, too?”

I hugged her tightly to me and kissed her mouth deeply before I turned to Steve. I could feel my pussy totally wet up. He had a nice wet spot in the front of his boxers and he looked so ready to me.

The more I thought about it, the hotter I thought it was for my bestie to lose her cherry by incest with our brother, our best boy friend. I’d never really thought about our brother fucking me, but in that moment I wanted him. It was the first time I ever wanted a real guy to do me but I really did want him. He must have seen something in my eyes because he moved closer to me and took my hand and kissed it. It was the sweetest gesture ever and my heart melted for him.

Laurie grinned and held my other hand as she kissed it, too. “Marcie, do you like it when I finger you?”

I looked in her eye. “Ohmigod, yes. You know I love you so much.”

She nodded, a tear in her eye. “And do you like it when we use toys in each other?”

I shuddered. She’d taken that particular virginity herself. “You know I do, Laurie.”

She whispered, “Steve is so much better. I just never thought you’d do anything with a boy.”

I felt overwhelmed at that point. I knew he was what I wanted and needed at that moment. “Laurie, thank you.”

She grinned and turned me toward our brother. “Bro, would you fuck my girlfriend, our sister? She needs it bad.”

He pulled me into his arms and held me close to him. I really like the way he smells. His hands pulled my hips to his and I could feel his hard rod against my tummy. I spread my legs a bit and felt his hand between my thighs, just tickling my pussy and giving me a thrill. I lifted my knee up and held it to his side. He just began a program of thoroughly kissing me for all he was worth and I returned his kisses as his other sister pressed against my back, gently stroking my titties from the sides.

Steve began to inch us to the bed until my side was up against the mattress. With a push he brought me to the mattress, on my side with him in front of me. Laurie moved to the chair, sitting down with her legs spread widely, draped over the arm rests and leaving her sweet pussy wide open to our view.

Steve kağıthane escort didn’t leave me much time to gawk, though. He was stroking my body gently as he kissed me. It felt so good, I kissed him back and we began to massively make out until he was so horny he began to dry hump me through his boxers and my nightie. The friction of our silky lingerie together was very hot. I let my thighs open more to let him get closer to me and I found I really liked the feeling of his hardness rubbing my cunt.

I heard a soft moan and peeked at my bestie, fingering herself under her pretty chemise. We just kept at it until I felt the need to be filled up with Steve and his baby juice. He felt my need and got up off of the bed.

“Hey, where are you going?”

He gave me an evil smile as he pulled Laurie to her feet and turned her around. My mouth was open as I watched him sink his cock all the way into her with one deep thrust. A few quick moves in and out and then he was back to me.

“Ready, Marcie?”

His cock was coated with a glistening layer of Laurie’s pussy juice. I wanted to taste it, so I got onto my knees and held his thick rod as I licked it, tasting my best friend, mixed with a little sweet, salty precum from Steve. It was a marvelous combination.

“Like that?”

I just moaned and he went back to his sister and shoved his cock into her again for a few strokes, making her moan again.

Back to me, he pushed me onto my back and got on top of me, putting the tip of his wet cock at my opening. “Are you ready, little sister?”

That did it for me. I pulled him down to me and he pushed his wet cock into my needy cunt. He began a slow stroking, moving in and out of me, clearly enjoying taking me, giving me my first real cock.

Once he began, he continued to move in and out of me and making me moan. I really needed what he had to give me. Pretty soon, I was shoving my hips up to meet him as he fucked me. He was able to delay shooting into me just long enough for me to begin to cum around him. That must have triggered his orgasm. I could feel his hot cock spasm inside of me as he strained to push it as deeply into me as he could. I could feel his hot sperm lubricating my insides as I squeezed his cock with my vaginal muscles.

As we were climaxing on the bed, I could hear Laurie moaning with her orgasm, too. She had given herself a nice cum watching us fuck each other into oblivion.

I held Steve inside me until his cock softened and came out of me on its own when I gave it a squeeze with my pussy. Laurie was on her feet by then. She pushed Steve off of me and then she knelt between my thighs to give me kisses and licks. Her tongue bath gave me a second orgasm. I held her face to my pussy as I came and then I pulled her onto the bed to have her sit on my face in turn. I got to taste my bestie and give her a lovely orgasm.

I looked up to see him all hard again and I got out of his way as he laid down on top of his sister and fucked her very nicely. She clearly enjoyed this a lot. I truly enjoyed seeing their love for each other played out in front of me. I played with my clit as he fucked her deeply. Seeing their incestuous coupling only fed my libido. I got myself off just after he shot his load into her.

I laid down beside her on the bed, and he rolled over me to my other side. The three of us cuddled together until we fell asleep. It was hours before I woke, feeling chilled. I got up to go to the bathroom and came back to Laurie’s bed. Steve must have gone to his own room. I slipped under the covers with her and we cuddled and held each other closely.

“Well? What do you think?”

I kissed her mouth for a moment as I thought about it. “I never thought it could be that good. Do you think the three of us could share an apartment at the college? Would it be okay with you If I fuck your brother?”

She kissed me gently. “I always wanted you to. I think we could wear him out and still have some left for each other. I love you so much!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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