Louise, My Love Ch. 02

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So many thanks to those of you who made comments about our story in Chapter 1. It’s great to get feedback. Louise and I were thrilled … and hopefully we’ve learnt from your comments and thoughts as we continue to write about our lives.

If you’re coming to this story for the first time, then I’d urge you to start at Chapter 1. Now on with our story …

Love, Tom x


At five minutes past seven the doorbell rang.

It was a beautiful late September Saturday evening – we were having an Indian summer in England, with the autumn shadows lengthening in the garden, indicating that winter would soon be with us. Louise, watching TV and looking quite gorgeous in her short denim skirt and little pink cotton tank top, jumped up off the sofa in excitement, affording me a little flash of the ‘V’ at the front of her white cotton panties. Oh, how she could tease! Giving me a peck on the cheek, she smiled at me, looked deep into my eyes and simply said, “I’ll get that Darling.”

My heart was pounding as I pondered what might be in store for us; images of my Louise in bed with another man, their limbs intertwined flashed by my eyes. I couldn’t decide whether I was simply terrified, or more excited than I could ever remember. I heard Louise and Jesse greet each other, exchange kisses on each cheek and then start chatting away to each other as she led him into our living room.

“Hey Tom, so good to see you man,” Jesse said, his smile beaming with light and energy. We hugged, as we always did when we greeted each other. It seemed a perfectly natural thing for us to do; two buddies bonding. Jesse’s the same height as me, but two years younger at 31, also nicely slim and fit from many hours of pounding away in our local gym and canoeing. He has slightly unkempt strawberry blonde hair with piercing blue eyes; Louise has said in the past that he reminds her a little of the actor Matthew McConaughey and I’ve had to agree that there is a resemblance there. He was wearing loose pale blue jeans and an open button down white cotton shirt, showing off a little of his tanned chest. For shoes, he was wearing a pair of open toe sandals. He was looking very cool and relaxed.

“Hi Man, so glad you could make it,” I said. “Come on in and make yourself at home … Margarita?”

“Mmm, yes thanks Tom, that sounds just perfect,” he said as he put down a 6 pack of beers on the table. “So nice of you both to invite me around tonight, I’m still feeling a little lost and lonely since Chrissy went back to Sydney. We spoke last night and she sends her love to you both. She says that it’s possible she might make it back over here later this year, depending on her work and family commitments.”

“Oh I do hope so Jesse, that would be so good for you,” Louise chipped in. “And she’s such great fun to hang out with. I miss her too, I really do.”

We chatted on into the evening, making small talk, joking, chatting, eating and drinking. Despite the margaritas starting to take effect, for the early part of the evening Louise was quite subdued, not her usual bouncy self. Actually, she was quite moody. I could feel her weighing things up in her mind, wondering, like me, where things would end up for us all that night – or whether we should just let the idea pass us by and keep our rather naughty ideas to ourselves as a fantasy.

However, as the evening wore on, she became more giggly, much more like her usual flirty self, and delighted both me and Jesse with her warmth, charm and wit. We were all sitting on our large sofa, chatting away with me in the middle, when Louise said, “Tom let’s watch a movie, I’m in the mood for something silly and sexy.”

“Not too sexy please, Lou,” Jesse chipped in, laughing and joking, “I’m a single man remember, so I don’t want to get excited!”

“Oooh, I’m sure that you’ll cope Jess,” she said, “You’re a big boy now!” and then she had a fit of the giggles as Jesse blushed a little and I thought that my heart had stopped. “Tom, let’s watch ‘Playtime’, you know how much we both love that movie.”

‘Play Time’, it’s considered by some to be one of the most erotic softcore videos ever made. It’s sexy and highly voyeuristic; more erotic, Louise and I think, than hard core sex videos. And women seem to love it!

“OK darling, if that’s what you’d like, of course,” I said, getting up, and after finding the video, popped it into the machine to play. Louise and I hadn’t actually come up with a scenario as to how the evening might move to a more erotic place to involve Jesse; I knew that this was her opening gambit.

“Oooh this is so much fun,” Lou giggled as the film started to play.

We watched the movie with the lights dimmed, joking and making inane comments as the plot (?) unfolded. I was sitting in the middle of our large sofa and Louise was snuggled up into my shoulder on my left hand side, feet up on the sofa, legs tucked in behind her, barefoot. At the point in the movie where the two girls and guy were in the swimming pool trading kisses, Jesse admitted that tuzla escort it was a smoulderingly sexy video and as he said this, Lou whispered into my ear, “Tom darling, I’m on fire, I’m so hot hon. Kiss me Tom, please.”

With my heart pounding, I kissed Louise in front of our friend and she was like a firecracker, snogging me back passionately, wrapping her arms around me. Our tongues were dancing together and I realised that my girlfriend was seriously turned on. The game had begun.

I heard Jesse rustle next to me, cough and say, “Hey you guys, it’s late and maybe I’d better head off and let you carry on making out. I don’t want to be in your way.”

Lou and I stopped kissing, pulling apart a little. I said, “Oh Jesse, sorry man, that was really thoughtless of us … “

“Oooh you want a kiss too, Jesse?” Louise pouted in a little girly voice, a huge smile spreading across her face.

“Lou, really!” he exclaimed. “Really? …” His face went bright pink.

Playfully, Louise scrambled over me, kind of romping over to Jesse, so that she was lying across me, her crotch against mine, her face inches from Jesse’s. “Please, Jesse, would you like to kiss me too? Do you feel sexy like we do?” she teased.

“Lou, you know that I adore you, but you’re like a sister to me, really … ; it’s just the alcohol talking. Man, don’t you think you’d better take your girl up to bed and sort her out?”

Before I could reply, I saw Lou gently rest her hand on the inside of his left thigh and say in her low husky voice, “Jesse, we’d like you to come to bed with us and spend the night … “

“Whaa? …”, but before Jesse could say any more, Louise kissed him softly on the mouth and I heard him groan. And then they kissed … omg, they really kissed!

I thought that my heart would explode as I watched them. It was obvious to me that Jesse had rather more than brotherly feelings for my lovely girlfriend as they made out, kissing passionately, Jesse’s hand cupping the back of Lou’s head, holding her kiss, easing her towards him. She was giggling and rubbing her crotch against my bulging jeans, as her hand massaged the inside of his firm thigh.

Looking down and seeing Lou’s sweet little bottom, covered by her short denim skirt, I felt overcome with a pervy kind of lust. With my left hand I started to caress the back of her thighs beginning behind her knees, something that drives her crazy, slowly moving up towards the bottom of her skirt. In response, she parted her lovely athletic thighs for me, squirming in my lap and giggling as she and Jesse continued to make out. I saw her hand move up to the front of Jesse’s jeans and heard her moan into his mouth, “Mmmm, big boy!” as she started to massage him over the denim. I heard her popping open the buttons of his jeans and looked over to see her fingers lightly running over the cloth of his white cotton underwear, cupping his balls through the fabric, tracing the line of his bulging cock underneath.

“Louise … ” I heard Jesse say.

“Shhh, darling …” she replied and continued to kiss him.

Seeing my love stroking my best friend through his underpants touched a raw nerve with me – I found it both fascinating and intensely erotic, bringing back schoolboy memories. I lifted up the back of Lou’s little denim skirt and there in front of me was her wonderful panty clad bottom; the white cotton triangle of her Jockey string bikinis waiting to be caressed. I traced the leg and waist elastic of the underwear with my fingers, teasing her, appreciating the femininity of the simple soft garment. Stroking all over her knickers, feeling every part of them, I felt the crack of her bottom through the warm intimate fabric, my fingers moving down to her crotch … I gasped when I found how wet she was down there.

I looked up and knew that Jesse was cupping and playing with her small boobs through the cloth of her thin tank top, running his fingers gently over her nipples, making them poke out through the fabric, begging for even more attention.

Breaking her kiss with Jesse, I heard her whisper to him, “Mmm, being touched by two lovely pair of hands; I’ve forgotten how wonderful it feels.”

“Louise, you’re so naughty,” Jesse groans, “when did you last do that?”

“Maybe I’ll tell you later!” she giggles as she gives him an affectionate kiss on the cheek. Then she turns her head to me and says, “Tom, could we all go up to bed? I think that it would be so much more comfortable up there.”

There was a silence in the room that seemed to last for minutes but it must only have been for a few seconds …

“Are you sure about this Tom?” Jesse asks, giving me a quizzical look. “It’s late and I’m quite OK to leave now if you’d both like some privacy.”

I looked into Jesse’s eyes. “Lou and I have fantasised about sharing her with you for some time and the idea’s really sexy and erotic for us both. If you’d like to join us, I think that it’d be really cool and we can just take things as they come.” I couldn’t believe that I was actually saying tuzla escort bayan this, I was feeling almost detached from the situation.

“This is so unbelievable …” Jesse replies, pausing … “You know, Chrissy and I shared some naughty thoughts about the two of you when we were in bed; this is kind of surreal.”

“Mmmm, I think that you might have to tell us more about that a little later too!” Louise giggled as she started to do up the front of Jesse’s jeans. “They’re a little harder to button up than they are to undo sweetie,” she laughed. “I’m so looking forward to taking them all the way off you upstairs.”

I patted Louise’s panty clad bottom as she lifted herself off me, stood up and then smoothed down her pretty denim skirt. Her nipples, on full alert, were poking out of her cotton vest, my lovely Louise was on heat, I was feeling very hard and Jesse was flushed, with a noticeable bulge in the front of his jeans.

Lou walked over to me, hugged me and then looked into my eyes. “I’m just going to take Jesse upstairs darling. Would you like to give us a couple of minutes before coming up?”

“Of course, sweetie, of course,” I answered hoarsely.

“Tom …” Jesse blurted out.

“Shhh honey,” Louise whispered to him. “Just come with me.”

Louise took Jesse’s hand, giving me a wink as she led him out of the room … upstairs …


My heart was pounding, blood rushing to my head as I heard the cat flap click twice, and our two cats, M&M, both Persian crosses, sauntered into the house for their dinner which was waiting for them on the kitchen floor. The normalcy of their routine contrasted heavily in my mind with what was happening in our lives. I had to breathe deeply to prevent myself from panicking. But, oh my god, I was excited, so hard in my jeans. I wanted to touch myself, and masturbate, but managed to focus away from my hard cock and move on …

I turned off the video, dimmed the living room lights and walked out of the living room, making for the stairs, wondering what I would find happening in our bedroom …


The bedroom door was slightly ajar, the lights dimmed and Buddha-Bar was playing in the background. I could hear Louise and Jesse talking quietly … some giggling …

“Tom, darling,” Louise exclaimed, as I walked into the room. “Please … come and be with us. Jess and I’ve been chatting and I’ve been telling him all about our fantasies and why we think that this is all so sexy.”

Louise was sitting back in the middle of the bed. She was leaning against the headboard, her legs crossed in the yoga position, the white V of her panties clearly (and deliberately?!) visible under her short skirt, but looking quite angelic and innocent. Jesse was lying back on the side of the bed, leaning over on his elbow, chatting with her. I knew he could see her underwear, but both of them were still fully dressed: I felt a huge sense of relief.

They must have been waiting for me.

I sat down on the other side of the bed to Jesse as he said, “Tommy, I’m so turned on by all this – and so surprised. I’m just a little worried about our relationships, I mean, I don’t really know ….”

“I’m sure that we’ll all be fine Jess,” I said. “Lou and I have chatted so much about this and we all get along so well. I guess that we should try and start things off? …”

“Mmm, Yes Tom darling, I think you’re right,” Louise chirped in. “I’d love to see you both take some of your clothes off!”

“Can I say … I’d like to watch you both kiss,” Jesse replied, “… before we really start.”

Louise purred and climbed over the bed to me like a tigress, looking me straight in the eyes, giving me the most naughty smile. She hugged me and said, “I love you Tom”.

Giving me a huge wet kiss, she started to slowly unbutton the front of my jeans, making a show for Jesse. Still kissing me, she helped me ease my them off, and then, pulling away, she helped me off with my t-shirt. I suddenly felt quite vulnerable. Cupping my bulge in my underwear, she kissed me again and whispered in my ear, “Mmm, that feels so good darling, and you’re so hard!” Her hand moved down to my balls, teasing me just under them through the cotton … mmm, I love that! … “Would you take off my skirt darling?” she asked, quite simply.

After I’d unzipped her short denim skirt at the back, she lay down on the bed and raised her hips for me, enabling me to pull down the lovely little skirt over her thighs, exposing her innocent white cotton panties for us. There we were, both naked apart from our Jockey underwear and Louise in her little tank top … and in front of my best friend. I leaned over and kissed her passionately and my sweetheart kissed me back so enthusiastically, squirming underneath me.

“You both look so hot and in love,” I heard Jesse say. “Are you guys really sure? …”

“Tom, I think it’s Jesse’s turn to get undressed, don’t you?” Louise chirped up.

“Yes darling,” I said, nearly choking on the words.

I escort tuzla moved off Louise, letting her up and moved to the position she’d been in when I’d entered the room, leaning back against the headboard of the bed. I think that it was the first time that I’d ever felt vulnerable just wearing my underwear.

My love moved over to Jesse and looked him in the eyes as she began to unbutton his white cotton shirt. She eased the garment off his shoulders and purred with delight. “Mmm, Jesse, you have such a lovely body darling, let’s get these jeans off too …”

As Louise unbuttoned Jesse’s jeans, my hand automatically went to the front of my briefs and I felt my bulge … hardening … feeling how nice my cock felt, bulging in the soft cotton. Our fantasy was coming to life. She was bending over to help him remove his jeans and I could see her all of her virginal white cotton panties stretched over her beautiful bottom. Oh! I loved her so much.

“Cute undies!” Louise giggled at Jesse as she looked approvingly at the white cotton Calvin Klein boxer briefs he was wearing, and she ran her fingers softly all over them. I could see Jesse’s cock twitching underneath the fabric. “Chrissy must have so loved seeing you in these!”

“Actually she did,” Jesse replied, “and I loved seeing her in her panties too Lou. She wears string bikinis like you do …”

“Yes I know sweetie,” she said, one of her hands cupping his bulge and the other feeling his cute bottom. And then she smiled, “We used to get changed together at the gym. I’d tell Tom about how her favourites were pale pink cotton ones. He found it very exciting and I know that he was always checking for the outline of them when she was in her gym shorts … what a perve ..!”

“It’s a guy thing Lou,” Jesse mumbled. “Chrissy would tell me …”

But before he could say another word, she started kissing him again, both of them kneeling on our bed in front of each other. Jesse’s hands wandered lovingly up and down Lou’s back, stroking her over the thin top she was wearing, and then down over the little ‘bare bit’ between vest and pants, and then cupping her cute panty clad ass in his hands … and then he pulled her to him.

They started making out again in front of me, I heard the kissing and the groaning, saw their bodies locked together, hands over each other. They both looked so sexy in their white cotton underwear, just like we had imagined in our fantasies, and she was starting to be naughty!

She reached down between them both and I could see she was caressing his cock through his briefs. Jesse was groaning into her mouth and Louise was whimpering as they continued to touch and caress each other. I saw Jesse’s hands slip under the back of her panties, slipping under the waist elastic, and cup her naked bottom, something that I know she loves. He was just starting to ease her panties down at the back when she pulled away from him slightly and said, “I’d love to lie back against Tom, Jesse, and have you tease me. Would you do that for me darling?”

His eyes were on fire as he said, “I’d love to Lou.”

As Louise parted from Jesse, I was amazed to see how hard he’d become. I had to admit to myself that seeing his bulging briefs was a very erotic sight – and that he was a very sexy man. There is something very intimate about seeing your best friend fully aroused on your bed with your girlfriend …

She came over to me, beaming, and parted my thighs, looking at my own bulge. “Mmmm, someone likes this darling, don’t they?” After a peck on the cheek, she turned around and lay back between my open thighs, making herself comfortable, her back resting against my briefs bulge and chest. I placed my hands over her lovely little breasts and cupped them, feeling her nipples harden under her vest. Her right hand slid down and traced little lines over the front of her panties, parting her thighs wide for her lover, showing off for him. “Jesse, darling, could you tease me for a little while baby. I so want Tom to see us …”

Louise and I both watched as Jesse knelt down in front of her, adjusting his erection in his briefs to make himself more comfortable. She giggled and then groaned and pushed back a little into me as he gently kissed the inside of her thighs and at the same time ran his fingers lightly over the skin of her belly, between the waist band of her panties and the bottom of her tank top. As he did this, I began to stroke and play with her lovely little boobs and nipples, teasing her, caressing her through the warm soft material. My love was groaning and she arched her back, parting her thighs even wider and lifting her bottom off the bed … it seemed like she was straining to get Jesse to touch her ‘there’.

Jesse had kissed his way up her thighs and reached her panties. Continuing to tease her, he licked along the edge of the leg elastic of her knickers, just inches away from her mound, and his fingers were tracing the line of the waist elastic of her string bikinis. I saw his other hand move underneath her and cup her panty-clad bottom, lifting her up to him. I was so excited! Our dreams were coming true. My girlfriend was starting to give herself to him as he continued to tease all around the panty elastic, not actually ‘touching’ her.

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