Love or Lust! Kerry and Steven

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It had been three or maybe four years since I first met Kerry. That first connection was purely by accident. I was a forty-year old single man just going to my Father’s house on the beach down in Florida for a badly needed two-week vacation.

Things for me had been tough for quite awhile. Just a year before my Wife passed away from Cancer. Sherry had put up a long and difficult struggle in her efforts to win the battle. Medical science had no real answers for her case. In the end she passed quietly, almost relieved that the pain and suffering had come to an end.

Sherry and I had known each other since Junior High. We dated throughout High School, then parted ways as I went off to College and she choose to stay back in our small Midwestern town and continue on at our local Community College. At our twentieth class reunion we reconnected, felt the old passion we once shared and got married quickly. We never even had time for a family before she was diagnosed with her Cancer.

When I met Kerry she was with her family, her Mother was a close friend of my Step Mother’s. I had know idea other guests were even going to be at my Father’s place when I booked my airfare. They were driving down from the cold Wisconsin winter that February for the same sun I was in search of.

Along with her parents Kerry’s younger brother was included in the journey. They arrived just two days after I did. I was a little annoyed that my privacy was going to sacrificed as I would now be having two young people at the beach with me, certainly I knew I would be expected to keep a close eye on them.

Kerry was a cute 16 year-old girl back then, normal in every sense of the word. During that week however my thoughts of being annoyed changed. Kerry became a close confidant; I was able to share my feelings with her. I had never expressed to anyone what I was going through in losing Sherry, and the way it all happened. I was surprised how patient Kerry was, as I would just babble on towards the end of our time together.

I don’t remember for certain, but I think it was just three days before the family had planned to leave for the journey back north that a phone call came and the news was not good. Grandma had taken a turn for the worse, and they were leaving the next morning to be close to her.

Strange things happened that evening. Kerry’s Mother and my Step Mother were on the phone several times with the airlines. I did not know this but they were trying to find a reasonable flight back home for Kerry at a later date. That plan was never able to become reality.

The following morning everyone gathered around the faithful family van and watched as Kerry’s father skillfully packed everything back in for the trip home. As the family started to get seated, Kerry jumped out and ran over to me. We shared an incredible hug that brief moment together. I could see a kiss on her lips that never happened. But the tears on her checks left me speechless.

As I said in the beginning, this all happened three or four years ago. My life was progressing, but going nowhere. For many years I had been working for big companies all over our beautiful Country. I while I was very successful in my work and well paid, I was missing something important. One day while taking the train into Downtown Manhattan it dawned on me, I am really just a small town boy in the center of mainstream big city life. I didn’t belong here.

Without hesitation, I embarked on a new plan. I sold everything I had ever worked for, quit my big city vocation, and drove myself back to the place where it all began. When those last few miles clicked off the odometer, I realized I had made the right decision. I was finally back home, the place I had always called home no matter where I lived. I was back to my hometown in Northern Wisconsin.

My goal was to start my own retail business and that is exactly what I did. Within a month I was open and starting my new adventure. It was hard to find the kind of help I needed, I could not afford the best wages. Then out of the blue I received a call from my Step Mother. She had the perfect person to do the bookkeeping and organize the office while I was out selling.

I’ll admit I had some nervous moments waiting for my candidate to show up for her interview. She was now 20 years old, studying business at the local community college. She needed part time work and wanted to be able to put something on her resume’ that would make sense later on.

As Kerry walked through the front door I swear Mother Earth stopped spinning briefly. All of 5’2″ with the petite body of a gymnast, both of us were speechless. It was never a question of filling the position; it came down to when could she start.

I will always be confused regarding what our relationship is all about. Was I really just a father figure to her? Was I trying to relive my childhood with Sherry? I gave up on trying to answer the unanswerable question. I just sat back for the first time in my life and let things be whatever they were going escort kartal to be. It didn’t take long, within a week we became very close, we shared most everything about ourselves with each other.

There were some moments of playful flirting that first month. But Kerry had a boyfriend her own age. I certainly was not in the mix. That changed suddenly when Kerry came into the office on a Sunday while the business was closed. She had tears flowing down her cheeks. She ran to me just like that time in Florida many years ago. Brent, the now former boyfriend had cheated on her in a very public way!

This time it was more than a hug, we embraced each other. I held Kerry gently in my arms and let her grieve the lost relationship. After awhile we sat down in my office on opposite sides of my desk. We still held each other’s hands and I let her feel her emotions that afternoon. I remembered those days on the beach in Florida when I let my emotions out to her for the first time.

The following week, there was no casual flirting. It was a straightforward chase for each other. We never let a chance go by that we did not reach out a finger and caress each other as we passed. Our first kiss happened at her desk. Her lips were moist and glowing as I walked by her sitting in the chair we had just purchased. I swung her chair around knelt down on my knees and smack, to both of our surprise. The second kiss followed just moments later, it was not a surprise. We melted into each other’s mouth; she did not hesitate for a moment. I willingly accepted her tongue deep into my wanting mouth.

Close your eyes for a moment and remember that first real make-out session with your first real love. That was how intense we made that experience feel for each other.

If not for our age difference, I was now 45 and she was 20, I think neither of us would have thought anything about getting together. We knew we had a genuine connection, but both of us were apprehensive about going public. When we were together it was perfect! But saying goodnight each day was heart breaking. It kind of felt like we were having an affair without benefits except for some of the most passionate kisses I have ever felt. But father time had different plans for us.

This arrangement went on for months. The intensity of the kissing became monumental. The chase became our own reality, not a game. Each time we would racket it up. Both of us grew impatient with the situation as it was. We wanted more, much more of each other. Damn the age difference.

The teasing and flirting actually helped us to bend the walls that separated us. Then we started an accidental story line altogether. It started out so innocently with a quick casual comment. I asked Kerry if she would mind staying late one night and stock some new inventory, I had plans with an old friend. Not sure if it was anger, or being left out of the evening, or just being a girl.

In her snottiest voice all I heard was, “Yes Master!”

As I was about to walk out the door I looked back at her.

“Well then Slave, make it happen!” was my reply.

The door stayed closed for a few more moments and our eyes just fixed on each other. Neither of us knew what to say to that exchange. Never before had either of us been speechless! When I returned in the morning, the shelves were presented as perfectly as I would never have imagined.

Later that day after classes, Kerry showed up at her normal time. I was anxious, anticipating her arrival. I had no idea what to expect. What walked through the door was the most beautiful lady I have ever seen. Her hair was perfect. Her makeup was perfect. She had on her favorite short jean skirt and pretty but form fitting blouse.

As Kerry walked by, actually provocatively passed in front of me, she reached out her finger and let it glide over my stomach. Her eyes stayed fixed on mine as she went to her office. Game on!

When the day came to a close I locked the front door and made my way to Kerry seated in her office patiently attending to the books.

“Well dear, should we discuss our words from last night?” Was all I could muster at that moment.

“Yes Master, I think we should!” She responded with a smile on her face.

We both broke out into calming laughter. We needed that break in the tension. I was glad Kerry responded in a playful way to my initial question.

I sat in the chair in front of her desk. She pushed her keyboard aside and back under the table top of the desk. We actually smiled at each other as the long pause created it’s own tension.

I had never told her about my plans for that evening, I just informed her as I was leaving. On top of that I made a request to do work that most likely could have waited till my morning arrival. I knew I was totally at fault for the uncomfortable situation.

“I guess I should be apologizing for my rude request last night.” Is how I finally started the conversation.

Kerry looked into my eyes and spoke. “I don’t think you thought about maltepe escort your words Steven.”

I kicked back and laughed knowing how right she was. But then Kerry leaned forward almost coming out of her chair as she reached for my hands. I felt her soft tiny fingers holding my hands just the way I always wanted her to touch me.

At that moment I once again felt Mother Earth grind to halt on her axis. This was going to be the defining moment of our relationship one-way or the other. Kerry pulled me across the desk as she lifted herself from her chair. Our lips melted on each other as only the two of us have ever felt. Her tongue drove deep in my willing mouth.

“Your slave is here to fulfill your every desire Master!” Is how Kerry ended that passionate kiss.

I pulled her from around the desk and as childish as it seems I sat her on my lap. We simply sat like that caressing each other quietly for several minutes. My fingers drove through her long silky brown hair. My hands could not shy away from caressing her exposed thighs. Kerry held my face in her hands and kissed different parts of my face.

“In Medieval times the Victor got to choose his Slave.” I whispered into her ear.

Kerry kissed my lips as she whispered. “And what are your intensions Master?”

“Whips and Chains, bondage, and submission.” Were the words that flowed from my mouth.

Simultaneously our hands began to do more than bend the walls that kept us apart, they torn them down. I touched her breast covered by her blouse and bra. Kerry gasped in excitement and let her own hands glide down to my lap. She allowed my free hand to open her thighs and tease up her skirt. Our touches were not innocent by any means.

We were like school kids experimenting for the first time with each other’s boundaries. Nothing was off limits as we devoured each other’s lips, tongues and any skin we could find exposed.

Reimagine that first kiss you experienced where it exploded into caresses that sent chills throughout your entire body. That excitement, that thrill, the simple lust of it all and how it transformed you and the relationship that was now changed forever. That is where we were at that moment, sitting in that chair, with Kerry on my lap.

I will know never what would have happened next if the phone had not rung, so damn loudly it seemed! It was Kerry’s Mother wondering when she would be home for dinner. Saved by the bell is all I can say for now!

We put ourselves back together as best we could. We grabbed each other’s hand and intertwined our fingers as I lead her to the back door. Our good night kiss that evening was the most important kiss we ever shared. It was sincere, it was a commitment, and the walls that had separated us were forever gone. A Friday early evening I will never forget.

Saturday went by fast; Kerry had chores to do at home and usually never came in then anyway. That night we spoke on the phone briefly, it was sweet talk, with a little spice added in to wet the appetite. I had no idea that simple amount of spice would lead the most erotic adventure I have ever enjoyed!

My Sunday mornings are quiet; I get up shave and shower as I would normally do on any day, then I start in on my feeding session. I am a little guy but I need food before I start out on my long Sunday runs. I like to put in at least 10 miles on Sunday, the only day I do not worry about time.

Standing in only my running shorts I started to peel an orange. My thoughts were on what else I wanted for breakfast when I heard a soft almost casual knock on my back door. I looked over my shoulder and I what I saw was this beautiful shape playfully waving her hand at me. I immediately turned to the door and walked briskly to answer Kerry’s knock.

I nervously spoke. “Kerry, what a surprise in more ways than I can count!”

“The tribal leaders told me I was expected to go to you.” She choked out somehow.

I replied. “To be my Slave?

“Yes Master, to be your Slave.” Were the soft words I heard in reply.

With lust in my tone I asked a question. “Did they tell you what kind of slave I was expecting?”

Kerry stuttered slightly. “No Master – just do as you are told is what they said.”

I pulled Kerry into the dinning area of the kitchen. Both our hands were moist from expectation. We gripped each other tightly, the passion that was unexpectedly lost on Friday evening returned to a fever pitch in an instant.

I spoke directly into her eyes. “You are to be my Sex Slave darling.”

“Be gentle Master, I am here to serve you.” Were the words Kerry spoke with confidence.

I kissed her glossy lips and as expected she once again drove her tongue almost into my throat. Our arms wrapped around each other’s body and we could both feel the beat of our hearts. Kerry’s covered breasts pressed against my naked chest but I could still feel the hardening of her nipples. We briefly paused our kiss and both of us took long deep breaths.

“Come with me pendik escort bayan slave, I’m going to strip off all of your cloths, use my finest silk ties to bind you to my bed, and use your body to fulfill my deepest desires.” Were the lust filled words I spoke.

I placed my hand on the small of Kerry’s back and directed her towards my Master Suite. As we entered I firmly closed the door behind us. Kerry purposely walked straight over to my unmade bed where she paused and then turned to me. I stared; my eyes gazed over her body. I know she could feel the depth of my stare.

Without any boundaries to hold me back I walked over to Kerry standing perfectly still. I placed my hands on her face and pressed my lips onto hers. As we kissed my hands came down her front and I undid the top button on her blouse. Her face went blush with anticipation as I continued down the front. I took the unbuttoned blouse and drew it back forcing her shoulders to release the garment from her body.

My excitement was aroused even more when I discovered she choose not to wear a bra that day! My primal desires grabbed her naked breasts and I enjoyed the soft smooth texture of her body for the first time. Her skin felt warm with lust, as my hands caressed each breast. Her moans of approval only heightened my excitement.

Our kisses became more intense; our desires were now fully out in the open. I spun her around and grabbed the back of her short jean skirt. I slowly started to unzip it when I lost control and just ripped it down tearing it off the skirt. I then knelt down with my fingers under the top of her skirt, slowly guided it to the floor.

Being 45 I had never seen thong underwear before. I felt my cock almost explode with evil desire as I stood and spun Kerry back around to face me. I put my arms around her and my hands grabbed her naked ass. Before our next kiss could start I lost control of my thoughts and words.

Lust came out of my mouth. “Your body belongs to me Kerry, your Master will do anything he wants with your body.”

In a begging voice she replied. “Take me Master, I am yours to enjoy.”

I took her hand in my hand. I walked her over to my large closet where I opened the door and drew her softly into the closet. I went through each and every tie slowly. I picked out special silk ties, putting four of them over my shoulder. I turned to Kerry as she stood before me.

“Remove your thong bottoms Slave.” Is what she heard.

“Yes Master, I will obey.” Was her nervous reply.

Our eyes fixed tightly on each other’s. Her fingers slide under the top of her white silk thong. Gracefully and provocatively she slid them over her hips while slowly bending down to step out of them. She left the dainty thong on the floor of my closet.

“Hold you hand out Slave.” I commanded.

Her right hand came towards me and I took one silk tie from my shoulder and gently wrapped it around her wrist tying it loosely. Then the left hand in the same manner. I placed my hands on her shoulders and spun her naked body around, then placed one hand on the small of her back directing her towards our waiting bed.

As we began to walk, I suddenly grabbed Kerry in my arms and lifted her nude body off the ground. Our lips locked once more in passion as I carried her to the unmade bed. Her arms went around my neck for more security as we struggled to find the bed, deeply kissing each other. Once there I laid her petite body on the bed, submissively she raised her arms up and over her head with the ties attached and laid them by the headboard.

“Take me Master, I’m yours.” Were the words that came from her lips.

I tied each hand to the headboard as she wished. Then stood next to her naked body and choose that time to remove my shorts in full view of her glaring eyes. Kerry gasped noticeably as I exposed my throbbing excitement to her lustful desires.

“I’m going to fill you completely with all of my strength and desire.” My words were intended to excite her even more.

“Be Gentle Master, I will give you anything you desire!” Came from her mouth.

I walked to the foot of the bed and threw the other two ties to the floor. I grabbed her ankles and jerked them apart. Slowly I crawled on the bed with my hands still gripping her ankles, then her calves, up to her knees, and finally slid them on to her soft exquisite thighs. My tongue was gliding behind licking and kissing all over her legs as I approached her fragrant flower.

Without delay my lips kissed her pedals and I listened to the most urgent moan I ever heard. My tongue lashed across her pedals and drove deep into her slit. Her moans were no longer cautious, but loud and without inhibition.

Kerry screamed. “God Master, aaaahhhhhh deeper Master!”

I never even thought about stopping until I knew Kerry had worked up to the perfect orgasm. I kissed and pulled her pedals into my mouth. I drove my tongue into that one special spot that finally brought out the SCREAM I dearly wanted to hear.

“MASTER DON’T STOP.” Flew out of her mouth what seemed like a hundred times.

Kerry’s body jerked and shook about wildly with hers hands still tied to the headboard. My hands had slid under and around her body leaving my fingers free to dance along with my tongue.

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