Love , Prostitution Ch. 15

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That evening the girls are back at the mansion and having been ‘prepared’ for work they are once again seated in the Chairman’s office facing him, The Secretary and The Treasurer. The Chairman addresses them: “Yesterday evening you had your first ‘dates’ and each one of us was more than pleased with his date. You also experienced something new and all of us think our particular date not only handled herself very well, but that you each seemed to find something that enabled you to enjoy it with him. We believe you are unique, professional and pleasing in everything you undertake and are curious to know exactly how you felt about your new experience. Emily, would you please be so kind as to be the first to tell us how you felt and now feel. Have no fear, we merely wish to know, good and bad, because we hold you in such high regard”.

Emily takes a deep breath, this is going to be news to Sansa and to Amy as well. She starts: “When your large dog Randy entered the room and came towards me, I was scared and didn’t know what was going to happen. To have my nipples and vulva respond to a dog’s tongue was embarrassing but you defused it, by teasing Randy and showing me his hilarious response. I enjoyed your company during dinner, after dinner too. You were very considerate in the gentle way you introduced me to anal sex, your tenderness is a memory that I will cherish. I was worried about having to clean up with my tongue but you spared me that. Please forgive me, but I think I felt a connection between us. I hope I didn’t miss anything out but wasn’t prepared for the question.”. Emily looks at Sansa and Amy expecting disgust but their faces showed nothing, perhaps they were thinking what to say … and how!

The Chairman thanks Emily with a smile, then turning to Sansa asks her if she will go next. Sansa smiles with a nod: “The Treasurer was kind and considerate to me also. In my early teens I worked as an escort but never during menstruation when Hindu women are considered unclean. I confessed to the Treasurer as soon as we were alone but to my surprise, even as a Hindu himself, he didn’t accept that taboo and made me feel special by telling me that my beauty and personality was far more important to him than a religious taboo. I also confessed my deep undying love for Emily but assured him that we were as one in the choice of our careers. I confess now that I enjoyed my time with the Treasurer and I had together more than I could say. Like Emily I hope that I haven’t omitted anything”. She looks at the other girls but only receive a smile from Emily because Amy was still working out what she would say.

The Chairman thanks Sansa with a smile, then turning to Amy asks her if she will complete the trilogy. Amy smiles with a nod: “I have been a sex worker for all my adult life until not long before meeting Emily. As a result I have done and been forced to do many acts which disgust most people. Emily embraced me as a human being and made me feel less degraded and humiliated. The Secretary treated me in the same, may I say, loving way and I too enjoyed our time together. I feel part of a family and for that I thank Emily and Sansa for taking me into their ‘family’ and the club for including me as a “registered lady”. Turning to The Secretary she apologises for not giving a lengthier account of their lovely night together, illegal bahis but that was something she really wanted to express for her new family.

The 3 men all smile and congratulate them for their individual, positive and enlightening answers. They turn to each other and nod and smile and The Chairman speaks: “Ladies, you have delighted us beyond measure, it is now our turn to make a confession to you. All of us have enjoyed our time with you so much that we would very much like to ask you to be our dates for tonight as well. We wish also to confess that, although we have always hoped for a situation like this, we have never found three ladies like yourselves that were worthy to be offered full time employment, you are the first, hence the doubling of your salaries and the honour of bearing our Monarch butterfly tattoo. You have a bright and interesting future ahead of you with us”.

The girls are stunned to hear such things after such a short time and attempt to find the right words to express their delight and devotion. Everything being said that was intended, the meeting ended and the Club Officers and their dates, left the room arm in arm and headed for their private apartments in the mansion.

As the Chairman and Emily enter his apartments, his dog Randy bounds up and starts to lick her crotch, most of which is currently covered by her closed legs. She looks to the Chairman smiling: “Maybe I should let him have what he wants!” She sits on the nearest chair and spreads her legs for the dog, who wastes no time tasting as much of her as he can. The Chairman laughs: “I think he might be after more than just a lick!” Emily flushes with embarrassment: “You mean … surely not … Oh my!” The Chairman tells her that she needn’t if she doesn’t want to do it.

Now she is in a quandary in case he wants her to entertain him by doing it. She doesn’t want to disappoint him AND she is a highly paid career whore, so she says that she will, if it will give him pleasure. He replies: “It would give me great pleasure my dear, but the fact you consider it also pleases me very much indeed. There is something you should know before you decide; dogs have a bulbus glandis, otherwise known as a knot, at the base of their penis. After penetration, the knot swells up and holds the bitch in place until after ejaculation, this may happen to you too. Emily wants to please and so agrees to be Randy’s bitch. The Chairman gets a tube of KY jelly and tells her to get on all fours with legs open.

He manages to keep Randy away until he has given her ample lubrication. The Chairman asks if she is ready, she nods and in seconds Randy has mounted her and, when he finds her entrance, penetrates her. He isn’t larger than a man but when he is deep inside her, his knot expands and she is totally his captive. She thinks it odd to enjoy the feel of his soft hair on her back and bottom. His front paws hold him steady on her and she hopes his claws won’t damage her skin. He thrusts fast and furiously and she finds herself responding by clenching her kegels. It isn’t long before Randy gains his satisfaction and ejaculates, shooting his semen deep inside her. She can still feel herself tied to Randy by his knot and it takes a few minutes to subside and release her. Randy licks her clean before she gets up. The Chairman says that now she has illegal bahis siteleri two ardent admirers, he and Randy. He helps her up and embraces her.

He takes her to the bathroom and gives her the most deliciously intimate washing and drying. Then he leads her to dinner where they dine like royalty. He tells her that what she just did for him was the most amazing gift he had ever received. He is sure that it cost her a lot to do it but assured her that he plans to ensure she never regrets it. She smiles at him and forcing a little laugh says: “This probably makes me officially your bitch”. He laughs and replies: “It’s funny you should say that!” She doesn’t ask what he means knowing he’ll tell her when the time is right. After dinner they go to the lounge and listen to music. Randy jumps up beside Emily and lies down with his head on her lap and she responds with gentle stroking behind his ears. The Chairman says that she appears to have captured his heart … She laughs replying that it’s only fair since he held her captive while he had his way with her. He cuddles her but this time Randy doesn’t growl. Maybe he sees himself as the dominant male.

They spend a lovely time just sitting, listening to music and chatting. It feels so nice to be with her boys like this. He asks if she would like her bodyguard to be approved for intimacy with her. She is overwhelmed by the kindness, thanks him from her heart and assures him that their relationship is as siblings. Giggling she says that he doesn’t have to share her with anyone else … except Sansa, all the club members and of course Randy. They laugh when he says he’s happy that their relationship is so exclusive. He says it’s time for bed and they manage to get into the bedroom and shut the door just before Randy tries to join them. They take a long shower together, sensuously washing each other all over. They dry each other with lovely soft fluffy towels and go to bed.

They make love rather than have sex. To Emily it feels different, somehow the kissing has both a softer sensuality and an intensity that integrates their emotions and bodies. He shows his adoration of her body, sensuously exploring every part of it, even kissing her feet and sucking on her toes. This feels different and very special because to Hindus the feet are unclean and taboo just as a woman is when menstruating.

It seems as if he is a worshipper at her Temple of Venus, touching, stroking, kissing and suckling. He takes his time and fills her with desire to feel him inside her, he is playing her body like a virtuoso plays an instrument, to perfection and with finesse. When he prompts her into the missionary position, her open legs are more of an invitation to be as one, than of a whore with her client. He enters her easily since she is very aroused and well lubricated for him. They are united, he controls himself and thrusts slowly for her pleasure, but inevitably the passion engulfs them both and her moans become louder. He swells inside her and then he jerks and cries his intense release as he ejaculates shooting his seed deep inside her, she reaches her peak just as this happens, possibly because of it, and screams her pleasure. Outside the bedroom door they can hear a growl from Randy and they laugh holding each other tightly. They fall asleep and wake up in that same position.

After canlı bahis siteleri showering they take some breakfast and Emily makes a fuss of Randy … all is forgiven, he probably won’t even bite his owner! The sun is up by the time Emily has dressed and The Chairman walks her to the car. Sansa, Amy and the boys are waiting in the car as they approach but it doesn’t stop The Chairman giving her a big hug and kiss on the lips before helping her into the car. On the drive to their hotel Sansa and Amy want to know everything but with a finger to her lips she indicates that now is not the time (while they can be overheard). All three of the girls have the afterglow of recent sex.

At Reception Emily is given an envelope which she doesn’t open until they are in their suite. It turns out to be a copy of the Sale Agreement for the purchase of the Punjabi Bagh bungalow, the first legal step towards ownership. Emily asks Sansa if she thinks Amy should have her own car and armed bodyguard like them. Sansa says she has been having the same thought and when they discuss the idea with her she is delighted. Emily says that Nilesh has already placed the initial order for 3 identical cars but perhaps he and Sudesh could recommend a suitable armed bodyguard and driver for Amy, such as themselves, to fit into their family.

On their own now, the girls discuss their experiences of the night. Each report a feeling that their date had transformed into a relationship. Each had thought she picked up a hint of further development to come. Emily doesn’t say anything about Randy, what could you say: “By the way I’m being fucked by a dog, so now I’m really a bitch!” Amy picks up on signals between Sansa and Emily and decides to sleep on a couch in the lounge. Having already showered at the mansion, Sansa and Emily go straight to bed, naked of course and giggling that clothing is now a minority sport for them.

The girls aren’t so exhausted now, both getting some sleep while with their men. They enjoy kissing and cuddling each other and inevitably it becomes intimate. Think of a number … yes that’s it … 69! They are so ready for each other that their first taste is so entrancing that they use their fingers and tongues to further arouse each other, like a beekeeper trying to scoop out the honey from a hive. Position 69 is so perfect for a lesbian couple, they feel as if they should stay like it forever, but things being what they are, soft moans of pleasure turn into louder moans, kissing and licking her clitoris and lips is as much pleasure as having it done to you. Their state of arousal has soared and with it their taste and fragrance. They cry their release within seconds of each other and then lick each other clean. When face to face again, they French kiss and share their flavours.

As Sansa spoons Emily they lie happily reflecting on their journey together. Emily whispers that she wants to reassure her that all the talk about love and feeling a relationship really is about a courtesan keeping her lord happy. She goes on to remind her of her personal mantra: that she is a lesbian in a committed life-partnership, she is also a committed career prostitute to the rich and influential and will do what is required to be successful, but only with men. Women are for loving relationships and men are for sex. Sansa thanks her and says that she has exactly the same feelings and was wondering what words would express it the best. As they cuddle, eventually their eyelids feel heavy and they drift off to sleep but Emily has a bad dream followed by a restless night.

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